Anchorage Mansion – Investigation Part 2


We’ll jump right into the video of our investigation night.  To see some of the recordings and photos, click here:  If you want to see some of the history of the Anchorage Mansion, click here:

Our video documented investigation will follow the same course as the recordings and photos throughout the night.  You may hear some of the some communication repeated but if nothing else that is just more proof of consistency within our equipment.  We used two separate cameras to video document our investigation.  The first is our 4K camera which will show more images and distance.  The second camera is a minimal distance camera that we mainly use to solidify things we hear on the recorder and to set in front of items and the laser grid to watch for movement.  We did utilize the same tools and you’ll be able to see the Ovilus, dowsing rods, and laser grid as we move about the mansion.

Below are the documented videos that we captured throughout our investigation.  We marked time stamps that we feel is some kind of communication or paranormal activity including movement, lights, and other unidentified oddities.  Let us know your thoughts if you get the chance to watch some of the footage.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:

Servant Quarters – Admin Room

Video 1 – with the Spirit Box:

  • At :23 we heard “Need help.”
  • Music would randomly play through the spirit box, but it really shouldn’t be heard as it scans the stations so quickly. We believe this may be Eddie McTaggert as he was a musician and music lover.  It should be noted that the music was all classical sounding which is rare to find on the radio as is.  We asked if this was Eddie playing music and at :26 we heard “Just wait.”
  • At :32 we again heard a cry for help as “I need some help” came through the spirit box.
  • As we asked what they need help with we heard “Life” at :46.

Video 2 – with the Spirit Box:

  • As we announced that we’ll be leaving soon we heard “Come back” at :27 and “Delay” at :44.
  • At 1:25 we heard “Ronald” after we asked who’s here with us?
  • “We’re watching” was recorded at 1:43.
  • At 2:24 the word “Shock” was shown on the Ovilus.

Video 3 – with the Spirit Box:

  • We got a few random phrases, at :04 we heard “I’m here”.
  • We asked for clarification on the “I’m here” phrase and at :07 we heard “That’s right.”
  • At :58 we spotted a small light above Gabe’s head. It moved side to side then disappeared.

Video 4 – with the Spirit Box and Viva, 2nd Time Here:

  • At :10 we recorded “Eliza” as a reply to us requesting the spirit’s name.
  • Viva did not believe this was Eliza and actually thought it was a spirit fooling around with us.

Video 5 – with the Spirit Box and Viva, 2nd Time Here:

  • As the group continued the session which you can hear in the background, our cameraman wondered about exploring the hallway and the opposite room.
  • At 2:15, right after making his way back into the room, there was a noise that sounded like something fell but nothing could be found, see if you can find the culprit – we couldn’t. Right after at 2:22 we all heard laughter as if someone was again messing with us.
  • We feel as though we heard a conversation that was taking place that did not involve us; at 3:08 we heard “Come on” followed by “Just a minute” at 4:11.
  • Again, we heard the music and asked who was singing to us. At 4:43 we heard “I don’t know.”


Video 1 – With Spirit Box:

  • On our first trip up to the attic we did not get much interaction with the toys but we did get some responses on the Ovilus and spirit box.
  • We heard “Beat you” at 1:08 possibly in response to the Ovilus reading earlier of competitive.
  • The Boo Buddy reacted at 1:30 as it said, “Touch me” and lit up red.
  • At 1:33 the word “Zoe” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We believe we heard a separate conversation, at 1:55 we recorded “Beats me” followed by “Don’t speak” at 2:20, “Don’t hurt me” at 2:22, “Help” at 2:58, and at 3:03 “I don’t appreciate that.”

Video 2 – EVP Session with Viva:

  • This recording is when we accepted the spirits invitation to the attic after our second session in the Servants Quarters with Viva.
  • There was not much as far as EVP evidence but at 3:30 it appears as though there are a pair of eyes peeing out behind a post. We tried to debunk this, we walked over toward it, shined a flashlight on it, but there was nothing there and eventually they disappeared.  We feel that this is some pretty incredible evidence that we were able to experience.

Video 3 – EVP Session with Viva:

  • We believe that we caught another conversation, at :44 we heard “Shut up” and “Convince me” at 1:14.
  • At 1:20 the word “Gun” came up on the Ovilus and heard “Is here” at 1:20.

Henrietta / Clara Belle Room

Video 1:

  • Dowsing Rods Session – We use the dowsing rods to allow spirits to communicate with us utilizing very simple means. Moving the dowsing rods side to side requires very minimal energy and can be manipulated easily.  We simply ask them to cross the dowsing rods for a “yes” response or push them outwards for a “no” response.
  • We asked if they are okay with the camera being on recording this, the dowsing rods moved outward signifying a “No” response.
  • The rods crossed signifying “Yes” at 1:19 after we ask if Henrietta is with us.
  • We continued to ask questions like “Did you ever live here?” to which the dowsing rods pushed out signaling a “No” response.
  • We asked if they ever spoke to Clara Belle when she was alive, the dowsing rods crossed suggesting a “Yes” at 2:30.
  • At 3:54 the dowsing rods pushed out signaling “No” after we asked “Were you a slave?”
  • We asked if they were born after 1900 at which time the dowsing rods crossed signifying “Yes.”
  • Finally we asked “Are you stuck?” and at 5:08 the dowsing rods pushed out showing us a “No” response followed directly by footsteps behind us.


Video 1:

  • Even though Eliza has been spotted in the parlor, and Viva even sat in on a session with us and felt Eliza, we never caught anything out of the ordinary. We did feel some movement in the room but nothing evident enough as far as paranormal evidence.

Eliza Bedroom

  • Eliza’s bedroom has been said to be a location where Eliza has been seen and even takes refuge when her spirit cannot be found anywhere else in the house. Eliza is said to still be the lady of the house even in the afterlife and really has a way of running things.  Her bedroom is one of those locations where she controls the energy and who she wants to let in to her private space.  We got plenty of communication with, who we think is, Eliza and we all felt the energies change in the room while we were there.  We spotted a hand print on the wall, spotted figures in the hallway, and even felt touched.

Video 1:

  • We caught a light moving around the room very sporadically and there were no bugs or other lights in the room at 1:04.
  • At 1:07 we heard “Speak up” followed by “Can you hear me?” at 1:54.
  • There were some cradles and a rocking chair in the room, so we asked Eliza to show us how she would have rocked her baby, at 2:30 we recorded “I didn’t.”
  • On the Ovilus at 2:40 the word “Shocking” appeared.
  • We asked if this was is Eliza we’re talking to, at 3:27 we heard “You can call me.”

Video 2:

  • We spotted a handprint which appeared on the window behind us around :54. We could not debunk this as paranormal but it is possible that the fog just revealed a previous handprint from someone earlier in the night.
  • We asked if this was Eliza and at 1:14 we recorded a clear “No.”
  • At 1:46 the word “Crowd” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if this was a party and if we’re a part of the party, at 2:09 we heard “Yes.”
  • Referencing the handprint on the glass, we asked if the spirit left the handprint or if it was someone before and at 2:42 we heard “Before.”
  • Once again, we’re not sure if we caught a conversation or if there were a few spirits with us but at 2:55 we heard “Help” followed by “in that case” at 3:06.
  • Around 3:25, you can see that one of our investigator’s backs began to hurt. Upon lifting his shirt, we could make out red marks on his back.  This could have been caused by rubbing up against something and agitating his skin but it is odd that he complained of pains then marks suddenly appearing.

Video 3:

  • At 1:04 we heard “My home” while the word “Newer” shown on the Ovilus at the same time.
  • We heard “New” at 1:39.

Video 4:

  • At :03 we recorded “The Ovilus” as a response to us asking if they are trying to tell us something?
  • We said that we’re listening, and they could tell us anything and at :41 we heard “Told you” followed by “That’s all I needed” at :50.
  • Our cameraman ventured out to the hallway and when he made his way back in the room he had felt a very odd, creepy sensation.

The Anchorage Mansion gave us a lot of communication, as well as some physical manifestations like the appearance of the eyes and handprints as well as the touching of our team members and just the odd sensations we all felt throughout the night.  Much like the initial investigation, we will reiterate that the Anchorage Mansion may be the most active location we have ever investigated.  We’ve received high amounts of communication in the past but we’ve never had physical paranormal activity like those we recorded at the Anchorage Mansion.

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