1810 Tavern – Investigation Return

1810 Tavern Return

August 21, 2020

Bridgewater, PA



 After experiencing some limited, but profound paranormal evidence during our first overnight paranormal investigation at the 1810 Tavern (in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine period) we decided it was enough to return once patrons began to return to the bar/restaurant. During that initial investigation, we captured some intriguing FLIR thermal photographs in the upstairs Bar Room where it appeared to show a cold spot in a chair, which coincided with an EVP voice. Even though we didn’t spend much time in the Attic, we captured what appeared to be a figure sitting in the corner via the thermal imaging camera. After speaking with some employees, they confirmed that they too felt being watched from that corner of the Attic.

Here is the link from our first paranormal investigation of the 1810 Tavern:


As customers began to return, the restaurant recently added a new cook, Chef Whitney. As we began setting our equipment up that evening, we learned that during the first day on the job, she felt a presence in the Kitchen and even heard a nearby mixing bowl clanking. While the bar/restaurant has mainly been seating and entertaining outside, including the band Eclectic Acoustics who were playing as we made our way into the building, we still felt as though that would bring enough new and fresh energy into the building to stir up some other worldly activity.


Ext 1.jpg


We were greeted by numerous employees including the owner, Beth. Since we’ve visited before, we didn’t necessarily need a tour so we set up our equipment, ordered some good food, and spoke with some of the patrons while waiting for the music to die down and the building to empty out.

We were planning to begin around 10:00 PM but with the busy atmosphere, we began closer to 11:00 PM. Even before we were able to officially begin, we watched our monitors after setting the cameras up and were told we were allowed to stay essentially as late as we wanted to once again. We received some telling evidence toward the end of our night, but ultimately wrapped up around 2:30 AM. We utilized three out of four of our hardwired cameras as we did not want to impede the employees, especially in the Kitchen area early on. We also carried with us a handheld camera, one K2 meter, one SB7 spirit box (unfortunately did not use), one Ovilus, one Rempod, one recorder, one FLIR thermal camera, two IR lights, one temperature gauge, one EMF pump, and one digital Phasma Box.


Ext 14


Even though the evening began a little slow, we could tell that we experienced some paranormal activity in both the Upstairs Bar and the Attic as we heard two whispers and then felt inclined to snap a few pictures looking up toward the Attic from the base of the stairwell, where we feel we captured some type of white mist. There were also numerous moments in the Party Room, opposite of the Upstairs Bar, where there were odd squeals, a plethora of voices, and even a photo where we captured what appeared to be a light moving from above one of the employees who we asked to join us.

During our time spent in the 1810 Tavern, we captured a few names that sounded like “Beth,” “Patrick,” and “Bill.” The regular flash photography seemed to be a more predominant tool this time around as we did not capture much in the thermal camera. We managed to debunk some noises and voices as the employees who remained after hours as well as the mechanical equipment which clicked on and off sporadically throughout the night.

 Below are the recordings, videos, pictures, and thermal images from our return investigation of the 1810 Tavern. We marked specific locations where we felt that we received communication or paranormal evidence.  Once you listen and watch the videos, feel free to let us know what you think.

 As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:



 Even though we didn’t spend much time here during our first overnight investigation, after hearing multiple stories of employees feeling someone up in the Attic exactly where we snapped that thermal image, this was definitely one reason we wanted to come back. And it did not disappoint!

Even though we did not capture anything during our EVP session, we did record a few intelligent voices, repeating Dan’s name, explaining that nothing has changed, and asking what we wanted them to knock over. As we explored the area, we captured an intriguing photograph of a light anomaly moving from the corner of the room, where we originally captured the thermal image, toward our stationary camera.



  • Our regular flash photography captured what appeared to be a light moving towards us and the stationary camera. This did not appear to be dust as we weren’t moving in that area, nor did it seem to be a bug as the streak of light was too elongated.




Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here.


Iron City Paranormal · 02 Attic EVP


Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:

  • At :05, after Dan joked and stated that he’s still Dan, we heard “Daniel.”
  • We captured the phrase “Haven’t changed” at :08 as if the spirit was continuing the conversation or mimicking Dan.
  • Once we explained that they can use the devices to communicate, we heard “Hi” at :19.


Iron City Paranormal · 03 Attic Phasma 01


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:

  • After we experienced some silence, we told them to push something, anything over to let us know that they’re there to which we heard “What?” at :08.


Iron City Paranormal · 03 Attic Phasma 02


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:

  • We began to question whether anyone was with us anymore, and at :03, we heard “We’re right here.”
  • Oddly enough, at :13, we heard the phrase of “Take action.”


Iron City Paranormal · 03 Attic Phasma 03


Handheld Camera 1 – EVP:

  • We didn’t capture anything paranormal here.



Upstairs Bar

During our initial investigation, this area was one of the more active in regard to voice communication utilizing simple EVP as well as the spirit box. We also had snapped a few FLIR thermal images where it appeared as though something cold was sitting in a chair across from Dan. However, this spot was rather quiet this time around. Our EVP session didn’t produce any results. We did capture a few voices with the Phasma Box but after that too went quiet, we decided to turn off our devices and just listen. Eventually, there was a whisper heard in Dan’s direction, then another from the base of the Attic staircase. We were drawn to the doorway which lead to the Attic and snapped a few photos. In one particular picture, we captured what appeared to be a white mist standing at the top of the steps. We attempted to debunk this but were unable to.



  • We captured a FLIR thermal image of what appears to be a cold spot in the form of a person sitting at the bar area.


2nd Fl Bar 3


  • This photograph was taken looking up from the Bar Room to the top of the Attic steps. This occurred right after we heard two whispers in different locations of the room. We added a photograph below that which was taken just seconds before for a comparison.






Recording 1 – EVP:

  • We didn’t record anything out of the ordinary here.


Iron City Paranormal · 04 2nd Fl Bar EVP


Recording 2 – Phasma Box:

  • We heard “Basement” at :02.


Iron City Paranormal · 05 2nd Fl Bar Phasma 01


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:

  • Look around” was captured at :07.


Iron City Paranormal · 05 2nd Fl Bar Phasma 02


Recording 4 – Phasma Box 

  • The word “Basement” was again recorded at :02.


Iron City Paranormal · 05 2nd Fl Bar Phasma 03


Handheld Camera 1 – EVP: 

  • There was nothing out of the ordinary here.



Handheld Camera 2 – Phasma Box: 

  • We heard “Basement” at 8:35.
  • At 10:10 we captured “Look around.”
  • The word “Basement” was repeated at 13:45.



Upstairs Party Room 

During our previous investigation, we felt that the energy in the room just felt odd. By the time we actually performed any communication sessions, the odd, heavy feeling had changed and we never were able to capture much paranormal activity. This time, however, seemed different. The air didn’t change but rather, we got goosebumps and felt cold spots. One of the employees, Amy, actually felt that her father was trying to contact her while she was downstairs below us. After we found this out, we asked her to join us. Miraculously, as we began a Phasma Box session, we captured the name “Bill,” the name of her father. We also heard a few phrases which only Amy would have known her father to say such as calling her “Baby” and talking about “Jokes.” After we heard the word corner, Amy walked towards it, we simultaneously snapped a photograph of a light anomaly moving from above her head and out away from her. During our time here, we actually had plenty of Rempod activity as well, even though it was not activated even once in any other location.



  • We captured an odd light which was resting over top of Amy then suddenly moved away from her.




Recorder 1 – EVP:

  • We did not capture anything here.


Iron City Paranormal · 06 2nd Fl Party Room EVP


Recorder 2 – EVP:

  • We did not capture anything here.


Iron City Paranormal · 07 2nd Fl Party Room EVP


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:

  • Unprompted, at about :03, we captured “Bill,” Amy’s fathers’ name.


Iron City Paranormal · 08 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 01


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:

  • After we said we’d appreciate it if they spoke with us, we heard “Hello” at :07.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 02


Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:

  • We captured the phrase “Talk to me” at :07.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 03


Recorder 6 – Phasma Box 

  • After we asked Amy what kind of man her father was, she responded happy to which we recorded “Of course he was” at :04.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 04


Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:

  • Another phrase of “I had it with that” was captured at :04.
  • Basically everything” could be heard at :34.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 05


Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:

  • There was an odd squealing noise heard at :02. We thought it was a car’s brakes outside but upon investigation, we didn’t see any car or anything else outside.
  • At :05, we recorded “You come” then “Run” at :20.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 06


Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:

  • Another odd and unprompted phrase of “It’s too low” was heard at :03.
  • He’s dead” was recorded at :05.
  • The phrase of “Get back, sir” was captured at :40.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 07


Recorder 10 – Phasma Box:

  • We moved the Rempod over toward the table and recorder and asked them to touch the box to which we heard “Where’s the box?” at :06.
  • At :30, the Rempod was alerted.
  • At 1:03, the Rempod was once again alerted.
  • He’s right there” was heard at 1:04.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 08


Recorder 11 – Phasma Box:

  • As Amy continued to attempt to speak with her father, we captured “I’m fortunate” at :04.
  • The Rempod was then alerted twice at :09 and again at :16.
  • After Amy asked them to come speak with us, we heard “Hey, baby” at :31.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 09


Recorder 12 – Phasma Box:

  • Amy said come and get me to which we heard “Anybody got me?” at :04.
  • Turn around” was recorded at :06.
  • As we once again said come talk with us, we captured “I’m coming” at :22.
  • We heard “You’re next” at :34 and what sounded like “You’re dead” at :39.
  • The corner” was heard, almost as if a command, at :46.
  • Since no one was moving towards the corner, we then recorded “Move” at :57.
  • After moving toward the corner, we asked if that was the correct one to which we captured “Up” at 1:05.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 10


Recorder 13 – Phasma Box:

  • We explained that we were going back to that corner that Amy was just in and heard “Wrong corner” at :08.
  • The chair” was then captured at :20.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 11


Recorder 14 – Phasma Box:

  • Love you to death” was picked up on the recorder at :06.
  • Another odd phrase of “They’re like us” was heard at :23.
  • A mocking laugh could be heard at :32.
  • At :35, “Turn around” was captured.
  • The Rempod was alerted around the :36 marker.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 12


Recorder 15 – Phasma Box:

  • At :03, a knock could be heard.
  • Turn around” was once again heard at :06.
  • Another phrase that Amy and her father would have shared, “Tell me a joke,” was captured at :29.
  • The Rempod once again went off at :41.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 13


Recorder 16 – Phasma Box:

  • I’m listening” was recorded at :04.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 14


Recorder 17 – Phasma Box:

  • Did you get that?” was picked up at :06.
  • Amy asked if her other relatives were good and, at :33, “Funny” was heard.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 15


Recorder 18 – Phasma Box:

  • After Amy asked about her uncle, “Uncle Jim” was captured at :07.
  • She proceeded to tell a joke about a round room, and at 1:05 “Round” could be heard just as the word “Round” appeared on the Ovilus at 1:15.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 16


Recorder 19 – Phasma Box:

  • As we explained that we’re going to leave, the Rempod began to go off repeatedly at :06, :12, and finally at :14.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 17


Recorder 20 – Phasma Box:

  • As if explaining their gratitude, we heard “Okay, that was fun” at :06.


Iron City Paranormal · 09 2nd Fl Party Room Phasma 18


Stationary Cameras 

During our investigation, we attempted something a little different and new. We used an additional stationary camera to capture the monitor which was set up to record all of our stationary cameras set around the building. The videos are broken up into different portions of the screen. The top left shows the Upstairs Bar Room, the top right shows the Upstairs Party Room, and the bottom right shows the Attic. We do believe that we captured some odd light anomalies in the Attic and Bar Room, and possibly even a moving shadowy figure in the Bar Room. 

Stationary Video 1: 

  • We did not notice anything abnormal here. 


Stationary Video 2: 

  • In the Attic, the bottom right corner, at approximately 17:27, there appears to be a light anomaly moving towards the camera. 
  • Two more lights were captured in the Attic in the bottom right corner at the 21:10 mark and the 24:20 time stamp. 



  • Below are screenshots of the light moving in the Attic



Stationary Video 3: 

  • Once again in the Attic, in the bottom right corner, there appears to be a single light moving in focus at 1:52. 
  • This single light then turns into a flurry of unknown lights in the Attic from about 2:40 until 3:50. 
  • In the Bar Room, in the top left corner, appears to be a light moving toward the Attic door at 7:30. 
  • Back in the Attic, in the bottom right corner, a light is seen moving across the screen at 10:27. 
  • What appears to be a shadow moving in the Bar Room, in the top left corner, occurs at approximately 11:10. 



  • Below are screen shots of the Bar Room with the light moving toward the Attic (top 2), then the Bar Room with the shadow (bottom 1).




Stationary Video 4: 

  • There is nothing out of the ordinary here. 



Upon our analysis of the evidence gathered during our second overnight paranormal investigation of the 1810 Tavern, we feel as though the restaurant hosts multiple spirits and is possibly a threshold for other spirits not necessarily associated with the building specifically. We feel as though our hypothesis of the lack of energy during our first investigation during the quarantine period did in fact effect the paranormal activity. We did receive more communication and activity in a shorter timeframe. We managed to capture conversations, noises, and even some names through the recorder, Phasma box, and videos.

Even though the evening started out slow, as we made our way from the Bar Room to the Party Room which then the activity began to pick up. The most active location by far was the Upstairs Party Room. The Attic also seemed to hold something, it may have even been calling us back toward it while we spent time in the Upstairs Bar Room, which is where we took the captivating photo up the stairs toward the Attic. Opposite of the first investigation, the energy seemed to increase and grow as the night went on, perhaps due to the energy gathered from the patrons and employees who spent their time all throughout the 1810 Tavern earlier that day/evening. The feel of the building never felt negative but the cold spots and changing of the air within the rooms was evident during our time there.


2nd Fl Bar 5


Upstairs in the Attic we heard Dan’s name repeated and some seemingly intelligent communication after we explained that we have not changed and received that phrase essentially repeated back to us. We also heard a single worded question of “What?” after we asked them to move something. Later in the night, we felt compelled to return to the area and even captured a photo of a white mist overlooking the stairwell. Between these occurrences and our previous experiences here, we believe that this location holds at least one, if not two, spirits which seem to be just sitting back and watching over the area.


Attic 2.jpg


In the Upstairs Bar Room, we managed to hear a few words and phrases but nothing too significant until we turned off all of our devices and just sat in silence. As we just sat there, we heard a whisper coming from across the room, then another leading us to the entrance of the Attic where we snapped that aforementioned photograph. We do believe something is here, but they almost wanted us out or away from them saying things like “Basement” and “Turn around.”

Of all of the locations we have spent some time in, the Upstairs Party Room seemed to have been the most active that evening. Whether we actually reached Amy’s father or if it was just another entity toying with us and her emotions is not known, but with some of the more personal phrases and words such as them calling her “Baby” and asked her to “Tell me a joke” we do think that she was able to channel her father. If this is truly the case, we believe that for some unknown reason, that this room may be an entrance or hot spot location for other spirits to convene. During our time spent in this room, we received plenty of intelligent communication as they were answering questions and even querying some of their own. The Rempod did not go off at any other time during the night, until we got to this room where it was alerted a total of nine times, including three times when we were preparing to leave.


Party Room 1


Unfortunately, we were unable to spend much time in the Kitchen, First Floor Dining, or the Basement with all of the other activity that was occurring when we began but we did pull a great array of paranormal activity and communication during our investigation. We even managed to capture a few still photographs throughout the building and feel as though we can confirm our own hypothesis from a lack of activity during our first time around. We can confidently confirm that we experienced some paranormal activity, much more than our first investigation after there was some outside energy being pulled in and utilized by the otherworldly spirits at the 1810 Tavern in Bridgewater, PA.



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