1810 Tavern – Investigation

1810 Tavern

April 10, 2020

Bridgewater, PA



 Hidden away in the small town of Bridgewater, PA., about 45 minutes north of the city of Pittsburgh, the bar/restaurant of 1810 Tavern was recently brought to life in early 2020. However, the building has almost always been alive and well with night life. Previously, the building housed Plated and Poured, the former version of Tavern 1810, The Copper Dog, and Ella’s Coffee Shop. Unfortunately, most of the building’s history has been unwritten and lost to time. The area has a rich history so we can only assume that the building is also linked to its’ past including the five major floods, each of which took a toll on the town. The bar/restaurant is open every night and welcomes visitors and locals alike.




All through its incarnations, employees have claimed to experience paranormal activity time and time again. Many of these stories transcend ownership and have stuck around since its’ original inception. The activity tends to pick up after a long night with a packed house. As the building was in its’ transition period into 1810 Tavern, as cleaning and rearranging was occurring, the otherworldly activity also was said to increase. The most common tales are of phantom footsteps walking the staircase and second floor. Other employees have witnessed the chandelier on the second-floor swaying along with cabinets and doors slamming shut with no scientific explanation. A woman in white, sometimes seen as a shadowy outline and to others as a full-bodied apparition, has been seen walking the staircase and down the second-floor hallway. This woman has even been spotted by the current owner, and our host, Beth. The Kitchen is said to be highly active as well as where pots and pans will clang together when no one else is in the building. Many employees, regardless of their belief system, will wish the spirits a goodnight after they have closed up and are locking the doors behind them.




Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the current owner, Beth. We were given a quick tour and while we were exploring the second floor, we were immediately greeted by an odd feeling and possibly a presence. In the upstairs bar area and the second-floor hallway, Dan and Scott both felt as if someone was behind them, almost as if a spirit following them as we all toured. We weren’t given too much information as to not give away too much or get any particular names or experiences in our minds. As the night wore on, Beth gave us her personal stories, most of which occurred during her late hour cleanups and transitioning into the 1810 Tavern.

We were originally supposed to begin at 10:00 PM after orders stopped and business slowed down (they were only doing pick up orders during the COVID-19 outbreak) but we were told that they slowed down enough earlier that we could begin ahead of schedule. We were able to get our monitors and stationary video camera set up and activated around 9:00 PM, having our investigation get underway shortly after that. We were allowed to stay as long as we wanted as Beth was staying with us and mainly watched the monitors. We ended up staying until about 2:00 AM as things settled down tremendously. We were joined by one of our old investigators, Scott and his wife, Becca. With it being a smaller location, we did not use our laser grid pen, SLS camera, or the light up balloons. We had four hardwired cameras set up to our monitor system, one stationary camera, one handheld camera, one K2 meter, one SB7 spirit box, one Ovilus, one Rempod, one recorder, one FLIR thermal camera, two IR lights, one temperature gauge, one EMF pump, and our newest addition of a digital Phasma Box.




Before reviewing our evidence, we definitely experienced paranormal activity just in sensations alone. During our walkthrough, the upstairs floors felt different -almost occupied but later in the night, those sensations were altered and those feelings changed as if no one was there at all. We managed to capture noises and conversations on the recorder thanks in large part to the spirit box and phasma box in the Kitchen and the Upstairs Bar. We managed to capture a few names and what sounded like a scream during our time in both locations. There was one thermal image caught in the hallway between the Kitchen and the Main Bar where no one was standing. There was another thermal image in the Kitchen itself but it’s difficult to tell what it was we captured. We positively debunked a few things like the noises and vibrations brought on by the ice maker and the swaying lights in the Upstairs Bar due to the heat blowing out above it. The Basement originally felt odd, so we set up our stationary camera down there, but it ultimately did not lead to anything abnormal. In the attic, with the minimal time we spent there, we recorded a phrase talking about a baby and what sounded like someone talking about the floods. Another thermal image may have caught what looks like a man kneeling in the attic but it’s difficult to decipher that and the cold objects strewn about here.

Below are the recordings, videos, pictures, and thermal images from our investigation at the 1810 Tavern. We marked locations throughout where we believe we received communication or paranormal evidence.  After you listen and watch the videos, let us know what you think.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Upstairs Bar

 In the past, this area has been very active with footsteps and the feelings of someone else being in the room when employees are closing up and alone here. Whispers have been heard and the woman dressed in a white gown has been seen disappearing into this area on rare occasion.

In our first session, we simply sat around the high top bar tables and recorded an EVP session. We did capture what sounded like a German word but outside of that we didn’t record too much more. After that, we attempted a spirit box session to which we successfully captured a few phrases, names, and our names repeated back to us.

This is also where we managed to debunk the swinging lights where a heat vent would push out hot air above the lights. This wasn’t originally seen as there was no cover for it, simply an opening in the ceiling.



  • As the chair was heard pushing out as if someone was leaving, we captured a thermal image of a cold spot in that chair as if someone was in that very chair.


2nd Floor UPpstairs Bar 5.JPG

2nd Floor Upstairs Bar 19.jpg

2nd Floor Upstairs Bar 14.jpg


Recording 1 – EVP:

  • We recorded a word that sounded like “Gumpst” which is a German word for “Rumble” at 1:33.



Recording 2 – Spirit Box:

  • At :06, we heard the name “Jason” after we asked the spirit to tell us their name.
  • We captured “Very drunk” at :16.
  • After Derrick introduced himself, we heard “Hello” at :27.



Recording 3 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked the spirit why they are here, and at :15, we heard “We can’t.”
  • At :41, we captured “Go back.”
  • After we mentioned that there were floods in the area, we heard “Five” at :50 as if referencing the number of floods.



Recording 4 – Spirit Box:

  • Even though we didn’t catch it during the session, we heard “Forgive me” at :06 followed by “Can you hear me?” at :13.



Recording 5 – Spirit Box:

  • We captured a cordial welcoming of “Hello” at :03.



Recording 6 – Spirit Box:

  • After we asked them to tell us their story, we heard a full phrase of “Back in 1918…” as if someone was beginning their story at :32.



Recording 7 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if Nick (a former owner) was with us and if he could speak to us, and at :23, we heard “Dead” followed by “Trying” at :25.
  • At :28, we captured “I heard you.”



Recording 8 – Spirit Box:

  • After the number 5 appeared on the Ovilus, we heard “Five” at :07.
  • Suddenly, the Ovilus changed to the number 0.



Recording 9 – Spirit Box:

  • As it sounded as if a chair were being pushed out, we captured “We gotta go” at :04.



Recording 10 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked if they died in this building, and at :12, we heard “Here.”



Recording 11 – Spirit Box:

  • After Derrick and Scott felt cold, we asked who joined us and, at :05, we heard “Party.”
  • We continued to pry and captured “We heard you” at :40.
  • As we mentioned we were going to pack up, we heard “Stay” at :45 and “Important” at :48.



Recording 12 – Spirit Box:

  • As we spotted something in the FLIR thermal camera, Dan asked Derrick to take a step toward the cold spot. As he stepped closer, we heard “Bad” at :06.
  • “Rick” was recorded at :14. We’re not 100% certain if this is a name or in reference to Derrick getting closer.



Recording 13 – Spirit Box:

  • We captured Scott’s name repeated back to him at :03.



Recording 14 – Spirit Box:

  • After Scott jumped at his name being heard, we captured “Frightened” at :07 as if referencing Scott’s surprise.



Recording 15 – Spirit Box:

  • Once again, we mentioned that we would be leaving, and at :06, we heard “Wait.”



Recording 16 – Spirit Box:

  • We heard “Stay” again at :03.
  • “Adam” was heard at :06 as if the spirit was trying to coerce us to stay by giving their name.



Handheld Video 1 – EVP:

  • Much like the recorder, we heard what sounded like a German word “Gumpst” which means “Rumble” at 1:47.



Handheld Video 2 – Spirit Box:

  • At :31, the name “Jason” was heard after we asked the spirit to tell us their name followed by “Very drunk” at :41.
  • After Derrick introduced himself, we heard “Hello” at :52.
  • We asked the spirit why they are here, and at 1:40, we heard “We can’t.”
  • At 2:06, we captured “Go back.”
  • After mentioning the floods, we heard “Five” at 2:15 as if referencing the number of floods.
  • We heard “Forgive me” at 3:01 and “Can you hear me?” at 3:08.
  • The word “Straight” appeared on the Ovilus at 4:08 followed my “Hello” on the spirit box at 4:38.
  • “Mass” shown on the Ovilus at 4:50 followed by “Hide” at 4:51.
  • We asked them to tell us their story and heard “Back in 1918…” at 6:07.
  • The Ovilus produced the number “5” at 6:40 which is an oddity in its’ own right.
  • We asked if Nick was with us and if he could speak at 7:43, we heard “Dead” and “Trying” at 7:45 followed by “I heard you” at 7:48.
  • The number “5” again appeared on the Ovilus at 8:35 just as we heard “Five” at 8:37.
  • The Ovilus changed to the number “0” at 8:45.
  • As the chair seemingly pushed out, we heard “We gotta go” at 9:09.
  • The camera battery was completely drained moments later.



Handheld Video 3 – Debunking:

  • We didn’t record anything paranormal here, rather we showed a debunking session where we attempted to find out why the lights were moving. We ultimately found out that there was a vent hidden above the lights which moved them constantly.




The Kitchen is supposedly one of the more active locations where things are said to move on their own. Pots and pans have been heard slamming together when no one else is in the building. Some have even seen shadows moving around in the area.

The owner’s friend, Vic, dropped by and brought his dog at this point. It was heard barking at this room as we were conducting the investigation in the upstairs bar, so we ventured down to the Kitchen area next. During this session, we ran a Digital Phasma Box session. The session supplied us with quite a few names and conversations. During our time here, we spotted movement in the hallway leading to the bar which ultimately captured a thermal image of what appeared to be a figure standing in front of us. There also appeared to be a pair of figures outside on the patio peering through the window. We ensured that there was no one on the patio at that point.

During our second time around (later in the night), we conducted a spirit box session. But oddly enough, nothing came through the spirit box, not even static from surrounding radio stations. This has never actually happened before.



  • The normal flash photographs did not produce any paranormal evidence; however, the thermal camera produced a photo that we believe is a figure in the hallway between the Kitchen and the Main Bar. We took a few photos here to ensure there was nothing else that would be causing this image.
  • The second thermal image that was captured was while looking from the Kitchen toward the patio. It appears there is a pair of figures on the patio. After taking this shot, we ensured that no one was on the patio at that time.


Kitchen Toward Bar 1.JPG

Kitchen 27.JPG


Recording 1 – Phasma Box:

  • As soon as we began our session, we asked if there is anyone in there with us and, at :06, we heard “Help.”
  • “Derrick” was heard at :13.



Recording 2 – Phasma Box:

  • We again asked who was with us, and at :04, we heard “Us.”
  • At :11, we believe we captured a few names in regard to the us comment. The names “Wayne, Larry” were heard.



Recording 3 – Phasma Box:

  • We captured a broken phrase of “Don’t you think this is” at :01 but we’re unsure what this was in reference to.
  • At :24, we heard “D” which is Derrick’s nickname.
  • “Hey” was captured at :38.



Recording 4 – Phasma Box:

  • At :05, there was an unsettling yell which came through the Phasma Box.
  • We responded and asked if they’re okay to which we heard “No” repeated at :14 and :16.



Recording 5 – Phasma Box:

  • We captured “Go away” at :04 followed by “Scott” at :09.
  • “Vic” was heard at :17.
  • More names were captured at :26 of “Reid, Billy, Dave.”



Recording 6 – Phasma Box:

  • “Scott” was repeated at :08 to which he asked what their attraction to the building is and we heard “Weird” at :04.
  • “Killed” was heard at :13 and repeated at :16.
  • At :21 we captured “This bitch” as if in reference to who was killed.
  • “Bob” was heard at :47. We’re not sure if that’s who was killed or who did the killing.



Recording 7 – Phasma Box:

  • We blatantly asked what their name is and, at :06, we heard “Junior.”
  • “Rose” was heard at :12 as if they were also responding to our question.
  • Again, we asked for their name and heard “Dave” at :16.
  • Sounding as if the spirits were reiterating this fact, we captured “My name is…” at :21 followed by “Dave” at :29.



Recording 8 – Phasma Box:

  • We seemed to get some mixed signals here, starting with “Leave” at :05.
  • “Help me” was captured at :11.
  • We were reviewing the thermal image when we heard “That was me” at :34 followed by “Doorway” at :37 which is where the figure seemingly was standing.



Recording 9 – Phasma Box:

  • “Scott” was once again heard at :02.



Recording 10 – Phasma Box:

  • Scott told the spirits that he’s around enough that they should know him to which we heard “We know you” at :03.
  • The German sounding word that we heard earlier of “Gumpst” seemed to have been repeated here at :19 followed by “What?” at :34.



Recording 11 – Phasma Box:

  • After Beth entered the room, we asked the spirit if they knew who entered the room to which we heard “Me” at :02 as if someone entered alongside Beth.
  • Vic entered the room with his dog so we asked if they knew that there’s an animal there as well, and at :23, we heard “Dog.”



Recording 12 – Phasma Box:

  • At :01, we captured “Hurt me” to which we asked if someone hurt them when we heard “No” at :12.
  • Changing topics, we asked if they like Beth being with them. We heard “No” at 28.
  • We then heard a different sounding voice state “Don’t let them see you” at :45 followed by “In the back” at :47 as if someone was going to get into trouble if they were caught in the Kitchen.



Recording 13 – Phasma Box:

  • As we began to pack up to leave the area, we asked what brought us down there in the first place to which we heard “Dog” at :04.



Recording 14 – Spirit Box:

  • After we came back to the area later in the night, we utilized the spirit box but recorded absolutely nothing in the area which was very strange for us.




 Not much is really known about this area. The door is typically closed and latched and apparently hasn’t been touched in quite some time. As we explored up here during our walkthrough, we noticed chairs and tables stored here as well as just old items like poker chips and magazines. There aren’t any particular stories regarding this area, but we were drawn to the location based on Beth and Becca seeing some strange light emanating behind the door as they watched the monitors.

We didn’t capture much in the area, a few phrases on the spirit box, but Scott felt odd here; getting very hot on the wrist and neck. We also snapped a few thermal images which is hard to debunk or confirm if anything was captured based on the limited space to get around here.



  • Our regular flash photography didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary, but the thermal imaging captured what appeared to be a figure sitting in the corner of the Attic. However, this may or may not be an item sitting on the far side of the room.


Attic 5.JPG


Recorder 1 – Spirit Box:

  • At :08, after we asked why someone would be up there, we captured “It was the baby.”



Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:

  • We asked about the floods in the area, and at :08, we heard “Back in the old days.”



Upstairs Party Room

 This is an area that most employees do not like going by themselves. Footsteps are heard here and the woman in white will sometimes disappear into this room after her ascension up the stairwell. Even Beth does not seem to like the room and has heard things moving up here when cleaning on her own at night.

Similar to the Upstairs Bar Room, during the walkthrough, we felt a heavy air about the room. We even did an experiment where Scott walked in the room on his own then stopped where he felt the heaviest and most uncomfortable, under the fan in the middle of the room. Dan then entered the room on his own and duplicated this activity. He stopped in the exact same location.

Unfortunately, we took some time getting here after the Upstairs Bar and the Kitchen, and by that time, the entire room felt differently. At one time, Derrick can even be heard mentioning that the room felt comfortable as if it changed to a welcoming vibe. Ultimately, we did not capture anything here during our EVP session and did not pursue the spirit box or phasma box based on the feeling change in the room.



  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here, but we did capture some photos of the location both Dan and Scott stopped at during their experiment.


2nd Floor Party Room 10.jpg

2nd Floor Party Room 6.jpg

2nd Floor Party Room 8.jpg


Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • We did not capture anything here.



Handheld Video 1 – EVP:

  • We did not capture anything here.




 The basement is just more unsettling than anything based on its’ stone walls and low ceilings. There aren’t really any stories revolving around the area but during our walkthrough Scott and Dan felt as if one portion of the basement (left of the stairs) felt differently than the rest – almost as if something was just watching from afar.

We left the stationary camera run during the evening and even though we didn’t really record anything substantial, the fully charged battery was drained in a short period of time as well as the light turning off later on. We recorded an EVP session down here but did not record anything out of the ordinary and, at that time, the energy in the room had changed so much that we again didn’t pursue any spirit box or phasma box sessions.



  • We didn’t capture anything paranormal in the photographs nor in the infared camera.




Recorder 1 – EVP:

  •  We didn’t record anything notable here.



Video 1 – Stationary:

  • At about the 8:00 minute mark, the battery which was powering the IR light was drained and turned the light off.



Video 2 – Stationary:

  • There were a few odd noises throughout the video but we managed to debunk them as the equipment refilling and draining out into the drain.



Video 3 – Stationary:

  • The power turned out completely at the 20:08 mark on the video.



Video 4 – Stationary – EVP:

  • Our EVP session was recorded in this video but just as in the recording, there was nothing substantial here.



Upstairs Office

 The small room off the rear of the Upstairs Party Room has been said to have the sound of a chair rolling and some odd scratching noises recorded in the past. We had a feeling that we should stop in here after the atmosphere had changed. Originally, during our walkthrough when the upstairs floor felt less inviting, we did not want to venture back there.

Unfortunately, just like the other rooms after the change of ambience, we did not get any feedback here. We did hear what sounded like footsteps from the attic at one point, but successfully debunked this as the falling of a large black storage bag that had been previously moved earlier in the night.



  • The photographs did not produce anything out of the ordinary.


2nd Floor Office 1.jpg

2nd Floor Office 2.jpg


Recorder 1 – EVP: 

  • We did not record any paranormal activity here.



Dining Room – 1st Floor

 There have been footsteps heard in this area, and right outside of the room, a chandelier has been seen swinging with no air flow or vibrations occurring simultaneously. Unfortunately, we did not investigate here but interestingly enough at one point of the evening, Vic’s dog began barking toward the doorway out of nowhere.



  • During the walkthrough, we did snap a few pictures but did not capture anything paranormal.


1st Floor Dining 1.jpg

1st Floor Dining 3.jpg


Upon reviewing our evidence from the overnight paranormal investigation of the 1810 Tavern, we can confidently conclude that the Bridgewater bar/restaurant is a host to at least three different spirits throughout. Even though some of the stories did not come to fruition, i.e. the moving pots and pans and the woman in white, we managed to record numerous voices, conversations, and names during our time there.

The two most active locations in the 1810 Tavern are the Upstairs Bar and the Kitchen. The Attic also had limited activity. The overall feel of the building went from heavy and dark, particularly on the second floor, to light and welcoming by the end of the night. Our guess is that most of the energy was sucked out and used early on.

In the Upstairs Bar, we recorded names like Jason, Rick, and Adam. Jason was linked to the phrase “Very Drunk” while the name Rick came through with the word “Bad” and Adam was heard after the word “Stay” was captured. We were welcomed by words of “Hello” and phrases explaining that whoever was there could hear us. On the flip side, we were also warned to “Go back” and “We gotta go.” As the sound a chair pushing out occurred, we captured a thermal image of a dark spot in that very chair, as if someone was sitting in it. We recorded intelligent conversation in regard to the floods where we captured the number “Five” spoken in regards to the five major floods and the repeating of our names. We feel as though this room holds multiple spirits coming and going as well as some residual spirits stuck in this area, possibly due to early deaths where we caught words like “Dead,” “Blood,” and “Forgive me.”


2nd Floor Hallway 2.jpg


The Kitchen was very active supplying names to us such as “Wayne,” “Larry,” “Bill,” “Reid,” “Dave,” and “Junior.” Junior was a direct response to us asking for their name and Dave was repeated twice along with the phrase “My name is Dave.” There were also intelligent communications including pleas for “Help” after we asked if there was anything we could do and “No” repeated twice after we asked if they are okay. Again, our names were repeated back to us in this room. Some more negative wording came through words like “Kill” and “Killed” which were repeated along with the phrase “This bitch.” An odd scream was also captured as if they were in pain. While we captured a thermal image in this area, it does seem like there was intelligent communication overhearing us discuss it as we captured phrases like “That was me” and “Doorway” which is exactly where we took the photo. Another thermal image was captured while looking out the window toward the patio. Two figures appeared to be outside, possibly a residual haunting of two spirits reliving events which occurred outside. More intelligence shown through as we were leaving, we heard the word “Dog” explain why we ventured down there in the first place, as Vic’s dog was barking wildly at the room. Even though we heard numerous names, we feel as though there are two intelligent spirits here and possibly multiple residual spirits stuck here.

The Attic was a spur of the moment session as light appeared to be showing through the doorway. Here, we believe we captured an intelligent spirit blaming someone else (a baby) for the light when they claimed, “It was the baby.” This same spirit seemingly wanted to show us they were around for the floods by exclaiming “Back in the old days” when we brought the natural disasters up. There was also a questionable thermal image taken here that may or may not be an outline of a figure sitting in the corner of the attic.


1st Floor Entry 1.jpg


While the activity stopped after about only 2 hours of being there, we still managed to record some paranormal activity. However, we do have a theory regarding the limited activity. With the COVID-19 virus basically shutting out all activity from the building, there is much less activity coming and going on a regular basis. Being that spirits require energy to produce any of their own, it’s very possible that they do not have enough regular activity to pull from and communicate for long periods of time. By that 2-hour mark into our investigation, it’s possible that they emptied out any stored energy by then. Even on our way out while speaking with Beth, she confirmed that it’s been awhile since any regular activity had been noticed. We are ready and willing to return once the COVID-19 quarantine is lifted and patrons once again flood the bat at the 1810 Tavern. Beth has already opened the invitation in hopes of capturing more evidence! Regardless of the amount of activity, the 1810 Tavern is home to multiple spirits trapped here for, most likely, numerous reasons. But at the same time, there are definitely worse places to spend all eternity than a bar!

3 thoughts on “1810 Tavern – Investigation

  1. If the paranormal use energy from activity of others, when the battery drained quickly did anything else become more active directly after? I’ve had my fair share of things going on around me my whole life and early battery drain is something I experience all the time and never really pay attention afterwards.

    1. We’ve never had anything happen in the basement once the battery drained but the activity in the bar room picked up via the spirit box after the battery drained. We can absolutely attest to the battery draining leading to other activity in many other locations we’ve investigated. Definitely keep an eye out for it afterward the next time it happens, more often than not it’s a sign of things to come!

  2. Used to work here, had my fair share of experiences in this place. We’ve heard mainly footsteps coming from upstairs and other random knocks and bangs. The most notable thing that happened to me was sitting in the bar late (myself, another server and the bartender) after the restaurant was closed. It sounded as if someone was at one of the dining room tables and stood up with their chair. It was a distinct sound of the heavy chair on the wooden floor. Loud enough that we walked in to look if something was out of place. Not soon after that me and the other server heard what sounded like.. humming? A lady humming, it was some song, but it was coming from the wall with the basement steps.
    Being in the upstairs big room & office was uncomfortable, like someone was standing behind you at all times. I can vouch for the new owner, it can unpleasant to be up there alone.
    Good finds on the spirit box!

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