Midway Metaphysical & Ravenna Junkyard – History

Midway Metaphysical

5824 Newton Falls Road

Ravenna, OH 44266





Nestled between Akron and Youngstown in Ohio rests an old salvage yard behind the Midway Metaphysical store. Throughout the years the salvage yard was occupied by nearly 1,500 old vehicles on over 13 acres of land. The ground has been saturated by the energy left behind by the vast number of previous owners.




Not a lot is known about the land itself, nor is that the important feature of this plot. What seems to have drawn in the paranormal is that of the remnants of the past. With the slew of abandoned, damaged, and simply put wrecked cars, who knows what stories and possibly tragedies have been associated with each one. It seems as though every car has its’ own story to tell.

The current owners of both Midway Metaphysical and the old salvage yard have reported voices, odd noises, dogs barking, and even captured photographs of phantom cars and shadows of humanoid looking figures.




There have been quite a few paranormal investigations that have taken place on the site and have all turned up oddities in their visits including car horns and the growling of dogs. Car engines have been said to turn over even though none of the cars in the yard are said to even operate.

One local legend tells of an old witch being buried just south of the property close to the West Branch State Park. An old medicine woman was accused of being a witch and she was crushed to death by heavy stones. She was simply buried under those stones and is said to have placed a curse on the land. In the woods all surrounding the state park, a woman in a long black dress has been reportedly seen running in the woods, across the streets, and disappearing into the night. Whether this old myth is associated with the hauntings on the property at Newton Fall Road is to be determined.



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