Prospect Place – Investigation

September 6, 2019

Trinway, OH



In the small, blue collar town of Trinway, Ohio lies a beautiful brick mansion which stands tall over the predominantly farming lands of the area and the nearby town of Dresdon, Ohio. This mansion holds artifacts from its construction and livelihood when it was in operation and stood as a beacon of hope and safety. When the Adams family resided in the old house, not only did they host lavish parties and draw in the upper class from all over (including the likes of president Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd), but they also hosted a large Underground Railroad operation right under the floor boards in the basement. Many runaway slaves have the Adams to thank for their freedom as they risked their own lives to help those unfortunate enough to be brought over and even born into the slave trade.

Before the mansion was constructed, the Adams family actually freed all of their slaves from the south, but many remained loyal to the family and moved north with them and were given: pay, room and board, and food as their hired servants.

The mansion has withstood the weathering of time and insubordination of former caretakers, one in particular who left an army of cats and cat food behind – tarnishing the history as he lived there. The current owners and volunteers have cleaned up and restored nearly all of the mansion – hosting parties and events to bring the past to life. Their balls and parties are typically period themed, and the donations allow the mansion to stay in operation and continue the restoration attempts.


Exterior 12.jpg


As we pulled up to the enormous property, we were met with stone piers keeping us back by an old metal gate and an electric fence which was strung up surrounding the property. We managed to snap a few photos from a distance as we awaited our entry. The looming property and building took us back through time as it simply felt like we should be pulling up in an old horse and buggy to be greeted at the front door for a party. As our guides arrived, the gates opened and we began our drive up to the side door to unload our gear, anxious to begin our full night of investigation.

After we unloaded our cars and took a tour of the mansion, gathering information and hot spots along the way, our investigation began. The investigation began roughly around 9:30 PM and we were given the entire night until 8:00 AM to explore the grounds (including the barn) and even sleep on site. We were able to utilize most of our equipment including a K2 meter, SB7 spirit box, handheld camera, stationary camera, Rempod, recorder, and a temperature gauge. We added to our inventory with an SLS Camera, a heat camera known as a FLIR which attaches to an IPhone, and brand-new IR lights which allowed our night vision cameras to gain clearer pictures and more distance. We did not use the light up balloons with the drafts, nor did we use the plasma ball, Ovilus, or laser grid pen.


Gate 1.jpg


Even though as we investigated, we didn’t feel like we captured much, after reviewing the recorder and cameras, there were a few spots which were extremely active. We felt that Mary’s Room on the second floor, the Chapel Room on the second floor, the Nanny’s Room on the second floor, and the Attic / Ballroom had high readings of paranormal activity. We had communication at each location, each had some intelligence, and even some residual activity.

Inside Mary’s Room we captured a spirit or two that had pleasant manners, not surprising for the time period, and even attempted to introduce themselves to us after we’d ask who is with us. Either the spirit(s) grew impatient or something else entered the room as we were told to “Stop” and “Go” toward the end of the session.

The Chapel brought us communication right off the bat as we asked for Mr. Adams and heard someone tell us that he’s on his way. As we awaited his arrival we attempted to communicate with whoever was in the room and even prayed with them to which we captured “Amen” as a response to the Lord’s Prayer. After reviewing the photos, we seemed to capture someone that was with us in the form of a shadow in the mirror.

While in the Nanny’s Room we tried to thank her for helping those in need and explained that she could rest and relax for a while. She, or some spirit which was active, explained that she couldn’t stop and that her job was “Hard.” We also heard a similar phrase repeated during our session which sounded like “Ringing” or “Ring me” as if the Nanny was always in demand for her services.

We attempted to stir up some dancing spirits in the Ballroom in the Attic as we played period based music, but really didn’t get much response to that. Instead, we feel as though we captured some residual communication as if there was still an active party in full swing. We captured words and phrases that would appear as though we were eavesdropping on someone’s conversation with words like “Dancing,” “Together,” and “We’ll see.”


Exterior 5.jpg


Below are the recordings and videos we captured during the overnight investigation. We marked locations we believe that we received communication like voices or noises.  Give us your thoughts after you listen and watch some of the footage.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Barn – Outside

According to rumors and local legends, there was a bounty hunter who pestered the Adams family so much that their servants got so fed up that they tracked down this man down and strung him up from the second floor of the barn – torturing and murdering him. His body was said to be dumped into the nearby river to protect the family. This may be just a legend as there has never been proof as to it occurring. However, on the flip side, there is nothing to say that this didn’t happen either. This bounty hunter and the spirits of some of the servants are said to remain in the Barn that lies behind Prospect Place.

We ventured over to the barn first. We took some pictures as we walked toward it and as we looked back to the house where we did capture an oddity out front. Outside of that moment, the barn itself didn’t really give us much to go off of for an investigation. Even utilizing the spirit box, the area was quiet from a paranormal perspective.



  • We captured some black entities in front of the house as we walked toward the barn. It appears to be pretty solid, however there are lights that can be seen through it.
  • The barn itself is a gorgeous old structure, but there was nothing paranormal to report here.


Exterior Spot_2.jpg

Barn 1.jpg

Barn 5.jpg

Barn 13.jpg


Recorder 1:

  • We didn’t capture anything notable here.



Stationary Video 1:

  • We didn’t capture anything here.



Handheld Video 1:

  • We didn’t capture anything abnormal here.



Storage and Underground Railroad Rooms – Basement

As most older houses, especially dating back to the 1800’s, the basement entry was separate from the main house. The storm doors opened at an angle away from the house with a man door at the base of the stairwell. Inside this particular basement, there was the typical dry food storage but also was state of the art cold food storage toward the read of the house. If you continue to venture back past these areas, there is a dirt floor hallway which leads to four open rooms. These rooms were made to be shut off from the rest of the house and appear that there was nothing there. This is the location where the runaway slaves would hide for sometimes weeks at a time. The location was ingeniously placed as the slaves could communicate with GW Adams himself by banging on the ceiling above them. This was directly below GW Adams main bedroom and parlor.

The slaves are said to remain at the house to this day and can be seen replaying their venturous escapes. Some, including the current owner, have claimed to see shadows and full body apparitions peering out of the rooms and hiding inside the doorways. Voices are said to be heard echoing around this area as well the shuffling of feet down the hallway.

We didn’t receive much activity in this spot, but we did capture a few voices through the spirit box. One of these voices actually came through before we had a chance to run the recorder. Luckily, this was captured on the stationary camera. Maybe they didn’t trust us to continue to speak with us, but who could blame them as a few guys just sat in their safe space.



  • Trying to capture some kind of shadow or body peeking out from inside doorways, we took plenty of pictures in this area, both in the food storage areas and the slave area. Unfortunately, we didn’t capture anything paranormal.


Basement 1.jpg

Basement 9.jpg

Basement 10.jpg

Basement 14.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • Right before we began recording we heard something come through the spirit box so we tried to get them to come back.
  • We asked if they could come back and talk, and at :08 we heard “No.”



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • As we didn’t get much communication, we told the spirit that we were going to go and to speak with us upstairs. We captured “Stop” at :11.



Video 1 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • Luckily, the camera was rolling before the recorder. Almost a minute after turning the spirit box on, we captured “Hi” at :58.
  • Just as heard in the recorder, we captured “No” at 1:55 and “Stop” at 7:07.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera – EVP:

  • With a lack of communication, we decided to turn the spirit box off and just simply listen. Unfortunately, we did not capture or hear anything out of the ordinary.



Mary’s Room – Second Floor

After setting up a stationary camera in the second-floor hallway, we began exploring and investigating a few rooms, beginning with Mary’s Room. Mary spent most of her time in this area, raising her children, enjoying her hobbies like reading and knitting, and many people claim that she is still there. Mary has been heard talking, singing, and humming in the room. Her footsteps can be heard walking out to the hallway and into her kids’ rooms. Even though we didn’t realize it at the time, we received a plethora of communication here from multiple voices.



  • We took a few photos in the room during our investigation but didn’t see much abnormalities.


2nd Fl Marys Room 1.jpg

2nd fl Marys Room 2.jpg

2nd Fl Marys Bath 2.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • As we began, stating that we were in Mary’s Room, we captured “Hi” at :03.
  • We believe the follow up of “So” at :08 was a response to our comment.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if the spirit present would come have a chat with us and we heard “Hello” at :06.
  • After we asked if the spirit could tell us their name we heard “Yes” at :52 followed by what sounded like “Steve” at 1:03 and “Mary” at 1:41.
  • We discussed Mary’s relation to GW Adams, and after we said this was his wife’s room we heard “Yes” at 1:44 and “Get out” at 1:50, but this sounded like a male’s voice.
  • Following that change of tone, we asked who the male’s voice was and we captured “Cox” at 2:27 and “Leave” at 2:31.
  • There was an undecipherable groan at 3:14 after we asked who built the house followed by what sounded like “Help” at 3:18.
  • “No” was heard at 3:23 as if asked in a question form after we did not respond to their help command.
  • Music can be heard playing at 5:33, not from the music box in the room.
  • Around 5:37, we heard “Stop” but we’re not sure if it was directed at us or the music noise.
  • After the sound of voices all mumbling at the same time, we asked if the spirit could speak clearly to which we captured “Yes” at 6:20 and “I am” at 6:24.
  • There were a few words that came through that seemed more residual. At 7:08 we heard “What?” followed by “Hi” repeated at 7:46 and 7:57.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • As we began to wrap up we captured a male’s voice again at: 08 saying “Just stop” and “Go” at: 19.
  • A female voice came through the spirit box that said “Stay” at :31.



Video 1 – Handheld – Spirit Box:

  • We captured “Hi” at :02 and “So” at :07.
  • At :48 we heard “Hello” and “Yes” at 1:34.
  • We then heard two names: “Steve” at 1:45 and “Mary” at 2:23.
  • We captured “Yes” at 2:26 and “Get out” at 2:32, in a male’s voice.
  • We heard “Cox” at 3:09 and “Leave” at 3:13.
  • A groan could be heard at 3:56 followed by “Help” at 4:00.
  • “No,” in the form of a question, can be heard at 4:05.
  • The music that was heard playing on the recorder can oddly not be heard in the video.
  • At 6:15 we heard, “Please” followed by “Stop” at 6:19.
  • We captured “Yes” at 7:02 and “I am” at 7:06.
  • There were a few words that came through that seemed more residual. At 7:50 we heard “What?”



Chapel Room – Second Floor

This room was originally constructed so the Adams family and their servants had a place to pray and attend mass (hosted by GW Adams himself) when weather was bad or if there was a risk of war or bounty hunters in the area. The room was converted to a bedroom after GW Adams death, but it never stopped those trapped in the mansion after their death to continue to pray here. Chanting and singing have been heard on occasion and the room is said to have an overall light, airy feeling about it. There is no specific spirit that is said to be attached to this room, rather it may be a gathering spot for any lost souls who need hope or a sense of salvation. It’s possible that even services are replayed long after the house was abandoned.



  • Before any of us stepped inside, we captured a few photos of the room. In the mirror, it appears as though there is a shadow of someone in the mirror. However, there was no one in the room for this to be a reflection of.


2nd Fl Chapel 4.jpg

2nd Fl Chapel 2.jpg

2nd Fl Chapel 1.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • As we attempted to speak to the master of the house, we said we’d like to speak with Mr. Adams. At :19 we captured “On his way.”
  • If asking why we wanted to speak with GW Adams, we heard “Why?” at :24.
  • We asked if we were speaking to Mr. Adams we heard “Adams” at 1:02.
  • Right after we questioned this response, we captured “Really” at 1:06.
  • Asking if anyone wanted to speak with us, we heard “You?” at 2:39.
  • Around 3:22, “You heard me?” can be heard.
  • We said the Lord’s Prayer to which we heard “Amen” as a response at 4:16.
  • “Late” or “Wait” was heard at 4:55, slightly random and out of the blue.
  • At 5:40 we heard “We are” after we asked if any of the kids were with us.
  • After asking if anyone knew what the W in GW Adams stood for we heard “Willison” repeated at 7:18 and 7:28.
  • At 8:09 we heard “Get out,” followed by “Now.”
  • As we began to wrap up, we asked if anyone was still with us and we captured “I am” at 8:52 and “Hello” at 8:58.



Video 1 – Handheld Camera – Spirit Box:

  • “On his way” can be even more clearly heard than on the recorder at :06.
  • We heard “Why?” at :11and “Adams” at :49.
  • We captured “Really” at :53.
  • Oddly enough, we did not hear the “You?” response on the video like was on the recorder.
  • Around 2:26, “You heard me?” was captured.
  • After the Lord’s Prayer “Amen” was heard at 4:03.
  • “Late” or “Wait” was heard at 4:42 and at 5:27 “We are” was heard after we asked if the kids were with us.
  • “Willison” was repeated at 7:05 and 7:15 after we asked what the W in GW Adams stood for.
  • At 7:56 we heard “Get out,” followed by “Now.”



Nanny’s Room – Second Floor – Spirit Box

The Nanny of the Adams family was a servant, a freed slave, who moved with the family when they came north. Unfortunately, her name was lost to the sands of time, but it is known that she watched over the sick and injured, both servant and family members. She was known to keep an eye on anyone laid up in the Sick Room around back of the house as well as help with all the family’s needs. Humming and singing has been heard in the Nanny’s Room on occasion but, more frequently, footsteps have been heard walking in and out of the room toward the servants’ quarters and the Sick Room in particular. An original time period piece of a bed has recently been introduced into the room. Our hope, during the investigation, was to get the Nanny to use the bed and we could record the bed for any proof of her laying or sitting in it.



  • There was nothing paranormal caught in the pictures.


Nanny Room 3.jpg

Nanny Room 1.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • As we were still getting settled, we heard “What?” at :18 as if someone was wondering why we were there.
  • At :58 we captured what sounded like “Ring me,” referring to a bell perhaps?
  • We heard “This room” at 1:04 followed by “Get out.”
  • Again, we heard “Ring me” at 1:12.
  • After we asked if the Nanny was taking care of the sick we captured “I try” at 1:49.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if there were any spirits in the room with us and at :24 we heard “He’s coming.”
  • At 1:11 we heard “Not really” after we asked if we could help.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • We were talking to each other and said that I got you, in response we heard “Me?” at :29.
  • At :31 we captured the word “Talking.”
  • As we explained that the Nanny needs to take some time for herself we heard “Not really” at 1:19 followed by “Easy” at 1:59 and repeated at 2:07.
  • At 2:50 we captured “Hard?”
  • We asked how many people are in the room and we heard “Nine” at 3:05.
  • We repeated the question and heard “Spirits” at 3:37.
  • Seemingly recording some residual conversation, “Help me” was heard at 4:18 and “They’re being helped” at 4:23.
  • Finally, at 5:16, we heard “Excuse me” as if the Nanny was leaving us.



Video 1 – Handheld Camera:

  • We heard “What?” at :01 and, at :41, we captured “Ring me.”
  •  “This room” was heard at :47 followed by “Get out.”
  • Again, we heard “Ring me” at :55.
  • After we asked if the Nanny was taking care of sick we heard “I try” at 1:32.
  • We asked if there were any spirits in the room, at 3:07 we heard “He’s coming.”
  • At 3:54, we heard “Not really” after we asked if we could help.
  • We said I got you, in response we heard “Me?” at 6:12.
  • At 6:14 we heard “Talking.”
  • After we told the Nanny to take some time for herself we heard “Not really” at 7:02.
  • We heard “Easy” at 7:42 and repeated at 7:50.
  • We captured “Hard?” at 8:33 and “Nine” at 8:48 after we asked how many people are in the room.
  • We heard “Spirits” at 9:20, followed by “Help me” at 10:01, and “They’re being helped” at 10:06.
  • Finally, at 10:59, we heard “Excuse me.”



Sick Room – Second Floor

The Sick Room was a designated location for servants’ who contracted diseases or were injured on the property. This was mainly meant to separate them from the Adams family as well as the working servants. The room is actually outside, across a balcony, and really separated from the rest of the house. It is unknown how many servants would have died here, if any, but there are no records of their deaths. It’s nearly certain that some would have died, much like the young and sickly servant girl who accidentally fell over the railing to her death. The most common paranormal experiences in this room are that of phantom footsteps and soft voices. Even though we really didn’t capture much in our evidence, we did hear some of these voices as we sat in the room to investigate. We did not utilize our cameras nor the spirit box in this location as we simply wanted to observe any noises that we possibly could.



  • We did not capture anything out of the ordinary in these photos.


Sick Room 1.jpg

Sick Room 2.jpg


Recording 1 – EVP:

  • We didn’t capture anything significant here.



Ballroom – Attic

When the mansion was in full swing, the attic acted as a ballroom on a regular basis. Parties were commonplace and guests almost always flocked to the dance floor upstairs. The noise and commotion was also a good cover to help runaway slaves get in or out of the mansion without anyone noticing. One of the more interesting guests who attended a ball here was that of former President Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln.

This is also the location where the rumored satanic rituals took place after the mansion was abandoned. There is currently a cross painted on the wall supposedly where these Satanists opened a portal to hell.

In the attic is where phantom footsteps are heard on a regular basis, as if the parties still continue on to this day. Shadows and mists have been seen on the U-shaped dance floor and even Mr. Adams has been spotted here, overseeing his eternal parties. This is where we set up stationary cameras and the SLS camera in hopes of capturing anyone dancing in the afterlife. Instead of getting much footage, we did receive communication, more than likely residual as if spirits were communicating with one another rather than us.


  • We captured the cross and the majority of the room, but nothing odd really stood out in the pictures.


Attic Ballroom 3.jpg

Attic Ballroom 4.jpg

Attic Ballroom 1.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We began by asking, jokingly, if Abraham Lincoln had ever been there, and we surprisingly got a response of “Abe?” at :36.
  • Without seeing or hearing much, we said no one’s dancing and, at 1:16, we captured “Trying.”
  • As we questioned the last response, we heard “Right” at 1:35.
  • We asked if the spirits would talk to us to which we heard “We’ll see” at 2:03.
  • “Dancing” was recorded at 2:22 after we asked what events occurred here.
  • After asking if Mr. and Mrs. Adams are together now, we heard “Yes” at 3:42 followed by “Together” at 3:43.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if this was the place to be we heard “Shut up” at :07.
  • At :16 we heard “He’s dirty” followed by “What?” at :53.
  • “Really?” was captured at :56.
  • Finally, before we ended the spirit box session we heard “Me” at 1:49 after we asked if there is anyone there who wants to talk to us.



Recording 3 – EVP:

  • We didn’t capture anything abnormal here.



Video 1 – Handheld Camera – Spirit Box:

  • We heard “Abe” at :36 after asking, if Abraham Lincoln had ever been there.
  • We said no one’s dancing and, at 1:16, we heard “Trying.”
  • We heard “Right” at 1:35.
  • We heard “We’ll see” at 2:03.
  • “Dancing” was captured at 2:22 after we asked what occurred here.
  • After asking if Mr. and Mrs. Adams are together now, we heard “Yes” at 3:42 followed by “Together” at 3:43.
  • We heard “Shut up” at 5:07 after asking if this was the place to be.
  • At 5:16 we heard “He’s dirty” followed by “What?” at 5:53.
  • “Really?” was heard at 5:56.
  • We heard “Me” at 6:49 after asking if there is anyone who wants to talk to us.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • We began this camera earlier as we set our other tools up, and at :52, a light anomaly streaked across the screen from the upper right to the lower left.
  • We heard “Abe” at 4:25 after asking, if Abraham Lincoln had ever been there.
  • We said no one’s dancing and, at 5:05, we heard “Trying.”
  • We heard “Right” at 5:24 and “We’ll see” at 5:52.
  • “Dancing” was heard at 6:11 after we asked what events took place here.
  • We asked if Mr. and Mrs. Adams are together now, we heard “Yes” at 7:31 and “Together” at 7:32.
  • We captured “Shut up” at 8:56 when we asked if this was the place to be.
  • At 9:05 we heard “He’s dirty” and “What?” at 9:42.
  • We heard “Really?” at 9:45.
  • At 10:38 we heard “Me” after we asked if there is anyone who wants to talk to us.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera – Left Alone 1:

  • We set up a stationary camera and left it alone for the majority of our investigation.
  • Unfortunately, we did not capture anything in this first take.



Video 4 – Stationary Camera – Left Alone 2:

  • This second recording we appeared to capture an odd clicking on the camera as it were being moved or buttons were being pushed right around the 4:26 mark. We were all downstairs when this occurred.



GW Adams Bedroom – First Floor

GW Adams had his bedroom placed on the first floor for numerous reasons. Being that he hosted the parties, he wanted to keep active and close by and not have the rest of his family disturbed. The Underground Railroad played another part of this location. He wanted to keep his family away from the dirty business of helping slaves escape to the north. If a bounty hunter came looking, or if GW Adams was caught, the rest of his family could plead ignorant as they were located in a different part of the house. The second part of that, is that the slave area in the basement was located directly below his bedroom. He and the slaves could communicate with simple pounding on the floorboards whether it was safe to come out or move, or if they should go into hiding. The set up itself was quite ingenious, especially for the time period.

Between his bedroom and the Gentlemen’s Parlor (where we slept that evening), GW Adams has been known to simply walk around and keep an eye out on things. Phantom footsteps have been heard in both areas but in his bedroom, a faint smell of cigar smoke and a low laughter has been heard, as if he is still telling jokes with his business partners.

Even though we didn’t hear any footsteps or see any shadows, we did receive some communication here. In the morning, as we were packing up, Gabe and Derrick were outside while Dan heard a loud thud coming from the bedroom. There was no debunking it or a normal explanation for this occurrence.



  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here.


GW Adams BR 1.jpg

GW Adams BR 2.jpg


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:

  • We aren’t sure if George didn’t want to be bothered or if he really wasn’t there, but we captured “No” at :17 after we asked if George was with us.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We continued to ask questions, not sure of who we were talking to, but we heard “Not him” at :27 after we asked why they stuck around.
  • If this was a continuation of the original comment, then it would make sense that George really wasn’t in the room.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • Once we finally got the picture that it wasn’t George, we asked bluntly if there was someone else with us.
  • We captured “Yeah” at :12.



Recording 4 – Spirit Box:

  • After asking what the spirit died from, we heard “Fever” at :22.



Recording 5 – Spirit Box:

  • Feeling as though George either softened up to us or that he actually entered the room, we asked if he got to see his first wife after he died to which we heard “Sure” at: 27.
  • Without much communication, we heard “Talk” at 1:26 followed by “Hi” at 1:34.
  • A soft laughter could be heard at about 2:46.



Recording 6 – Spirit Box:

  • We began to wrap up our investigation and heard “Hey” at :17 after we said it was about time to be done.



Video 1 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • We heard “No” at 2:35 after we asked if George was with us.
  • We heard “Not him” at 4:15 after we asked why they stuck around.
  • We asked bluntly if there was someone else with us and heard “Yeah” at 5:45.
  • At 7:10 we heard “Fever” after asking what the spirit died from,
  • We asked if George got to see his first wife after he died and we captured “Sure” at 10:15.
  • We heard “Talk” at 11:14 and “Hi” at 11:22.
  • Laughter could be heard at 12:34.



Hallway – Second Floor

With the majority of the activity taking place on the second floor, we set up cameras throughout the night on the second floor hallway in hopes of hearing any footsteps, doors, or windows (you know the stereotypical haunted house sounds) or see any shadows or mists in the hall. We did manage to capture a light oddity but not much more than that.


  • We snapped pictures in this spot throughout the evening, not really capturing much out of the ordinary.


2nd Fl Hallway 1.jpg

4th Fl Stairs.jpg

2nd Fl Stairs 1.jpg


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • At :47 a light anomaly can be seen moving from the right of the screen to the left.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera:

  • Nothing abnormal was caught here.



Video 3 – Security Camera:

  • There was nothing out of the ordinary here.



Video 4 – Security Camera:

  • There was nothing out of the ordinary here.



Gentleman’s Parlor – First Floor – Sleep

This parlor was meant for meeting guests and doing business. George also managed to set up his Underground Railroad rooms below this room as well. Communication was able to take place the same way here as his bedroom, by pounding on the floor to communicate with the slaves below. Much like that of GW Adams bedroom, George has been seen and heard here. This night, we opted to use this room as our set up room for our equipment as well as our sleeping quarters. We did not necessarily complete an investigation here, however, we did record the room as we slept.


  • Our pictures here didn’t show anything abnormal.


Gentlemen Quarters 1.jpg

Gentlemen Quarter 3.jpg


Video 1 – Stationary Camera:

  • Right off the bat, if you want a good laugh, Derrick goes crashing through the cot.
  • Around the 14:41 point, a thud can be heard that cannot be debunked.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera:

  • A whittling can be heard at 3:32.
  • At approximately 3:36, a loud bang can be heard.
  • Footsteps can be heard around 20:49.
  • A pound can be heard around 30:27.
  • At 31:28, a light tap was heard.
  • Around 36:37 a bump can be heard.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera:

  • At about 17:02, there is a loud pounding noise as we are all asleep.



Upon completion of our data analysis, we can conclude that we experienced various paranormal activity throughout Prospect Place. Even though there wasn’t clear communication, at least not audible to the human ear via the spirit box or EVP’s, we did receive communication and experience activity during our stay in the former Trinway Mansion.

Mary’s Room brought some clear cut communication with one or two spirits. We exchanged pleasantries with the first spirit in the form of “Hi” and “Hello” as well as capturing a few names. But as our conversation continued it seemed as though another spirit stepped in and wanted us to leave stating “Stop” and “Go.”

After reviewing our data, the Chapel provided us with some form of photographic evidence in the form of a shadow standing in the mirror. Whether that was some spirit simply watching over our exchange or the spirit who responded to us on numerous occasions is still to be seen. Someone responded to our request to speak with Mr. Adams by telling us that he was “On his way.” Whether he ever actually appeared in the Chapel is also unknown, perhaps he was the shadow we spotted. After our rendition of the Lord’s Prayer, we caught a clear and appropriate response in the form of “Amen.”

Aside from the stray bat in the Nanny’s Room, we do believe that we captured the Nanny herself, even though we could not pull a name. She responded to us multiple times after we attempted to thank her for helping those in need and trying to convince her to take a break. We captured “Ring me” or “Ringing” multiple times as if she told us we could ask her for help if needed.

Even though we did not receive the desired effect of the ballroom music (we were hoping to capture some spirits or bodies moving and dancing on the SLS camera) we still managed to capture some residual conversation and even some intelligent responses to our conversation attempts.

We did not attempt any kind of spirit box or EVP session in the Gentleman’s Parlor, but we did capture a few loud bangs and shuffling footsteps while we slept in there at the end of the night.

With the evidence gathered, and our experiences while investigating, we can confidently conclude that Prospect Place in Trinway, Ohio is home to a plethora of different spirits. These spirits seem to be an array of inviting and pleasant entities to ones that simply wanted us to leave. Unfortunately, we were unable to pull many names intelligently enough to name any of those we were speaking with but they did seem to warm up to us as we continued throughout the evening. Most of these intelligent spirits were able to speak with us about their lives or answer the questions we asked without much difficulty, but they certainly did not want to be seen on camera or in any kind of form fit to the human eye. Regardless, Prospect Place houses not only history, but also past residents who are unwilling to move on into the afterlife.


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