Greenman Tunnel & Piney Fork Road – Fishing for Ghosts

By Dylan Tibah

One evening last summer, I was fishing at Piney Fork Creek right next to the tunnel. There is a little area of dirt and gravel that I parked my car. My family and I have fished there for ages. We usually catch some big trout!

I had started fishing a little before sundown hoping to get set up and catch some fish popping up at night. There was one other family there. They weren’t very good at fishing. They had two children who were very loud and obnoxious. They threw rocks and were disturbing to not only me, but also the fish! It was terrible.

A little after the sun set, their youngest child (looked about 6 years old) started screaming and crying. The kid just kept staring towards the road while bawling his eyes out. The family left and I followed suit a little while later. I packed up my things and began walking back to my truck. I realized very quickly why the child was screaming. Behind the road, up on a small hill, was this creepy man standing there simply looking straight at the tunnel. I was utterly terrified. I hopped in my car and drove away. I haven’t been back since. I later learned that this was called Greenman’s Tunnel. Spooky stuff.

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