Anchorage Mansion – Investigation Part 1


Currently owned and operated by the Marietta Historical Society, the Anchorage Mansion has high hopes of being fully restored to its’ original prestige and greatness of its’ hay day. With the incoming funds from tours and overnight investigations, like ours, the historical society wants to preserve the longstanding mansion as a remembrance of the city’s colorful and notable history.

After some weaving turns and a very skinny driveway (the truck we were traveling in barely fit through), we finally arrived after our 2.5-hour trek, and Tim Horton’s stop off.  As we waited for our guides to let us in, we took in the energy, the area, and the mansion itself. Especially at night, it did not disappoint.


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Once our guides arrived, they very warmly greeted us and seemed very excited to have us spend the night. They took us on an abbreviated tour, so we could get started as quickly as possible. The mansion is gorgeous. The first floor was furnished and refinished to its’ original grandeur when the first owners, Douglas and Eliza Putnam, ordered the construction of the manor. 

As time went on, we could physically see the changes that the mansion went through. The ownership changed hands and even became a nursing home. The upstairs second floor rooms still feel as though they are occupied by these residents and the rooms themselves have not been renovated- they have been left the way they were, all the way down to their green paint and metal doors. We toured the servant’s quarters which had been converted at one point to administration offices and an ICU for more critical care patients. 


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The attics’ low ceiling is said to have been used for storage and an area for children to play in, as well as hosting card games and parties by one of the latter owners, Eddie McTaggert. The small rooms are separated in the attic and appear to be used as storage from the previous owners.

The mansions’ true beauty rises far above the living quarters and overlooks the town of Marietta, Ohio. The tower jettisons above the mansion with access through the attic. Even though we were there at night on a cool November, even which caused fog and limited our visibility looked out toward the town, just being in the tower we could imagine what it used to be like having the ability to oversee everything in the area from the Putnam’s dream home and private perch on the hillside.


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As our investigation began, we had included in our arsenal our EMF reader, K2 meter, recorder, night vision camera, a second 4K night vision camera, spirit box, laser grid, light up balloon, and an Ovilus. As a bonus, one of the guides was a sensitive. Her name was Viva (I hope I spelled that correctly!) and she was incredible. About half way through the evening we had asked for her to give us some insight and join us in a few of the hot spots we found. As reluctant as she was to let her guard down for us at first, she happily obliged and we really enjoyed our time exploring the other side with Viva. 

The Anchorage Mansion ended up being the MOST active locations we’ve ever explored. Yes, more so than the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. Now the energy, the feel of the mansion, and the spirits here are completely different than a place like TALA-it’s almost inviting and welcoming. With as much activity as we received here, we’ll be doing two separate blog posts. Our first will document our photographs and recordings.  The second will document our videos where we even caught eyes watching us in the attic! The two posts will be similar as they document the night from the same locations just from different perspectives and utilizing different senses.


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So, without further ado, below are our recordings and photographs, which we captured throughout the evening. We marked the locations where we feel we received some kind of communication from the other side – voices, noises, anything and everything we captured. Let us know your thoughts if you get the chance to listen and watch some of the footage. We will also comment on some of the Ovilus communication throughout the night, even though we did not record most of it, as it did not speak the words aloud, rather we simply read them off as they came through.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:

Servant Quarters – Admin Room

  • As we were setting up our equipment, we all heard a moaning noise.  Unfortunately, we did not capture this on any device. This area was concealed down its’ own hallway and corner of the second floor. It originally housed five rooms for the servants, but over time it was converted into an administration office and ICU during the nursing home era.
  • Servants can be heard here, and a spirit in particular dubbed Casanova has been known to grab onto girl’s hair, blondes in particular.


Servant Quarters Admin ROom 1.jpg

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Servant Quarters ICU Room 1.jpg

Servant Quarters ICU Room 2.jpg

          Recording 1 – with the Spirit Box:

  • As we sat down and tried to open up conversation, the very first thing we all heard and we slightly concerned with was at :24 as we heard, “Devil.”
  • We believe that the spirits back here are playful and even messed with us as we heard, “Hi,” only 20 seconds later at the :44 mark.
  • As we asked if this Casanova spirit was with us, we heard, “maybe,” at 1:41.
  • At 2:23 we heard, “need help.”
  • Music would randomly play through the spirit box, but it really couldn’t be heard as it scans the stations so quickly. We believe this may be Eddie McTaggert as he was a musician and music lover. It should be noted that the music was all classical sounding which is rare to find on the radio as is. We asked if this was Eddie playing music and at 3:25 we heard, “just wait.”
  • At 3:31 we again heard a cry for help as, “I need some help,” came through the spirit box.
  • As we asked what they need help with we heard, “life,” at 3:45.
  • Right around 4:15 the camcorder died even though it had fresh and full battery life.
  • At 4:34 we recorded, “I need help,” followed by, “everyone,” at 5:37.
  • We followed up and asked who needs help, at 5:51 we heard, “help us,” and at 6:33 we heard, “help us out.”
  • We asked if the spirit needs help out of here and at 6:39 we heard, “outside.”
  • At 6:57 we recorded “Who are you?” on the recorder even though we never heard it in person.
  • We asked if the spirit is stuck there and we received a clear, “No,” response at 7:36.
  • At 7:42 we heard, “wait.”
  • As we announced that we’ll be leaving soon we heard, “come back,” at 8:45 and, “delay,” at 9:02.
  • At 9:41 we heard, “Ronald,” after we asked who’s here with us?
  • “We’re watching,” was recorded at 10:01.
  • At 10:39 the word, “shock” was shown on the Ovilus.
  • We got a few random phrases after that, at 10:44 we heard, “take it,” and, “I’m here,” at 11:05.
  • We asked what was said, we asked for clarification on the, “I’m here” phrase and at 11:08 we heard, “that’s right.”
  • We proposed a simple EVP session and at 12:08 we heard, “excellent.” 

          Recording 2 – EVP Session:

  • There was not much feedback in just the EVP session but at 1:10 the word, “Mistress,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • Recording 3 – with the Spirit Box and Viva, 2nd Time Here:

  • During our return to this room, we requested Viva to join us. We feel as though she helped stir up even more responses than we received the first time around starting with a simple, “Hi,” at :43 after she began saying Hello, now we can all hear you.
  • We asked is Eddie was here and at 1:17 we heard, “Yes.”
  • At 1:32 we all heard, “focus in.”
  • At 2:05 we recorded, “Eliza,” as a reply to us requesting the spirit’s name.
  • Viva did not believe this was Eliza and actually thought it was a spirit fooling around with us, so she asked if this was actually Eddie. At 3:52 we heard, “that one.”
  • We heard a response of, “Yup,” at 4:25 to us asking if that was right.
  • We then heard, “God’s will,” at 4:39 followed by, “Eddie,” at 5:25.
  • We asked if the spirit would come out if they don’t mind but at 6:11 we heard, “I do.”
  • Once again, we heard a plea of help at 6:43 we recorded, “please help.”
  • Trying to figure out who needed help we asked directly who needs help and at 6:58 we heard, “Eddie,” followed by, “and me,” at 7:02.
  • At 7:30 we clearly heard, “I can’t,” in a response to us asking Eddie to please help them.
  • We asked why he couldn’t help and at 7:44 we again clearly heard, “good question.”
  • At 8:26 we recorded, “No,” asking is something here is holding them back, followed by, “this place,” at 8:31.
  • At 8:47 there was a noise that sounded like something fell but nothing could be found, you can see this actually occur on the next post with the videos. Right after at 8:54 we all heard laughter as if someone was again messing with us.
  • We feel as though we heard a conversation that was taking place that did not involve us; at 9:40 we heard, “come on,” followed by, “just a minute,” at 10:03.
  • Again, we heard the music and asked who was singing to us. At 10:40 we heard, “I don’t know.”
  • We asked how many people are with us and heard, “5,” at 11:19 followed by, “7,” at 11:37 after we asked again how many and again at 11:42 we heard, “7.”
  • After asking if they can tell us their name we heard, “White,” at 12:15.
  • The spirit box got eerily quiet, so we asked if there was anyone still with us and at 12:55 we heard, “We’re here.”
  • On the Ovilus, the word, “cleansing,” appeared around 13:01.
  • Following the Ovilus, we heard “We need it,” at 13:14 and more cries for, “help,” at 13:42 and 13:46.
  • Viva asked if the spirits would like us to cleanse the house with sage and at 13:57 we recorded, “Yes.”
  • As an apparent response, the Ovilus showed us, “now,” at 14:14 and, “speak,” at 15:13.
  • We told the spirit that we’re talking to them and we believe we heard, “what he said,” at 15:23.
  • At 16:03 we heard, “he left,” after asking if Eddie is still with us.
  • When asked where everyone went, we heard, “attic,” at 16:52.
  • At 17:03 we heard, “yes,” after asking if we should go to the attic followed by, “go,” at 17:26.

  • Attic

  • There are toys scattered about the open area of this space as children are said to play with them. We also brought up the Boo Buddy, which will allow interactions and light up and react differently when something touches the toy bear.


Attic 1.jpg

Attic 2.jpg

Attic 3.jpg

Attic 5.jpg

Attic 6.jpg

Attic Backroom 1.jpg

Attic Backroom 2.jpg
          Recording 1 – With Spirit Box:

  • On our first trip up to the attic we did not get much interaction with the toys, but we did get some responses on the Ovilus and spirit box starting at 1:26 with the word, “competitive,” on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if anyone wants to play with us and at 1:31 we heard, “Angie,” and, “Regina,” at 1:40.
  • Once again, we feel as though we caught a conversation not involving us, at 1:49 we heard, “greedy,” followed by, “shut up,” at 1:51.
  • At 2:23 we heard, “Hi.”
  • We heard, “beat you,” at 3:05 possibly in response to the Ovilus reading earlier of competitive.
  • The Boo Buddy reacted at 3:27 as it said, “touch me,” and lit up red.
  • At 3:30 the word, “Zoe,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We believe we heard yet another conversation, at 3:52 we recorded, “beats me,” followed by, “don’t speak,” at 4:12, “don’t hurt me,” at 4:14, “help,” at 4:50, and at 4:55, “I don’t appreciate that.”
  • After listening in we asked if the spirit was here during Prohibition and at 5:32 we heard, “of course.”
  • Another conversation we believe we listened in on began at 5:47 when we heard, “be nice,” a laugh at 6:30, and at 6:32 we heard, “no choice.”
  • We asked if the spirits had a favorite game to play and at 7:30 the word, “hands,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • At 8:03, we believe we heard, “you would, psychopath,” followed by, “single,” at 8:34 and, “done,” at 8:44.
  • We witnessed the light up balloon move at 9:14.
  • At 9:22 we captured, “already did,” as we asked if they can move balloon again. 

    Recording 2 – EVP Session with Viva:

  • This recording is when we accepted the spirits invitation to the attic after our second session in the Servants Quarters with Viva.
  • There was not much as far as EVP evidence but at 10:43 – Eyes spotted on camcorder which you can see on the next post.

    Recording 3 – Spirit Box with Viva:

  • We opted to do a spirit box session and right away at :34 we heard, “Viva.”
  • At 1:15 we heard, “Hello,” followed by, “not now,” at 1:30.
  • After we asked what the spirit’s name was, we heard, “My name?” at 1:30.
  • We seemingly captured two names, at 1:35 we heard, “Winfred,” and, “Sandra,” at 1:37.
  • At 2:07 we captured, “yes,” as we asked is Eliza is up here.
  • We also asked if Henrietta was up here and at 2:23 we captured, “two of us.”
  • We continued to ask if Clara Belle was up here and at 2:52 we heard, “No.”
  • At 3:01 we heard, “Yes,” after we asked Henrietta for a clear response if she was with us.
  • At 3:42, “relax,” appeared on the Ovilus. Viva believed that this was directed toward her.
  • Once again, we asked who’s here and at 4:27 we heard, “Me.”
  • The word, “Sam,” appeared on the Ovilus at 5:40. Sam was the name of Clara Belle’s cat.
  • At 6:57 the word, “case,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • There was a case in the adjoining room, so we asked if someone wanted us to go in that room with the case, at 7:36 we heard, “room.”
  • As we moved closer to the room with the case, loud noises could be heard around 7:46.
  • At 7:57 the word, “Preacher,” came upon the Ovilus.
  • We asked if they don’t want us to be there with them and at 8:32 we captured, “leave.”
  • “We’re here too,” could be heard at 9:20.
  • We asked what would happen if we don’t leave and at 9:49 we heard, “Dead.”
  • The room felt as though I was getting colder and at 10:04 we heard, “yes.”
  • Viva had asked one of us what we’re feeling and at 10:35, “Help,” could be heard even though we didn’t hear this when we were in the room. “Help,” was repeated at 10:40.
  • After Viva explained who she felt in the room, she asked if that sounded right and at 11:17 the word, “fact,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We then told them that we’re going to get them help and at 11:39 we heard, “Help me.”
  • At 12:55, “Stigmata,” appeared on the Ovilus
  • Viva asked if she was in the way of us taking a picture and at 13:14, “outside,” could be heard.
  • We believe that we caught another conversation at 13:46 we heard, “bed” followed by, “she heard us,” at 14:00, “shut up,” at 14:03 and, “convince me,” at 14:33.
  • At 14:37 the word, “gun,” came up on the Ovilus.
  • A little unsettled, we asked what does gun mean to you, and at 15:58 we heard, “Dead.”
  • Finally, at 16:10 we heard, “tired.”



  • Even though Eliza has been spotted in the parlor, and Viva even sat in on a session with us and felt Eliza, we never recorded anything out of the ordinary on the recorder. We did feel some movement in the room but nothing evident enough as far as paranormal evidence.


Parlor 1.jpg

Parlor 2.jpg

Parlor 3.jpg

Parlor 6.jpg


  • Nothing


    Grandma Brown Room

  • Grandma Brown has been said to be seen and felt in her room on the second floor. She apparently cannot leave the room or doesn’t want to.  There have been recorded rempod and K2 hits, as well as EVP’s recorded  in the past. We used our laser grid and sat outside of this room as no one is allowed to enter the room since it is not structurally sound at the moment.


Grandma Brown Room 1.jpg

Grandma Brown Room 2.jpg

         Recording – With Spirit Box:

  • We asked Grandma Brown if she can speak with us, at 1:00 we heard what sounded like, “Scrub off.” We’re not sure if that’s some older slang or if we misheard this remark.
  • We’re not sure if we caught a conversation or if we were unable to give Grandma Brown enough energy to utilize the spirit box by staying outside the room but we did hear fragments and random words throughout our session.
  • At 1:02 we heard, “Glorious.”
  • At 1:31 we heard, “School.”
  • We believe we heard, “Scared,” at 1:43.
  • We recorded, “That’s sweet,” at 2:28.
  • At 2:37 we heard, “Stop,” followed by, “wait,” at 3:19.
  • We asked if anyone wanted to say anything and heard, “No,” at 3:49.
  • At 4:02 we recorded, “You don’t scare me,” and, “they wanted it,” at 4:12.

    Eliza Bedroom

  • Eliza’s bedroom has been said to be a location where Eliza has been seen and even takes refuge when her spirit cannot be found anywhere else in the house. Eliza is said to still be the lady of the house, even in the afterlife and really has a way of running things. Her bedroom is one of those locations where she controls the energy and who she wants to let in to her private space.  We got plenty of communication with, who we think is, Eliza and we all felt the energies change in the room while we were there.  We spotted a hand print on the wall, spotted figures in the hallway, and even felt touched.


Eliza Bedroom 1.jpg

Eliza Bedroom 2.jpg

Eliza Bedroom 3.jpg

Eliza Bedroom 4.jpg

Eliza Bedroom 5.jpg

Eliza Bedroom 6.jpg

         Recording – With Spirit Box:

  • We got an immediate response when we said Hi Eliza, at :06 we heard, “Hi.”
  • At 1:51 we heard, “speak up,” followed by, “can you hear me?” at 2:38.
  • There were some cradles and a rocking chair in the room, so we asked Eliza to show us how she would have rocked her baby, at 3:14 we recorded, “I didn’t.”
  • On the Ovilus at 3:24 the word, “shocking,” appeared.
  • We asked if this was is Eliza we’re talking to at 4:11 we heard, “you can call me.”
  • We heard, “You can feel it,” at 4:34 as we began to feel the room’s energy shift.
  • At 4:58 we heard, “Hello,” almost as if someone else entered the room.
  • We heard, “Over that way,,” at 6:31.
  • As we asked if Eliza takes care of the other spirits at 7:17 we heard, “The men.”
  • At 8:04 we heard, “passage,” followed by, “I didn’t,” at 8:50.
  • At 9:37 we heard, “Angel,” so we asked is this Eliza? And at 10:52 we heard, “Hello.”
  • At 10:56 we received another greeting of, “Hi.”
  • At 11:10 we heard, “Try.”
  • We asked if this was still Eliza and at 11:38 we recorded a clear, “No.”
  • At 12:10 the word, “Crowd,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if this was a party and if we’re a part of the party, at 12:33 we heard, “Yes.”
  • Looking at the handprint on the glass, we asked if the spirit left the handprint or if it was someone before and at 13:06 we heard, “Before.”
  • Once again, we’re not sure if we caught a conversation or if there were a few spirits with us but at 13:19 we heard, “Help,” followed by, “in that case,” at 13:30 and, “here,” at 14:40. Seemingly continuing the conversation, we heard, “What was that?” at 15:02 and, “in there,” at 18:09.
  • At 18:47, “Observe,” came up on the Ovilus.
  • We heard, “Placement,” at 18:55.
  • After we felt like someone was standing in the doorway, we asked if there is someone by the door and at 19:31 we heard,” Yes.”
  • At 21:16 we heard, “My home,” while the word, “Newer” shown on the Ovilus at the same time.
  • We heard, “New,” at 21:51.
  • At 22:02 we heard, “Maybe,” after we asked if there is a new spirit with us.
  • We asked if it’s a guy or girl to which we received a simple, “Me,” at 22:37.
  • The word, “Empath,” on Ovilus at 23:30 and we said it says Empath to which we heard, “You know it,” at 23:35.
  • At 24:21 we heard, “Master.”
  • At 24:35, “Threshold,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if anyone is over there, referring to the threshold of the doorway and at 25:08 we heard, “I’m here.”
  • We asked if the spirit said something and at 25:43 we heard, “We did.”
  • At 25:54 we recorded, “The Ovilus,” as a response to us asking if they are trying to tell us something?
  • We said that we’re listening, and they could tell us anything and at 26:32 we heard, “Told you,” followed by, “That’s all I needed,” at 226:41.
  • Again, we said they can talk to us and at 27:08 we heard, “No,” and, “I know,” at 27:28.
  • At 27:56 we heard, “Help.”
  • At 28:44 the name, “Ryan,” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if anyone named Ryan was here and at 28:50 we heard, “No.”
  • At 29:01 we recorded, “Say hi.”
  • We asked the spirit if they could tell us if they’re still with us and at 29:48 we captured, “long,” which we think is more of a reference to the amount of time they’ve been there.
  • We mentioned something being at our backs and at 31:21 we heard, “I did it.”
  • At 32:54 we heard, “What you want.”
  • At the end of our evening we thanked the spirits and told them goodnight to which we received, “Goodnight,” at 33:40.
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    The Anchorage Mansion has seen it’s fair share of tragedy, ever since it’s construction and original title of Putnam Mansion. We felt a lot of energy throughout the building, all of it very light and welcoming. There was a large amount of communication showing the presence of intelligent spirits as well as some conversations we overheard, possibly showing residual hauntings throughout the mansion. With this sheer amount of communication and the feel of the energy in the air, with the help of Viva allowing us to communicate even more through her sensitivity to the other side, we feel confident saying this historic structure is a highly active location for spirits. Even though you cannot see it in this post, the video of the apparition and its’ glowing eyes is another form of proof of the afterlife alive and well (only as a matter of speech of course) in the Anchorage Mansion. 

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