West Virginia State Penitentiary – Investigation

July 27, 2019

Moundsville, WV


 One of the few industries that drew employees and residents into the quaint industrial town of Moundsville, WV was the old stone penitentiary. Oddly enough, the town thought that blue collar work was more suitable for the town as they opted to build the prison here over the college of West Virginia University. True, the prison brought employees in, but it also brought the worst types of criminals known to man.

Ominously standing tall over the rest of the town, the castle-like stone prison is a forever lasting memory of the hell that took place behind those walls. The turrets stand as a memory that the prison was more like a battle ground that the guards needed to keep contained from the rest of the town. The structure rests behind the original barb wired fence, still keeping prisoners locked inside, even after their deaths.

The doors opened, and we, along with Oakmont Paranormal who we met up with to tackle the large prison, rushed inside, eager to begin our investigation. After all of the T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted, we ventured out, utilizing some of the employee’s tips about current hot spots. The investigation began roughly around 10:30 PM and we were given until 4:00 AM to explore the grounds. We were able to utilize most of our equipment including a K2 meter, SB7 spirit box, handheld camera, stationary camera, Rempod, recorder, laser grid pen, Ovilus, and temperature gauge. We did not use the light up balloons with the drafts nor did we use the plasma ball.




There were a few locations which were extremely active, none of which were the highly famed areas like the Sugar Shack or Red Snyder’s Cell. Instead, we felt that the Infirmary on the 3rd Floor, the Chapel, and Cell Block N 3rd Floor all had significant paranormal activity. We had ample communication at each location, each very distinct and intelligent in their own right.

The Infirmary had more movement and noises rather than any communication. However, there were two different locations in that area, and each varied with activity. The side with the surgery and emergency rooms started out with a bang (literally). We heard footsteps and banging noises right away. There was something that seemingly charged Dan at one point, almost as if it were protecting itself or that particular location. On the opposite side in the infirmary, where visitors met with patients, there was plenty of communication via the spirit box.

Inside the Chapel, we had our names repeated back to us as well as a cold spot moving behind Dan’s back, right after the IR light lost all its’ power. We did have some communication as well, but the more convincing evidence was the cold spot where something seemed to be drawn into Dan.


Ext 2.jpeg


While inside the Cell Block N, we definitely experienced some communication with a spirit that wasn’t too happy with their death, or what they were forced to do in their past life. Emilie, a sensitive who joined us in that location, believed that someone was pushed or jumped from that location. After our evidence and data collection, we approached the staff and asked if there was ever anyone who had died on that cell block. They confirmed that there was a suicide and an inmate pushed over the railing. This just solidifies our findings and what we learned from that spirit in that spot.

Below are our recordings and videos that we took during the investigation. We marked the locations we feel we received communication from the other side like voices, noises, anything and everything we captured.  Let us know your thoughts if you get the chance to listen and watch some of the footage.




As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Infirmary – Third Floor

Hospitals in general can be a very energized and active locations. Add to it that it’s located in a prison and that just increases the odds that there’s something left over from a past life. There haven’t been any particular names or specific sightings revolving around this spot, but it is said that these areas have been known to be protective of their surroundings and even touch guests, whether they are there for investigations or just touring the structure.

Right after we arrived, before we set out to explore, the staff had mentioned that this infirmary area had been very active the past few evenings. Whether it is someone in the building giving it energy or possibly around an anniversary of someone’s death are still to be seen. Needless to say, we packed up our gear and headed straight for this location right off the bat.

The investigation of this spot started off with a bang. Before we even had the recorder going and the tripod set up, we all got an overwhelming feeling and began to hear footsteps all around us. Dan was the only one running his hand-held camera and before we could get acclimated, he got rushed by something. We didn’t capture too much in the photos, but you can clearly hear footsteps, almost like they’re dragging their feet. On top of that, we captured what at first appeared to be a bark but was drawn out into more of a growl. We captured these noises on both the recorder and the videos.



  • You can make out the area that we were stationed at toward the end of the hall as we attempted to capture any of the shadows – to no avail. We did capture a screenshot of a white mist moving along side the camera in the handheld footage.




Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • We didn’t capture any anomalies here.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:

  • As we saw a shadow move around the corner, we approached the area to a bark or a growl at :05 and repeated at :20.
  • There was some kind of audible scream at :43, almost like something was trying to get our attention.


Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:

  • After we attempted to communicate, we could make out “Hello” right away at :01.


Recorder 4 – Spirit Box:

  • We continued to try to communicate but as if the spirits did not want to be bothered, we heard “No” as a response to us asking if anyone was with us to talk with us.


Video 1 – Stationary:

  • Early on, Dan can see being forced back by some unseen entity.
  • We could make out the growls or barking noises at 1:22 and 1:37.
  • Right after there was some movement of shuffling feet, a scream can be heard around the 2:00 mark.
  • At 2:56, “Hello” can be heard as a response to us asking if someone is here.
  • There were more footsteps that could be heard around 5:02.
  • As we moved closer, we asked if anyone was there to speak with us and we heard “No” at 6:11.
  • More shuffling of feet could be heard at 8:26.
  • At 12:46, a knock could be heard.

Below if a lightened, editted version that may be easier to see:


Video 2 – Handheld:

  • Right away we heard footsteps and just felt an odd presence. The first tool at our disposal was the handheld camera so that ran for the entirety of the area, even before the recorder or static camera were set up.
  • At around :44 footsteps can be heard echoing from the room in front of us.
  • A banging noise can be heard at 1:13.
  • There were two spots here that words could be heard out of the air, no spirit box necessary. After we asked if someone is there, we captured “Yes” at 1:35 and again another “Yes” at 2:16 after we said we can hear them walking.
  • At about 2:28 footsteps can be heard approaching the camera, forcing Dan backward.
  • There is a growling noise heard at about 3:39.
  • As we all got chills, footsteps could be heard at 4:15.
  • We captured “Hello” at 5:11 through the spirit box followed by the shuffling of feet at 5:42.
  • Again, we heard footsteps and the shuffling of feet at 7:18.
  • At about 8:00, there is a white mist that can be seen moving along the wall, this was unable to be debunked as any kind of dust or dirt.
  • After we asked if we are in the right place, we heard “No” at 8:42 through the spirit box.
  • There was a tap on the window at 11:19 followed by more footsteps and the shuffling of feet at 12:55.
  • Another tapping noise could be heard at about 15:01.


Infirmary Visitation Area – Third Floor

On the opposite side of the infirmary, away from the operating rooms and the testing areas is the visiting area. The location once had tables set up so other inmates could come up and visit their friends after surgeries or tests. This seems like an area that would have been more populated by a crowd of people coming and going as well as less of an escorted and watched spot. Who knows what could have occurred here? Happy times with friends recovering, receiving bad and painful news of those who were lost, and even a dangerous meeting spot where guards (no pun intended) let their guard down.

While we didn’t see much activity here like we did on the opposite end of the floor, we believe we captured more communication and even a few names through the spirit box. Toward the end of our communication, we received either a warning or someone’s last words, the interpretation is still up for debate.



  • We took plenty of photos here, especially when we began hearing voices. Unfortunately, we did not capture much here aside from the open space we set up shop in.




Recording 1 – EVP:

  • We did not capture anything significant in the EVP session.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • With all of the communication so close together, we did not break this recording up, it did seem quite consistent throughout our time in this spot.
  • As we opened and asked if there is anyone here, we heard “Somebody” at :41.
  • We continued to ask if anyone wanted to speak with us and at 1:40 we captured “Hello.”
  • At 3:14 we heard “Speak” after we said that we just want to know what’s going on here.
  • As we mentioned that the camera’s batteries are almost dead, we heard laughter at 3:44.
  • We asked why the spirits are still here and we heard “Dead” at 4:15.
  • Trying to stir things up a little more, we explained that we were just outside the walls today and that they probably don’t know what that’s like to which we captured “Fuck” at 4:45.
  • After we asked what their name was we heard “Joe” or “John” at 5:16.
  • There was an inaudible moan at 6:18 after we asked why they are still here.
  • At 7:48 we heard “Alive” after we asked them what they missed most about being alive.
  • We heard “Steve” at 9:19, we’re not sure if this was residual or not.
  • It seemed as though something was trying to get us to follow them as we captured “Come” at 10:15 and again at 10:30.
  • Our final communication in the area occurred after we asked the spirit if there was one thing they could tell us, what would it be? To which we captured either “Warning” or “Forgive” at 10:51. We still have mixed emotions on this but we know we received an intelligent response to our question.


Video 1 – Handheld Camera:

  • Much like the recorder, we heard the same communication up until the camera battery was completely drained.
  • After we asked if there is anyone here, we heard “Somebody” at :57.
  • We asked if anyone wanted to speak with us and at 1:56 we heard “Hello.”
  • After we said we just want to know what’s going on, at 3:29 we heard “Speak.”
  • We heard a laugh at 3:59 after we say the camera’s batteries are almost dead.
  • We asked why the spirit is still here and heard “Dead” at 4:31.
  • We told them that we were outside the walls today and they don’t know what that’s like and we heard “Fuck” at 5:01.
  • After we asked for their name we heard “Joe” or “John” at 5:31.
  • There was a moan at 6:33 after we asked why they are still here.
  • At 8:04 we heard “Alive” after we asked what they miss about being alive.
  • We heard “Steve” at 9:35, we’re not sure if this was residual or not.
  • Right after that, the camera battery was drained completely.


Contact Visitation Room – First Floor

In this area, prisoners who were on lighter sentences or had been deemed to be on good behavior, could meet up with friends and family and actually have physical contact. Imagine being able to hug your child or kiss your significant other while still being detained. We’re certain that there was some actual positive energy and emotion left behind here. There are no stories in particular about this location, however, with all of the mixed emotions of visiting with loved ones while still being locked up, there is sure to be something left behind. We only utilized the recorder here, we did not take any video.



  • There was nothing paranormal caught in the pictures, but there were some odd Native American wax figures.




Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We tried a different approach to this area of the jail and thought out loud that there must be at least one good memory here, to which we captured a response of “Yeah?” at :25.
  • As we asked if they painted the paintings (which were on the walls) we heard “What?” at 1:28.
  • At 2:27, we captured “No” after we asked if the spirit got to see friends and family here.
  • We heard “Go back” at 2:57 to no particular question.
  • After we asked why they won’t leave, we heard “Stop” at 3:30.


Sugar Shack – Basement

The Sugar Shack, one of the most notorious locations in the jail known for torture, death, and rape. There are numerous well-known cases of death, mainly by stabbing or beating that took place down there in that dark, damp basement. Supposedly it’s one of the more active locations in the entire complex. However, we did not feel too much energy, and we really did not receive much in the form of communication. We did get a few hits on the Ovilus, but none of it really tied together nor did it seem intelligent. To note, on our way out, Gabe did get the feeling that someone was poking his head out around the corner. The feeling he got was that this entity was telling us that we wasted our time, but that there was someone – or something – down there.



  • There wasn’t too much to photograph in the concrete basement – some painted pillars, some machinery, some taped off areas that were under repairs. There was certainly nothing paranormal captured in the photos as far as we can tell.




Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We did receive a few Ovilus hits. We asked if there was anyone down there with us and at :05, the Ovilus read “Lost.” The odd part of this that the Ovilus flickered rapidly, something it has never done before.
  • With no question asked, the Ovilus read “God” at :30.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • After we asked why the spirit is still there, we noted the word “Consecutive” on the Ovilus at :05 – perhaps consecutive life sentences?


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • After no real communication, we read “Projection” on the Ovilus at :08.


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • There was nothing much that was captured here.


Video 2 – Stationary Camera:

  • You can see the laser grid that we attempted to utilize here and again hear us notate the Ovilus hits. At about 4:40, the Ovilus began to flicker followed by  “Lost.”
  • At 5:50, the Ovilus read “God.”
  • “Consecutive” appeared on the Ovilus at 6:50.
  • “Projection” read on the Ovilus at 10:43.


Video 3 – Handheld Camera:

  • As we explored the basement with the handheld camera, we did not catch anything too far out of the ordinary. Much like the recorder and stationary camera, you can hear us mention the Ovilus readings, but on this video, you can actually see the words come through.
  • At :17, the Ovilus flickered and read “Lost.”
  • At 1:20, the Ovilus read “God.”


Video 4 – Handheld Camera:

  •  “Consecutive” appeared on the Ovilus at 1:20.
  • “Projection” read on the Ovilus at 5:08.


Chapel – Prison Yard

There have been few occasions where the chapel is actually available to the public. Luckily for us, the penitentiary has just recently begun to open it on a regular basis.  There aren’t any paranormal or historical stories that occur in this spot but it is a chapel, and many inmates have gone through spiritual changes and used this chapel regularly when they were housed here. It is said that those on death row were allowed in the chapel once a month under strict supervision. They were also allowed to spend the day here before their scheduled hanging or electrocution. It’s highly possible that there was some energy left here with all of the fear of death and even spiritual enlightenment from the prisoners.

We first stopped in and went upstairs, but there didn’t seem to be anything up there, no energy or ambiance or anything, it was more like a control room full of old equipment. Our next stop was down in the pews and the alter area. We feel like we definitely received a lot of communication in this spot, not to mention at one point, something absorbed the energy suddenly from the IR light and used it to manifest itself to touch dan on the back. These two things happened right after one another which is just too much evidence to just be coincidental. Dan didn’t even realize the light was absorbed when he was touched.



  • There was nothing paranormal caught in the pictures, but we did capture a screen shot of something moving toward the camera, possibly an orb.





Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We began by asking if anyone was with us and we heard “I’m here” repeated at 1:18 and 2:11.
  • There was an inaudible groan at 2:50.
  • At 2:58, we captured “Yes” after we asked if anyone was with us.
  • We introduced ourselves, starting with Dan, to which we heard “Dan” at 3:22 and again at 3:50.
  • As if the spirit was toying with Dan, we captured “Hey Dan” at 5:20.
  • We told the entity to go toward the light (the Rempod in the middle of the room) and at 5:50 we heard “The light.” As if this was a precursor, the IR light began to flicker.
  • Right after that, Dan felt cold on his back.
  • We asked who is standing behind Dan and at 6:45 we heard “I am.”
  • After we asked if we could help the spirit, at 7:21 we heard “Not really” followed by “Right now” at 7:24.
  • At 7:52, we again heard “Hi Dan.”
  • After a little lag in communication, we asked if anyone was still with us and we heard a soft laugh at 9:17.
  • We captured “Get out” repeated back to back at 10:59 and 11:00.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We had some lack of anything, really, but at :06 we captured “Derrick” and “Gabe” at :34.
  • As two other investigators made their way into the Chapel, we captured “Who’s that?” at 1:06.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • The communication all but died at that point and as we packed up we told whoever was with us that we were going to go and at :14 we heard “Why?”


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • Throughout the majority of the video, you will notice dust flying around. Please note that these are NOT orbs. There is one spot that we captured something white moving toward the camera right before it begins to flicker but this does not look like the rest of the dust that is caught moving around.
  • The camera began later than the recorder but much like the recording, we heard “Hey Dan” at 5:05.
  • Unlike the recorder, we caught “Asshole” at 5:09.
  • Right before the IR light flickers, we capture a white light moving toward the camera at about 6:45. Right after this, at 6:50, the light flickers.
  • Right after that, Dan felt cold on his back.
  • We asked who is standing behind Dan and at 7:28 we heard “I am.”
  • At about 7:47 we capture a video anomaly that may be associated with the spirit leaving the IR light.
  • Another white spot appears and moves toward Dan at 7:59.
  • At 8:04 we heard “Not really” followed by “Right now” at 8:07 after we asked if we could help.
  • There was another video anomaly at 8:27 as the entire screen flickered.
  • At 8:35, we heard “Hi Dan.”
  • We asked if anyone was still with us and we heard a laugh at 10:00.
  • We captured “Get out” at 11:42 and 11:43.
  • We heard “Derrick” at 12:44 and “Gabe” at 13:12.
  • We captured “Who’s that?” at 13:44.
  • As we packed up, we told the spirit that we were leaving and at 15:47 we heard “Why?”


North Wagon Gate – Prison Yard

This is the oldest area of the entire prison. It was used as the execution spot for hangings. It was also open to the public for quite some time for them to witness these hangings as a public spectacle until a prisoner was prematurely dropped and decapitated, ultimately forcing the prison to shut down the public viewings. North Wagon Gate is reportedly one of the most haunted locations where paranormal activity varies from the sounds of a body thumping to the ground to the noose actually moving and even shadows appearing on the walls as if a poor soul is still left hanging in the afterlife.

As we walked under the noose and opened floor gate, we all were in awe with the location and how many people lost their lives in that very spot. There was just a certain feeling of heaviness right there that we all felt. It’s hard to imagine actually watching a hanging in this day in age, but just picturing a lifeless body hanging from the simple tie of a noose with onlookers enjoying an afternoon out at their life’s expense is almost too much to bear. With these sensations we were truly expecting plentiful activity, however, to our disappointment we really didn’t experience much in the form of paranormal. We did spot the noose swaying side to side at one point and stopping just as quickly, but without access to the upper floor to check for a breeze or airflow, it’s tough to accept or deny this as any type of activity.



  • We did not capture anything out of the ordinary in these photos, however, the sight of the noose still sends chills down our spines.




Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We didn’t capture anything significant here.


Recording 2 – EVP:

  • Again, there was nothing notable on this recording.


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • Even though we didn’t receive any communication, we did notice the noose begin to sway around the 5:00 mark. It stops and starts sporadically from there. We did note that there was no breeze by us, but there was no way to tell if there was a breeze on the upper floor as it was off limits.


Red Snyder’s Cell – North Wall 1st Floor

One of the most recognizable names and stories of West Virginia Penitentiary is that of Red Snyder. The leader of the Aryan Brotherhood was mercilessly stabbed 37 times in his cell only to choke on his own blood. Red is said to still linger in his cell and even reach out and speak with guests. There are recorded EVP’s that undoubtedly show his presence still there. For these facts alone, his cell is the most popular location in the prison. It’s very difficult to get any alone time in his eternal home but when investigators do get the opportunity they usually end up with some kind of evidence.

We did not get much of an opportunity to spend time with Red, we only had a few minutes, mainly due to the echoing that occurred in the visitation area consistently throughout the night. The time we did receive there did not account for much activity, or even any feelings of Red’s presence.


  • Aside from the (let’s say) interesting graffiti, there was nothing notable here.




Recording 1 – EVP:

  • There was nothing paranormal caught here.


Video 1 – Handheld Camera – Walking Toward Cell:

  • We didn’t catch anything paranormal but give you a good idea of the cramped space inside the cells as well as the hallways and how secured this high security area truly was when the prison was in operation.


Video 2 – Handheld Camera – Outside Cell:

  • Much like the previous video, this gives you an idea of the limited space inmates had to live. Unfortunately, we did not capture anything paranormal in this location.


Cell Block N New Wall – 3rd Floor

This area was meant more for the less dangerous and therefore less guarded and more privileged inmates. Some say this was where the informants were housed, which actually why there were a few recorded murders here. Unlike the North wall with the more dangerous prisoners, these cell blocks did not have as much protection like fencing and netting throughout. There was no separate walkway for guards. The prisoners’ cells were opened, and they were allowed out one at a time to make their way to their destination whether it be the mess hall, prison yard, or even the warden’s office to share some news. The deaths that were recorded here were mainly due to suicides, or so they were recorded. Rumor has it that some prisoners were pushed to their deaths over the open railing but to avoid the paperwork and notoriety, the prison listed these as suicides and avoided investigations – in their minds they were criminals after all and no one really cared whether they lived or died.

This area has been said to house spirits who relive their traumatic and tragic deaths, jumping over the railing time and time again. However, there have also been reports of guards making their way up and down the cells banging their clubs on the cell doors and even opening and closing them. Some have even said that there are intelligent entities here who just want their stories to be heard.

We had a guest investigator with us in this location – Emilie who is also a sensitive. She actually helped guide us to the 3rd floor (and 4th floor) claiming that she felt something significant in that location – she was correct. After feeling as though a spirit wanted to either push her or know the feeling of being pushed, we asked the staff about any specific deaths in that location. They explained that there were two deaths in that exact spot (one on the 3rd floor, one of the 4th), both inmates dying from either being pushed over or jumping to their deaths. Needless to say, we received plenty of communication here, with a big thanks to Emilie.



  • We snapped a few photos both as we walked to the location on the 3rd floor as well as in front of a cell on the 3rd floor. We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary, however, we did attach a screenshot of what appears to be ceiling or wall paint flying toward Dan. The ceiling fans were not close enough to simply fall toward him, and he was far enough away from the wall that he didn’t just bump it. We also noticed a white light moving toward the camera while walking on the 1st floor toward the 3rd floor.


Moundsville_165Moundsville_157Moundsville_159Moundsville_161Moundsville_163Cell Block N 1Cell Block N 2Cell Block N 5


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • Right off the bat, after dan said N as in Nancy (referring to which cell block we were in) we heard “Nancy” at :45.
  • We introduced ourselves and asked what the spirit’s name is, to which we captured “John” at 1:30.
  • “Pushed” was heard at 2:20 after we asked if someone fell of this deck.
  • Around 3:00, Derrick accidentally set off the Rempod but at 3:05 we heard “You sure?”
  • At 3:52 we captured “Narc” after we said we ain’t no narc.
  • Around 4:33 we heard “Hey.”
  • We continued to question whether the spirit was pushed or jumped and at 6:11 we heard “Defense.”
  • At 6:54 we heard “Yeah” after we said that they have a real anger problem.
  • Emilie began to feel that the spirit wanted to hit her, so she asked if that’s true and at 7:40 we captured “You?” then “Maybe” at 7:44.
  • We captured a laugh at 8:27 after we asked where are you, big man?
  • As if a continuing response, we heard “Fuck you” at 9:13.
  • After we said that the spirit is nothing but a pussy, we captured “Pussy” at 10:05.
  • Emilie was touched, as if someone reached out of their cell at which point she asked if that was the spirit we’ve been speaking with. We heard “Bingo” at 10:47 followed by “Forgive me” at 10:49.
  • We said that we guess the spirit isn’t friendly and we heard “No” at 11:33 followed by what we think is “Satan” at 11:38.
  • At 13:58 we captured “Yup” after we said that they are boring.
  • We heard “Go down” at 14:39 followed by faint music playing at 14:45.


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • We set up the stationary camera before the recorder so there was a little set up at the beginning of the video.
  • Similar to the recorder, we caught almost the same communication beginning with “Nancy” at 2:34 after Dan said N as in Nancy.
  • We asked what the spirit’s name is, to which we heard “John” at 3:19.
  • After we asked if someone fell of this deck “Pushed” was heard at 4:09.
  • You can see Derrick accidentally set off the Rempod and at 4:54 we heard “You sure?”
  • At 5:41 we captured “Narc” after we said we ain’t no narc.
  • At 6:24 we captured “Hey.”
  • We heard “Defense” at 8:01 after we questioned if the spirit was pushed.
  • At 8:44 we heard “Yeah” after we said that they have a real anger problem.
  • Emilie asked if the spirit wanted to hit her, at 9:30 we heard “You?” then “Maybe” at 9:34.
  • We heard a laugh at 10:17 after we asked, where are you?
  • As something moved behind Dan, looking like a piece of ceiling or wall, we heard “Fuck you” at 11:03.
  • We said that the spirit is nothing but a pussy, we captured “Pussy” at 11:54.
  • We heard “Bingo” at 12:36 and “Forgive me” at 12:38 after Emilie was touched and asked if that was the spirit we’ve been speaking with.
  • We said that we guess the spirit isn’t friendly and we heard “No” at 13:23 and sounded like “Satan” at 13:27.
  • At 15:47 we heard “Yup” after we said that they are boring.
  • We heard “Go down” at 16:29 and music playing at 16:34.


Video 2 – Handheld Camera – Walking Toward the 3rd Floor:

  • Before we made our way up to the 3rd floor to set up our equipment, we videotaped our trek from the ground floor of Cell Block N up to the 3rd floor.
  • At about :08, we could see a white light move toward the camera then disappear.
  • As we walked toward the block, Emilie felt a cold spot at 1:44 which two of us confirmed.
  • After Emilie and Gabe spun around, they both spotted a shadow on the 2nd floor landing around 2:12. Unfortunately, we did not capture this on video.
  • Emilie felt touched around 2:28.
  • After we continued toward the cell block, footsteps could be heard around 6:13, almost like they were following us.
  • Around 8:02, a moaning could be heard.
  • Dan and Emilie both spotted a light anomaly around 8:45 and again at 8:56. However, upon further investigation, there was a stream of light shining through the wall, debunking this activity.
  • As we paused near the shower, a loud bang is heard at 9:32. We approached the noise and saw parts of the ceiling which had collapsed, we are unsure if this was mother nature reclaiming the jail or a paranormal anomaly.
  • After we made our way up to the 3rd floor, around 10:43, we captured what sounded like a shuffling of feet. This is when we set up our investigation on the 3rd floor.


Video 3 – Handheld Camera:

  • We heard “Nancy” at 5:05 after Dan said N as in Nancy.
  • We heard “John” at 5:49 after we asked for the spirit’s name.
  • After we asked if someone fell of this deck “Pushed” was heard at 6:40.
  • Derrick accidentally set off the Rempod and at 9:14 we heard “You sure?”
  • At 10:01 we heard “Narc” after we said we ain’t no narc.
  • At 10:44 we heard “Hey.”
  • We heard “Defense” at 12:21 after we questioned if the spirit was pushed.
  • At 13:04 we heard “Yeah” after we said that they have a real anger problem.
  • Emilie asked if the spirit wanted to hit her, at 13:50 we heard “You?” then “Maybe” at 13:54.
  • We heard a laugh at 14:37 after we asked where are you?
  • After a noise occurred behind the camera, we heard “Fuck you” at 15:23.
  • We said that the spirit is nothing but a pussy, we captured “Pussy” at 16:14.
  • We heard “Bingo” at 16:56 and “Forgive me” at 16:58 after Emilie was touched.
  • We said that we guess the spirit isn’t friendly and we heard “No” at 17:43 and sounded like “Satan” at 17:47.
  • At 20:07 we heard “Yup” after we said that they are boring.


Cafeteria – 1st Floor

The Cafeteria was a location where the inmates could converse and really have a little bit of limited freedom. They were typically fed well, considering the times and their situation, so for the most part the prisoners enjoyed their time in this spot. This was one of the first things taken away when prisoners would cross the line. Most inmates who were placed into solitary confinement claimed that they missed the comradery in the Cafeteria the most.

This location is also the spot of one of the infamous riots in the jail. During this riot, rats and child molesters were tortured, essentially forced to watch one another get cut into pieces before succumbing to their own form of death. The rioters were able to get upgraded meals and living quarters as well as more social time. The riot ended without many innocents being injured, some guards were hurt but not killed.

We ended our evening here as it was our last investigation, even though we could have spent so much more time exploring and investigating. We did not receive mush communication, but we did hear some odd whistling while no one else was around the area and we did spot some shadows lurking around the Kitchen area where the inmates would have picked up their mess kits. It’s difficult to see in the videos but we all saw those shadows moving side to side. Our guess is that it was some kind of residual energy re-living their social time here, or perhaps even replaying the riot that occurred.



  • Every time we saw a shadow we attempted to snap a picture of whatever was there but we never caught anything unfortunately.




Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We did not catch any communication here but you can hear us mentioning seeing the shadows in front of us beginning around the 6:00 mark.


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • Again, we did not capture much in the video, it didn’t even appear as though you could see the shadows that we noticed, but if you see them, please let us know!


With our data analysis complete, we can confidently state that we experienced paranormal activity all throughout the West Virginia State Penitentiary. Even though the more infamous locations came up dead (pun intended) for us that evening, we still felt that we had communication and experiences with numerous spirits from the other side.

Without a doubt, there was something in the Infirmary with us. Shadows and footsteps lurked around us, as if we were chum for a circle of sharks. Toward the patient rooms, we also heard voices without the help of the spirit box. We did manage to debunk some noises as there was some kind of issue with the ceiling but there were footsteps and banging noises that were caused by something other worldly.




On the opposite side of the Infirmary, we had communication with a few different spirits and we were even given some advice in the form of “Warning.” We also managed to capture a few names of Joe and John who seemed to want to speak with us and did so until we packed up to move on.

The Chapel, which isn’t normally open to the public seems to hold some kind of energy as Dan felt a cold spot touching his back after the entity absorbed the energy from the IR light. We also managed to have our names repeated back to us and had the spirits tell us that they were present with us. They even managed the words “light” and “not really” after we asked them about reaching out to the light and asking if we could hep them in any way.

Inside Cell Block N on the 3rd Floor we believe that we recorded some angry energy from a spirit who was forced to jump to his/her death and another who was pushed over the edge. We even recorded words like “pushed” and “defense” after we asked them about the situation and what happened to them in the past. We managed to get under the spirits’ skin (or lack of) by calling them out after they stopped speaking with us. We were called some derogatory terms like “pussy” and were told “fuck you.” After our confirmation with the staff here, we felt like we recorded something definitive and decisive in this location.

Based on our experiences and the evidence gathered, we can conclude that the West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV is home to many different spirits spread throughout the prison’s campus. Some of these spirits seem to be defensive of either their area or their story, some just want to communicate and tell their side of things, others may not even realize that they are no longer alive and are simply living their other worldly lives in our realm instead of passing onto the other side.


Ext 3Ext 1Cafeteria 4Infirmary 7

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