Private Residence Freedom Road Apartment – Investigation

Private Residence

Freedom Road Apartment

January 11, 2020

Cranberry Township, PA


 About 30-45 minutes north of Pittsburgh, PA is a bustling suburb known as Cranberry Township. This area has grown tremendously over the past 30 years and nearly doubled in size in the last 10 years. With this growth came the need for living areas. The area was originally covered by sprawling farmland and wooded foothills. Around 2004, these apartments were constructed and have been in operation with full capacity ever since. It is unknown if anything occurred on the property prior to the apartment complex being built. It is not beyond belief that a death could have occurred in these woods, but it is also not exactly what we would consider probable.

An engaged couple (Kara and Colby), along with their sister/soon to be sister in law (Rachel), currently reside in apartment number 907 in the apartment complex (we’ll keep it anonymous for privacy purposes) and have lived there for about a year and a half. Recently, Kara began doing some heavy research into her ancestry. Interestingly enough, she has dived so deep to discover that she is distantly related to the famous gunslinger of the wild west, Annie Oakley. She managed to dig up some relatively uncommon and untimely deaths in her family tree including things like complications from illegal abortions and railroad construction accidents. However, these types of deaths typically wouldn’t spur these unexplained hauntings.


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After analyzing some of their security footage from their living room over the duration of multiple nights, we spotted some odd light anomalies, strange noises with no explanation, and even the television turning on by itself. The security cameras were left on to watch after their cats and even their feline friends seemed to notice these oddities throughout the footage.

As we arrived at the apartment complex, we luckily found some close parking spots to unload all of our gear, especially since it began to ran halfway through the evening. Kara and Rachel walked us through the apartment and gave us the most recent happenings. Colby was not available to give us his opinion or perspective unfortunately. Kara and Rachel remained with us during the investigation and Colby came back as we wrapped up the evening’s investigation.


Hallway 1.jpg


The investigation began roughly around 10:00 PM and lasted until approximately 1:00 AM. We utilized most of our equipment during this investigation which included the K2 meter, a SB7 spirit box, one stationary camera, an Ovilus, a Rempod, a recorder, the FLIR thermal camera, a light up balloon, EMF Pump, IR lights, laser grid pen (mainly to play with their cat), a temperature gauge, and the residents’’ home security camera. With the limited time and size, we did not utilize the SLS Camera or the plasma ball.

The most activity we received was that of a light up balloon in the Living Room, Spirit Box communication in the Living Room and Kitchen, and some photographs via the FLIR infrared camera. We also recorded some odd noises like humming and laughing during our time in the apartment, mainly echoing from the Hallway.


Bedroom Hall 3.jpg


Below are our recordings, videos, and pictures from our investigation of this private apartment residence. The locations are marked where we believe that we received any type of communication or unnatural noises.  After you listen and watch some of the footage, give us your thoughts and opinions.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Living Room

This is the area where the majority of the residents’ security camera captured light anomalies and voices in the middle of the night. This is the main living space and where their cats seem to be attracted to in the middle of the night, but only just recently.

As we began our investigation in the Living Room, we checked for air flow and heat anomalies. Here, we specifically utilized the spirit box and light up balloon. We did capture a multitude of words and even full responses. The balloon was mainly used to attempt to point out which photo the spirit was most associated with. We did capture the balloon moving via the security camera and stationary cameras, as well as our testing of air flows can be seen as the balloon moves just to be sure.



  • We didn’t capture any oddities in the photos or the FLIR infrared camera.


Living Room 1.jpg


Living Room 2.jpg


Recorder 1 EVP:

  • We did not capture anything the first time around.



Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:

  • At :21 we captured “Look here” after we pulled the old photograph out.
  • We heard “The eyes” at :49 followed by “Wanting” at :50 and “Looking” at :56.



Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:

  • As we asked for the spirits’ name, we heard “Let me tell you” at :06.
  • Once again, we asked for their name and at :19 we captured “My name?”
  • At :24, we heard “Naomi.”
  • At :52, “My mother” came through the spirit box followed by “Picture” at :53.



Recorder 4 – Spirit Box:

  • We captured “Wicked man” at :08 after we asked who was the spirits’ father.
  • “Grumpy” came through at :27.
  • An inaudible noise came through at :1:05, possibly a groaning sound.
  • “Dead” was heard at 1:14.
  • As we continued to point to the picture we heard “That’s not me” at 2:00.



Recorder 5 – Spirit Box:

  • We heard “Hello” at :01 as Dan and Rachel walked back into the room followed by “Almost” at :19.



Recorder 6 – Spirit Box:

  • “Dan” was heard at :07.



Recorder 7 – Spirit Box:

  • After we asked for their help identifying them, we heard “Help” at :06



Recorder 8 – Spirit Box:

  • We continued utilizing the picture and balloon and heard “See me” at :07.



Recorder 9 – Spirit Box:

  • At :06 we captured “Back up.”



Recorder 10 – Spirit Box:

  • After some silence, we heard “Bored” at :02.
  • The word “Heavy” was repeated at :40 and :45.



Recorder 11 – Spirit Box:

  • The Rempod was alerted at :07 after we moved it onto the table.



Recorder 12 – Spirit Box:

  • We captured “It’s not working” at :04.



Recorder 13 – Spirit Box:

  • “Bye” was captured at :04 after we said we were going to pack up.



Recorder 14 – Spirit Box:

  • There was an odd laughing noise at :05.



Stationary Video 1:

  • There’s nothing that really stood out to us at this angle in this video.



Stationary Video 2 – Spirit Box:

  • The camera was actually in the Hallway and Bedroom during the beginning part of this investigation. The video footage picks up after Dan and Rachel re-enter the Living Room.
  • We heard “Help” at 2:05 after we asked for their help identifying them,
  • Using the picture on the table and we heard “See me” at 2:51.
  • At 5:30 we captured “Back up,” followed by “Bored” at 6:16.
  • “Heavy” was repeated at 6:54 and 6:59.
  • The Rempod went off on the table at 9:31 as if something were at the table with the picture.
  • At about 10:11, a light anomaly can be seen moving toward the Rempod.
  • “It’s not working” was heard at 10:48 but not captured on the recorder.
  • “Bye” was heard at 12:18 when we mention leaving.
  • There was a noise that sounded like laughter at 13:44.



Security Camera 1 – Spirit Box:

  • The balloon can be seen moving at :05


FLIR Video 1 – Spirit Box:

  • The Rempod can be heard going off for a period of time while sitting on the table.



FLIR Video 2 – Spirit Box:

  • The Rempod can be heard going off for a period of time while sitting on the table.




Even though Kara, Colby, and Rachel have not experienced anything in the Kitchen nor have they caught anything abnormal there, we figured it was worth a shot. Just recently did they turn their security camera facing the Kitchen so maybe there will be some follow up in the future.

Oddly enough, their Alexa hub turned off even though it never does that, it is actually set to stay on. This may have been something absorbing energy quickly. We moved our Rempod and EMF Pump into the area to see if we could give something the energy necessary to communicate with us.



  • The normal flash photographs did not produce any paranormal evidence, however, there were a few pictures using the thermal camera  that produced some odd photos.
  • The first thermal picture shows what appears to be a pair of feet standing behind Dan right after he said he felt cold on his back.
  • The next FLIR image shows a small cold spot in the Kitchen right next to the table. At first glance, we thought this was a cat but the problem is that a cat would show up yellow and in some kind of form. We took a thermal picture of the cat just to have something to compare it to.


Kitchen 1.jpg


Kitchen 2.jpg


Kitchen 6_Blue Feet behind Dan.jpg


Kitchen 8_Small Blue.jpg


Kitchen 1_Nothing.jpg


Recording 1 – EVP & Our Attempt to Debunk a Video:

  • Nothing appeared on this recorder aside from our explanations.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • The Rempod went off in short bursts as if something was playing with it or figuring it out. This can be heard at :38, :44, 1:02, 1:19, 1:24, 1:44, 1:47, and 1:53.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • We captured “I am” at :15 after we asked if someone is there with us.
  • At :18, we heard “Look behind” right after Dan felt cold on his back. We followed this with the FLIR photo (above).



Recording 4 – Spirit Box:

  • At about :06, we heard “I did” after we asked if the female can come forward.



Recording 5 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if this is the same spirit we heard down the hall and, at :03, we heard “I’m here.”



Recording 6 – Spirit Box:

  • After asking for their name, we heard “Violet” at :06.



Recording 7 – Spirit Box:

  • After explaining that the spirit can use the Rempod and the EMF Pump, we captured “This?” at :04.



Recording 8 – Spirit Box:

  • There was an inaudible moaning at :05 followed by “Behind you” at :12.



Recording 9 – Spirit Box:

  • There were two inaudible noises at :07 and :38 but they were too weak to come through the recorder and our software could not pick it up any further.



Recording 10 – Spirit Box:

  • There was a knocking down the hall at about :04.
  • We heard “Press that” at :10 as we were tinkering with our equipment.
  • After asking for their name, we heard “Rita” at :15 followed by “Mike” at :19.
  • “Call” could be heard at :30 after we asked if there was also a man present.



Recording 11 – Spirit Box:

  • “More than” was heard at :02 after we asked if they’re related to the family.
  • “Rita” was heard again at :10 followed by “Thirty” at :12.



Recording 12 – Spirit Box:

  • After we asked if something brought them here, we heard “Can’t tell” at :09.



Recording 13 – Spirit Box:

  • “Why” was heard first in the spirit box at :06 then again in the distance, down the hall, around :10 after we asked if they’d move something.
  • We asked if they could do that again (referring to speaking without the spirit box) and we captured “No” at :24.



Recording 14 – Spirit Box:

  • After a little silence, we captured “Listen” at :06 and what sounded like “Wendy” at :10.



Recording 15 – Spirit Box:

  • We heard “Mom” at :08 after we asked how the spirit is related.
  • “Yes” was heard at :16 after asking if this was the motherly spirit watching over the apartment.



Recording 16 – Spirit Box:

  • At :05 we heard “Killed me”
  • We assured them that no one would hurt them and at :17 we heard “Maybe.”



Recording 17 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if the spirit is down the hall to which, at :06, we heard “More than one.”
  • After asking if they were the one we heard humming we captured “I am” at :19.



Recording 18 – Spirit Box:

  • At :07 we heard “That was me” after we said we’d like to talk to the mother.



Recording 19 – Spirit Box:

  • “Yes” was heard at :06 after we said that Derrick has a child at home.



Recording 20 – Spirit Box:

  • After Dan and Rachel left the room, we heard “They went” at :10.



Video 1 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • As Dan moved back into the laundry area, a shadow can be seen, at about 1:45, moving from the left of the screen to the right. It pauses and then moves back toward the left.
  • Again, at 2:58, the shadow seemingly moves toward Dan from the left to the right where he’s standing, then back to the left.
  • We actually tried to debunk this and recreate it to ensure that it wasn’t one of us moving about the apartment but we could not repeat the same effect.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • Off screen, down the hall, a woman’s voice can be heard around 1:28.
  • The Rempod went off in bursts at 2:30, 2:48, 2:57, 2:59, 3:37, 3:43, 4:19, 4:23, 4:29, 4:40, and finally at 4:46.
  • We heard “I am” after we asked if someone is there with us at 5:44.
  • At 5:47, “Look behind” was heard after Dan felt cold on his back. We followed this with the FLIR photo (above).
  • At 8:05, we heard “I did” after we asked if the female can come forward.
  • We asked if this is the spirit we heard in the hall and, at 8:52, we heard “I’m here.”
  • At about 9:13 there was a hum that was not captured on the recorder and was not any of the investigators.
  • Right around 10:11, there appears to be a light anomaly moving toward the Rempod on the table.
  • We asked for their name, at 10:26 we heard “Violet”.
  • After telling the spirit that they can use the Rempod and EMF Pump, we captured “This?” at 11:59.
  • There was a moaning noise captured at 12:45 followed by “Behind you” at 12:52.
  • There were two noises at 13:07 and 13:38 but we were unable to decipher what they were.
  • There was a knocking in the hall at 14:14.
  • “Press that” was captured at 14:20 as we tinkered with our equipment.
  • After asking for their name, we heard “Rita” at 14:25 and “Mike” at 14:29.
  • “Call” was heard at 14:40 after we asked if there was a man present.
  • “More than” was captured at 15:52 as we asked if they’re related to the family.
  • At that point, the battery was completely drained.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if the spirit is in the hall and, at :23, we heard “More than one.”
  • After asking if they were who we heard humming, we captured “I am” at :36.
  • At 1:59 we heard “That was me” after we asked to talk to the mother.
  • “Yes” was heard at 2:43 after we said that Derrick has a child at home.




There wasn’t anything reported from the bedroom, however, after we heard noises down the hallway, Dan and Rachel ventured down toward the bedroom. They did not take a recorder, but the camera was placed at the entryway and some FLIR infrared photos were taken. There wasn’t much captured as far as communication but the pictures did show some anomalies.



  • We didn’t capture any oddities in the normal photos but the FLIR infrared camera showed an odd blue anomaly inside the doorway. This could actually be two spirits back to back.
  • One of the more intriguing photos we captured with the FLIR is what appears to be a silhouette sitting on the bed while there is another figure that appears to be standing in the doorway, in the same photo.


Bedroom 2.jpg


Bedroom 4_Blue on Right.jpg


Bedroom 5_Blue Gone.jpg


Bedroom 6_Figures on left and right.jpg


Bedroom 6_Highlighted1.JPG


Bedroom 6_Highlighted2.JPG


Stationary Camera 1 – EVP:

  • As we spoke candidly about hearing a female’s voice in this area, we heard “Yes” at :09.



Once we completed our analysis, we believe that the private residence in Cranberry Township, PA does in fact hold some type of energy and spirit within its’ walls. This seems to have stemmed from the ancestry results Kara uncovered when she started her research in mid-December. The spirit seems to gather energy and is simply playful, especially drawing interest from their cats which seem to be drawn to it. Communication stemmed mainly from the Spirit Box, the light up balloon, and the Rempod. However, we did capture multiple images using the FLIR infrared camera and shadows on the stationary video camera.

The most active locations were the Living Room and the Kitchen. In both the Living Room and Kitchen, we captured a few names relating to the spirit and their ancestors. The most frequent names that appeared were Rita, Sam, and Naomi. There was no Rita in the family tree and the name Sam may actually be Slovak (her ancestors spoke fluent Slovak) for “On my own.” The name Naomi is the most intriguing with a Naomi being depicted in the picture frame where the balloon moved to after we asked if the spirit was shown there.

The Bedroom was not active as far as communication goes but there were some odd sounds that seemed to stem from there as well as the FLIR photos being taken there.

We can conclude that this private apartment hosts at least one spirit, more than likely related to the residents, drawn to the location, but more so Kara as she has begun to uncover and dig up her history. By gathering a few names that relate to Kara and having an open and verbal communication on multiple occasions throughout the evenings, we believe we received enough evidence using our tools and our personal experiences to determine that this residence is haunted by a spirit of the possibly not so distant past, but rather one who wants a certain truth to be uncovered as Kara continues to dig into her history.

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