Hillview Manor – The Investigation Recordings

Hill View Manor, Pennsylvania

As with most investigations, our night started with a tour of the building, and we had been shown more of the hot spots.  Our tour guides also had a little fun at our expense trying to scare us using an old nursing station call whistle (which did work as Scott jumped a mile!)  There were a few locations that we began scouting as a large group. We took our recorder, night vision camera, and EMF (Electromagnetic field) meter while we explored.  We also had a spirit box at our disposal but only utilized that once we slowed down and stopped in certain locations.
Below are some of our more interesting findings including both voice recordings and video camera recordings.  I will mark the locations and what we think we heard, however, everyone interprets these differently.  Beware, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:
Utility Room – Basement
  • There wasn’t much to go off of here with the recording, and we feel as though there is no evidence or communication here.

Jeffrey’s Room
  • Again, we didn’t seem to get too much from Jeffrey’s room even though he is supposed to be one of the more active spirits.

Nurse’s Station – 2nd Floor
  • We got some decent video down the hallway from the nurse’s station but no evidence recognizable on the recorder.

Atrium – 1st Floor
  • We had a conversation here trying to get any of the spirits to move a chess piece (or play checkers with Scott) while the EMF meter jumped quickly and sporadically, while we picked up Andrew’s nickname “Kubez” at the 9:20 mark
  • There was also a very distinguishable “leave” response at the 9:45 mark of the recording which we happily obliged.

Chapel – 1st Floor
  • The large group of us in the chapel caught a response to “What year is it?” that said “1963.”
  • We all heard the month “June” in response to Scott’s question: “What month is it?”
  • When asked if the spirit is a “friendly person” we heard a clear and ominous response of “no” at the 15:40 mark.
  • Scott asked if the spirit knew his name and we received a response of “Ray” at the 18:50 mark.
  • However, once a small group of 3 of us (myself, Scott, and Andrew) returned later in the night and turned off all of the recorders and video, we got the best response of the night (just our luck to not capture it!) but there was a whisper through the spirit box which repeated our names and even one of our nicknames: “Scott, Derrick, Kubez.”

Mary Virginia’s Room – 1st Floor
  • We didn’t get much conversation from Mary Virginia, but we did receive a response that there may be another spirit active in her room by receiving a “Somebody else” response at the 3:40 mark right after Scott asks if Mary is with us.

Girl’s Bathroom – 2nd Floor
  • Scott asked if the spirit liked us and we received an obvious “No” response at the 3:36 mark.
  • “Go away” can be heard at the 2:50 mark.
  • Scott asked if the spirits liked us and we heard a “No” at the 3:20 mark.
  • We received a voice through the spirit box that stated very clearly “you’re in my room” at the 5:05 mark in response to the group of us questioning if there was any spirit present with us.
  • In response to “don’t you want us here?” we received a “yes” at 6:25 followed immediately by a “leave” at 6:30.
  • Scott asked what his name is and we got a response of “Scott” at the 8:20 mark.
  • We asked if the spirit could touch the green light on the EMF reader and we heard a “green” response.  Right after, the light blinked as requested.

Hallway – 3rd Floor
  • We got a lot of bumps and what sounded like dragging (possibly a cane or walker?) coming from one of the rooms in the third floor as we sat in the hallway.  There also appear to be some whispers and voices on the recording, however, we were not able to discern any response or direct communication.

Embalming Room – 1st Floor
  • Towards the end of our evening, everyone gathered in the embalming room.  Keep in mind, this was toward the end of the night around 4 AM so everyone was getting quite restless.  We did hear growls and hisses coming from the room and out in the hall, not to mention seeing the rocking chair move on its own.
  • At the 1:40 mark the word “death” can be heard after Scott asks “What happened in this room?”
  • We also did make out my brother’s name “Ray” being called out at the 2:15 mark
  • There was another voice saying the name “Adam” at the 2:40 mark after Scott asks what the spirit’s name is, even though there was no Adam in our group.
  • At the 3:40 mark, the entity can heard saying the number “8” when it was asked how many of us were in the room.

The investigation overall was a success, we had a blast, the building was incredible, and the staff were very nice and a lot of fun in their own rite.  We are so excited to be returning and can only hope that we can get the same results and activity the next time.  It’s easy to say that Hillview Manor exceeded our expectations and helped most, if not all, of us to believe in the afterlife and the paranormal to some extent.  We will always be hunting for the paranormal and a big thanks to Hillview Manor, being our first official investigation, for the help and ideals to launch Iron City Paranormal.

We’ve got some video that will follow in another post so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

See you very soon Hillview!

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