Blennerhassett Island – Investigation

Blennerhassett Island

October 24, 2020

Lubeck, WV



The secluded island tucked away along the Ohio River, between Ohio and West Virginia, has an ambiance as though it was lost to time. The recreated Blennerhassett Mansion stands tall overlooking the eastern side of the island while trails and woods surround the remaining structures, most in their original state, even if they were transplanted to the island from its original foundation across the river. The island holds tales of fresh starts and happiness during the early years when the Blennerhassett’s purchased the island but tends to hold more stories of dread, misfortune, and death stretching from Native American battles and deaths to the Blennerhassett’s’ children’s’ tragic death and their unfortunate downfall and swift removal from the island only after six years of ownership.

Before America was flooded by settlers, the Native American tribe of the Shawnee had occupied this land. During their time there, they developed burial mounds and ritualistic sites across the island. They met their demise at the hands of a rival tribe of the Delaware who wiped the Shawnee out, burying the dead in mass graves throughout the island. As fate would ironically have it, this Delaware tribe would also meet their end in a similar fashion upon the settlers’ arrival to the island. They too were slaughtered and hastily buried in shallow mass graves. In time, as the floods would consume the island, many of these fallen Native Americans’ remnants would wash up on land and be forced to the grounds’ surface after mother nature’s devastation.



After the Native Americans were forced out, a European slave trader named Captain James set up a permanent encampment and way point for the slaves around the year 1792. Not long after, in 1798, the wealthy Blennerhassett family arrived on the island with the intent of purchasing it and constructing a grand mansion. In the interim, they were graciously housed by the captain, what was then a quickly constructed block house in the nearby woodland. After only six years on the island and losing their two-year-old daughter to an undocumented disease and rumored to be buried somewhere on the island, the Blennerhassetts were forced out of their home and striped of their wealth and reputation after a devastating and disparaging alliance with Aaron Burr. Soldiers ransacked their home and ultimately burnt it down sending the family to scatter, namely toward New York City.

Long after the island was named a state park, Margaret and her son Harman’s remains were returned to Blennerhassett island to be properly buried behind their reconstructed mansion. The island has long seen tragedies reoccur on the island, even dating to recent times where a groundskeeper fell off a dock to his death and a man committed suicide on the nearby bridge and actually landed on the island. Not to say that the island is cursed, but if you’ve ever watched horror movies, you know those Native American burial grounds are nothing to trifle with.



What brought us to the island are the multitude of stories which surely have stemmed from even the original Native American residents’ time there. Strange appearances of Native Americans have been seen, dating all the way back the Blennerhassetts. This has been said to be attributed to the mass amount of burial grounds and bodies that have been found here. These apparent apparitions have been seen in both full figured form which disappear through tree lines, as well as shadow form peering out from behind trees and buildings. Similarly, chanting and hymns have been heard by guests and employees alike. These noises have never been tracked down, albeit attempted.

Other strange sightings have been seen more along the lines of the actual Blennerhassets. An older woman in a white dress has been noted on numerous occasions wondering aimlessly through the island crying incessantly. This has been said to be Margaret mourning the loss of her two-year-old daughter, Maggie. She and Maggie both have been storied to still reside in the mansion itself. Maggie has been seen and heard running through the halls and giggling. She’s also been said to play with her toys as well as any offered to her by visitors. Younger guests, most likely closer to her age have asked their parents and tour guides who the little girl is playing behind the fenced in rooms, probably more jealous of them than terrified. Margaret has also been notably seen in her bedroom window staring out into nothingness, awaiting her long-lost family, and mourning the loss of her home.



This was an experience we have never been a part of: camping and ghost hunting. This was all thanks to the wonderful ladies of Hidden Marietta. This has been our fourth investigation with them, and we have enjoyed these investigations a great deal thanks to their kindness, hospitality, and generosity. Being that this was just as much a camping trip as it was a paranormal one, we had to think a little differently, and almost back to our roots. We packed a little lighter (at least on the investigation side of things) and more mobile. We didn’t bring our hardwired cameras and tripods. We based most things on our recordings and handheld camera. Around 3:30 PM, we arrived at Point Park in Parkersburg, WV to catch the ferry to truly be secluded from the rest of the world. The ferry departed around 4:00 PM, and naturally we had to keep lighthearted and goofy as we posed looking for our own Heart of the Ocean (in the Ohio River). We survived, unlike Jack, unpacked our camping equipment, and jumped right into the tour of the Blennerhassett Mansion followed by an enjoyable horse drawn carriage ride around the island, hearing stories of both historical and paranormal value along the way.

We packed up our vests with mobile equipment and made our way to our first location around 7:30 PM. We took advantage of the camping opportunity and stayed the entire night, investigating until about 3:00 AM and sleeping on the Native American burial grounds (because why not?).

Throughout moments of the investigation, we were joined by a few of the members of Hidden Marietta. Throughout the evening, we used different equipment in different locations mainly based on our distance from our camp and the rest of the equipment and the amount we could carry. We had two handheld cameras, one recorder, one K2 meter, one SB7 Spirit Box, one Phasma Box, one Rempod, one Ovilus, one FLIR thermal image camera, two IR lights, one EMF pump, and our pack of light up balloons. We did not even attempt any hardwired cameras or monitoring system, nor did we utilize any type of stationary camera. Being that we were in and out, mainly outside, we did not bother with the temperature gauge or laser grid pen.

During our night on the Blennerhassett Island, we believe that we experienced numerous oddities and occurrences that we would consider paranormal. These things that occurred have simply no scientific grounds or explanations. As we toured, namely the mansion, we felt different sensations like a pins and needles feeling in the lower back and neck and the sixth sense of someone just walking up behind you and watching you in both the Walnut Room and outside Margaret’s Bedroom. While we weren’t allowed inside these rooms during our investigation due the historical value and sensitivity to many of the furniture and decorations, we were allowed to sit outside the rooms to investigate but we were allowed to be inside during the tour, which we are grateful for that opportunity.



We did capture a little photographic evidence via both our flash photography and the FLIR thermal imaging. However, the majority of our evidence was captured through the recorder and handheld camera. Some of these were simple EVP recordings, like at the Block House, while others were based off of Spirit Box and Phasma Box communication, like in Margaret’s Bedroom, the Nursery, the Walnut Room, and the Hanging Tree.

One of the odder scenarios occurred as we were completing our investigation and heading back to the camp. After we investigated Ed’s Dock, we gathered up our gear. One piece that we didn’t check for was our hand-held camera. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the opportunity to use it as it had begun raining before our trek to the Hanging Tree. But because of this, we clearly remembered carrying it around for no practical reason. As we neared the camp site, we checked for the camera, but it was not on any of us, not our pockets, vests, anywhere. We headed back to the Hanging Tree, thinking we set it down there. As we walked back, we scanned the pathway side to side with our flashlights. It was not at the Hanging Tree so we headed to Ed’s Dock. We once again checked the pathway as we worked our way toward the dock. It was nowhere to be found. Our last resort was that we might have left it at the camp site, but as we walked, we spotted the shimmer of the silver casing of the camera right on the pathway we just came from! This was one of the stranger occurrences we’ve really ever experienced. The question of why and how the camera just disappeared the reappeared still sits in the back of our minds.

According to our personal experiences and evidence gathered, we believe there were multiple active locations throughout the island during our investigation. Inside the Blennerhassett Mansion, Margaret’s Bedroom, the Nursery, and the Walnut Room appeared to be highly active. Outside throughout the island, the former Blockhouse location and the Hanging Tree were both active during our time there. We captured voice communication at all of these locations and even a few odd photos including one thermal image of something almost laying on top of one of the investigators as well as another in the woods which appears to be something peering out from behind a tree. In those same woods, we heard footsteps and felt like we were being watched from a distance. We had some consistent Rempod activity in Margaret’s Bedroom telling us who was in the room and when they wanted us to leave.



We have reviewed and analyzed the recordings, videos, and pictures (both flash photography and thermal) from our overnight investigation of the Blennerhassett Island. Below, we have attached these moments where we believe we captured paranormal evidence and labeled them accordingly. After you listen to the recordings, watch the videos, and look through the photographs, please feel free to reach out and let us know your opinions.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Former Blockhouse

 Out in the woods, just off the gravel pathway, are where there have been countless bones dug up and have been said to be ancient burial grounds by the Native Americans. A shed, near this location, was actually built on the third attempt after the construction crews dug up bones and artifacts previously. Here, where the Blennerhassets were taken in by Captain James, the slave runner. Some stories have told of shadows darting in and out of the tree line while others have described vividly Native Americans dressed in their old animal skins walking amongst the trees, sometimes chanting sometimes just wandering the woods, but disappearing if they are followed no matter the occurrence.

This was our first location we explored after our tours. We walked past the stables and barn on our right and came upon the signage for the old Blockhouse. We set up just a little way beyond that into the wooded area and recorded an EVP session. As we proceeded, we captured a few anomalies on the FLIR thermal camera and heard some footsteps trampling through the tree line away from us. After we played the recording back, we heard what sounded like a deep breath after the horses whined in the background. A little past this moment, we heard those footsteps captured on recordings as we were standing still looking through our cameras, we clearly heard a pair of footsteps shuffling through the fallen leaves.




  • Looking out into the wooded area, there seemed to be a figure poking its leg and body out around the tree line as we conducted an EVP session.



  • Our FLIR thermal imaging camera seemed to capture what appeared to be footsteps moving in and out of the tree line all around us.



Recording 1 – EVP:


  • Right after we heard horses being disturbed and whinnying in the field behind us, we heard a heavy breathing at :15.



Recording 2 – EVP:


  • There were footsteps that were clearly not ours and off in the distance at :20.



Handheld Video 1:

  • At :12, the breathing can be heard.
  • The footsteps that we heard after we stopped moving occurred at 3:56.



Margaret’s Bedroom

Even though the original house sat quite a bit lower to the ground (this reconstructed version was raised to avoid the floodplain), Margaret and Maggie have both been encountered here. Maggie has been heard giggling and running around the room and playing with electronics and random toys left in the room, like any two-year-old child would do. Margaret has been physically seen, both from inside and outside, watching longingly out the window. She has also been seen in sitting in her makeup chair only while you look into the mirror. Footsteps seem to be a quite common occurrence echoing from this room, especially when no one else is in the building and employees and visitors can hear the creaking of floorboards.



We believe that we experienced one of these two spirits practically sneaking up on us while we were on the tour. As we returned here to investigate, we recorded, and videotaped, plenty of Rempod activity and voices thanks to our Phasma Box. One of the more compelling moments was when we were wrapping up, we asked if they wanted us to leave which is when the Rempod went off for a final time as if they signified, they were leaving. When we didn’t leave right away, we heard the question “Are you still going?”




  • Even though we thought we captured something odd in these pictures, we were able to debunk them as simple, albeit strange, reflections of the candles throughout the room.



  • We have attached a screenshot of the Rempod being alerted.



  • Looking through our FLIR thermal images we also caught an oddity as we were sitting on the floor here.



Recording 1 – EVP:


  • After we asked if someone was with us, the Rempod lit and sounded at :09.



Recording 2 – EVP:


  • The Rempod once again was alerted at :12 following us asking if they like having people here.



Recording 3 – EVP:


  • We asked if they could touch the Rempod again and, at :09, it was alerted.



Recording 4 – EVP:


  • As we began to start up the Phasma Box, at :04, the Rempod was alerted as if whoever was with us was excited.



Recording 5 – Phasma Box:


  • At :04, after we asked if they could speak into the screen, we captured “Someone.”
  • We asked if this was Maggie or Margaret or someone else and heard “Watch me” at :23.
  • “A child” was captured at :31 followed by “Pretty young” at :48.
  • At 1:00, “Shouldn’t be” was recorded.



Recording 6 – Phasma Box:


  • We asked if they wanted us to leave and the Rempod went off at :07.
  • After the Rempod was alerted, we asked for them to be clear and if that going off meant that they want us to leave, and at :40, we heard “That’s what we said.”



Recording 7 – Phasma Box:


  • Viva, from Hidden Marietta, entered the room and we were describing our experiences to her to that point. She asked if we mentioned Margaret nearly getting shot in that room, and we heard “They’re out there” at :08, as if still referring to the soldiers keeping her imprisoned in her room.
  • We then spoke of the mirror in her room which some have seen her reflection in, and at :45, we captured “Don’t.”
  • Finally, Viva mentioned Aaron Burr in reference to an investigation of the Blue Room, and without hesitation, at 1:08 the Rempod was alerted followed by “I can’t stand him.”



Recording 8 – Phasma Box:


  • Being that we already told them we were leaving but dragged our feet, we recorded “Are you still going?” at :02 followed by “Leave” at :09.
  • “Little girl” was then heard at :27, “Found a baby” at :32, and “Pretty accurate” at :36.
  • As if in a response to those previous phrases, we captured “I’m sad” at :45.



Recording 9 – Phasma Box:


  • We felt something walk up behind us, including Viva who was still with us. As we spun around to shine a light down the hall, we heard “Light” at :03.
  • We mentioned that we wanted to head toward the Nursery, and “Leave” was then heard at :15.
  • The Rempod was then alerted at :41 as if trying to push us out of the room.



Recording 10 – Phasma Box:


  • We recorded a forceful “Leave” at :04.
  • As Derrick went to reach for the Rempod, Dan joked claiming that he was too short. At :16, we heard them mocking us repeating “You are short.”
  • We spun around to leave the room but took a moment longer to stare at the mirror and recorded “Stop looking at me” at :31.



Handheld Camera 1 – EVP:


  • After we asked if someone was with us, the Rempod lit and sounded at :01.



Handheld Camera 2 – EVP:


  • Somehow, the camera shut off without us knowing but we managed to turn it back on in time to catch another Rempod activity which occurred at :48 after we asked if they could move or touch something.



Handheld Camera 3 – Phasma Box:


  • “Someone” was heard at 2:35 after we asked if they could speak into the screen.
  • After we asked if this was Maggie or Margaret or someone else, we heard “Watch me” at 2:54, “A child” at 3:02, and “Pretty young” at 3:19.
  • “Shouldn’t be” was recorded at 3:31.
  • The Rempod was alerted at 3:43 as we asked if they wanted us to leave.
  • We then asked for them to be clear and if they want us to leave, and at 4:16, we captured “That’s what we said.”
  • From Hidden Marietta, Viva entered the room and we described our experiences to her. She then asked if we mentioned Margaret nearly getting shot there, and we heard “They’re out there” at 4:59.
  • We spoke of the mirror which some have seen her reflection in, and at 3:52, we recorded “Don’t.”
  • Viva mentioned Aaron Burr in reference to the Blue Room, and at 5:59 the Rempod went off and we heard “I can’t stand him.”
  • We dragged our feet leaving and we recorded “Are you still going?” at 6:13 and “Leave” at 6:20.
  • We then heard “Little girl” at 6:38, “Found a baby” at 6:43, and “Pretty accurate” at 6:47.
  • In response to those phrases, we captured “I’m sad” at 6:56 just then, we felt something walk up behind us at 7:23.
  • We spun to shine a light down the hall and heard “Light” at 7:39.
  • We said we wanted to head to the Nursery, and “Leave” was heard at 7:51.
  • The Rempod was alerted at 7:57 as if trying to get us out of the room.




 This reconstructed Nursery is a direct representation of Maggie’s original playroom. Here, where her play toys sit along side a baby doll in a rocking chair and her formal dress is laid out on her bed, little Maggie is said to still play. Laughter and footsteps of a little girl is said to echo out of this small area. Some tour groups have claimed to see Maggie’s bed fall and rise as if someone unseen is sitting then standing.



While running our Phasma Box in the Nursery, we recorded a few names and phrases that related directly to our questions. We also smelled a scent of smoke. Not that of tobacco smoke or even fire pit smoke from earlier in the night but rather a thick, heavy smell. Later on, directly relating to this sensation we heard words like “Smoke” and “Destruction.”




  • We didn’t capture anything out of the ordinary here and debunked what appeared to be a handprint on the doorway, but as it was warm, we concluded that it was someone’s handprint rather than something out of the ordinary.



  • There were similar lights captured here that we also managed to debunk as strange reflections.



Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:


  • As we asked if Maggie was with us, we heard “That’s our language” at :01.
  • We blew up our light up balloon in hopes of giving Maggie another toy and move it on camera. After we explained that they may play and move the balloon, we recorded a question of “Why’d you put that?” at :30.



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:


  • Once we asked if they could tell us their name, we recorded “Alive and well” at :07 followed by “I live with a dog” at :13.
  • “Hershel” was captured as in response to that same question at :26.
  • Dan’s name was heard repeated back to him after we introduced ourselves at :49.



Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:


  • We asked if they could give us a sign, and at :05, we heard “Yes.”
  • After we told them to move something or knock on something, we recorded a question of “Who wants to know?” at :15.
  • “Dan” was then heard at :50 followed by what sounded like a train whistle at :59.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:


  • The phrase of “She’s down there” was heard at :05 and “The couch” at :18.
  • Right around :25 we began to smell a burning scent. At :35, we then heard “Destruction” as if referencing the burning down of the original mansion.
  • “Ask me” was then recorded at :40.



Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:


  • After one of our guests asked if they smoke, Derrick took that as if she was asking us, and responded no. However, her question was misdirected, and we heard “Oh, me?” through the Phasma Box at :08.
  • With an odd sounding voice, we mentioned that we didn’t know if that was actually Maggie. In turn, we heard “It is” at :18.
  • The noise of a piano playing was captured at :42, so we asked if they were having a party to which we heard “By ourselves” at :55.



Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:


  • Again, we smelled smoke and made mention that we wanted to know what that smell was. We then heard “Smoke” at :10.



Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:


  • We asked them to touch the device (Rempod) and heard “Watching” at :12 followed by “Watching us” at :14.
  • “My name’s Anne” was then recorded at :28.
  • We were told to “Go outside” at :34.



Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:


  • The name “Margaret” was heard at :05 and “Look on the bed” at :08.
  • After we asked if they are on the bed, we captured “Could be on the camera” at :17.
  • As in response, we explained that we were hoping to catch something on the camera we’re using and we recorded “It’s me” at :42.
  • After we saw the dress laying out on the bed, we asked if they could put the dress on, and as if in disgust, we heard the question of “Really?” at 1:06.



Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:


  • We began to wrap up and explained we were going to leave. At :04, we heard “Next week” as if they wanted us to return at a later time.
  • After we turned off the Phasma Box, we captured a phrase of “Someone come back” at :23 almost if they were going to be lonely.



Handheld Camera 1 – Phasma Box:


  • We asked if Maggie was with us and heard “That’s our language” at :13.
  • We gave Maggie another toy with our blow up balloon and hoped she could move it on camera. We explained that they may play and move the balloon, and recorded a question of “Why’d you put that?” at :40.
  • We asked if they could tell us their name and recorded “Alive and well” at 1:33, “I live with a dog” at 1:40, and “Hershel” at 1:53.
  • Dan’s name was heard repeated to him at 2:16.
  • We asked if they could give us a sign, and heard “Yes” 2:32.
  • We told them to move or knock on something, we heard “Who wants to know?” at 2:42.
  • “Dan” was heard at 3:17 followed by the sound of a train whistle at 3:26.
  • “She’s down there” was recorded at 3:52 and “The couch” at 4:05.
  • Around 4:12 we smelled a burning scent. At 4:22, we heard “Destruction” as if referencing the burning of the original mansion, followed by “Ask me” at 4:27.
  • After a guest asked if they smoke, Derrick thought she was asking us, and responded no. However, her question was misdirected, and we heard “Oh, me?” at 5:10.
  • Hearing an odd voice, we said we didn’t know if that was Maggie. We then heard “It is” at 5:20 and the sound of a piano playing at 5:44.
  • We asked if they were having a party and heard “By ourselves” at 5:57.
  • We smelled smoke again and mentioned we wanted to know what that smell was and heard “Smoke” at 6:37.
  • We asked them to touch the Rempod then heard “Watching” at 7:34 and “Watching us” at 7:41.
  • “My name’s Anne” was recorded at 7:50 then we heard “Go outside” at 7:56.
  • “Margaret” was heard at 8:07 and “Look on the bed” at 8:10.
  • We asked if they are on the bed and heard “Could be on the camera” at 8:19.
  • We explained we were hoping to catch something on the camera and recorded “It’s me” at 8:44.
  • We saw the dress on the bed and asked if they could put it on. As if in disgust, we heard “Really?” at 9:08.
  • We explained we were going to leave and at 9:36, we heard “Next week” as if they wanted us to return later.
  • We turned the Phasma Box off and captured “Someone come back” at 9:55.



Blue Room

 In this sitting room that was more often than not intended for females after a meal, there have been footsteps heard pacing back and forth and even mists seen moving throughout the room. We were told that another group recently heard verbal responses when the name of Aaron Burr was brought up.



On our original EVP session, we didn’t capture much of anything, and when we were there, we didn’t believe we caught anything on our Spirit Box either. However, upon reviewing the data, we did manage to record a few phrases along with the smell of smoke once again.




  • There was nothing out of the ordinary captured here.



Recorder 1 – EVP:


  • We did not capture anything here.



Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:


  • As Derrick struggled to get back up on his feet, he used Dan to prop himself up. Dan jokingly asked if he could help him. What we didn’t expect to hear was a response to this in the form of “No” at :11 and “Shut up” at :17.



Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:


  • Just after we smelled smoke once again, we heard “Go” at :07.



Handheld Video 1:


  • We did not capture anything here.



Handheld Video 2:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary caught here.



Walnut Room

 This room is not typically open to the public as the entire room, from floor to ceiling, is coated in an expensive and exquisite walnut finish. We were lucky enough to be allowed to walk through this room during our tour. This room is a sitting room where the men would congregate after meals or during parties. However, stories tell of Maggie running and playing in this area. Her toys have been found here on occasion even though they typically rest in her Nursey upstairs.



As we toured, we felt something different in this area. We felt the pins and needles on our back much like that from Margaret’s Bedroom. Even though we weren’t allowed in the room to investigate, we still managed to capture a few voices and had our K2 meter jump on occasion here.




  • We have a screenshot of the K2 meter going off.



  • This was another location where we originally thought we captured some odd lights but again were able to to debunk this as odd reflections.



Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:


  • Right away, we heard a greeting of “Hey there” at :01 followed by an odd phrase of “Weirdly attractive” at :15.
  • We attempted to ask if anyone was in here and heard “Sometimes” at :23.
  • As if they knew we were not accustomed to being there, we heard “You don’t belong” at :42.



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:


  • Derrick began to get up to take photos and, at :03, we captured “Stand still.”
  • We asked if Margaret or Maggie were in this room to which we heard a masculine voice say “Johnny” at :18.



Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:


  • The K2 lit up just as we heard “Hi there” at :02.
  • “Dan” was recorded at :07 followed by “Please stop” at :38.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:


  • With our devices sitting on the floor, we heard “So much stuff” at :01 so we decided to remove some of it as if it was overwhelming.
  • Following that, we captured “Cut it out” at :18.
  • Just then, the K2 went off again.



Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:


  • As we began to wrap up in this room, we recorded “Time consuming” at :04.
  • Derrick got up but was instructed to “Stay on the floor” at :07.
  • After we began to turn off our tools, we heard some laughter at :12.



Handheld Camera 1:


  • We didn’t capture the first phrase on the camera but did turn it on in time to hear “Weirdly attractive” at :03.
  • We asked if anyone was here and heard “Sometimes” at :10 followed by “You don’t belong” at :30.
  • As Derrick got up to take photos, at :51, we heard “Stand still.”
  • We asked if Margaret or Maggie were here and heard “Johnny” at 1:06.
  • The K2 lit up at 2:26 and we heard “Hi there” at 2:55.
  • “Dan” was heard at 3:00 and “Please stop” at 3:31.
  • We heard “So much stuff” at 4:14 with all our devices laying around so we removed some of it then captured “Cut it out” at 4:31.
  • The K2 meter then went off again at 4:41.
  • As we finished up, we heard “Time consuming” at 6:22.
  • Derrick began to get up but was told to “Stay on the floor” at 6:25.
  • After we turned off most of the tools, we heard laughter at 6:30.



Neale House

 The ruins that remain of this old house stand behind a barbed wire fence as the entire structure could crumble at any moment. Recently, construction crews who were inside the building found metal shackles in the basement hinting toward sinister tales. George Neale Jr. constructed the building in 1832 ad lived there until the 1890’s. He was a simple businessman who loved the wilderness, at least that’s how history tells of him and the building. With the discovery of those shackles, rumors or torture and underground slave trades began to surface. Slavery was abolished but some southern patriots felt that there was still a place for them in this country. There has never been a written word on this house being a haven for slave owners or even that George Neale Jr. mistreated his servants here, but those are the legends that have began to creep up in recent times.



Nothing of note has been recorded in this area, however, the old brick structure has a certain feel and ambiance that just doesn’t feel quite right. We didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary aside from a strange noise in the distance that strangely didn’t get picked up on our recorder or video camera. Still, the area felt very strange and creepy but did hold an odd macabre beauty to it.




  • Even though we couldn’t locate the shackles, we took plenty of pictures of the beautiful old brick house, or at least the remainder of it.



Recorder 1 – EVP:


  • There wasn’t much to note here, but around 1:15, we can be heard reacting to a sound that was not recorded. It sounded like a shriek from off in the distance when we were standing there in the darkness.



Handheld Camera 1:


  • The video shows the size of the property and the barbed wire around the house itself, but we didn’t capture much more. Just like in the recording, we reacted to the noise around 1:06, but the noise itself could not be heard.



Hanging Tree


This was an area that was not well known to us. We must have passed by this location about three times during our time here before finding out exactly what it was. Resting just beyond the famous Native American Chief Nemacolin’s resting ground, this crooked tree reaching out over the pathway definitely holds an odd feel. Even just walking by it tends to make you look up as if something were in the tree. There aren’t many tales from this location, at least none that we’re aware of, but we wanted to take a crack at this spot regardless. Typically, and from our experience, areas where many people perished and ones that were basically killing grounds hold a lot of energy.



We didn’t necessarily feel anything different or out of the ordinary here, but it was cold and it would have been hard to tell as it was. We did hear some voices and recorded even more but this is where we believed we left our handheld camera which turned up later on in the evening (morning) on the trail which we passed by multiple times.




  • We did not see much irregular in these photographs, but there was an odd FLIR thermal image which showed a cold shadow behind the tree.



Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:


  • Once we began, we immediately recorded the phrase “Too late” at :01.
  • We explained that we were using a Phasma Box to speak with them to which we heard the response of “Phasma Box?” at :09.
  • After Dan touched the tree, we recorded “Back up” at :15.
  • As we tried to explain that the device can help them speak, at :23 we captured “Trying.”



Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:


  • We heard “So alone” at :02 after we asked who was out there.
  • At :28, we recorded the phrase “Get back” after we moved closer to the tree.
  • “Nemacolin” was captured at :38 as we stood close to the field where Chief Nemacolin was said to be buried.
  • We attempted to get names out of them and heard what sounded like “We’re killed” at :53.



Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:


  • As Karita, from Hidden Marietta, reached out and touched the Hanging Tree, we recorded her name repeated at :06 and :13.
  • “Walk away” was heard not coming through the Phasma Box but rather just on the recorder at :43.



Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:


  • After we began to joke around that Karita was now friends with them, we heard “Leave” at :03 as if we were not being respectful.
  • Once again, we asked for their names, but in this same tone we heard “Asshole” followed by a scream at :24.



Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:


  • Trying to gain their respect back, we mentioned that it’s a beautiful area and that there was something special about this tree. At :01, we heard “That tree’s something” as if they were agreeing with us.
  • At :10, we recorded “Take a walk” as if they were nicely telling us to leave.
  • Laughter was captured at :32 followed by “Stupid” at 1:02 after we joked about hearing the laughing.



Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:


  • Derrick walked away from the area and, at :03, we heard “A lot better” as though they did not like him being nearby.



Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:


  • Finally, wrapping up our session, we asked how many people were hanged here in this tree to which we heard an odd response of “Seven…or more” at :06. At first this seemed comical, but the more we thought about it, the more it felt sinister and intimidating as if they did not want us to know the true number and attempted to scare us off.
  • Laughter followed this at :29.
  • Strangely, we heard “He’s coming” at :54 which we took as our que to leave.



Ed’s Dock

 Another area that has not been discussed or written about much, possibly due to the taboo nature of its’ timing, this dock is where a caretaker named Ed fell over and died only a year ago. We’re not used to investigating areas that more recent deaths have occurred, but on this island, it doesn’t seem as though you can escape that.



Regardless, we were about to pack it in when we felt pulled to this area. It’s a simple metal dock tied down to the nearby trees surrounded by water and a small tugboat. The sounds of water splashing up the sides was pretty consistent during our time there, but nothing felt or sounded out of the ordinary. There were two occasions where we heard scratching sounds along the boat, as if something was dragging its’ feet around the metal deck. We didn’t have any camera footage as we left our camera behind at this point, unbeknownst to us at the time. It was only after this investigation that we began to look for it, finding it about fifteen minutes later on a spot that we passed by multiple times.




  • There was nothing out of the ordinary in our photographs and managed to debunk these oddities we thought we spotted in the FLIR thermal image.



Recorder 1 – EVP:


  •  Nothing much was captured during our time here except the sounds of scratching noises at 1:01 and 1:05.



After we reviewed the evidence gathered from our overnight paranormal investigation, and camping experience, on the Blennerhassett Island, we can definitively conclude that the historic island and reconstructed mansion act as host to a multitude of spirits throughout the property and the building. It seemed as though the island itself was more inclined to hold spirits of the far past from the Native Americans original occupancy of the land, while the mansion held otherworldly residents from the Blennerhassett family and their minimal but tragic time spent there. We were lucky enough to spend a little time inside the mansion recording names and communication as well as some intriguing thermal photographs. We had the majority of the evening to explore the island itself and managed to capture even more voices, sounds, communication, and photographs of some strange anomalies and paranormal activity.

During our evening we came across multiple areas which intrigued us where we captured otherworldly activity, but the most active locations seemingly appeared to be Margaret’s Bedroom, Nursery, Walnut Room, the former Blockhouse location, and the Hanging Tree. These locations across the Blennerhassett Island provided us with a range of experiences and energies including voice communication and photographs. The energy in the majority of the mansion felt light and welcoming at first until we seemed to have our time wear thin and their patience run out. The Rempod activity in Margaret’s Bedroom helped push us out as we asked if they wanted us to leave paired with the K2 activity in the Walnut Room telling us that they did not want us to leave left us scratching our heads to the entity’s identity only to conclude that there were multiple throughout the mansion. Outside its’ walls, particularly at the Blockhouse location and the Hanging Tree, the wooded areas and abandoned structures seemed to watch us from afar as we heard footsteps and saw figures poking their heads out from behind trees but eventually want us to leave as we began to take the deaths which occurred there a little lightly.

The energy and activity throughout the Blennerhassett Island stretches back through time when the Native Americans still ruled the “New World” and were at war with rival tribes. The death tolls rose, and the body counts grew leaving countless and rushed burials and blood strewn across the land. Even as the untamed land became settled by the Blennerhassett family, they too left behind different energies based upon death and tragedy. Even leading up to modern times, the island somehow still draws in more death and unfortunate events dating back only a year ago. The tragic past that the island has experienced seems to play on a loop with the sounds of chanting and screams in the night. Other souls seem to be trapped here, like that of two-year-old Maggie and her mother Margaret who possibly don’t even know that they have passed away. Whatever the case may be, Blennerhassett Island truly holds an interesting and eclectic group of hauntings across the three mile land mass.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with the team of Hidden Marietta. Their professionalism, hospitality, and investigative abilities are unmatched. Without their work at conserving and advertising these types of historic, haunted locations, many could be lost to time. We always look forward to joining Hidden Marietta any chance we get. We look forward to working with them in the future and applaud their hard work and dedication to the other side.

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