Fairfield County Infirmary – Investigation

Fairfield County Infirmary

May 15, 2021

Lancaster, OH



Just south of Columbus, Ohio, the small and quaint town of Lancaster, Ohio has buried a deep dark history right outside the town. Little known to the current residents, the dilapidated and decomposing brick structure known as the Fairfield County Infirmary hides a past of death and despair. Not only inside the walls, but also strewn about the property. Even when the building was in its’ prime, it was still seen as the black spot of the town so it’s no wonder that the town and its people let the building succumb to mother nature.

In its hay day, the Fairfield County Infirmary held the misplaced and deranged. In time, it even saw wayward travelers and children alike. The poor farm was originally meant to help those in need, like women who were going through divorces and family deaths. Eventually, this brought in stragglers who were simply misunderstood or not mentally stable. This strange array of patients, combined with outdated (even for its’ time) rules, and under trained doctors lead to accidental deaths, inhumane tortures, and unceremonious burials.



Those who were taken in were also put to work utilizing their strengths. This created a self sustaining environment but also forced everyone into a form of indentured servitude. On top of this forced labor, these patients were also to abide by archaic rules such as “Do not cuss,” “Do not drink,” “Do not speak with the opposing sex,” this even included their own siblings and even children. They also had to abide by strict religious codes and were forced into prayer hours. If they did not comply with these guidelines, they were forced into a solitary jail cell for a first offense but were forced to endure more deadly techniques after subsequent misdeeds. Some were chained to the walls of the fourth floor with crude riggings and just left to suffer for an undetermined amount of time. To make matters worse (for everyone), this location on the fourth floor was around the corner from the area where they housed the children who were taken into the infirmary.

In time, these patients were stripped of their rights little at a time and were even dubbed inmates. Even some of the travelers who worked to stay at the location for a period of time were taken in and kept in the building and forced to continue working there. With a minimal, and mainly incompetent staff, those who did suffer and pass away in the building never had proper burials nor were their families ever contacted. Some of these poor souls were simply stashed away in the morgue after an impromptu viewing, usually only attended by their friends in the infirmary. They could remain in the morgue vaults for months at a time if the ground was too cold and frozen to bury them. Even when they did manage to finally make it into the ground, a majority of these inmates were either buried in a mass grave or even standing upright in order to fit more bodies on the property. This was proven by recent land surveys showing where many of those who perished were buried.



Eventually, the building ran out of funding and they closed their doors for good. Between a fearful and angry community to the building requiring massive amounts of repairs, the building sat abandoned for an elongated stretch of time. When the Ohio State University wanted to move into the area, their pre-construction studies then revealed the bodies strewn across the property making them rethink their plans. They moved their Lancaster campus across the street leaving the old Fairfield County Infirmary alone.

With the recent success of restoring the Madison Seminary, the same ownership group purchased the Fairfield County Infirmary and began immediate repairs and renovations. Their goal is to turn the old building into a living museum so visitors can visit and learn from the past and pay final respects to those who lived and died in the infirmary.



There are multiple paranormal sightings and reports throughout the old building. There have been the almost cliché reports of footsteps both above and below visitors when there is no one else in the building. Strange moans and heavy breathing have been heard in the dungeon area on top of the disturbing sound of chains rattling. On the opposite end of this fourth floor area is where the more unstable patients (“Inmates”) were held. Sometimes this occurred because the doctors ran out of options and they just gave up. Here, a woman’s voice has been heard as well as strange mists and lights have been seen. To top off the creep factor here, this is where a well documented death occurred when a woman, Jane Householder, burnt to death after an accidental fire set her dress ablaze.

In the third floor jail cell, the very thick and heavy metal doors have been said to swing open and close on their own. Heavy amounts of orbs and cold spots have been noted in this area, including across the hall in a room nicknamed Elizabeth’s Room for the presence of a former inmate. Across the building, on this third floor, in Room 321, a former administrative assistant used this as her office. She had noted on numerous occasions that her pictures and office papers were moved and strewn about the area on an almost daily basis.



The second floor is a separate offshoot which is currently under heavy construction, and is known for echoing voices and phantom footsteps. On the main floor, at the end of the hall is an unsettling room which houses a plethora of creepy dolls. This room has been reported to hold strange voices and laughter as well as having produced a concerning photo of an entity behind the Raggedy Anne doll. Shadows have been seen moving down the hall and outside this room in particular. Down this hallway, where a bed with a canopy top is currently furnished, there have been heavy energies here and reports of batteries being drained quickly. Guests have been scratched on their ankles, in particular a former haunted house actor who was stationed here – she refused to complete the evening or ever return.

In a more secluded area of this floor is an uncomfortable combination of Funeral Parlor (complete with a coffin), Physician Office, Chapel, and Morgue. All of these rooms are essentially connected, for efficiency perhaps? In the Physician Office, a young boy has been photographed, and as if they were looking in from outside of this room, a pair of a man and woman – although they appeared nearly 8 feet tall. As we explored the area, we noticed a shadow move from the Physician Office toward the Nurses’ Station and Morgue. The Morgue tends to hold an uncomfortable feeling, and during our walkthrough, we (including our tour guide) heard strange voices here. Inside the small Chapel area, former investigators who spent the night in this area reported footsteps and heavy breathing as if someone were following them and simply watching them from afar.

We arrived at the infirmary around 7:00 PM and jumped right into our well informed and interesting tour thanks to Dillon and Amanda. During this time, we heard some voices in the Morgue area and spotted some moving shadows around the Nurses’ Station. Following the tour, with some additional information (okay, a lot of information), we unloaded our equipment and began our walk through and first investigation up on the fourth floor. The entire investigation lasted until about 3:00 AM.



During our time in the Fairfield County Infirmary, we utilized our more portable equipment. Being that it was just two of us instead of our bigger crew, we did not run the hardwired stationary cameras. We also used Facebook Live to allow viewers to join into the investigation. The majority of the evening, we employed one stationary camera on a tripod we moved room to room, a cell phone camera for the live stream, a recorder, a MEL meter, a K2 meter, a SB7 Spirit Box, a Rempod, a FLIR thermal imaging camera, a Phasma Box, a SLS camera, an EMF pump, an IR light, and our brand new handheld Ovilus.

We experienced some incredible paranormal experiences throughout the entire infirmary. Even during our walkthrough we felt uneasy in multiple locations but heard voices and saw shadows in the Morgue and Physicians Office. These areas felt heavy at first but once we spent time in them later on, that seemed to change. The Fourth Floor which held the Orphanage, Dungeon, and Mental Ward seemed to hold a unique energy in its own right; one which changed throughout the evening from happy and playful with someone playing with our lights and the ball to someone throwing things at us.

The majority of the evidence captured and our personal experiences during our night in the infirmary was through voice recorders, the Spirit Box, and the Phasma Box. Some of our more physical evidence includes a partially contested ball rolling, the light on our flashlight clicking on and off, and even pieces of the wall and ceiling being thrown at us from some unseen locations.



Based on the gathered evidence and our experiences inside the Fairfield County Infirmary, we believe that the old infirmary holds a significant amount of both residual and intelligent spirit energies. This old building seems to be a haven for those who passed away while living and working on the property as well as those who left so much of their energy behind while working and living in the infirmary, even including the doctors and nurses. These spirits communicate and interact all throughout the facility but the most active locations, according to our evidence and experiences included the Dungeon/Orphanage, the Jail Cell, the Mental Ward, and the Doll Room. The Morgue and Physician Office both felt like they held some type of energy, we’re unsure if it’s more intelligent or residual but during our walkthrough, we did experience some minor sensations here, albeit fleeting.

Beginning our investigation in the fourth floor Dungeon and Orphanage (still strange to combine those two), we wanted to share this location during our live Facebook feed. This area definitely gave us an array of energy and experiences including cold and heavy spots to more light and friendly feeling moments. While we conducted some Phasma Box sessions, we did record some voices and communication. While walking back and forth down the Orphanage hallway, we experienced what appeared to be a ball rolling on its own. While this is slightly contested whether it was kicked or put into motion by a loose floorboard, the ball can be seen rolling on screen during our Facebook Live video recording.

After a short break and reset, we headed back into the Morgue area for another live feed. Even though we heard whispers and saw shadow figures here previously, we didn’t record much action in this spot this time around. With a lack of communication here, we did end our live feeds but did continue on with our investigation, empty handed from this spot.

The third floor Jail Cell which is the location of a large, heavy metal door that has been noted to swing on occasion and even caught on camera a few times in the past. We didn’t seem to get much activity here until the K2 meter began flickering. At this point, we opted to attempt a flashlight session, which ultimately produced a variety of yes or no answers to our questions. We also captured some slight Ovilus activity and communication in conjunction with this flashlight communication.



From here, we made our way to the Men’s Sitting Room, with essentially no communication or activity whatsoever. After some time passed in complete silence, we visited the fourth floor on the opposite side of the Orphanage; the Mental Ward where the hospital stashed it’s’ not so stable patients. As we began setting up, we experienced an odd and unexplainable moment of fright as something was thrown at us. Upon closer examination, it was a piece of the wall or ceiling, even though we couldn’t tell where it came from. We ensured that the ceiling wasn’t falling in, nor that the walls were peeling. At this moment, we both felt an intense feeling of dread. We captured verbal communication via the Spirit Box and Phasma Box, including the names of Michael and Bridgette. During this time, we had two more pieces of the same material thrown at us! To make matters worse, and which ultimately led us to packing up and leaving the area, were words of “Satan,” “Kill them,” “Go away,” and some deep laughter.

We needed a break and some down time at this point, but once we decided to continue on, we headed toward the Canopy Room and the Doll Room. The Canopy Room didn’t produce much communication aside from the off putting phrases of “Shut up” and “Leave,” so we naturally took that as a que. However, the Doll Room appeared more active and even felt friendly and inviting. We captured some communication like the words “Friends” and “Madison.” We even recorded the name “Julia” before we wished them a good night with some polite phrases of “Welcome” and “Thanks.” 



After a thorough analysis of the evidence we captured during our paranormal investigation at the Fairfield County Infirmary, we attached our recordings, videos, and photographs. Everything that we attached, we feel as though we recorded some type of paranormal activity and labeled them and our experiences. Feel free to let us know your thoughts after you listen, watch, and read the evidence.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Setup / Pre-Investigation

During our walk through the old infirmary, we (along with our guide, Dillon) heard voices in the Morgue, a shadow moving in the Physician’s Office, and even footsteps in the stairwells and in the Dungeon area. Before we set up some of our equipment, we ran a Facebook Live video recording the old building and property. We even walked up toward the cemetery, just to give the viewers (and ourselves) an idea of the death that occurred here and how unceremoniously those lost souls were just tossed in a mass grave and covered with dirt and rock.




  • There was nothing captured out of the ordinary here.



Facebook Live Video 1:


  • This was a simple introduction and walk through of the old infirmary.



4th Floor Dungeon & Orphanage 

On the fourth floor, we were drawn to this open area and hallway where there were chains still hung from the wall. This spot had an odd feeling and even just the thought of inmates being chained to the wall right around the corner from where children played and slept still gives us goosebumps just thinking about it. These areas housed the wayward and lost children who helped work at the property and these chains were used to hold the inmates as their secondary punishment after they were locked up in the Jail Cell. The inmates sometimes would not be fed or treated medically, and simply left to “repent.”

Some of the more typical occurrences that have been recorded here include footsteps and laughter. There are balls and toys left here and they have been known to roll and move on their own.



Before we started a Facebook Live video, we ran a quick EVP session to no avail. However, as we began to use our equipment, the activity seemed to ramp up. Phantom footsteps and creaking floors led us more toward the Orphanage area, perhaps as if someone wanted our attention. After we walked the camera and viewers to the end of the Orphanage hallway, we spotted a ball rolling. Upon further review, it’s possible we touched the ball or even stepped on a loose floorboard nearby. However, just as the ball moved, we recorded the K2 meter flash on and some more verbal communication.

The equipment produced words like “Dark” which described the room to a tee and a name of “Michael” which came through clearly. We were also asked to introduce ourselves and were instructed to “Talk to us.” After a bat swooped down causing Derrick to squeal like a girl, there was some laughter heard through the Phasma Box followed by the phrase “That’s hilarious” and Derrick’s name was repeated.





  • There were a few anomalies here but most were heard through the Phasma Box, however, below is a screen capture of the moment the ball moved in the Orphanage area.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • There was nothing out of the ordinary here. Around 1:42, chains were thought to be heard rattling but we debunked this as one of our necklaces came loose.


Recording 2 – Phasma Box:



  • Around :11, the Ovilus produced “Dark” and rightfully so as the area was pitch black.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:



  • We apologized if we were overwhelming them, and at :11, we heard an odd phrase of “Bewitched the image.”
  • After discussing the phrase including the word image, we captured “That was me” at :20.
  • The name “Michael” followed by a last name that was inaudible at :27 after we asked if they could tell us their name.
  • A drawn out question of “Who are…” began at :35 and was completed with “You?” at :39.
  • We introduced ourselves then heard “Dan” repeated back to us at :56.
  • At 1:13, we heard “Yes,” after we mentioned that we may be speaking with Michael.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box:



  • The word “Sad” was recorded at :05.
  • Strange phrases, possibly residual, began at :16 with “You’re gonna get lost,” then “You are now” at :24, and finally “He fell” at :42.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box:



  • “Leave” was heard at :04.
  • As we mentioned that we heard leave, a desperate voice came through saying “Talk to me” at :11.
  • “Talk” was then repeated at :16.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box:



  • The Ovilus produced the word “Score” at :05.
  • To lighten the mood, we took this and ran with it joking about the upcoming Pittsburgh Penguins game. We asked if the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup and heard laughter at :17.
  • An almost condescending phrase of “He calls us insane” was captured at :37 as if they were calling us insane in turn.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box:



  • Right before this clip, the K2 meter went off and then we heard the phrase “Roll the ball” at :05.
  • A plea of “Please” was captured at :11 followed by “Scared them” at :20.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box:



  • We heard steps in the stairwell around :01, and after we mentioned what we heard, at :11, we captured “Coming in.”


Recording 9 – Phasma Box:



  • After explaining that we came with no disrespect or ill-intent, the word “Respect” at recorded at :04 followed by “Disfunction” at :11.
  • A pair of snapping noises were heard at :13 and :19.
  • “No excuse” was then captured at :23.
  • The phrase and name “I’m Terry” was recorded at :27.
  • An odd noise what sounded like dragging footsteps was heard at :34.


Recording 10 – Phasma Box:



  • We were asked if we “Enjoy the show?” at :02.
  • Not hearing this strange phrase at the time, we asked a separate question of ‘Is this the last place you called home?’ and we captured “Uh, yes” at :30.


Recording 11 – Phasma Box:



  • The K2 meter was alerted right before this recording as the Ovilus showed “Dress” at :01.
  • Again, the K2 meter went off around :03 followed by the word “Boring” at :12.
  • The phrase of “Trying to fix” was then heard at :29 followed by the K2 meter again being alerted at :52.
  • As if trying to get our attention (and naturally succeeding) we recorded “Attention” at :57.


Recording 12 – Phasma Box:



  • If you want a good laugh, a bat swoops down past Derrick as he squealed right around :02.
  • A phantom voice was heard at :14 saying “That’s hilarious” followed by laughter at :31.


Recording 13 – Phasma Box:



  • After we explained that it was not funny, we heard a question of “Don’t think so?” at :04 then a banging sound at :14.
  • We mentioned hearing this noise and captured “Why?” at :21.


Recording 14 – Phasma Box:



  • After Derrick walked away, his name was heard at :02.
  • He found a balloon on the far side of the room and we recorded “Don’t touch it” at :42.
  • We asked how long they lived in this place and heard “Too long” at :53.
  • After we heard a creaking noise, we captured “That was me” at 1:10.


Recording 15 – Phasma Box:



  • Before this recording, a video of a ball rolling on its own was captured. Following this, the name “Marina” was heard at :03.


Recording 16 – Phasma Box:



  • After we mentioned that the presence didn’t feel threatening, we heard “Daniel” at :08 followed by the question of “How much longer are you going to be here?” at :55.
  • An odd heavy breathing was then heard at :59.


Recording 17 – Phasma Box:



  • We asked if they could tell us how old they are, and at :06, we heard “Don’t know.”
  • “Get out” was then recorded at :24 as if they ran out of patience with us.


Recording 18 – Phasma Box:



  • After seeing the name Kirk written on the wall, we asked if that was their name. At :13, we heard “Yeah” and “Yup” at :22.
  • We then captured a question of “Did you get that?” at :24.


Recording 19 – Phasma Box:



  • Finally, right before we packed up to move on, we recorded “Go home” at :05 and repeated once again at :09.


Stationary Video 1:


  • As we began, we heard footsteps around :50 then, a little later, around 7:17, there was a bang noise.



Stationary Video 2:


  • Footsteps were heard around 3:21 followed by the K2 meter spiking off screen twice at 6:05 and 8:07.



Stationary Video 3:


  • Right before we began our Phasma Box session, a knock could be heard at :32.
  • Around 2:47, the Ovilus produced “Dark.”
  • We apologized if we were overwhelming them, and at 4:07, we heard  “Bewitched the image.”
  • After discussing the phrase, we captured “That was me” at 4:16.
  • The name “Michael” was recorded at 4:23 after we asked if they could tell us their name.
  • A question of “Who are…” began at 4:31 and ended with “You?” at 4:35.
  • We introduced ourselves then heard “Dan” at 4:52.
  • At 3:33, we heard “Yes,” after we mentioned we may be speaking with Michael.
  • The word “Sad” was recorded at 5:16.
  • Strange phrases began at 5:27 with “You’re gonna get lost,” then “You are now” at 5:35, and “He fell” at 5:53.
  • “Leave” was heard at 6:35.
  • As we mentioned we heard leave, a voice said “Talk to me” at 6:42.
  • “Talk” was repeated at 6:47.
  • The Ovilus produced the word “Score” at 6:56.
  • To lighten the mood, we joked about the upcoming Pittsburgh Penguins game. We asked if the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup and heard laughter at 7:08.
  • A phrase of “He calls us insane” was captured at 7:28.
  • The K2 meter went off at 7:54 and we heard “Roll the ball” at 8:06.
  • “Please” was captured at 8:12 followed by “Scared them” at 8:21.
  • We heard steps in the stairwell at 8:32
  • After we mentioned what we heard, at 8:42, we captured “Coming in.”
  • We explained that we came with no disrespect or ill-intent, the word “Respect” was recorded at 9:40 followed by “Disfunction” at 9:47.
  • A snapping noise was heard at 9:49 right before the camera was drained completely of it’s battery.



Facebook Live Video 1:


  • Right after we listened to the previous EVP, footsteps could be heard at 3:46 followed by some strange light anomalies around 5:30.
  • The K2 meter spiked around 8:30, off screen with our luck.
  • More footsteps could be heard at 10:38.
  • The Ovilus produced “Dark” at 12:58.
  • We apologized if we were overwhelming them, and at 14:18, we heard the phrase of “Bewitched the image.”
  • After we discussed the phrase, we captured “That was me” at 14:27.
  • “Michael” followed by a last name that was inaudible was heard at 14:34, after we asked if they could tell us their name.
  • A question of “Who are…” began at 14:42 and continued with “You?” at 14:46.
  • We introduced ourselves then heard “Dan” at 15:03.
  • At 15:20, we heard “Yes,” after stating we may be speaking with Michael.
  • The word “Sad” was recorded at 15:27.
  • Phrases, possibly residual, began at :15:38 with “You’re gonna get lost,” then “You are now” at 15:46, and “He fell” at 16:04.
  • “Leave” was heard at 16:46.
  • As we said we heard leave, a voice said “Talk to me” at 16:53.
  • “Talk” was then repeated at 16:58.
  • The Ovilus produced the word “Score” at 17:07.
  • We joked about the upcoming hockey game and asked if the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup and heard laughter at 17:19.
  • A phrase of “He calls us insane” was captured at 17:39.
  • The K2 meter went off at 18:05 and then we heard “Roll the ball” at 18:17.
  • “Please” was captured at 18:23 followed by “Scared them” at 18:32.
  • Steps we heard in the stairwell around 18:43, and after we mentioned what we heard, at 18:53, we captured “Coming in.”
  • After we explaining that we came with no disrespect, the word “Respect” was recorded at 19:51followed by “Disfunction” at 19:58.
  • Snapping noises were heard at 20:00 and 20:06.
  • “No excuse” was then captured at 20:10.
  • The phrase “I’m Terry” was recorded at 20:14.
  • An odd noise, like dragging footsteps, was heard at 20:21.
  • We were asked “Enjoy the show?” at 21:04.
  • Not hearing this at the time, we asked another question of ‘Is this the last place you called home?’ and we captured “Uh, yes” at 21:22.
  • The K2 meter was alerted at 21:46.
  • The Ovilus then showed the word “Dress” at 23:13.
  • Again, the K2 meter went off around 23:15 followed by the word “Boring” at 23:24.
  • The phrase “Trying to fix” was heard at 23:41 followed by the K2 meter being alerted at 24:04.
  • We recorded “Attention” at 24:09.
  • A bat swoops down past Derrick as he squealed around 24:14.
  • A voice was heard at 24:26 saying “That’s hilarious” followed by laughter at 24:43.
  • We explained that it was not funny, and heard “Don’t think so?” at 25:21 then a banging sound at 25:31.
  • We mentioned this noise and captured “Why?” at 25:38.
  • After Derrick walked away, his name was heard at 26:09.
  • He found a balloon on the side of the room and we recorded “Don’t touch it” at 26:49.
  • We asked how long they lived here and heard “Too long” at 27:00.
  • After we heard a creaking noise, we captured “That was me” at 27:17.
  • A ball was spotted rolling on its own at 27:32, this has been contested as to whether or not it was kicked or moved via a floorboard.
  • Following this, the name “Marina” was heard at 28:40.
  • We mentioned that the presence didn’t feel threatening, and heard “Daniel” at 29:35 followed by “How much longer are you going to be here?” at 30:22.
  • A heavy breathing was heard at 30:26.
  • We asked if they could tell us their age, and at 32:58, we heard “Don’t know.”
  • “Get out” was recorded at 33:16.
  • Seeing the name Kirk written on the wall, we asked if that was their name. At 35:00, we heard “Yeah” and “Yup” at 35:09.
  • At this point we signed off Facebook Live temporarily until we moved onto the next location.



  • Below is the quick clip of the balloon possibly moving in the Orphanage area.



Morgue / Physician’s Office

During our walkthrough, we heard voices and saw shadows, so our goal was to make sure we spent some time here while utilizing our Facebook Live. So naturally, this was our next spot. Back in the cold, dark Morgue area, bodies from former inmates were stored here and embalmed before taking them to the viewing area for their minimalist funerals. There is an open pipe where the natural spring can still be heard running underneath the building. In the two tubs, produce grown across the street from their farms were washed and cleaned before serving them to the inmates. On occasion, bodies would also be washed here, unfortunately and disgustingly intertwining the dead with the living. There were reports of the embalming fluids being washed into the stream across the street and making the animals and livestock sick, even though they still served them to the inmates here at the infirmary.



Just through the door, the Nurse’s Station and the Physician Room stand guard between visitors and the dead. Sometimes, these lackluster doctors would misdiagnose and even mistreat patients who came here, sometimes making the Physician’s Office the last location that these inmates would ever see.



Shadows and phantom footsteps have been heard echoing from this area as well as doors opening and closing on their own. There has been photographic evidence of a small boy in the Physician’s Office with a pair of a man and woman (standing over 8’ tall) looking on from the window on the opposite side. The sounds of moans and painful screams have also been recorded from the Physician’s Office.



During our walkthrough, it was no surprise that we saw a shadow and heard the quiet echo of voices from the Physician’s Office while we stopped into the Morgue. However, it was disappointing when we didn’t record much activity during our Facebook Live video and investigation while utilizing the Spirit Box. While in the Morgue, we did hear Dan’s name verbally and the word “Hand” on the Ovilus right after Dan passed the tool onto Derrick. While in the Physician’s Office, the Spirit Box was eerily quiet but the Ovilus recorded the word “Devil” and the name “Adam” was heard through the Spirit Box. Outside of those few anomalies, there was not much to report from either room.




  • There were some light anomalies caught during our Facebook Live video, below is a screen shot of one of those moments.



Recording 1 – Spirit Box:



  • Leading off with some silence, we did capture “Dan, hi” at :05 after we introduced ourselves.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:



  • After some more silence, Dan passed off the Ovilus to Derrick to head out, and the Ovilus produced “Hold” at :09.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • Once we moved into the Physician’s Office, there was even less communication but the Ovilus did read “Devil” at :06.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • The name “Adam” was heard at :09, unprompted.


Stationary Camera 1:


  • We set up a stationary camera in the Morgue area, but strangely enough, the video never recorded a single thing.


Facebook Live Camera 1:


  • After some silence, we captured “Dan, hi” at 5:11 after we introduced ourselves.
  • After more silence, Dan passed off the Ovilus to Derrick to head out, and the Ovilus produced “Hold” at 8:45.
  • Once we moved into the Physician’s Office, there was less communication but the Ovilus did read “Devil” at 16:42.
  • The name “Adam” was heard at 19:45.



Jail Cell

On the far end of the third floor, an open metal gated door greets visitors today. However, in the past, this was the first stop for any inmates who broke the in house rules. Even just as simple as greeting a member of the opposite sex or cussing would get the inmates locked up in this secluded area for extended periods of time. The inmates knew that this was the last stop and final warning before they made their way upstairs to the Dungeon to be strung up on chains.

In this area, there have been reports of footsteps and odd light anomalies moving in and out of the room. The heavy (and not-so-easy-to-move) door has been spotted moving on camera as if someone is being locked inside. There have been reports of full bodied figures moving from that room, across the hall into the room across the way. The name Elizabeth has been recorded in this area, leading the room to be dubbed Elizabeth’s Room. 



This entire area held a more inviting and welcoming feel. Nothing seemed to happen at first until our K2 meter spiked. From here, we began using our flashlight in order to ask yes or no questions. Our session ultimately lasted nearly a half hour with the flashlight producing answers to our questions varying from us asking if someone was with us (it clicked on for a yes) to us asking if they were younger than five years old and were born elsewhere (again, clicking on for yes) then the flashlight turning off every time after we politely asked them to turn it off so we could ask another question. At one point, we were drawn into Elizabeth’s Room where it felt much colder than before as well as an odd moving shadow out in the hallway.




  • There were numerous moments when the flashlight turned on to answer yes and no questions and one of those moments was captured below.



  • Much like the flashlight, the K2 meter was quite active in this room, a screen capture of a moment when the K2 meter spiked can be seen below.



  • As we ran the stationary camera in the hallway, outside the Jail Cell, we captured a blurry figure entering and exiting the room across the hall known as Elizabeth’s Room. Below is a screen shot of that video.



Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • The K2 meter lit up around 2:52, prompting us to bring out the flashlight and begin to ask yes or no questions in the next recording.


Recorder 2 – EVP (Flashlight):



  •  As we began, the Ovilus produced an odd phrase, we’re still not sure what it meant, of “Press 40” at :49.
  • We began our yes or no questions by asking if they do not like us in this room. At 1:37, the K2 flickered and repeated this at 1:46.
  • After we asked if they like playing with that light better, the flashlight turned on at 2:10 then back off at 2:46 once we asked them to turn it off.
  • The K2 meter flashed once more at 3:15 after we asked them to turn the flashlight back on if they would like to speak with us.
  • Unprompted, the flashlight turned on at 4:20, then off at 4:39 after we asked them to turn it off.
  • We asked if they are a male, and at 5:45, the flashlight clicked on.
  • An odd noise clicked against the window at 6:05 but we believe these were just some larger June bugs trying to get in, smacking off the glass.
  • We proceeded to ask them to the turn the flashlight off to which they obliged at 6:12.
  • After some extended silence, at 11:52, “Easy” appeared on the Ovilus followed by “Used” at 11:53.
  • The K2 meter flashed on at 12:35 after we asked if they were afraid they’d get in trouble for talking to us.
  • Once again, we asked them to use the flashlight, and after we explained that we’d leave if they do not turn it on, it flickered on at 15:04.
  • We followed and asked if they could turn it off, and the flashlight shut off at 15:35.
  • The flashlight turned back on at 16:35 after we asked if there’s a child with us and back off at 17:14 once we asked them if they could turn it off.
  • The K2 meter spiked again at 17:15 as the flashlight turned off.
  • We went back to our line of questioning, asking if they are five years old or less. The flashlight jumped on at 18:10.
  • Upon us asking if they could turn the flashlight back off, it dimmed then turned off completely at 18:32.
  • The flashlight clicked back on at 19:30 as we asked them if they were born elsewhere and brought to this place. It shut off again at 20:14 after we asked if they could shut it off.
  • As we asked if they were able to leave here, at 21:24, the flashlight jumped on and turned back off at 22:06 after we asked if they could please turn it off.
  • We asked if they were with their mother when they left, and at 23:22, the flashlight turned on. It shut off again at 24:24 after we asked them to do so.
  • Finally, the light jumped on one last time at 25:22 after we asked if they came back for their family.
  • Before we left the room, we asked them to shut the light off one last time and we would leave, and at 25:30, the light died out.


Stationary Camera 1 – EVP:


  • We set up our camera in the hallway facing toward the Jail Cell, and at 5:21, the K2 meter jumped off screen.



Stationary Camera 2 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • As we attempted (successfully) a flashlight session inside the Jail Cell, the hallway produced some other evidence beginning with footsteps at :43.
  • A knocking noise could be heard at 1:37 followed by more footsteps at 2:37.
  • An odd blurry spot could be seen on the right side of the hallway in front of Elizabeth’s Room at 7:40.
  • This blurry image reappeared in the right side of the hallway again moving toward the camera at about 9:45.



Stationary Camera 3 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • We continued our flashlight session inside the room but spotted some strange lights at the end of the hall at 4:52.



Stationary Camera 4 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • As we continued on inside the room, there was nothing out of the ordinary here.



Stationary Camera 5 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • Much like the last video, we can be heard inside the room and even walking out into the hallway but nothing strange was seen here.



Stationary Camera 6 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • Our final few minutes in this area also proved futile as we didn’t record anything paranormal.



Mobile Camera 1 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • The flashlight turned on at :08 after we asked if they prefer to communicate that way.
  • At :44, the flashlight turned off after we asked them to power it down so we could ask more questions.
  • The K2 meter flashed on at 1:14 after we said that if they like, they can use the other device with the green light and it’ll change colors.



Mobile Camera 2 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • The flashlight turned on previous to this video but turned off at :14 after we asked them if they can turn the light off.



Mobile Camera 3 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • We asked if they were five years old or less, and the flashlight jumped on at :29.
  • After saying to go ahead and turn the light off so we can ask more questions, the flashlight died down at :58.



Mobile Camera 4 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • At :21, the flashlight turned on after we asked if they were born outside the infirmary and brought here.
  • The light turned back off at 1:07 after we asked them to turn it off once more.



Male Sitting Room

On the third floor, in an open space with minimal light but highlighted by a beautiful old fireplace, this area was used for the male inmates (at least the ones the staff allowed) to gather and congregate and attempt to have a semblance of a normal life. Men would gather to listen to the radio, play cards, or read books and newspapers. Not much more has been known or recorded about this area, but it would be safe to say that there was plenty of activity and energy left behind here.

There are some stories of shadows peering in and out of this room, some strange mists forming inside the entryway of the room, and even some recorded Rempod activity. There have been strange noises, almost like the hum of a radio out of tune, and this sound has been associated with a group of men still attempting to listen to the non existent radio.

At the beginning of our time here, we sat in silence, hoping to hear some of those odd noises or even footsteps echoing from the hallway. Unfortunately, even when we did attempt to communicate, there was no sign of any activity here.




  • Much like rest of our time here, here was nothing out of the ordinary, below is a screen shot of our stationary camera outside the room.



Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • As we sat in silence, there was nothing out of the ordinary captured here.


Stationary Video 1:


  • We set up the camera to face outside the room and looking down the hall but much like our EVP session, nothing was captured here.



Mental Patient Ward

This area has been a location for some of the more disturbing tales of the old infirmary. The doctors simply hid their more difficult patients up in this area, as far from the public’s eye and visitors as possible. For inmates that caused continuous trouble, or for those they simply didn’t know how to treat, they found minimal living quarters and barely a bed in this open area. Other tales of more disturbing deaths include those of the inmate who caught herself on fire and burnt to death here and another who climbed out the window and jumped from the roof. This particular inmate did not die on the grounds, rather he passed away in the local hospital after claiming that he just wanted to end all the pain. 



There have been countless stories from this area. These range from the more cliché of ghost tales like phantom footsteps and yells to full figures hiding in corners, as if they are hiding from their former doctors. Other stories tell of mists and odd lights that move around the room in unusual fashion and otherworldly directions.



After we made our way all the way up here and began to settle in, there was a small piece of plaster thrown in our direction, bouncing off the floor and hitting one of the many beds scattered throughout the room. We immediately felt unwanted and quite disturbed. However, after some deliberation, we pressed on and began attempting to communicate via our Spirit Box and Phasma Box. We did capture an odd array of voices and intelligent conversation, but the more we pressed, the more times we had debris thrown toward us. Unfortunately we could not see any of these items on camera, but they can clearly be heard, and loud, as if there was some force behind them. Sending us on our way were very clear words, nearly threats, that proclaimed “Kill them!” and “Satan.” Eventually, we packed up to leave after being told to “Get out” and “Go on.”




  • Most of the activity here were noises and we never captured the debris being thrown at us on camera but during a FLIR thermal photograph, right before another item was thrown at us, it appears as though there was something standing right in front of one of the investigators.



Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • Before this recording began, we had some kind of debris thrown at us, then again at :52 as it could be heard here.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:



  • As we began our first session, we heard “Stop” at :05.


Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:



  • After discussing who threw something at us, we heard “Everybody” at :06.
  • “Throw it again” could then be heard at :07 as if directly relating to something being thrown at us.


Recorder 4 – Spirit Box:



  • We were then explicitly told to “Get out” at :04.


Recorder 5 – Spirit Box:



  • As if we didn’t listen to that previous command, we then recorded “Go away” at :05.


Recorder 6 – Spirit Box:



  • After we asked them to give us a name, they simply repeated Derrick’s name at :16.
  • We then rephrased our question and asked if they could tell us their name. Instead of a name though, we heard a question of “Who’s this?” at :39.


Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:



  • At :05, we captured the response of “No” after we asked if anyone would like to speak with us.


Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:



  • We asked how long they have been in this building, and at :24, we heard “Too long.”
  • After we asked if they did something to deserve to be in this room, and we captured the phrase of “It’s an act” at :40.


Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:



  • As we mentioned that we were informed that there was an actress who got sick and ultimately died here, and heard “Too late” at :06 and “For all of us” at :07.
  • There was a stepping noise captured at :20 followed by the question of “Who are you?” at :34.


Recorder 10 – Phasma Box:



  • The word “Trapped” was recorded at :05 so we asked how many people were here with us. The phrase “Not human” was disturbingly caught at :25.
  • Something could be heard being thrown at :35 followed up by “Work to live here” at :37.
  • The word “Interesting” was recorded at :49 followed by the sounds of footsteps at :53.


Recorder 11 – Phasma Box:



  • We heard the word “Listen” at :05 so we explained we are willing to listen, that’s why we came. Just as we said this, we flashed the flashlight on and heard “Light hurt my eyes” at :23.


Recorder 12 – Phasma Box:



  • “Redemption” was captured at :01 followed by “Just a kid” at :04.
  • The phrase of “Being confined” was then heard at :11.
  • “Activities” was then recorded at :33.


Recorder 13 – Phasma Box:



  • The phrase “Catch me” was caught at :01 as if someone was playing with us.
  • A knocking noise was then heard at :03 followed by “Catch me, Dan” at :06.
  • After Dan got up, the phrase “Keep moving” was recorded at :18.


Recorder 14 – Phasma Box:



  • An almost condescending phrase of “Very funny” was recorded at :05.
  • We then felt like our time was running out as we heard “Leave here” at :10 and “Go away” at :13.


Recorder 15 – Phasma Box:



  • We noticed some residual communication here starting with “Requested” at :01.
  • After we attempted to communicate by asking for one of their names, we heard “Disappointing” at :21.
  • The name “Bridgette” was then captured at :49 after we asked them again to tell us they it name so they can live on.


Recorder 16 – Phasma Box:



  • Unprompted, and a little disturbing, we heard “You need to run” at :05.
  • Hearing this, we asked if they wanted us to stop and leave, only to be told to “Just wait” at :13.
  • Finally, able to pull a name, we heard the phrase “This is George” at :51.


Recorder 17 – Phasma Box:



  • An oddly emphasized word of “Drag” was recorded at :01.
  • “Wait” was again heard at :50 as we mentioned we could leave.
  • The Ovilus then produced “Give” at :53 and “Drag” at :55.


Recorder 18 – Phasma Box:



  • We asked what we could give them, after the Ovilus previously produced “Give.” The response of “An eternity” was captured at :02.
  • The next few phrases definitely made us feel unwelcome and really wanted to leave that room starting with “Violence” at :06 then “Times up” at :22.
  • We ultimately asked if they wanted us to leave and heard “Get out” at :41.


Recorder 19 – Phasma Box:



  • Our discomfort continued with the phrase of “Get going” at :05.
  • Very disconcerting words like “Satan” heard at :10 and the phrases of “Kill them” at :15 and “Two” at :18 (as in kill the two of them) made us ready to pack up and leave. 
  • We were once again told to “Go away” at :29.
  • As we began to pack up, we continued to run our equipment and recorder and captured “Please stop” at :38.
  • We explained to them that they do not have our permission to follow us and we heard laughter at :53 before we got out of that room.


Stationary Camera 1 – EVP, Spirit Box, and Phasma Box:


  • As we set up, even before we began the recorder, something was apparently thrown at us and could be heard at 2:22.
  • An odd light in the window was seen at 2:53 and 3:11 but this was proven to be one of our flashlights shining awkwardly out of our pocket.
  • Two more pieces of debris were heard thrown at us at 4:08 and 6:03, unfortunately, they did not show up on camera.
  • Right after this moment, the camera just died completely.



  • Below is the lightened up version of this area, in hopes of seeing the debris being thrown, but upon review, it didn’t appear as though we could see them.



Canopy Room

The small rooms and living quarters are strewn about the halls on all four floors (well not really the fourth, but you get the picture). Every room seems to hold its own individual energy, which shouldn’t surprise anyway as the inmates all had their own lives and stories, not to mention some of their demises which were met here. It is unknown who lived in this room in particular, but it shows the beginnings of how the living museum would appear furnished with an old canopy bed, some dressers, and other period based furniture.



Back when this building was used as a haunted house, this bed was placed on rollers and the actor in the bed would lunge at visitors in order to get a fright. This actor didn’t last very long as she complained of being scratched on her ankles, strange cold spots, and voices that were not produced or by any of the guests, actors, or equipment.

We didn’t spend excessive amounts of time here but enough to capture a few phrases. Outside of some Ovilus activity and minimal communication, we didn’t record too much. We didn’t even bring our video cameras as we were still cooling down from the fourth floor. However, being as disturbed as we were after having garbage thrown at us previously, this was a much needed slow down, complete with a few laughs and lightheartedness.




  • There was nothing abnormal caught in our photographs in this room.


 Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:



  • As we settled in, we heard “Seat” at :01.


Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:



  • “Wound” was recorded at :06.


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:



  • Even though we barely got started in the room, we were still physically shaken up from our experience in the Mental Ward. We then heard “You’re out of time” at :03.
  • We thought we were losing our minds when the Ovilus produced “Bacon” at :11 followed by the question of “Really now?” at :13.
  • “Cover” came up on the Ovilus at :21.


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:



  • We started to feel like we were talking too much and even not taking our time here seriously and heard “Shh” at :01 then “Shut up” at :05.
  • “Sin” was then recorded at :06.


Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:



  • The word “Strong” was heard at :05 just as the Ovilus produced the same word of “Strong” at :08.
  • As we said that we’re strong, we heard “No” at :26.


Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:



  • The Ovilus showed oddities of “Sift” at :03 and “Cook” at :04.
  • As we felt as though we wore out our time and began to pack up, we heard “Out of here” at :15.


Doll Room

This room was previously used as an administrative office after the infirmary began to downsize. The dolls that are the namesake of the room have been donated to the infirmary and have been collected here as period pieces. The fireplace and minor furniture pieces highlight the room, aside from the obvious dolls.



When former employees worked in this location, they claimed that personal items like their photographs and calendars would be moved while their papers and documents would be strewn about the room, even when the door and windows were closed, not allowing for a cross breeze. During some other paranormal investigations, this area produced what appeared to be a full body behind one of the Raggedy Anne dolls and a trio of pictures taken back to back to back show what appears to be the figure and its eyes moving out from behind the doll.



As we continued some of our cool off period, not to mention we were getting run down, we decided to make this our final stop. Again, we did not bring or set up our camera here. During our time here, there was an odd knocking noise followed by some communication in the form of phrases through our Phasma Box and the name “Julia” was captured twice as well as the name Madison. As we wrapped up, we recorded some pleasantries in the form of “Welcome” and “Thank you.”




  • There was a strange light anomaly we captured right over one of our investigators heads just as we captured the name Julia.



 Recorder 1 – Phasma Box :



  • Right off the bat (no not an actual bat like on the fourth floor) we captured a surprising phrase of “Holy cow” at :05.
  • We explained that we’d appreciate if they’d answer some questions and heard “That’s interesting” at :26 as if they were surprised by our plea.


Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:



  • After we asked them to make a noise for us, we recorded “If only” at :06.
  • The word “Impeding” was captured at:10 followed by the question of “What for?” at :22.
  • Unprompted, another question of “Did you know that?” was heard at :46.


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:



  • Finally giving us a name, we heard “My name’s Julia” at :02.


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:



  • We spoke to one another about what we thought we heard and captured “You’re being bad” at :06 as if we weren’t allowed to speak followed by a plea of “Please stop talking” at :08.
  • Dan’s name was then repeated to us at :22.


Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:



  • We mentioned that we might move on and heard “Don’t go” at :06.
  • “You’re afraid” was recorded at :09.
  •  A knocking sound was then captured at :19 followed by the phrase of “Right behind you” at :33 as we looked around.
  • Possibly another residual phrase of “Hey Jim” could then be made out at :37.


Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:



  • We asked if that was then making that knocking noise and heard “I did it” at :08 followed by “Friends” at :23.


Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:



  • The name “Julia” was again heard at :03.
  • An odd phrase of “Better deal with it” could be heard at :33.
  • Another name came through as “Madison” was recorded at :41.
  • “Sometimes” was captured at :46.


Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:



  • We discussed that we heard two names and captured someone agreeing with us with a “Yes” at :11.
  • Getting ready to finish up, we asked if there was anything else they’d like to tell us and heard, at :48, “Yeah, what time is it?”


Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:



  • We thanked them for speaking with us and heard “Welcome” at :08 followed by the phrase of “Thanks for that” at :44 as if appreciative for our time.


After a full review of the evidence captured during our evening spent in the Fairfield County Infirmary for a paranormal investigation, we confidently conclude that the old infirmary still plays its role as a host to a crowd of spirits and energy throughout its walls. Based on our personal experiences and our evidence gathered, we do strongly believe that we captured both intelligent and residual communication as well as some physical interactions, including what felt like a spirit touching us, rolling a ball near us, utilizing our flashlight to turn on and off, and even throwing bits and pieces of the building at us. We also captured a few images through the FLIR thermal camera, appearing as cold footprints standing next to us.

With all of the tragedy and death tied to the second rate hospital, it seems that there was some strong energy left behind by spirits who have not accepted that they have passed away, some that are confused about their life there, and others who have actually returned to this old building, for better or worse. Some spirits are re-living or continuing their lives in the Fairfield County Infirmary, possibly not realizing that they have perished. However, others are well aware of their deaths and just do not want to leave. Some of these spirits have asked for help or wanted to make us aware of their presence and past tragedy while others want to hurt, harm, or chase visitors away with physical manifestations or strange noises. The more common activity seemed to be intelligent in nature and were more than willing to communicate. Unfortunately, we do feel that we experienced darker and more depraved spirits, possibly unknown that they have passed on and do not want visitors, or that they simply wanted us out of their home. Other, more residual hauntings, came through in the form of pieces of conversations and phantom noises such as footsteps, knocks, and thuds.



The majority of the energy did feel positive and most spirits we encountered were open and willing to communicate. This communication occurred verbally (via the Spirit Box and Phasma Box) and physically (via the flashlight activity and physical touches). The only location that felt darker and heavier was the Mental Patient Ward on the fourth floor where we had things thrown at us. Even though we did record a few names, we were also told to leave and get out.

We believe there was clear evidence to support the claim that the Fairfield County Infirmary holds a multitude of spiritual energy. These spirits vary from those which refused to move on to others who do not realize they have died. Our evidence shows there is both intelligent and residual energies linked to these spirits and the building and property. Whether it may be former inmates, doctors, employees, or children, these spirits must have held the Fairfield County Infirmary a high and important regard, whether for better or worse, positively or negatively, as they have claimed their stake in this infirmary forever in the afterlife.


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