Carnegie Library of Homestead – Investigation

October 27, 2018

Munhall, PA


The first of Andrew Carnegie’s gifts to the public and his employees, the Carnegie Library of Homestead, is to be admired in both its versatility and its architecture.  Sitting on a hilltop overlooking the entire area, the library boasts both a beautiful and foreboding façade. The building has withstood the wear and tear of time, and for the most part, remains much the way it was originally constructed in 1896. The structure houses not only its surname of a library, but also a large theater, a swimming pool, and a fully functional gymnasium.




Upon our arrival, we were greeted by numerous other paranormal investigative groups and given an in depth tour of the building before being let loose to investigate the library on our own. We arrived right around 11 PM, and the tour lasted about an hour and a half, allowing us to begin our own investigation right around 12:30 AM.

Included in our equipment that night was our EMF reader, K2 meter, recorder, night vision camera, a second (brand new!) 4K night vision camera, spirit box, laser grid, light up balloon, and an Ovilus simply downloaded to our phone.




There was not a large amount of consistent communication, however, we did manage to capture a few moments of communication throughout the night utilizing the spirit box, Ovilus, and our light up balloon. Aside from the boiler room in the basement, the atmosphere had more of an inviting feel to it. We also managed to record, via the spirit box, a residual communication in the library area, where it sounded as though two spirits were giving each other passing acknowledgements.

Below are our recordings and videos, which we captured throughout the evening. We marked the locations where we feel we received some kind of communication from the other side – voices, noises, anything and everything we captured. Let us know your thoughts if you get the chance to listen and watch some of the footage. We will also comment on some of the Ovilus communication throughout the night, even though we did not record most of it, as it did not speak the words aloud, rather we simply read them off as they came through.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:

Walkthrough – Pool Area





  • We did not receive any responses or feedback in this area; however, if you listen to the guides, there were some hits on the K2 meter when Robert Peebles’ name was mentioned.





  • It is said that you can see movement in the stands and hear audience reactions to performances, as well as actors still performing in the afterlife.  We project our laser grid into the stands but never saw any movement.


  • As we tried to speak to some of the actors on stage, we got a response at 1:00 of someone coming through the spirit box stating, “I’m pretty bad.” As if solidifying their point and trying to stir a reaction out of us, the same voice can be heard saying, “surprise,” at 1:18.
  • As we sat and listened, we heard, “boys club,” at 3:05 seemingly in reference to the men only area of the building. To follow that, almost as if another spirit was responding, at 3:12 we made out, “I agree,” through the spirit box.





  • It is said that you can hear water splashing and see movement in the pool itself where Robert Peebles was murdered. There were also footprints and watermarks seen on the floor throughout the night, which we managed to capture. We also noticed some oddities in the photographs that came out strange colors and even possibly one showing someone’s legs/feet.





  • We did not try the spirit box in this area, as there would have been way too much echoing and noise just bouncing around the room.
  • We did manage to hear some odd dripping noises almost like someone just left the pool and began to drip water off their bodies at 3:40 and again at 3:45.




  • We did not capture much movement in the pool; we did try to get someone to play catch with us using a pool ball, but to no avail.
  • However, at: 35, there appeared to be a light flashing across the screen. We were not able to go back and debunk this though.



Mens’ Locker Room


  • We used our laser grid in the entrance from the pool to the locker room as some movement has been reported in this location. We saw no movement.


Mens LR.jpeg



  • Just like the pool, we did not try the spirit box; as there would have been way too much echoing from the spirit box itself.
  • We did not receive any type of evidence or communication here.



Gymnasium & Gymnasium Hallway





  • Occasionally, shadows can be spotted moving on the floor and in the weight room. The punching bag has been known to move as if someone is working out. We set up our laser grid and the K2 meter right by the punching bag. We did seem to get some Ovilus communication more so when we hit the punching bag.
  • In the hallway, we used the light up ball and asked whoever was with us to move it. Not only did the balloon move, but it moved side to side moving consistently when we asked. We tried to debunk this movement by trying to find air flow from an air conditioner or something of the like, but we were unable to find anything to make the balloon move. There was also a banging noise and plenty of Ovilus communication.


Gym Punching Bag.jpeg

Gym Hall w%2F Laser Grid & Balloon.jpeg



  • You will be able to see some of these Ovilus hits in the videos 2 and 3 below, but we will document them here as you can still hear them on the recording.
  • At :02, the Ovilus recorded the word, “Exercise.”
  • At :50 the word, “hung,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We got hits on the K2 meter around 2:30. 
  • The Ovilus read, “the Floor,” at 3:00.
  • “Madeline,” came over the Ovilus at 9:30. 
  • The Ovilus read, “together,” and, “both,” at 10:30.
  • At 12:50 the Ovilus read, “free.”
  • At 19:48 the Ovilus read, “pushed.”
  • At 19:50 mark we heard a knocking noise at the end of the hallway.
  • At 20:00, we inspected the balloon and felt a very cold area right above it.



Video 1:

  • Walking through main floor of the gym, at: 25, it appears to be a pair of eyes.



Video 2:

  • Right off the bat at :02, the Ovilus recorded the word, “exorcise.” Even though we know this is spelled incorrectly, if taken into consideration the area we were in, this makes perfect sense.
  • At: 50, the word, “hung,” appeared on the Ovilus. There is no proof of any hangings on the grounds, even though it’s entirely possible that there could have been before the ground was purchased from the Native Americans.
  • We walked toward the punching bag, which occasionally moves according to reports. While next to the bag, and even punching it, we got hits on the K2 meter around 2:30. 
  • While continuing to punch the bag, the Ovilus read, “the floor,” at 3:00. It seemed to grow more active the more we punched it.



Video 3:

  • We made our way to the hallway at this point and managed to make out a name of, “Madeline,” over the Ovilus at 1:20. 
  • After asking if Madeline is hear, the Ovilus read, “together,” and, “both,” at 2:20 as if this spirit knew we were both there.
  • At 4:40 the Ovilus read, “free,” as if asking of playing with the balloon and speaking with us is free. If this spirit was indeed a woman, back when this building was constructed, women were not always allowed in certain areas much like that of Gymnasium so it could make sense if they were asking if it would cost anything to speak with men.



Video 4:

  • We placed the secondary camera directly on the balloon so we could specifically watch for movement.
  • The first movement occurred at: 38 as the balloon gently moved.
  • For about 7 seconds, from 3:05-3:12, the balloon moved side to side.
  • It appeared as though an orb moved off camera at the 3:40
  • Once again, this time for about 10 seconds, the balloon moved from 3:40-3:50.
  • Even longer this time, from 3:57-4:17, the balloon appeared to move for about 20 seconds.
  • The last movement of the balloon occurred for another 20 seconds from 4:38-4:58.
  • As we inspected the balloon for airflow around it, there was an extremely cold spot right over top of it.



Library – Stacks Room


  • Reports of an old steel worker wondering through the library and even a half bodied apparition have been recorded numerous times. Unfortunately we did not capture any of these apparitions, but we did utilize the spirit box, Ovilus, and light up ball throughout the Library.






  • We attempted to get the spirit in the library to move the balloon. In response we heard, “yellow,” over the spirit box at 9:51 in reference to the balloon itself. 
  • At 11:25 we managed to hear, “who, me?” when we again asked the spirit to move the balloon.
  • After asking who is here and who moved the balloon, we received a vague response of, “I did,” at 11:55.
  • The word, “point,” came through the spirit box at 12:49, so we pointed toward the balloon. In turn, the balloon moved slightly.
  • When we asked whoever was with us to tell us their name, at 15:57 we received a response of, “Amanda.”
  • Again, the name, “Amanda,” was repeated at 16:39 when we asked who was with us. 
  • At 16:44 we heard, “Holy,” come through the spirit box, possibly in reference to our necklaces.
  • The word, “Steven,” came through the Ovilus, so we asked if there is a Steven?  At 17:30, we heard, “yeah,” on the spirit box.
  • Trying to communicate with Steven at that point, we asked if they worked in the mill or the library? Again, a vague response of, “yeah,” was heard at 18:03.
  • As we tried to pry a little more, we asked this spirit why they were here, and at 19:44 we heard, “working.”
  • So in response, we asked if they worked at the mill, we heard, “sure did,” through the spirit box at 20:01.



Video 1:

  • Before we began the recorder, we used the 4K video camera to move around the library and just explore a little, hoping to capture some apparitions moving about. 
  • We simply asked if anyone was with us, and what their name is. At 1:16 we heard, “Paul,” through the spirit box.
  • The number 50 came through the Ovilus so we used that information and tried to continue speaking with this spirit. We asked if they were born in 1950, at 2:48 we heard, “no.”
  • Lights flashing across the screen at 3:24, and we could not debunk this as car headlights or a flashlight anywhere.
  • We believe we caught some residual communication. We heard, “Hi,” at 3:34 promptly followed by, “Hello,” at 3:37 as if someone else was responding to this welcoming gesture.



Video 2:

  • Much like the Gymnasium Hallway, we used this secondary camera to keep an eye on the light up balloon. Almost in sync with the recorder, we caught the same communication. However, we missed out on the balloon moving before we began running the camera.
  • At 1:47 we heard, “Paul,” through the spirit box.
  • At 3:19 we heard, “no.”
  • We did not capture the lights flashing across the screen as on the other camera.
  • At 4:05 we heard, “Hi.”
  • At 4:08 we heard, “Hello.” 



Boiler Room – Basement





  • There are stories of an old man, crude and angry, whom hides behind some of the equipment and in his own little space. Through the room, by the current pumps and older original boiler, it is said that there is a woman who hides from this man and is very afraid but inviting to guests. We thought we captured a face, but upon further review, it was just some of the equipment and the flash playing tricks on our eyes. We did venture back to the man’s private space, but aside from getting chills and cold spots, we did not capture anything via the photographs.





  • We felt cold spots and began hearing footsteps follow us, but there was not much to report as far as EVP’s or voices. 
  • Around 2:00 we began to get chills out of nowhere, then at 4:30 there was actually a cold breeze as if someone walked passed us.
  • The K2 meter spiked at 7:48 as we try to speak with the spirits in those rooms.
  • At 10:30, we did hear what sounded like a growl.




  • As we mentioned above, we did hear some footsteps behind us. At the 1:12 mark, we actually made out what sounded like shuffling of feet coming from behind the camera. When we swung it around behind us to see what was there, the noises stopped.
  • The cold spots and breeze were actually captured on the camera, as you can see one of the investigators’ arms covered in goose bumps and his hair on end. 
  • The breeze also makes us jump at about 4:28.
  • Again, cold spots seemed to follow us and were once again captured at 13:15 in the form of goose bumps and hair standing up all of a sudden.





The building definitely has a dark history, ever since the land purchase, from right on top of Indian burial grounds up to the deaths inside the facility. We felt there was definitive communication showing the presence of intelligent hauntings and spirits being able to communicate if given the proper time and energy. There also seemed to be residual hauntings where some spirits are living parts of their lives over and over again, in particular in the library where we caught the pleasantries of Hello’s from one to the other. Carnegie Library of Homestead does not have the heavy feel of a thick air or a darker presence like that of a jail or asylum, but rather the overall feel of the old building is more inviting and welcoming. The only spot that we felt any differently was in the basement, where that man is said to be lurking.



In our opinion, we feel as though the complex is certainly filled with spirits, and even though we did not physically see any as they have been reported in the past, we felt and communicated with those from beyond the grave stuck at the library. Based on our judgment and experience, the Carnegie Library of Homestead is an active location for spirits.



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