Private Residence Investigation – History

Freedom Road Apartments

Cranberry Township, PA

 After a woman, her fiancé, and their roommate experienced some unexplained activity in their apartment, they sent us some of their security camera footage. Among this footage are some anomalies moving throughout the room. Their cats seemed to notice them and their television even appears to turn on and off after these light anomalies move toward them. Other lights move toward the cats as if playing with them.




 Once we provided some of our feedback and analysis, we were asked to investigate their apartment. The complex is tucked away in Cranberry Township, PA (about 30-45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA) and we dug into the property and some history of the location.

 This apartment complex was built around 2004. There have been no reported deaths at the apartment complex, nor have there been any prior owners or history of the former property. However, the area that the current apartments were built on were a plot of woodland. The thought that something occurred here in the past is possible but not necessarily a probable reasoning behind any hauntings here. There have never been any reports nor have any other residents complained about anything unusual.




 On the flip side, this woman has begun digging into her ancestry and roots. She has gone so deep as to recognize that she is a distant relative of the famous Annie Oakley. There were quite a few odd deaths in the family tree including some stemming from illegal abortions and railroad accidents. None of these would necessarily explain the hauntings, but our goal is to attempt to make contact with these entities which have begun to disturb their quiet apartment.




Below are a few of the security videos:


The television turns on and there are odd light anomalies throughout.


There are lights which the cat seems to see and interact with as well as some odd noises (clicks, bumps) in the background.


There are similar lights here that the cat interacts with and those same noises (clicks, bumps) in the background.


We noticed light anomalies in the following six video clips. These do not appear to be dust as they move without a specific pattern and can change direction seemingly at will. The cats appear to be able to interact and notice these in almost every scenario.

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