Grand Midway Hotel – Investigation

Grand Midway Hotel

1303 Midway Avenue

Windber, PA 15963



In the small town of Windber, just south of Johnstown, PA, sits a former train station in the heart of town. The building has seen its’ fair share of uses outside of the aforementioned train hub. After the train stop was bypassed and abandoned, the building was reformed into a brothel, funeral parlor, café, bar, then finally transformed into the beautifully macabre hotel and (almost) museum of curiosities and artwork. This alone would bring in the guests that it does on a regular basis, but the tragic past and supposed hauntings allow the Grand Midway Hotel to bring in such a wide array of visitors. The Grand Midway makes the old bustling town of Windber feel alive once again with out of town guests that need to shake up the mundane.

Purchased, renovated, and owned by Blair Murphy, the hotel holds a multitude of collections and even currently holds two current records in the Guinness Book of World Records; the largest Tarot Card and the largest Ouija Board. The Tarot Card is gorgeously painted on a dropped ceiling in a sitting room and the Ouija Board is painted on the rooftop of the building and can even be seen via Google Earth. The uniquely decorated rooms inside the hotel play host to just as much intrigue as the history of the building itself. For a quick example, the Vampire Room holds not only vampire pop culture memorabilia, but also holds three real coffins! One of the more intriguing and disturbing pieces of artwork may have actually brought some of the hauntings back to the foreground after a short time of peace and quiet.



About five years ago, after Blair had renovated a bulk of the building, the oddities within the hotel’s walls seemed to quiet and calm, even to the point where Blair began to turn away paranormal investigators explaining that the hauntings had ceased. However, this did not last long as Blair purchased a new piece of artwork, and we’re not even sure how to describe it aside from intriguingly disturbing. It’s reminiscent to the scene in Ghostbusters II where Ray stares into the eyes of the painting of the evil Vigo the Carpathian, you just can’t look away. With the being said, it’s much easier to just see it rather than read about it.



Now that you’ve finished staring…Blair explained that after the that piece of artwork arrived, things began to stir up again. Maybe it was just a change of scenery, maybe it brought something with it, or perhaps it was just a coincidence. No matter the explanation, or lack thereof, the hotel began to once again teem with afterlife. Personally, he experiences odd activity on almost a monthly basis. Things will move in the hotel, phantom footsteps will be heard, whispers and yells can be heard echoing from its halls. There is no pure one-dimensional explanation for any of these things.

The first documented tragedy occurred when a young woman named Martha. Martha worked at the hotel (perhaps as a prostitute) and was enjoying a 4th of July fireworks display from the 2nd or 3rd floor balcony. As she enjoyed the sights and sounds of the event, an errant piece of shrapnel exploded in her direction. Without a moment to react, the shrapnel reached Martha and slit her throat. The blood was said to pour down from the upper balcony where she was standing. This was even repeated verbatim by a man who visited the hotel who was just a boy at the time of her death and watched the entire thing horrifically unfold in front of his eyes.

Being that this building also doubled as a restaurant, bar, and brothel, there’s no denying that the quarters would have been cramped tight and violence would have been commonplace. On the second floor of the hotel, the most infamous room and its other-worldly inhabitants sits patiently for its next guest. In the Canopy Room, there is said to be a female presence who does not like men. This could possibly be attributed to deaths or violent activity that occurred in the brothel. A child is even said to wonder the halls; giggling and laughing at visitors’ expense. Although there are no written records of any child passing here, the hotel’s long and storied past makes it entirely plausible.




Many stories have been told and many first-hand encounters have been memorialized in writings about the property and the town itself. For these reasons, and our sheer morbid curiosity of the rare and original collections gathered here by Blair, we really expected a plethora of activity at the Grand Midway Hotel. It did not disappoint.

After a quick stop for dinner, we arrived at the hotel roughly around 8:00 PM. Our gracious host and owner of the hotel, Blair, met us at the front door. We quickly unloaded our vehicles and made our way into the hotel to begin our adventure. Blair took us through the hotel room by room explaining both the history and hot spots of the former train station. We were introduced to the history surrounding both the building and the art collections during our tour. After bullshitting a little (well a lot) with Blair, which we could have done all night, we began setting up our camera system and began our investigation roughly at 10:00 PM. We had the rare opportunity to actually stay the night since it is an active and open hotel, including some residents who currently reside there. This allowed us to investigate longer than usually as we wrapped up around about 4:00 AM the next morning. We were joined by friends and family of Iron City Paranormal Chris J (herein noted as CJ) Julia, and Chris. We used practically all our equipment which is composed of four hardwired stationary cameras, one additional stationary camera which films those, one handheld camera, one recorder, one K2 meter, one SB7 spirit box, one Phasma Box, one Rempod, one Ovilus, one FLIR thermal imaging camera, two IR lights, one temperature gauge, one EMF pump, and one laser grid pen.



During our time in the hotel, we lucklily had evidence captured evidence of a multitude of paranormal activity. We snapped images via both the flash photography and the FLIR thermal image camera… saw energy spikes with the K2 meter… captured EVPs and noises through the digital recorder… heard voices and communication utilizing the Phasma Box and Spirit Box, and each personally felt energy changes throughout the building in different rooms as the night progressed. This location was a paranormal investigator’s dream!

Even as we toured the building we could tell certain rooms held different energy such as the Kitchen and the Canopy Room. Both the Bar and Shakespeare’s Room showed energy in the form of the K2 meter spiking without explanation. The flash photography camera captured an odd image in the Canopy Room while the FLIR thermal imaging camera showed some strange images throughout the building, especially in third floor hallway by where Martha is known to frequent. The Walkie Talkies seemingly activated on their own pulling energy from one location or another, and more often than not only set one off at a time, even if they were sitting next to one another.



We heard odd noises throughout the night but particularly in the Kitchen what sounded like scratching noises. There were voices captured in nearly every room we investigated, aside from the Bar, using either the Spirit Box or the Phasma Box. More often than not, these seemed to be intelligent rather than residual.

As always, we enter each investigation as skeptical believers. We had a chance to flex our debunking muscles as we found an explanation an odd shadow which looked like a shadow figure. Most of our evidence and experiences could not be explained away. This location reminded us why we love doing this work. Everyone went home happy.

Below are recordings, videos, pictures, and thermal images from our paranormal investigation of the Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA. We labeled each location from our recordings and videos including communication or paranormal evidence we felt that we captured.  After listening to the recordings and watching the videos, please feel free to reach out and let us know what you think. The more eyes the better!

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:



Toward the back of the area, not far from the actual bar and seating areas, there are stories of residual hauntings such as the sounds of arguing, the door slamming open, and even a gun shot. This stems from the story from back when private meat sales were illegal and there was a scuffle between those selling the meat and a police officer. Back when this occurred, there was a death and missing person case. The crime went unsolved but it was reopened by the family just in hopes of finding out who had killed their forgotten family member.

This is also an area that is under pretty constant construction and every once in a while a tool or two will go missing only to show up later in a random and far off location inside the hotel. Some guests have heard children laughing and even feel a tugging on their pant legs as if a child is trying to get their attention. There is never any harm that comes, just a feeling of a mischievous presence.

While we conducted our very first EVP session of the evening, we immediately got energy hits on the K2 meter, making it spike sporadically. We attempted to debunk this but the K2 only seemed to go off in one particular location even though there was no electrical fixtures or energy source coming from there. Unfortunately, we did not get much out of our EVP session or the Spirit Box session so there didn’t seem to be any intelligent hauntings in that area. However, with the K2 spikes, it’s possible we came into contact with the residual energy left to replay over and over.





Recorder 1 – EVP:



Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:

      • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here.



Cell Video 1:

      • The K2 meter jumps as we attempt to communicate.



Cell Video 2:

      • As we continue to attempt to communicate, the K2 meter jumps again.



Tarot Room


While there hasn’t been much noted in this room in the past we decided to move here next, if nothing else to admire the Guinness Book of World Records largest tarot card and the creepy…uhh…artwork. This is the item that Blair felt might have brought something back with it and stirred up the house again. It’s both disturbing and intriguing.

The first time we walked through, we conducted a simple EVP session which ultimately drew us into the Kitchen as we heard a scratching sound echoing from there. As we entered, there was definitely a strange feeling about that Kitchen area. We continued onto the Canopy Room from here but did return to the area to end our night where we received some intelligent conversation after we invited anyone to come visit us before we finished our evening. We were questioned as to “All of us?” seemingly confused followed by “Who’s this guy?” in reference to Dan who was speaking at the time. We also heard references to books as we talked about the large bookshelf. Toward the end of this session, we apparently grew tiresome as we heard “Goodnight” repeated twice followed by the phrase of “Too late.” We ultimately decided to end our investigation when we recorded the word “Quit” after we asked them to give us a sign if they want us to leave.





Recorder 1 – EVP:

      • At about :47, we heard a scratching noise coming from the Kitchen.



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:

      • As Dan was asking questions, we captured a question of “Who’s this guy?” at :02.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:

  • We caught an unprompted word of “Absence” at :01.
  • As if someone was leaving us, or wanting us to leave, we heard “Goodnight everybody” at :07.
  • After explaining that we only want to talk to them, we heard “Working with me” at :19.
  • At :29, we heard “Time consuming” after we explained that we were there for many hours.


Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:

      • After we talked about the different collections and decorations in the building, we heard “So much stuff” at :04.
      • “Too late” was captured at :08 as if we began to wear out our welcome, although it was nearing 4:00 AM at this point.
      • At :30, we heard “Live” unprompted.



Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:

      • We heard “Goodnight” repeated to us at :05.
      • We made mention of the bookcase and how many books that were there, and as if possessive, we heard “That’s ours” at :09 followed by “Bookcase” at :32.



Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:

      • We explained that if they would give us a sign or tell us to stop that we would end our session and ultimately our investigation. At :10, we heard “Quit” which was more than enough for us to end.



Handheld Camera 1 – EVP:

      • As we conducted our EVP session, we set the camera down in the Kitchen as some items there have been said to move and disappear in the past. Luckily we did, as we captured what sounded like a scratching noise at about 2:20.



Canopy Room

Even before sensing anything paranormal, this room shows off quite a disturbing display of memorabilia. The first thing you see when entering this room is the creepy life size doll just sitting in a rocking chair at the foot of the bed. Next to that, in the back corner is the statue of a nun surrounded by a collection of taxidermy animals and random animal skulls. Turning back toward the closet, the life size figure of a grotesque Regan from the Exorcist just stares back at you. The bed itself is shrouded in a white cloth, giving the room its’ namesake.

Even though particulars are not really known in this room, there have been just story after story of the paranormal:

Starting with the doll in the rocking chair; it’s said to move and rock back and forth periodically. The nun statue has actually shown up in people’s dreams who spend the night in that room, which actually lead to some being told that the closet may actually be a portal to the spiritual realm. The mirror next to the nun has been said to show faces in it when just staring into it, which we actually captured a creepy photo while taking a photo opportunity (more on that later). The closet itself was sealed off and closed up when Blair purchased the hotel. It’s unknown as to why but if the dream stories are true then that closet may have been a closed off to prevent spirits from coming through by a former owner. Even though there aren’t many stories attached to it, there were human bone remains found in the wall after a cadaver dog searched the building and pinpointed them. The main story regarding this room is that of a woman who does not like men. This may stem from the days as a brothel and the women here wanting to get rid of men once their job was done. Some men have been said to get pushed or pressure has compounded on their chests. A few people have been scratched while others claim to see a face press through the white shroud of the canopy.

We were drawn to this room ever since our walk through and actually pinpointed it as one of the rooms to sleep in for that one unlucky investigator (Derrick). The room just felt odd from the get go but as we eliminated people from the room, first down to three people then individuals, the room felt heavier and the energy more active and seemingly alive.



We started with all five of us in the room only picking up a praising “Thank you.” Then we dwindled it down to three men where we captured the number “Three” and “Chris” as he was one of the investigators in the room. We also heard “That’s a lot of people” which prompted us to eliminate even more and take turns with only one person in the room. This seemed to do the trick to kick off some more activity.

As Derrick began, we did capture some intriguing phrases such as “They’re watching” in regards to the rest of the team watching on the monitor. There was also a name of “Shannon” given and when asked if Shannon was her name, we heard “I might be.” However, the most interesting moments occurred when an odd light anomaly shown over top of him and moved from side to side. Nothing could have been causing this to come and go like it did, and even when notified of this, he could not see it in the moment.

Julia was the next investigator up as we tried to get a more calming female presence in the room with this spirit. She experienced a few different feelings both of anxiety and calming. When she asked if the spirit felt comfortable with her there, she felt calm and even received answers of “Yes” and “Alright.” Not much time passed after these responses when she would feel an angry presence and even heard screaming and the Walkie Talkie acting up, only on her end. She recorded the word “People” multiple times and when she asked if they are tired of people, she heard a resounding “Yes.”



We continued on our investigation but later into the evening Dan returned to the Canopy Room to conduct his own individual session as the rest of the team watched on the monitor. The Phasma Box immediately gave off answers to his questions of “Is there anyone in the room?” and “How many of you are in here?” with responses of “Yes” and “Just me.” He also captured the phrase of “My name’s Anne.” Later on he heard what sounded like two entities speaking to one another with “I feel sorry now,” “Don’t worry,” and “Let them investigate.” Once he began to wrap up, he heard more warming sentiments after he admired their room calling it lovely, such as “We like him” and “That’s nice of you.”

Derrick spent the night here and we recorded this time and we heard plenty of strange noises as he slept including some banging noises, a few creaks (almost like footsteps), and even a strange blinking light. Dan would have stayed in this room, but there was only one bed. That’s totally the only reason he didn’t sleep in the room with the life-sized Linda Blair Exorcist doll coming out of the closet…




  • We did capture what appeared to be a face in the mirror as we took a moment for a photo opp (Below).



Recorder 1 – Spirit Box:

      • Not much occurred during our time here with all five investigators but at :32, after Dan slowed down the Spirit Box and made mention of it, we heard “Thanks.”



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:

      • Once we broke down to only three investigators, we managed to get more responses beginning with a questioning “Yes?” at :02.
      • We heard “Promise” at :06.
      • After we asked if they hate that there’s three men in their room, we recorded the number “Three” at :39.



Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:

      • Immediately, at :01, we heard “Chris” as he was one of the investigators in the room.
      • “What is happening?” was questioned at :07.
      • We explained that Chris is here, and at :18, we heard “Hi.”
      • “Did you touch me?” was asked at :24 followed by another question of “Why are you in here?” at :32.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:

      • Some unprompted words and oddities were then heard starting with “Respect” at :01 and the phrase of “That’s a lot of people” at :32.
      • A strange noise was captured at :53 which was identified as a trumpet, which would relate to the former owners who would play jazz music in and around the property.
      • We questioned what that noise was and after we mentioned the word trumpet we heard “I’ve been trained” at 1:05.



Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:

      • A little off-putting, “Satan” was captured at :01.



Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:

      • We captured “Collection” at :03 after we talked about the decorations.
      • After asking if they want us to leave, we heard “A lot of people” at :50.
      • Following up, we asked if they want us to go somewhere else and we captured “I can’t.”



Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:

      • There was an odd noise that sounded like a child (or a chicken) at :04.
      • As we made mention that it sounded like a chicken, we heard “That’s a good one” at :11.



Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:

      • Unprompted, we heard “Don’t chase him” at :02, which we’re still not sure what that referenced.
      • At :09, we captured the phrase “There’s another.”



Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:

      • Before we split up, we captured “Champions” at :02, which being from Pittsburgh, we had to own up to.



Recorder 10 – Phasma Box:

      • At this point, we separated and Derrick began his individual session while the group watched from the monitors set up in the Beatnick Room. Starting off with a not so warm welcoming, we captured “Oh, it’s you again” at :07 after he said Hi.
      • Derrick asked if they could tell him their name, and at :21, we heard “I used to live here.”
      • The name “Shannon” came through at :27 so Derrick asked if their name is Shannon. We captured the phrase “I might be” at :30.



Recorder 11 – Phasma Box:

      • Derrick got out the EMF pump and asked that if he can give them more energy, can they move something to which we heard “Try, we’ll see” at :08.
      • “Try” was repeated at :12.
      • After explaining that there are devices they can use to communicate, we heard “These things” at :20 followed by “Thanks” at :30 as if thanking us for giving them the devices to use.
      • At :35, we recorded “Going soon?” so Derrick asked where they are going and at :42, we heard “Office.”
      • “Telephone” could then be heard at :45, possibly referring to the old hotel phone in the lobby area.



Recorder 12 – Phasma Box:

      • In this moment, the group can see a light moving over Derrick, and simultaneously, we heard “Light” at :02.
      • As if not in the mood to answer questions about the light, we captured “Goodbye” at :13 followed by “They’re watching” at :51 as if referring to the group watching on the monitors.
      • Shortly after, at :1:03, there was an echoing scream heard through the device.



Recorder 13 – Phasma Box:

      • After Derrick moved some devices around and moving from the bed, we heard “That did it” at :03.
      • We captured “He died” at :10 followed by the plea of “He made me” at :13.
      • The Walkie Talkie went off with static at :18 even though no one pressed the button and a laugh was heard at :27.



Recorder 14 – Phasma Box:

      • Derrick was walking around the room but sat down after hearing “Please sit” at :05.
      • “Information” was captured at :55 so Derrick asked what this referred to only to hear “Get out” at 1:07.



Recorder 15 – Phasma Box:

      • After he asked if they could shake the bed, we heard a clear “Yes” at :18.
      • Derrick asked if they could say please, and at :48, we heard “Not interested.”
      • Unprompted, we heard “On record” at :52 followed some strange phrases of “Some people die” at 1:00 which lead Derrick to ask who, and at 1:09, we captured “Right there.”



Recorder 16 – Phasma Box:

      • Almost sounding threatening, we heard “He’s coming” at :03.
      • Derrick asked who is coming and heard “Some” at :32.
      • Naturally, Derrick asked what some meant, and we recorded “Community” at :38.



Recorder 17 – Phasma Box:

      • At :04, we intriguingly recorded “I’ll curse you” followed by “Today” at :10.
      • Derrick asked what they meant and captured “That’s what that means” as if mocking him.



Recorder 18 – Phasma Box:

      • After some time, Derrick followed up again asking what that meant, to which we heard “Let me in” at :02.
      • At :32, we captured “He found out” after Derrick welcomed them into the room.
      • Following a few more questions, we heard “Tiring” at :59 as if he had asked too many quesitons.



Recorder 19 – Phasma Box:

      • There was a knocking that could be heard at :02 followed by the phrase “it’s time for sleep” at :07.



Recorder 20 – Phasma Box:

      • We captured “Hey everybody” at :02.
      • Derrick asked who everybody was and we heard “We’re prisoners” at :13.



Recorder 21 – Phasma Box:

      • At :05, we heard “Believe it” followed by “That’s the argument” at :07 as if overhearing some kind of residual communication.
      • “Missing brother” was recorded at :10 which lead to Derrick asking if they have a missing brother to which we heard “Yes” at :22.
      • Right after at :23, as if perturbed, “Go” was heard.



Recorder 22 – Phasma Box:

      • In his last communication in this room, Derrick said that he’ll move on to which we recorded “Yes” at :05.
      • At :15, “Something different” was heard as if telling him and the group to try a different way of communicating.
      • Acknowledging this, Derrick agreed and we heard a response of “Thank you” at :21 followed by “That makes sense” at :25.



Recorder 23 – Phasma Box:

      • At this point, Julia wanted to step up and try her hand at a singular investigation of the room. Being female, she may get different responses.
      • At :03, we heard “People” so Julia asked if they’re tired of people to which we heard a response of “Yes” at :20.



Recorder 24 – Phasma Box:

      • Julia explained that she is only there to be nice and respectful and at :06, we heard “Alright” in a very calm voice.
      • At :19, we captured the question of “Why did he leave me alone?” possibly referring to a long lost love.
      • Julia asked if they felt comfortable with her there and we heard “Yes” at :35.



Recorder 25 – Phasma Box:

      • “Remembrance” was recorded at :01, Julia in turn asked if they said remember. At :09, we heard “Got a letter.”
      • The name “Natalie” was captured at :24 followed by the Walkie Talkie going off at :48.



Recorder 26 – Phasma Box:

      • As if the voice became angry and frustrated, we heard “They’re not nice” at :03 Followed by “I’m annoyed” at :05.



Recorder 27 – Phasma Box:

      • Julia explained that they could talk through the box and asked if they could touch the other one sitting on the chair to which we heard “The box” at :03.
      • At :23, again seemingly annoyed, we captured “We’re going to fight” at :23.
      • Cursing came through the Phasma Box at :28 as we recorded “Fuck you.”



Recorder 28 – Phasma Box:

      • Feeling a like she was pushing too much, Julia once again asked if they felt comfortable with her to which she heard another calming tone of “Yes” at :05.
      • A question seemingly directed at Julia was heard at :27 asking “Are you lightheaded?”
      • Finally, a scream was heard at :39.



Recorder 29 – Phasma Box:

      • After Julia asked if they could make it light up like Derrick before her and we heard “The light” at :03.
      • “The people” was heard at :10 so Julia asked if they could say something more about people to which we heard “Sure” at :22.



Recorder 30 – Phasma Box:

      • Unprompted, at :03, we heard “I want to wake up.”



Recorder 31 – Phasma Box:

      • As Julia wrapped up and began to finish the conversation, “Interesting” was heard at :06.



Recorder 32 – Phasma Box:

      • We made our way out of the room at that point to continue our investigation elsewhere, but later on, Dan returned to conduct an individual Phasma Box session of his own. He immediately opened asking if there was anyone else in the room, and at :06, we heard “Yes, there is.”
      • Dan followed up and asked how many more are in the room with him, and at :16, we captured “Just me.



Recorder 33 – Phasma Box:

      • As Dan continued to ask question, attempting to find out who was there with him, we captured “My name’s Anne” at :10.
      • “Informed” was heard at :29.



Recorder 34 – Phasma Box:

      • Unprompted, “Digitally” was heard at :03.
      • Dan asked where in the room they were, and at :35, we heard “On the roof.”
      • The name “Natalie” was heard at :40 and “Just wait” was recorded at :46.



Recorder 35 – Phasma Box:

      • As if hearing another residual echo, at :01 we heard “This isn’t right” followed by “Oh well” at :05 leading to the Walkie Talkie going off at :18.



Recorder 36 – Phasma Box:

      • It’s as if we could overhear multiple spirits discussing Dan’s intentions as we heard “I feel sorry now” at :05.
      • At :08 this continued as we heard “Don’t worry.”
      • Finally, if they gave in to our intrusion, we recorded “Let them investigate” at :10.



Recorder 37 – Phasma Box:

      • Now feeling unwelcomed, we captured “Your time’s up” at :02.
      • “Go away” followed that at :17.



Recorder 38 – Phasma Box:

      • As if they could tell we were watching in another room, we heard “They’re recording” at :02.



Recorder 39 – Phasma Box:

      • Again, feeling not so welcome, at :02 we heard “Go away.”
      • An odd voice, not through the Phasma Box could be heard at :06 asking “Happy?”
      • Realizing that Dan was alone, we recorded “There’s one of you” at :15.



Recorder 40 – Phasma Box:

      • The unprompted question of “Should we be here?” was heard at :05.
      • A follow up statement of “What, we’re talking” was recorded at :21 as if overhearing another other worldly conversation.
      • The command of “Sit down” was captured at :32.



Recorder 41 – Phasma Box:

      • As if finally, comfortable or possibly referring to Dan’s kindness, we heard “We like him” at :04.
      • Dan commented that he thought their room was lovely and in turn we captured “That’s nice of you” at :12.
      • Before leaving, Dan said his thank you’s and goodbye’s and we captured “That’s really something” at :39.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 1:

      • There wasn’t anything captured here as Derrick feel asleep.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 2:

      • There were a few banging sounds recorded here at :30, :48, and 28:13.
      • Not long after, at 28:21, it sounded like some footsteps and creaking noises.
      • A strange clicking sound at 31:20 was heard followed by another bang at 34:25.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 3:

      • The odd clicking noise was captured at 2:45.
      • More banging sounds occurred multiple times at 4:15, 18:45, 18:48, 18:53, 19:00, and 24:18.
      • Following these sounds, a loud crash could be heard at 28:40 as if something was knocked over, but nothing appeared out of place.
      • Another banging sound was heard at 36:24.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 4:

      • The banging sound persisted and occurred at :01 and 4:33.
      • Clicking could once again be heard at 4:58.
      • A strange blinking light could be seen at 20:13 and continued until 23:00.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 5:

      • There were two more banging sounds at 31:47 and 31:58.



Stationary Camera Sleeping 6:

      • There wasn’t anything captured here as began to stir and wake up.



Third Floor Hallway


In this Third Floor Hallway, there have been a plethora of stories and activity that goes along with it. The most well-known story of the location is that of Martha. She resided and worked in the hotel when it was a brothel. She was standing out on the balcony, which is no longer there during a 4th of July celebration. An error in the fireworks created shrapnel which exploded into her neck and she died rather quickly. There is no written record whether she was a prostitute or not, but upon her death, she was buried in a different graveyard than her family, so it’s assumed that there was some type of rift. On top of that, her tombstone is glamorous, more so than any barmaid or even prostitute would have made, so it’s again assumed that a possible suitor paid for the lavish tombstone. The other story that has been associated with Martha is that upon her immediate death, someone stole her pearl necklace and ran off with it as she was dying. Perhaps this travesty or her sudden death have left her linger in the hotel, walking the hallways and peering out the windows longing for a longer and happier life than she was granted.



There have been other rumors of a former butler or servant who died on the grounds to be walking the halls. He’s typically dressed to the nines in a suit with a tie. In life, he was never quite well received, always a little off it’s said. In death, he’s trying to prove that he’s normal and still belongs amongst the living.

Children have also been seen running the halls and laughing as they go. Their identities are unknown but there’s more than a small possibility that a child died in the hotel in the distant past.



During our time here, we heard footsteps and voices moving throughout the hallway. The Rempod was also activated before noticing some intriguing thermal photographs a pair of phantom feet. While we were here, we also felt compelled to move into the Shakespeare Room where the K2 meter began to go crazy (more on that later).




  • We did spot what appeared to be a pair of feet standing in the hallway with our FLIR thermal camera after the Rempod was alerted and we heard footsteps walking towards us (Below).



Recorder 1 – EVP:

      • In this moment we had the Rempod set up under the window, away from everyone as we began recording, the Rempod was alerted at about :53.
      • We tried to communicate with whoever did this to no avail, but we did begin to hear footsteps at 2:02, followed up by more at 2:23 and 2:36 as if someone was slowly making their way over to us.
      • As these noises occurred, we spun around to take a thermal photograph and captured a pair of cold feet behind us.
      • This was the point we felt almost pulled into the Shakespeare Room.



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:

      • Upon our return to the hallway, we apologized for leaving the area and heard “You’re late” at :02.
      • A demand of “Look at me” was recorded at :19.
      • As we referenced the Phasma Box, we heard “That’s new” at :23.



Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:

      • At :02, we recorded “I can hear” followed by “Necessary” at :18.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:

      • We asked if Martha still has the pearl necklace, and at :07, we heard “Maybe.”
      • Following up, we asked if someone stole the necklace. We recorded “Meal ticket” as if referring to someone stealing the necklace just to sell it for food.



Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:

      • We asked if they hate people coming here trying to talk to them, and we heard “Exactly” at :07.
      • As if hearing her would be suitor, we heard “I would hate losing her” at :16.



Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:

      • “Man” was recorded at :02 as if referencing all the men in the hallway or perhaps Martha’s suitor.
      • We asked if this was the man who bought Martha’s tombstone to which we captured “Wasn’t me” at :17.
      • “That intrigues us” was heard at :39 as if some other spirit(s) was listening in.
      • Two more unprompted and possible residual phrases were then heard before we moved on: “Oh my goodness” at :42 and “Any new tenants?” at :46.



Handheld Camera 1 – Debunking:

      • We made our way from the Tarot Room to the end of the third floor hallway to check out what appeared to be a full body sitting in or behind the chair. However, what we discovered is that the IR light was erratically jumping down the hall creating this shadow.



Handheld Camera 2 – EVP:

      • As we sat down to conduct a simple EVP session, we heard the Rempod go off at :28. The video shows how far away and tucked behind furniture it was at the time.
      • At about 1:35, the first creak can be heard followed by what sounded like footsteps slowly make their way to us as 2:08, 2:42, 3:30, and 3:50.



Shakespeare Room

Not much has been recorded here, but this suite has been decorated in Shakespeare artwork and era memorabilia including some mannequins dressed as the entire cast of Hamlet. Mannequins are much scarier when they are hiding in the back corner of a dark room and your only light source is a flashlight. Regardless, we felt pulled into this room by some unseen force. Here, we received K2 readings off the charts on an innocent-looking chair. However, we tried to debunk this with the nearby WIFI router and computer, but the closer we moved to it, the less the K2 went off. We even removed the cushion from the chair only to reveal that the K2 continued to go off on the cushion and not the chair itself. One explanation, and really the only one we have, is that this is where the cat perched during its lifetime and still does so in the afterlife, even if you move the cushion, it stays there.




  • We managed to take a still photo as the K2 meter was jumping after we put it on the chair (Below).



Recorder 1 – EVP:

      • There was nothing out of the ordinary heard here.



Handheld Camera 1 – K2:

      • As we moved into the room, we set the K2 meter down on the chair and noticed it jumped at :50.
      • Once Dan entered the room, at about 1:28, the K2 dropped back down, so naturally we made him leave.
      • At about 3:15, right after Dan leaves, the K2 jumps again followed by a large spike at about 3:40.



Handheld Camera 2 – Cell Phone K2:

      • The K2 can be seen jumping sporadically as we attempt to move the cushion and figure out if there is some kind of electrical interference, which we could not find nor debunk this proof in this area.



Handheld Camera 3 – Cell Phone K2:

      • The K2 dies down as Dan enters the room.



Handheld Camera 4 – Cell Phone K2:

      • The K2 jumps once more as Dan leaves the room.



Monitoring System

We had our stationary camera set up to capture anything in our monitoring system. This system had stationary cameras hardwired into it and were placed in the Bar Room (Top Left), The Canopy Room (Bottom Left), the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right), and the Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right). These areas did seem to provide some paranormal evidence and anomalies throughout the night. We broke each camera out between some screen shots we captured and the entire video segment (approximately 38 minute running time each).


Stationary Camera 1 – Monitors:

      • The Third Floor Hall (Bottom Right) was quite active at first, there were flashing light anomalies at 2:16 and 2:32.
      • There was another moment in the same Third Floor Hall (Bottom Right) where a light was seen hovering in front of the camera then moving upward over it at 4:58.
      • A shadow moved across the hallway of the Third Floor Hall (Bottom Right) at 9:33 (Screenshot Below) followed by a light anomaly at 15:47.
      • The Bar (Top Left) showed an odd light at 23:20.



Stationary Camera 2 – Monitors:

      • The light in the Bar (Top Left) appeared again here at 1:50 followed by a light that flashed at 3:50 (Screenshot Below).
      • The Third Floor Hall (Bottom Right) showed a strange light moving across the screen at 19:56.
      • Another light anomaly shifted on the screen in the Third Floor Hall (Bottom Right) at 37:52.



Stationary Camera 3 – Monitors:

      • The Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) appeared to be quite active with a few lights moving sporadically seen at :27, 1:25, and 11:10.
      • There was an odd streaking light which appeared in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 15:30 (Screenshot Below).

      • A similar light appeared on the Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) as if moving up the stairs from the Second Floor Hallway at 23:30.



Stationary Camera 4 – Monitors:

      • Activity seemingly picked up during this time, beginning with a flashing light in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left) at :57.
      • The Bar (Top Left) had an odd flashing light at 2:20.
      • In the Canopy Room (Bottom Left), there were a few moments of flashing lights at 2:55, 3:07, 3:20, 3:25, 3:35, 6:35, and 8:09 – none of which could be explained (Screenshot Below).


      • There appeared to be a shadow moving down the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 9:08.
      • Again, in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left), we noticed lights moving at 10:40 followed by a door slamming sound at 16:17, and then another light flashing at 19:30.
      • The Canopy Room (Bottom Left) once again showed two light flashes at 22:02 and 36:59.



Stationary Camera 5 – Monitors:

      • The Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) appeared to pick up in activity at this point. We did manage to debunk a few anomalies as dust and people walking through the hallway but there were other moments with light anomalies that were unexplainable beginning at 2:50 and continuing to 6:35, 12:20, and 12:59.
      • The Canopy Room (Bottom Left) then showed some light anomalies at 15:00 and 15:12.
      • We then noticed the Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) pick up once again with light movements at 16:08 and 19:07 followed by a pair of double light at 19:42 (Screenshot Below) and flashing lights at 21:24.




Stationary Camera 6 – Monitors:

      • Later on here, the Third Floor Hallway became very active with lights moving and flashing lights but to start with, at 7:30, there was a light anomaly in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left).
      • A plethora of light activity picked up in the Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) and began at 12:09 and continued at 12:30 until the lights began flashing at 19:18 and again at 23:08 (Screenshot Below). These lights began to dim and move again at 23:58, 25:29 and 38:09.




Stationary Camera 7 – Monitors:

      • The Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right) continued to produce activity as we recorded lights at 7:14 and 8:24.
      • There was an odd bright light that moved in front of the camera in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 8:46 (Screenshot Below).

      • After this, the Canopy Room (Bottom Left) appeared to begin to pick up activity with light movement at 9:30, 9:49, 10:29, 11:55, 12:29, and 14:01.
      • There was another pair of lights as we saw earlier in the night in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 14:32.
      • A large light anomaly streaked across the screen back in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left) at 15:42 and again at 17:10.
      • At 18:03, there were flashing lights in the Third Floor Hallway (Bottom Right).
      • The Canopy Room (Bottom Left) then picked up large, bright lights at 18:24 and 18:42 which ultimately split into a pair of lights at 19:33.
      • There appeared to be a strange shadow moving in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 20:22 (Screenshot Below).


      • Back in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left) flashing lights began to pick up at 22:23.
      • Blinking lights appeared in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at 22:58 followed by a streaking light at 26:15.
      • A large light appeared in the Canopy Room (Bottom Left) at 33:35 only to dim at 35:57 and finally blink at 37:08.



Stationary Camera 8 – Monitors:

      • As things began to die down, we still recorded a little activity such as the streaking lights in the Second Floor Hallway (Top Right) at :58 (Screenshot Below).


      • The Bar (Top Left) showed a few odd lights at 4:40 and 5:54 to end the night.



After a complete review of all of our evidence retained from our overnight paranormal investigation at the Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA, we confidently feel that we experienced and recorded a large amount of paranormal activity in multiple rooms throughout the hotel. Most of these experiences occurred through our devices like the Spirit Box and Phasma Box but others were more organic like hearing footsteps and scratching and knocking noises. We did experience some odd sensations in both the Canopy Room as well as the Kitchen, but aside from those two areas there didn’t seem to be much of a change to the energy throughout the building.



The most active locations throughout the hotel, based on our experiences, include the Canopy Room, the Third Floor Hallway, and the Tarot Room. The Canopy Room was the only area to truly feel different than the rest of the hotel but noises were heard in all three rooms. These noises varied from scratching noises right outside the Tarot Room to knocking sounds in the Canopy Room to footsteps heard clearly in the Third Floor Hallway.

Verbal communication was captured via Phasma Box and Spirit Box in all three areas. However, the Third Floor Hallway felt much more welcoming as did the Tarot Room. The Canopy Room varied sporadically between calm to angry and annoyed very quickly When there were all five investigators in this room we did not receive much communication but when we narrowed it down to three men, we received a little more. When we finally did individual sessions in the Canopy Room, the spirits seemed much more receptive to communication but were much more welcoming toward our female, Julia.

Our electrical devices were activated multiple times during our investigation, including the Walkie Talkies which seemed to give a static buzz individually even though they were on the same exact frequency. The Rempod was alerted, both buzzing and lighting up for a period in the Third Floor Hallway as if something/someone was standing/sitting close-by. The K2 also was very active, especially in the Third Floor Hallway leading into the Shakespeare Room.



There seemed to be multiple energies and spirits throughout the Grand Midway Hotel, and even though the only true written historical death is that of Martha, we felt like there were other spirits here, in particular another woman in the Canopy Room as well as a more dominant voice almost overseeing that area. This could have been Martha’s suitor or the old housekeeper who was said to perish here. In the Tarot Room, it seemed like there were a plethora of spirits around, especially after we invited anyone and everyone to the area with us. It’s hard to pinpoint just one but they did seem to be very talkative and inquisitive, as well as protective of their books.

After spending an entire night, including sleeping in the Grand Midway Hotel in Windber, PA, and analyzing our gathered recordings and videos we can confidently conclude that the historic hotel is in fact a host to a plethora of spirits throughout the building. Some of our sessions during our investigation revealed a few names while others revealed their intentions and personalities. The FLIR thermal imaging camera captured some footprints to help solidify our recordings and physical experiences while our flash photography helped shore up some of the stories of the faces in the mirror in the Canopy Room.



With so many different energies in the Grand Midway Hotel, it’s hard to pinpoint just one or two spirits left over to roam for all eternity. However, we do believe that we captured the otherworldly phenomenon related directly to Martha in the Third Floor Hallway, an unnamed entity (even though we gathered a few names in Anne, Natalia, and Shannon) in the Canopy Room as well as a more protective masculine presence, possibly that of Martha’s suitor, and a gathering of multiple spirits in the Tarot Room used almost as a gathering spot under the Universe Tarot Card. Whichever way you look at it, we believe it’s safe to assume that the still active and operable Grand Midway Hotel is also the home to unnatural and spiritual entities which still consider this old building their eternal home. WE WILL DEFINITELY BE BACK.








The investigative team of Iron City Paranormal would like to thank Blair Murphy for being an excellent host and for creating such a wonderful exhibition of art and oddities at the Grand Midway Hotel. It felt like home to us.

We would also like to thank the residents of the Grand Midway Hotel for respecting our process for collecting evidence of the paranormal throughout the night. They showed us a great deal of respect and for that we are grateful.

We all felt the power and passionate energy throughout the building. We also believe we were able to provide a voice for those who have lost the ability to speak for themselves.

We hope to one day re-engage with the spirits and wonderful (living) people of the Grand Midway Hotel.

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