The Brewerie at Union Station – Investigation

The Brewerie at Union Station

February 7, 2020

Erie, PA


 In the heart of downtown Erie, PA sits a bustling bar and restaurant in a former main line train station. The station itself was once a main vein in and out of the small town, but once it shut down, it became an impromptu homeless shelter for numerous years. Police were called there regularly – not to kick out the homeless populace, but rather keep peace in a lawless community. Death tolls climbed and the city finally decided to close off the abandoned building. Finally, the Brewerie at Union Station was born and took control of the property. Massive restorations occurred in order to accommodate a bar and restaurant into a historically preserved building. The building also plays host to events like wedding receptions and dinners.




Ever since its’ inception, the employees and guests at the Brewerie have experienced other worldly phenomenon through the old Union Station. Much of this has been attributed to the urban legend of Clara, a young girl who was tragically killed before boarding her train, the countless homeless deaths that occurred here, and just simply residual hauntings from the plethora of energy left behind from a busy train station. Some names have been brought up in the past including that of Clara, Claire, and Dave.

Employees have experienced hauntings particularly in the upstairs hallways, the side room known as the Party Room, the brewing area, the entry of upstairs where two older chairs currently reside, and Clara’s infamous stairwell. Some customers have experienced things move on them in the eating area in particular at Table 9. Voices, footsteps, and the feeling of being watched and followed are the typical haunting stories.




We arrived a little early that evening, knowing how bad the weather has been lately, and were greeted by Matt and Ramona. Both of whom were very excited for us to be spending the night. They shared personal experiences and urban legends with us. Some other employees were very happy to share their experiences as well, particularly about Table 9 and the upstairs hallways. Before we began our set up, we indulged in an appropriately named Apparition Amber Ale. Very delicious and highly recommended.

After our set up and the final guests and employees filtered out, our investigation began roughly around midnight. We stayed and investigated until about 4:00 AM. We utilized the majority of our equipment as well as our brand-new security cameras which we hard wired throughout the hot spots in the building. Aside from those four cameras, our equipment included: the K2 meter, a SB7 spirit box, one handheld camera, an Ovilus, a Rempod, a recorder, the FLIR thermal camera, a light up balloon, EMF Pump, IR lights, a temperature gauge, and one additional battery operated stationary camera. With the size of the building, we did not use the laser grid pen, the SLS Camera, or the plasma ball.




We received plenty of activity throughout the night and in the entirety of the building. However, the most activity we captured was in the Party Room, at Table 9, in Clara’s stairwell, and hallway above. We received clear voices via the spirit box in the Party Room and at Table 9, where we captured some names as well. We also captured a great photograph utilizing the infrared in the Party Room. In the hallways above Clara’s stairs we all felt a negative feeling and our medium even felt an overwhelming sense of dread and anger. As we continued filming, we photographed a shadow figure at the end of the hall. In Clara’s stairwell, we captured a great flashlight session of yes or no answers via cell phone videos. During the night, the Ovilus was giving us a sense of clarity as it backed up what we heard and felt at certain times through the night.

Below are the recordings, videos, and pictures from our investigation of the Brewerie at Union Station. The locations are marked of which we believe we received communication or paranormal evidence.  After you listen and watch some of the footage, let us know your thoughts.




As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:

Entry Way Top of Stairs

 There have been voices and EVP’s captured in this area in the past. It has been said that impressions can be seen in the chairs and leaving as if someone is standing up from a seated position. Footsteps have been heard in this area and employees feel as though they are being watched.

We didn’t officially begin our investigation here as we didn’t conduct any sort of communication session. This was a pit stop of sort en route to the Party Room mainly due to our medium sensing a man in the hall and catching a whiff of cigar smoke. We also pointed a stationary camera the opposite direction where a door is said to rattle and slam open and closed. We did capture footsteps, breathing, and even some whispers throughout the night.


  • We didn’t capture any oddities in the photographs or the infrared camera.
  • However, the final photo here is a still from Stationary Video 1 where we captured a light anomaly.










 Handheld Video 1:

  • There’s not much out of the ordinary in the video, however, you can hear the medium saying she felt like someone was crying and a burst of tears. She continued to explain that she felt a man was down the hallway, with a sense that he was pacing. She explained him as gruff and rough in nature.
  • Around the 1:45 mark, she smells the cigar smoke.



Stationary Video 1:

  • We simply recorded on this camera all night, we didn’t interact very much in this area.
  • Around 2:04, we heard an odd clicking noise.
  • The same banging sound was repeated at 5:09 and 8:01.
  • We spotted a light anomaly at 9:29 which passed across the screen then almost around the corner.
  • Another clicking noise was heard at 10:42.
  • There were a few occasions of whispers but no words could really be clearly heard at 11:48 and 14:08.
  • Footsteps could be heard, almost as if pacing in front and around the camera at 18:07, 20:40, 23:35, and 25:02. The noises picked up at 25:47.
  • That clicking sound came back at 26:59 and 29:20.
  • Footsteps and the shuffling of feet could be heard at 30:00, 36:21, 37:37.



Stationary Video 2:

  • At about 2:01, footsteps can be heard.
  • That same clicking noise was heard at 3:39.
  • An odd combination of footsteps and breathing can be heard at 5:32.
  • A voice was captured at about 7:48, we believe it sounds like “Yeah.”
  • At 10:13, the clicking noise returns.
  • A repeated banging sound can be head at 13:46 and 26:26.
  • The clicking can be heard at 29:14, 29:25, and 29:55.
  • The pacing footsteps seem to return at 30:37 and 35:10.



 Stationary Video 3:

  • Footsteps can be heard sporadically at 3:00, 4:55, and 9:10.
  • A loud banging noises is repeated at 9:39, 20:55, and 21:02.
  • At 24:31, 27:22, and 29:32 the shuffling of feet can be heard pacing.
  • Odd whispers are heard at 32:50.
  • Another bang noise occurs at 34:07.
  • More pacing footsteps are recorded at 36:20.
  • At 37:06, whispers are captured.



Stationary Video 4:

 At 2:04, a clicking noise can be heard.

  • A heavy breathing is heard around the 2:20 mark.
  • Footsteps can be heard at 4:14 followed by a quick shuffling at 5:45.
  • A fast paced footstep can be heard at 7:35.
  • There were multiple occasions where footsteps occurred beginning at 8:30 and continuing through 10:43, 12:10, 13:20, 14:33, and 15:13.
  • The footsteps picked up pace and continued from 16:14 until stopping at 18:20.
  • There were distinct banging noises heard at 18:26, 26:45, and 27:17.


Stationary Video 5:

  • Footsteps could be heard at 6:40.
  • A knocking noise was heard at 10:10.
  • Footsteps could be heard at 11:28 and repeated at 12:25.
  • A bang sound was captured at 13:06.
  • Footsteps occurred at 16:01.
  • A final knock was heard at 17:19.



Party Room

In this room, employees have felt like they are being watched and occasionally followed. It has been rumored that voices can be heard, and EVP’s have been caught in the past. Not much is known about the history of the room itself, but with all the stories, it definitely seems as though someone, or something, has made themselves at home in this location.

During this session, we ran a quiet EVP session then another with a spirit box. The quiet session didn’t capture much as far as audible voices go but there was plenty of Ovilus activity. As we sparked up the spirit box, voices and communication began to pick up as well as odd sensations throughout the room like a heaviness and cold spots. During this time, shuffling and walking was also heard in the hallway just outside the room and a thermal image captured what appeared to be a woman in a chair with her legs crossed.


  • The normal flash photographs did not produce any paranormal evidence, however, the thermal camera produced a photo that we believe is a woman crossing her legs. We attempted to debunk this with the next picture by having one of us site in the chair the same way, you can see the color difference producing different heat signatures.
  • Another FLIR photo captures a cold spot that appears to be moving across the doorway as we heard a shuffling noise.












 Recording 1 – EVP:

  • At the 1:30 mark, we heard movement in the hallway outside the room.
  • Feet could be heard shuffling in the hallway outside the room at both 3:05 and 5:05.
  • The Ovilus produced “Touched me” at 6:54.
  • After we asked who touched them, the Ovilus showed “Intention” at 7:17 and “Blind” at 8:38.
  • At 9:44, “Demon” appeared on the Ovilus just as we heard movement by the chairs.
  • We questioned the word demon and, at 10:09, “Ahead” was produced on the Ovilus.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • At :02, “The energy” can be heard followed by “Visitors” at :09 after we attempted to contact the spirit with us.
  • We then captured “Why?” at :10.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • At :04, we mention that the word “Yellow” appeared on the Ovilus and at :07 we actually heard the word “Yellow” being spoken over the spirit box.
  • We captured “It’s true” at :12 after we asked if they mentioned the color.



Recording 4 – Spirit Box:

  • We explained that the spirit could utilize the Rempod and the spirit box and at :03 we captured “You don’t need that.”



Recording 5 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked what the entity’s name was and at :03 we heard “John.”
  • As we heard a noise in the distance, at about :29, we captured “I did that.”



Video 1 – Handheld Camera:

  • There were no anomalies here, we barely got going on this video before we needed to restart do to…technical issues.



 Video 2 – Handheld Camera:

  • We heard movement in the hallway at about 1:31.
  • At 3:06 and 5:06 feet were heard shuffling in the hallway.
  • The Ovilus read “Touched me” at 6:55, “Intention” at 7:18 and “Blind” at 8:39.
  • “Demon” appeared on the Ovilus at 9:45 as we heard movement by the chairs.
  • At 10:10, “Ahead” was seen on the Ovilus.



 Video 3 – Handheld Camera – Spirit Box:

  • At :40, “The energy” was heard followed by “Visitors” at :47 and “Why?” at :48.
  • “Yellow” was seen on the Ovilus at 1:17 followed by a voice that repeated “Yellow” at the 1:20 mark.
  • We heard “It’s true” at 1:25 and a clear message of “You don’t need that” at 1:51.
  • Right about 2:28, the camera appears to move even though it was placed on the table.
  • At 2:38 “Months” was seen on the Ovilus.
  • “John” was heard at 3:26.
  • After we heard a noise from the hallway, at 3:52, we heard “I did that.”
  •  There was another similar noise captured at 4:16.
  • At about 5:40, “Stabbed” appeared on the Ovilus followed by “Master” at 6:26 and “Stabbed” repeated at 6:38 (which has never happened before so quickly and close to one another).
  • Right around 7:23 we comment on the air feeling heavy and just then, at about 7:33, something appeared to move in the hallway.
  • At about the 8:26 mark, we comment on the thermal photo that was taken of someone appearing to cross their legs.
  • Just then, at 8:38, “McKenna” was produced on the Ovilus.
  • A strain of communication on the Ovilus followed; 10:20 “Captain” was seen, 10:40 “Moaning” was produced, 11:14 “Double” appeared, and 11:28 – “Skill” showed up.
  • The feeling of someone moving in the hallway occurred at 12:02.
  • At 12:58, “Dread” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • “Become” was produced on the Ovilus at 14:54 followed by “Intent” at 15:08 and “Close” at 15:56.



Hallway Above Clara’s Stairwell

 Employees claim to feel as though they are being followed in this area. They have heard footsteps right behind them but when they spin around, there is no one there. In fact, as we were setting up, one of the employees was helping close up and ran downstairs as she told us she was very uncomfortable in that area alone.

As we investigated this area, our medium began feeling nauseous and disoriented. As we ventured down the hallway, we did capture a photo of a shadow and as we continued toward it, the medium had a feeling as though whatever was there wanted to pick a fight.


  • Down the end of the hallway we captured what appeared to be a figure standing on the right side. We attempted to debunk this and snapped a few more photos but nothing seemed to stand out here which would cause this effect.


IMG_2461 (1).jpg










 Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • At about 1:40 Cindy began to feel nauseous and disoriented followed by her smelling eggs at 1:50.
  • Derrick took a photo of what appeared to be a figure in the hallway at 5:45.
  • As we moved toward the shadow, Cindy began to feel overwhelmed and had a feeling that the shadow in the hallway wanted to fight at about 6:30.
  • After we moved back down the hall, at 6:45, we all felt cold.



Handheld Video 1:

  • Cindy felt nauseous and disoriented at 1:16 and smelled eggs at 1:26.



Handheld Video 2:

  • At about 1:10, Derrick took a photo of the figure in the hallway.



Handheld Video 3:

  • We didn’t capture anything paranormal during our walk down the hallway.



Table 9 – Restaurant Area

 In this booth, there have been claims of things moving, benches creaking as if someone is sitting down in the booth, and the feeling that someone unwelcome is sitting in the booth. These stories have come from patrons and employees alike. Voices have also been heard stemming from this area late at night when employees are closing up. It’s unsure whether something happened in this particular spot, perhaps when the homeless residents inhabited it, or whether it’s simply residual from all of the train passenger traffic in the past.

During our time spent in this spot, we received a lot of communication via the Ovilus and spirit box. We even managed to capture a few names such as Mary, Nancy, and John. There seemed to be some intelligent communication in this area and even some complete phrases and sentences that we recorded.


  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here in our pictures.










Recorder 1 – Spirit Box:

  • After we captured the name “Mary” on the Ovilus, we asked if she would tell us about herself. At :08 we captured “I can’t” as if responding to our request.
  • The word “Key” appeared on the Ovilus around :26 so we asked Mary if she is looking for a key to which we heard “No” at :43.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if there was anyone else with us aside from Mary and at :05 we captured “Nancy.”
  • “Nancy” was repeated at :39 as if she was clarifying that we heard her.



Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:

  • The name “Jack” appeared on the Ovilus, so we asked if there was a Jack with us to which we heard “No” at :05.
  • “Decompose” was produced on the Ovilus around :10 so we said that our heart hurts for them to which we captured a response of “Don’t” at :53.



Recorder 4 – Spirit Box:

  • We believe we captured some residual voices at this point after some silence; we heard “Hi” at :02, “Pretty” at :25, and “Bet” at :48.



Recorder 5 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked Mary to tell us about herself once more and, at :08, we captured “14.”
  • After asking if Mary was with anyone else, we heard “Nobody” at :20.


Recorder 6 – Spirit Box:

  • We heard a noise behind the bar, and as if apologizing for making the noise, we captured “We didn’t mean it” at :06.



Recorder 7 – Spirit Box:

  • After we sat down in the booth, we heard “It’s ours” at :04 as if someone (or something) else had already claimed the booth.
  • We told them that we’d love to sit with them, and we recorded “Who?” at :20.



Recorder 8 – Spirit Box:

  • The Ovilus read the name “Benjamin” so we asked if a Benjamin was with us and if he could tell us his story to which we recorded “No” at :08.



Recorder 9 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if anyone aside Benjamin was with us who wanted to tell us their story, we heard “We’re here” at :03.



Recorder 10 – Spirit Box:

  • After a pause, we asked if there was anything else they wanted to tell us. At :05, we heard “Still mad.”



Recorder 11 – Spirit Box:

  • We heard another noise behind the bar and at :04 we captured “That’s somebody.”



Recorder 12 – Spirit Box:

  • We explained that we’ll be leaving the area soon and again asked if there was anything else they’d like to tell us. At :07 we heard the numbers “3-1-6.” We’re not entirely sure as to what that refers to but possibly residual energy from an old train number.



Handheld Video 1 – Spirit Box:

  • At :50, “Mommy” appeared on the Ovilus followed by “Malice” at 1:05 and “Soldier” at 1:19.
  • “Mary” was produced by the Ovilus at 2:02 so we asked her to tell us about herself, to which we heard “I can’t” at 2:10.
  • The word “Key” was seen on the Ovilus at 2:28.
  • We asked Mary if she’s looking for a key and at 2:45 we heard “No.”
  • The name “Nancy” was repeated at 2:59 and 3:31 after we asked if anyone else is with Mary.
  • “Cremate” appeared on the Ovilus at 3:52 followed by “Jack” at 4:02.
  • After we asked if there is a Jack with us we heard “No” at 4:17.
  • The word “Decompose” was produced on the Ovilus at 4:22.
  • We told the spirit that our hearts hurt, to which we heard “Don’t” at 5:05.
  • “Don” appeared on the Ovilus at 5:22.
  • “Hi” was heard at 6:14 followed by the word “Brace” on the Ovilus at 6:22.
  • At 6:38, the word “Pretty” can be heard followed by “Bet” at 7:01.
  • We again asked if Mary is here and wants to tell us about herself, and at 7:25, we heard “14.”
  • After we asked if Mary is with anyone else we heard “Nobody” at 7:37.
  • The Ovilus produced “Viewing” at 8:06 and “Stunt” at 8:58.
  • After a noise was heard behind the bar, we captured “We didn’t mean it” at 8:58.
  • We sat down in the booth at which point we heard “It’s ours” at 9:46.
  • After explaining that we’d love to sit with them, we heard “Who?” at 10:02.
  • The name “Benjamin” appeared on the Ovilus at 10:18 so we asked if he’d like to tell us his story and we heard “No” at 10:40.
  • As we asked if anyone aside from Benjamin is with us we heard “We’re here” at 12:05 followed by “Distracted” on the Ovilus at 12:26.
  • We told them they can tell us anything and at 12:52 we captured “Still mad.”
  • Another noise was heard behind the bar area and at 14:46 we heard “that’s somebody.”
  • After telling the spirit that we’ll be leaving the area and asked if there was anything they’d like to tell us we heard the numbers “3-1-6” at 15:49.


Brewing Room

Employees explain that this back area, clad in red lights and filled with bubbling noises of the brewing of beer which add to the eerie feel, make them feel uncomfortable and feel as though they are not alone.

Before we even began setting up we all had an odd feeling about that room but our medium felt as though there was a lot of activity occurring in the rear of that hallway. We learned, afterward, that the location of the brewing room was actually an entrance to the train tracks outside, so the feeling of a lot of activity could be a result from residual activity and passengers constantly coming and going in the past.

During the investigation, we did not receive any voices or movement, however, we did receive Ovilus communication which lead us to believe that there was someone stuck there that may have died during railroad construction or an accident on the rail lines themselves. We also managed to debunk some of the noises from the area which ultimately were a product of the brewing process and refrigerator / freezer.


  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here in our pictures.








Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • At 1:18, the word “Disembodied” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • The Ovilus read “Killed” at 3:58.
  • We asked if they were killed while working to construct the railroad or building  and we captured “Digging” at 4:05 on the Ovilus.
  • At 5:20, “Hurry” was seen on the Ovilus followed by “Drink” at 6:27.
  • As we explained that it got really cold and loud, we explained that we were going to take a break back in the restaurant and, at 7:33, “Light” appeared on the Ovilus.



Barber Shop

This former barber shop turned dining area is covered in mirrors from wall to wall. There is talk of strange movements in the mirrors and odd finger and hand-prints all over the mirrors, even after they are cleaned moments before. The old barber shop chair adds to the odd ambiance of the room. This room is known to get cold quickly and have footsteps echo from inside it.

The majority of the evidence captured here was via the Ovilus, but most of it did not seem intelligent and did not coincide with any questions we were asking for the most part. We did record a name of Ciera here but there wasn’t much to report aside from a few cold spots and an odd noise, all of which were debunked by openings in the wall and a scent sprayer from the next room over.


  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here in our pictures.






Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • After plenty of silence, the word “Rise” appeared on the Ovilus at 2:55.
  • “Form” was produced on the Ovilus at 4:12 and “Decomposing” at 5:11.
  • We asked a few questions regarding these words but did not receive much that fit together. At 5:30, “Hail” was seen on the Ovilus and “Rust” at 7:48.
  • The room grew cold and at 8:44 “Agreed” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • “Trinity” was shown o the Ovilus at 9:44.
  • We asked who was with us to which we received the name “Ciera” at 11:18 on the Ovilus.
  • The word “Broad” appeared on the Ovilus at 15:50 right before the room got cold once again at 16:28.
  • After asking who was with us, we read “Reverend” on the Ovilus at 18:38.
  • We tried to piece together the Reverend and Ciera and the Ovilus produced “Either” at 19:43.
  • We explained that we were planning on leaving shortly and captured “Complete” on the Ovilus at 20:30.
  • An odd knocking noise was heard at 21:20 but we managed to debunk this as a scent sprayer located in the next door bathroom.



Clara’s Stairwell

 This location is more than likely the most talked about and notorious haunted location the Brewerie at Union Station. Even though there is no record of a little girl named Clara falling to her death down these stairs while the railroad station was still in operation, the legend has lived on and even helped name one if the brewery’s most popular beers; the Apparition Amber Ale. Regardless, the story goes that a young family was heading to board their train when the father accidentally spun around and knocked his daughter, Clara, down the steps who fell to her death. Rumors tell of phantom footsteps, giggling, and crying this spot.

The employees all explained their personal experiences of hearing footsteps running up and down the steps. Some did hear a little girl laughing with no one else around to cause this sound. Most of the time, the employees have no choice but to use this area but if they can avoid it when they’re alone and closing up you can bet they do.

We attempted to get communication by using our flashlight, after all, if there is a child stuck in this area they’d more than likely want to play games. We didn’t receive any voice communication, but we did appear to get yes/no answers utilizing the flashlight which also helped us when we received Ovilus communication. We do believe we received communication from a child in this area, but, unless they were just toying with us, it’s not that of Clara or even a girl. The answers we received directed us to a young homeless boy who died in the 1970’s.


  • There was nothing paranormal caught in the photos.








Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • As we began to just open up communication, we asked what we could do to help if anyone was with us. At 1:10, “Feed me” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We responded and asked what kind of food they would want, and at 1:26, “Plane” was recorded on the Ovilus.
  • After we introduced ourselves, “Group” showed on the Ovilus at 1:55.
  • “Dug” appeared on the Ovilus at 2:15 followed by “Leave me” at 2:30.
  • As Derrick offered chips to the spirit, the flashlight turned on then off again.
  • At 3:26, “Tail” appeared on the Ovilus and “September” at 3:52.
  • We explained how the flashlight worked and at 3:58, the word “Game” showed on the Ovilus followed by the flashlight turning on at 4:13.
  • “Held back” was produced on the Ovilus at 4:27.
  • After we asked them to turn the light off, at 4:30 it did in fact turn off.
  • At 5:06 “Cover” appeared on the Ovilus followed by “Necessary” at 5:11.
  • We began to ask yes or no questions and asked if the spirit is a child, and if so, to turn the flashlight on. At 5:56, the light turned on and back off at 6:03 after we asked if they could turn it back off.
  • We asked them to turn the light on if they’re a boy. At 6:08 the light turned on and back off at 6:20.
  • To test this, we asked them to light it up if they’re still there, and at 6:50 the light turned on and back off at 6:53.
  • We showed them a toy on the steps and asked if they liked the toy and to light the flashlight if yes, at 7:06 the light turned on then back off at 7:10.
  • Circling back to the “Feed me” comment, we asked if they are still hungry and to turn the light on if so. At 7:47, the light turned on then back off at 7:54.
  • We asked if they are ten or younger and to turn the light on if the answer is yes. At 8:14, the light turned on then off at 8:20.
  • After we asked them to turn the light on if they died here, the flashlight turned on at 9:09. It stayed on until we asked them to turn it off at 9:19.
  • The Ovilus produced the words “After you” at 10:13.
  • We proceeded to ask yes or no questions and asked them to turn the light on if they came on a train. At 10:18, the light turned on then off at 10:20.
  • At 10:28, “Ask us” appeared on the Ovilus then the light turned on and off at 10:36 and again at 10:38.
  • We asked if they died after 1970 but before 1980 and the light turned on at 12:22 and stayed on.
  • “Gray” was produced on the Ovilus at 12:35 followed by the light turning off at 12:57.
  • The Ovilus showed “Roses” at 13:20.
  • After some brief silence, the flashlight sprung on at 15:05 then off at 15:10.
  • We asked if the entity knows Clara, and to turn the light on if they do. At 17:00, the light turned on then back off at 17:11 followed by “Boxes” on the Ovilus at 17:25.
  • After we asked them to turn the light on if they could go get Clara, the light turned on at 18:15 then off at 18:22.
  • With some silence, we asked them to turn the light back on once they returned. At 19:53 the light turned on and stayed on. It finally tuned off at 21:10 after we told them we want to ask them more questions and they have to turn it off for us to do so.
  • We asked them if there is something they want us to know and the light turned on for a yes response at 21:22 then off at 21:35.
  • It again flickered on and off at 21:46.
  • The Ovilus produced “Being” at 22:10 and “Fast” at 22:42.
  • After we asked if they were homeless, the light turned on to signal yes at 23:48 then off after we asked them to turn it off at 24:17.
  • At 25:03, “Cry” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • Again, the light flickered on and off at 26:20.
  • We asked if they want us to ask the staff to leave a toy for them and the light turned on at 26:45 then back off at 27:09.
  • The name “Paige” was shown on the Ovilus at 27:15.
  • We asked if they know a Paige and, at 28:06, the word “Correct” was shown on the Ovilus then “Trace” at 28:21, then the light flicked on and off at 28:37.
  • The light turned on for the final time at 28:56 only to turn off at 29:06 after we asked them to turn it off.



Handheld Video Clips:





Upon the review of our evidence, we can confidently conclude that the Brewerie at Union Station in Erie, PA hosts multiple entities throughout the building. There seems to be different types of paranormal oddities that call the old train station home. There are intelligent spirits which communicated with us via the spirit box and the Ovilus whereas there seemed to be some residual energy left over that appeared to be repeating a specific moment in time over and over. The FLIR thermal imaging camera captured a few anomalies as well during our investigation. Most of these presences are friendly and inviting. Others are more protective and do not want anyone in their space. We wouldn’t call them threatening per se, but they do seem to be more forceful when it comes to their areas.

The most active locations were in the Party Room on the second floor, Table 9 in the restaurant area, in the hallway above Clara’s Stairwell, and in Clara’s Stairwell itself. The spirit box helped us capture voices in the Party Room and at Table 9 where we captured multiple names including Mary, Nancy, and John. The thermal imaging camera picked up what appeared to be a woman crossing her legs in a chair in the Party Room as we sat across from the entity. Outside the Party Room, there seemed to be the shuffling of feet as if someone were walking slowly back and forth right outside the room. The hallway above Clara’s Stairwell did frighten our medium and give us all an odd and heavy feeling. We captured what appeared to be a figure at the end of the hallway in a photograph. During our time in Clara’s Stairwell, we completed a successful flashlight session utilizing the light to help answer yes and no questions. We captured this in its’ entirety on the recorder and portions of it on video.

Whether the spirits were part of the homeless era, the actual building of the station or rail line, or just energy left over from the once bustling train station, there is clear evidence of a multitude of spirits remaining in the old train hub. The spirits do not want to cause harm, rather, it seems as though they are just trying to get their stories and just names heard and remembered. Whether it’s Clara in her stairwell or if it’s another child, there seems to be a playful spirit in the stairwell itself who just wants to be known and given attention. The older gentleman in the upper hallway wants to be left alone and seemingly is stuck in some kind of limbo either protecting himself, his area, or watching over another close by. Residual energy seems to be left over all throughout the Brewerie and, even though time has passed them by, some of these spirits are still living in their current time for all eternity.









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