Bedtime Shadows – A Personal Experience

By Alyssa Sankey

As a little girl, I’ve always believed in the paranormal. When I was just five years old, I had my first experience. Every night I would be lying in bed ready to fall asleep and I would see a shadow at the foot of my bed. Sometimes it was dark but other times I would see a bright white figure of a person. This lasted until I was about seven and my family and I moved.

Another experience occurred in that same house when I was walking down the basement stairs when I was about six years old. I remember feeling like someone was behind me, then I felt a push and fell down the stairs and broke my arm. Even after that, I continued to see the shadows. I believe that the bright figure was my guardian angel protecting me from the dark shadow.

When I was about twelve or thirteen years old, my family moved into yet another house. I had a room in the attic. There was a window with a perfect view to the house across the street. Occasionally when I would look out the window at night, I would see a man hanging in a window. I had a vivid dream one night that a man killed his twin daughters and wife, then hung himself in the attic. Frightened, I went to my mom and her friend and explained the horrific nightmare. My mother’s friend, shocked, told me what I described had actually happened a few years prior. She asked me where I heard the story and I clarified that it was just a dream. I felt that his spirit wanted to tell me his story, and he succeeded.

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