Blennerhassett Island – Investigation (June 2021)

Blennerhassett Island

June 12, 2021

Lubuck, WV




This is our second time visiting and investigating this beautifully secluded and well-preserved island that is hidden in plain sight right along the Ohio River in between Ohio and West Virginia. The island itself hosts plenty of wildlife from horses to bears and everything in between. Visitors jump back through living history including the Native Americans who once lived and claimed this island as hunting ground (and battleground), up to the Blennerhassetts’ who built the original mansion on the island before it was burnt down and rebuilt.

We won’t go into all the details of the island, but if you are interested in learning more, visit the link at:

And, if you’re curious about the first time around, our first investigation report can be found at:

Throughout the island, including inside the mansion, paranormal activity has been said to occur quite frequently. Based on our personal experiences and findings from our original investigation, we can keep those stories going. From Native Americans to the Blennerhassett family, tragedies and deaths occurred in great numbers in the past which leads us to a long list of possible culprits for this other worldly activity. 

During our first investigation, most of our evidence was actually scattered about the island including the Blockhouse (where we captured a Watcher peeking out from behind a tree), the Nemacolin Field (where we captured some odd and intelligent voices), and even the Mansion itself (where we felt as though we captured a child playing with our Rempod). This time, however, the majority of what we captured was definitely inside the Mansion. There were a few anomalies by the gravestones behind the mansion and once again by the Blockhouse, but the Mansion provided us with the most experiences and evidence.

Our night started out a little different than most. We were invited by Hidden Marietta to help mainly with the investigation aspects of the event. We arrived on the island earlier in the day to transport our equipment and camping supplies. We took the boat back to help check guests in, assign them to tour groups, and introduce ourselves, making them aware that we’d be available throughout the evening.



After setting up our campsite and getting settled in, we greeted guests and shared stories. The sun set, and we began our journey around the island starting around 8:30 PM. We skipped out on the mansion tours and wagon rides since we’ve done both before, although we do highly suggest both if you get an opportunity to venture to the island. We investigated on our own for a little until we were joined by some of the Hidden Marietta investigators as well as some of the guests inside the mansion. Overall, the investigation lasted until about 3:00 AM.

Since the majority of the locations around the island required a little bit of a trek from our campsite, we bought a backpack to transport as much as possible from location to location. We utilized pretty much every tool we could fit in our travel bag including a cell phone camera for a Facebook Live stream, a recorder, a MEL meter, a K2 meter, a SB7 Spirit Box, a Rempod, a FLIR thermal imaging camera, a Phasma Box, a SLS camera, an EMF pump, an IR light, and an Ovilus.

Early on, we spent some time at Margaret’s and Harman’s graves. This quick session provided us with a little activity, mainly involving the flashlights we set at opposing corners of Margaret’s stone burial marker. From there, we moved inside the mansion where there was an incredible amount of energy which led to a phenomenal amount of paranormal activity. It seemed mostly friendly and willing to communicate with us, just not willing to speak through our devices. Most of the first floor seemed to not want Dan around but once he arrived upstairs, the atmosphere changed Margaret’s Room. While in the upstairs bedroom, Dan caught a glimpse of a full figure of a small girl standing in front of the fireplace. We spent a lot of time inside the mansion, but as we made our way back outside, we ventured toward the Blockhouse area. Even though this didn’t provide much activity, during our entire walk towards this spot we felt a presence behind us and even heard footsteps in the gravel. There were some odd sounds off into the wooded areas surrounding us reminding us of the feeling we had last investigation as we witnessed and photographed the Watcher.



Most of the evidence captured and our personal experiences during our night on the island was through voice recorders, the Spirit Box, and the Phasma Box. Some of our more physical experiences include the full body apparition of a small girl in Margaret’s Room, the phantom footsteps following us down the staircase inside the Mansion followed by a white figure passing by the inside of the doorway, and plenty of flashlight and Rempod activity all throughout the Mansion. We also experienced footsteps and odd sensations of being watched and followed while walking toward the Blockhouse as physical.

Based on the gathered evidence and our experiences on Blennerhassett Island, we believe the historical island hosts an incredible amount of residual and intelligent spirits. The rebuilt mansion seems to be a specific haven for those who lived there and spent most of their time on the island here, mainly the Blennerhassets. Outside the mansion on the island, it seems there is quite a bit of residual energy left over, mainly from the Native Americans who once called this island home. These spirits communicated and interacted all throughout the island and with numerous individuals, not just us. However, the most active locations, according to our evidence and experiences, include: Margaret’s Room, the Second Floor Hallway, the Parlor, the Dining Room, and the Blennerhassett Graves. The Blockhouse and trail that led to it felt like they held some type of energy, but we’re unsure if it’s more intelligent or residual as they didn’t seem to want to contact us and simply watch from afar.

After a thorough analysis of the evidence we captured during our paranormal investigation at Blennerhassett Island, we attached our recordings, videos, and photographs. Everything that we reference, we feel as though we recorded some type of paranormal phenomena and labeled them and our experiences during these moments. Please let us know your thoughts after you listen, watch, and read the evidence. If you have had any experiences yourself here, please send us an email or leave a comment and we may be able to feature you on our “Fan Story” page!



As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Setup / Pre-Investigation

As we walked the island to get a feel for the energy and get reacquainted with the sheer size of it, we felt pulled to the gravestones and mansion. Before we even packed our equipment, we recorded one of our Facebook Live videos just to get started and give everyone a glimpse of the mansion and where we were going to start our investigation. 




  • There was nothing captured out of the ordinary here, just showing the size of the river and island before we even got there.



Facebook Live Video 1:


  • This was a simple introduction and a good view of the gravestones area behind the mansion.





Behind the mansion, right along a nicely manicured path which led toward the flower gardens, sits a pair of gravestones lying close to the ground displaying Margaret’s and Harman’s names scrawled across them. This is truly the area where they were both buried, right below our feet. 

It’s been said that some people hear voices whispering here and even see Margaret walking about her gravestone and flower garden. Unfortunately, we were unable to investigate this area last time so this was our very first go at it.

This was the next location where we recorded a Facebook Live video, running a quick EVP session with little to no activity. As we began to use our spirit box, the flashlights began to light up. They were set on opposite corners of Margaret’s gravestone and lit up at different times. We also captured some voices through the Spirit Box including some very clear asking for “Help” and even saying “Dan, go, please.”




  • There were a few anomalies here but most were heard through the Spirit Box. The pictures below are screen captures from the videos at moments when the flashlights lit.




Recording 1 – EVP:



  • There wasn’t much abnormality captured here, but at about 1:00, we recorded what sounded like “Hmm” after we explained that the devices we have could help them communicate with us.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:



  • Before we began recording, the flashlight nearest the recorder and Derrick lit then turned back off as well as the word “Starve” appeared on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if there was someone here with us who was starving, based on the Ovilus. At :03, we recorded “Me.”


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • After we introduced ourselves, Dan’s name was repeated to us at :06.
  • We were then greeted with a “Hello” at :12.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • We explained our devices and that they will not hurt them. At :06, we heard “This?” as if referencing those devices.
  • The flashlight turned on at 0:59 followed by a plea of “Help” at 1:00.
  • After asking them to turn the flashlight back off, it did in fact turn off at 1:21.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box:



  • As the flashlight continued to turn on and off, we explained that if it were to turn on, it meant yes, and if it stayed off, it meant no. We then asked if they understood and were willing to communicate that way for us to which we heard “Yes” at :28 followed by Dan’s name again at :32.
  • Another cry for “Help” was recorded at :46.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box:



  • The opposite flashlight suddenly lit at the start of this recording.
  • We thanked them for turning that on and heard “Welcome” at :15.
  • At about 0:20, the Ovilus produced “Wing” and “Myself.”
  • As the light stayed on, we asked if they could turn it off, and at 1:02, it shut off.


Recording 7 – Spirit Box:



  • We asked what to call them and simply captured “Nope” at 0:12.
  • After we asked if Margaret was with us, and if she could turn the light on once more, we heard “No” at 0:58.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box:



  • After asking them if they wanted us to leave, and if so, they could tell us or light up the flashlight, we recorded “Leave” at 0:11.
  • A spaced out plea to leave of “Dan, go, please” occurred at intervals of “Dan” at 0:46, “Go” at 0:47, and “Please” at 0:53.


Facebook Live Video 1:


  • As we started and ran an EVP session, at about 1:55, we recorded what sounded like “Hmm” after we explained that the devices we have could help them communicate with us.
  • Unprompted, as if to let us know someone was around us, the flashlight lit then turned back off at 5:42 followed by “Starve” on the Ovilus.
  • We asked if there was someone here with us who was starving, and at 7:11, we recorded “Me.”
  • We introduced ourselves and Dan’s name was heard at 8:44 followed by a greeting of “Hello” at 8:50.
  • We explained that our devices would not hurt them and at 9:19, we heard “This?” as if referring to the devices.
  • The flashlight then turned on at 10:12 then a plea of “Help” at 10:13.
  • After asking them to turn the flashlight off, it shut off at 10:39.
  • We explained that if the flashlight was turned on, it meant yes, and if it stayed off, it meant no. We asked if they understood and were willing to communicate that way and heard “Yes” at 11:46 then “Dan” at 11:50.
  • A cry for “Help” was recorded at 12:04.
  • The flashlight on the opposite corner of the gravestone lit at 13:08.
  • We thanked them for turning it on and heard “Welcome” at 13:23.
  • At 13:28, the Ovilus produced “Wing” and “Myself.”
  • We asked if they could turn the light off, and at 14:10, it shut off.
  • We asked what to call them and captured “Nope” at 14:45.
  • After we asked if Margaret was with us, and if she could turn the light on, we heard “No” at 15:31.
  • We asked them if they wanted us to leave, and if so, they could tell us so or light up the flashlight, we recorded “Leave” at 16:29.
  • A spaced out plea to leave of “Dan, go, please” occurred at intervals of “Dan” at 17:04, “Go” at 17:05, and “Please” at 17:11.



Mansion – Parlor


This area was used as a male sitting area where females were not typically allowed, in particular right after meals and events. This was known to be one of Harman’s favorite locations to entertain male guests with activities like gambling and drinking while having music play in the background, setting the mood.

There has been said to be phantom footsteps pacing side to side and even mists and shadows moving along the wall, passing in front of the door. During our last investigation, we captured the scent of smoke, some residual communication as if there were multiple spirits discussing past events, and even told to “Go” eventually.

As we made our way into the mansion, we were informed that other investigators had noticed the chain swaying quickly and even saw some shadows move throughout the room. We did catch this later on in the evening with our own eyes, just not necessarily on film. We jumped right into a Phasma Box session here and caught a lot of communication, both residual and intelligent. The most astounding moments were where we heard “Interesting” just as one of the Hidden Marietta investigators received the same word moments before and after Derrick left the area, the word “Stay” appeared on the Ovilus. The name of “Blennerhassett” was also captured here, either naming the island or the mansion. Later on, “Margaret” was recorded mentioning the lady of the house. After hearing a phrase of “Passing through,” a fellow investigator spotted a stick figure going through on his SLS camera just moments before it crashed. As we stood outside the Parlor door, we captured some thermal images and videos that showed something passing across the door following phantom footsteps.




  • We managed to capture the chain swaying in a video, attached is a screen shot of that.



  • A figure was seen in the SLS camera as the Phasma Box captured “Passing through” where it appeared as though this figure was passing through the doorway.



  • As some of the guests noted a shadow in the room, we used our FLIR thermal imaging camera and captured a cold spot moving in front of the door.



Recording 1 – Phasma Box:



  • Right before this recording, the chain was seen swinging back and forth. Just before this, Derrick temporarily stepped outside to speak with a guest and the Ovilus stated “Stay.”
  • At 0:08, the phrase of “You haven’t seen it all?” was heard.
  • “Pass through” was captured at 0:19 just before the fellow investigator spotted a stick figure on the opposite side of the room.
  • We were greeted with a “Hello” at 0:28 and an odd word of “War” at 0:52.
  • “Pass through” was once again recorded at 0:56 just as the K2 meter lit.
  • At 1:03, the phrase “People died” was heard as if referencing the former war comment.
  • We asked if they were passing through the doorway and heard “Yes” at 1:14.
  • An odd word of “Helpless” was then captured at 1:19.


Recording 2 – Phasma Box:



  • The word “Interesting” came through at 0:08, just as Karita received a text moments before saying the exact same word.
  • “We’re freezing” was captured at 0:18.
  • Meanwhile, Karita was discussing that she just received a text saying “Interesting” as well, and at 0:29, the question of “Are you sure?” was heard.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:



  • Since the chain moved earlier in the night, we asked if they could move it once again. At 0:05, we recorded “We’re being chained.”
  • We asked the same question again, and at 0:08, “Chain move” was captured.
  • The cry out of “Over here” was heard at 0:24, following, Dan walked over and we recorded “I think that’s him” at 0:29.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box:



  • At 0:01, we were questioned in the form of “Still there?” followed by the K2 meter being alerted at 0:02.
  • “Obviously” was then heard at 0:06 as if referring to the K2 meter drawing attention to them.
  • As the chain moved once more, we asked if they were the ones moving the chain, to which we heard “Men” at 0:22. Since this was the men’s room, it’s possible this was referencing who was moving the chain.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box:



  • The exclamation of “Stop!” was captured at 0:02.
  • “Blennerhassett” was recorded at 0:26 followed by “Karita” at 0:29.
  • A proclamation of “Trying to figure it out” was heard at 0:33, likely questioning the devices we had in front of them.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box:



  • The K2 meter was alerted at 0:06 followed by the phrase of “That’s interesting” at 0:28.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box:



  • Unprompted, the word “Person” was heard at 0:06 followed by “They perform” at 0:10.
  • “Try real hard” was captured at 0:16 then “Warning” at 0:30.
  • As someone told a guest to head out onto the porch to grab a breather, we heard “Hopefully” at 0:46 as if they were concerned.
  • The nearly activated Ovilus produced the word “Box” at 0:58 as if an on the nose comment to the new device.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box:



  • As we continued to peer into the room, and record thermal images, the word “Eyes” was heard at 0:04 followed by “You know better” at 0:12. These both may have been residual in nature.
  • Likely they just noticed we were listening in, we captured “Out!” at 0:14.
  • Discussing where we were, we heard “Margaret’s House” at 0:46.
  • “Investigating” was recorded at 1:08, naturally, explaining what we were doing in the house.
  • As if being open to it, we heard “Welcome to my show” at 1:39.


Recording 9 – Phasma Box:



  • We were commanded with a “You stop!” at 0:05.
  • A strange phrase of “Summer sky” was heard at 0:19.
  • As we continued to listen through the Phasma Box, we heard “Magic” at 0:31 and “Knowledge” at 0:33 as if describing the box and how we could hear them.
  • Oddly, we captured “Controlled her” at 0:50. We’re still not entirely certain what or who this refers to.


Recording 10 – Phasma Box:



  • We were told to “Stop” at 0:04 followed by the K2 meter going off at 0:16.
  • Sounding what sounded like a residual conversation, we first heard a male voice say “I love you” at 0:59 followed by a female voice saying “Impossible” at 1:15.


Recording 11 – Phasma Box:



  • At 0:02, we recorded “Survivor” followed by “Sick” at 0:10.
  • The question of “What do you think?” was then heard at 0:49.


Recording 12 – Phasma Box:



  • We were discussing the SLS camera and captured a question of “Will it hurt me?” at 0:16 in regards to the camera.


Recording 13 – Phasma Box:



  • After asking why they’re still at the mansion, we heard “We’re still looking” at 0:05 as if referring to Margaret looking for her daughter, Margaret,  nicknamed Snowdrop.
  • We then explained that we just want to know if someone is with us, and at 0:21, we captured “No.”


Recording 14 – Phasma Box:



  • We mentioned that we felt like they didn’t want to speak with us, and heard a phrase of “It’s our secret” at 0:28.


Recording 15 – Phasma Box:



  • After asking if they could tell us their name, we heard a question of “My name?” at 0:12.
  • “Margaret” was then recorded at 0:42 as if responding to our former question.
  • As if tired of us, we then captured “Nighty-night” at 0:51.


Recording 16 – Phasma Box:



  • We felt as though we experienced more residual communication here beginning with the phrase of “Got away with it” at 0:03.
  • “Differently” was heard at 0:18 and “Different people” at 0:41 after we asked if they wanted us to leave.
  • Finally, “We’re innocent” was recorded at 1:06.


Mobile Camera 1:


  • We had just begun our Phasma Box session here and didn’t capture anything abnormal.



Mobile Camera 2:


  • At this moment, we captured the chain swaying on its own.



Mansion – Dining Room


Stretching the width of the house, the period-esque decorations bring visitors back to the days when the Blennerhassetts’ filled their mansion with guests and lavish parties. This room is truly where Margaret entertained her guests, particularly when Harman allowed his male patrons to enter the Parlor where the women typically weren’t allowed.

This location has been known to produce phantom footsteps and a low roar of audible conversation, as if spirits were still carrying on conversations across the table from one another. Occasionally, guests can smell fresh food lingering in the air, while others have experienced smells of smoking, dating the mansion to a dark time when it burnt down. During our first investigation, we did not spend much time back here, as the area was quite crowded, not to mention we were gathering evidence elsewhere where the mansion was active.

We first began hearing footsteps back in this area, and simply set a K2 meter down to check and see if there would be anyone that wanted to make their presence known. After the K2 meter spiked a few times, we successfully utilized the flashlight to acquire yes and no responses, leading us to believe that Margaret was still back in her Dining Room entertaining her guests.




  • We didn’t capture any pictures out of the ordinary, but do have a screen capture of a moment when the flashlight lit.



Recorder 1 – EVP (Flashlight):



  • As the K2 meter began to flash and the flashlight was put to use, we ran a quick and simple EVP.
  • After asking if they liked hosting in this room, the flashlight turned on at 0:47 then back off after we asked them to turn it back off at 1:16.
  • We asked if they would be willing to speak openly with us, and the flashlight turned on at 1:48 and back off at 2:20 after Derrick momentarily stepped away to grab the Spirit Box.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box (Flashlight):



  • As we began our Spirit Box session, we explained that we’d like to hear her voice, and instead of speaking, the flashlight turned on at 0:07 then back off at 0:35.
  • We hoped to get some kind of verbal communication and asked if they could tell us if anyone else was in the house, and at 1:09, the flashlight turned on and off.
  • After asking if her husband is here with us, and heard “No!” at 1:31.
  • We repeated this question and the flashlight flickered on then back off quickly at 1:55.


Recorder 3 – Spirit Box (Flashlight):



  • After we continued to pry about Margaret’s husband, we asked if he was downstairs, and the flashlight flicked on at 0:07 then off at 0:33.
  • We asked if he’s in the Parlor, and the flashlight turned on at 1:03 and stayed on.
  • “The door” was heard at 1:28 as if her husband was passing through the door of the Parlor.
  • The flashlight that was left on finally turned off at 1:31 after we asked them to turn it off.
  • We then asked if she could get her husband into the Dining Room with us, and the flashlight turned on at 1:45 and back off at 1:55.


Recorder 4 – Spirit Box (Flashlight):



  • After the light turned off, we thanked them and heard “Welcome” at 0:02.
  • We asked what her husband’s name was, and the flashlight turned on at 0:15 followed by “Harman” repeated three times at 0:16, 0:20, and 0:22.


Mobile Camera 1 – EVP (Flashlight):


  • This captured a small portion of our flashlight session.
  • We noted that we knew they liked hosting in this room, and at 0:13, the flashlight turned on.
  • After asking if they could turn the light back off, at 0:42, it shut off.



Mobile Camera 2 – Spirit Box (Flashlight):


  • While utilizing our Spirit Box, we took a short video of the flashlight turning on and off once more. We began this clip while the flashlight was already clicked on.
  • We asked if they could turn the light off, and at 0:23, it shut off.
  • The flashlight turned on at 0:35 after we asked if Harman was in the Parlor, and if she could bring him in with us.
  • Unprompted, the flashlight shut back off at 0:46.



Mansion – Upstairs Hallway


Above the stairway on the second floor lies another open sitting area surrounding an upper fireplace. Not a lot is known about this area, but being situated between Margaret’s Room, the Nursery, and the Guest Bedroom, it’s possible this was a simple living area where the women and children would gather, possibly read books under the chandelier light and rest while the men would gather downstairs.

This is another location in the mansion where footsteps are heard when no one is around and strange lights have been seen streaking across the hallway. During our first time in the mansion, we captured a few strange lights moving around the room, but there was no other type of communication.

During our time spent here, there were a few strange sounds and noises heard at first, but we then brought out the Phasma Box which allowed us to capture some intelligent responses but more often than not, it appeared to be residual voices scattered throughout the conversations. Eventually, as the Rempod began to active from the Nursery, it drew Dan and a few of the guests toward it, ultimately ending the Phasma Box session from the Hallway.




  • We captured an odd IR photograph of a bright white light hovering then disappearing.



Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:



  • Just as we booted up the Phasma Box, we mentioned that we’ll give it a try, and heard “Pay attention” at 0:03.
  • After explaining what the Phasma Box was and how it could help them speak, we recorded “Phasma” at 0:23.
  • As we continued our conversation, we captured “Knowledgeable” at 0:28 and the phrase “Trying to” at 1:07.


Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:



  • After some guests began to speak up and participate more, we heard “Talk louder” at 0:04 just as the Rempod was alerted from Margaret’s Room at 0:11.
  • We mentioned that if they were the ones making the light go off, maybe they could talk to us. At 0:25, we captured “Hey.”
  • As we asked if they could tell us their name, we recorded what sounded like “Blackwood” at 0:31.
  • After we asked if they could show us that they’re here, we heard “Inside the mansion” at 1:22.


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:



  • Right away, at 0:02, the Rempod went off from Margaret’s Room.
  • As we discussed the Rempod going off, a question of “What is that?” was heard at 0:03.
  • As if they were still talking about the Rempod, we captured “That thing” at 0:16.
  • After we started to smell a strange smoky smell, we recorded “Smoke” at 0:42.


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:



  • At 0:06, we heard “I’m searching” as if Margaret was still looking for Snowdrop.
  • We asked if they could turn the light on, and at 0:50, we captured “The light.”
  • As another guest joined, he mentioned he thought he’d come up and talk. At 1:43, we heard a response of “Sure.”


Recorder 5 – Phasma Box:



  • Again, “Search” was heard, unprompted, at 0:06.
  • After we heard this, we asked what we should be searching for and heard “Things,” at 0:29 followed by the Rempod once again activating at 0:46.
  • The name “Scott” was recorded at 0:54 followed by the phrase “I’m listening” at 1:01.
  • “Thinking” was recorded at 1:04.
  • We asked if your name is Scott and we heard an angry exclamation of “Up yours!” at 1:26 followed by an agreement of “I’m Scott” at 1:51.


Recorder 6 – Phasma Box:



  • A crude comment of “Fuck you” was clearly heard at 0:02 followed by an exclamation of “Not guilty!” at 0:04.
  • As Dan walked up the steps, he was told to “Go away” at 0:15 and “Leave now” at 0:20.


Recorder 7 – Phasma Box:



  • Just as Dan was about to walk away, the word “Hang” was heard at 0:06.
  • The Rempod was then alerted once more from Margaret’s Bedroom at 0:14.
  • As we discussed the Rempod going off, we recorded “Thanks for that” at 0:29 as if they were thanking us for giving them some way to communicate.


Recorder 8 – Phasma Box:



  • As Dan began to speak, we heard “We’re listening” at 0:03 as if reinforcing our communication followed by the Rempod again going off at 0:15.


Recorder 9 – Phasma Box:



  • As if the same spirit who was lighting up the Rempod was speaking, even to another spirit perhaps, we heard “They’re out there” at 0:04 like they were discussing the group of guest investigators.
  • A little disturbing, we captured “Kill them all” at 0:30.
  •  After some silence, the Rempod again was alerted at 1:07.


Recorder 10 – Phasma Box:



  • Just as a few sporadic words scrambled across the Phasma Box, we mentioned that they were just random words at this point, and heard “Languages” at 0:06.
  • From Margaret’s Room, the Rempod again went off at 1:14 followed by “Afraid” at 1:25.


Recorder 11 – Phasma Box:



  • Following the previous Rempod activity, Dan made his way into Margaret’s Room at which point we heard a warning of “You better watch it” at 0:02.
  • At about 1:06, the Rempod once again went off, almost to let Dan know someone was still there.


Recorder 12 – Phasma Box:



  • We felt as though we began to pick up a little residual communication here with the word “Justice” at :04 followed by more Rempod activity at 0:13.
  • A drawn out phrase of “Today, I have no fear” was broken up with a short break in between. “Today, I have” was heard at 0:21 and “No fear” was recorded at 0:23.
  • Two more words we feel are connected were heard at 0:27 with “Child” and completed at 0:48 with “Where is?”


Recorder 13 – Phasma Box:



  • Dan attempted some minor communication at first in Margaret’s Bedroom and, after slightly closing the door, we heard “Open” at 0:03.
  • After Dan nearly walked out, we recorded “Wait” at 0:12 just as the Rempod went off simultaneously.
  • An odd phrase of “We’re torn” was heard at 0:23.


Recorder 14 – Phasma Box:



  • While the group quietly discussed all the Rempod activity, we could make out a confused question of “Now what?” at 0:05.
  • “I’m confused!” was then proclaimed at 0:18.


Recorder 15 – Phasma Box:



  • Finally, after getting fed up with so many people in the small area, we were told “Out” at 0:06, and as if someone else were agreeing with them, we heard “I wish they would” at 0:08.


Mansion – Margaret’s Bedroom


In this back bedroom, complete with time period décor and furniture, Margaret spent much of her time here whether it was reading or playing with her children. There are even some children’s toys strewn about to allow guests to imagine a playful and light hearted area where a mother would play endlessly with her children.

Margaret and her children have both been spotted here in the past. Guests have seen full body apparitions as well as heard giggling and scampering away from children. From the outside looking in, Margaret has been spotted longingly looking out the window but has been spotted in the mirror next to the bed standing aimlessly inside the room. The cliché sound of footsteps has been reported here as well, so much so that some of the reenactors and volunteers have run out of the building screaming. During our last investigation, we believe that we encountered a little girl simply playing with our devices, particularly the Rempod. The Phasma Box had also produced some voices, ultimately asking us to leave as if we wore out our welcome.

We made our way into this room after numerous Rempod activations. Before we were able to move our equipment into this room, Dan took a moment to quiet his mind and concentrate. As he opened his eyes and peered across the room, a short, black mass was standing in front of the fireplace. Startled, he jumped back not expecting this full figure of a little girl to appear in front of him. Still a little shaken, we moved our equipment into the room and began a little Phasma Box session where we captured intelligent conversation including the spirits telling us where they were as in “I’m behind you” and greetings of “Hello” and even one of Hidden Marietta’s investigators’ names of “Karita.” Luckily, before we had to conclude, we were joined by Viva who has a deep connection and extreme sensitivity to the other side, unfortunately, any time she truly opens herself up it completely drains her and takes a serious toll. We were extremely lucky and very grateful that she was willing to do this with us. We were able to gather that the little girl was Margaret’s daughter, also named Margaret and nicknamed Snowdrop. We also understood from these conversations that Margaret is still searching for Snowdrop who tragically died young as she was born frail. She was said to be buried somewhere on the island but her body was never found, and it is assumed that she was washed away by a flood. She refuses to leave the island without her daughter, and who can blame her?




  • We captured a moment when the Rempod was activated, but flash photography didn’t produce anything paranormal.



Recorder 1 – Phasma Box:



  • Before this recording began, Dan was startled by the full figure shadow figure who we believe is Margaret (daughter). He was still shaken up and had his guard up. He and some of the guests were laughing and still trying to gather themselves.
  • He told the group they needed to get serious and stop laughing to collect themselves, and heard “He’s laughing at me” at 0:07.
  • As the group heard this and continued to laugh, a voice told them “That’s enough” at 0:20.
  • After they collected themselves and apologized, at 1:05, we recorded “It’s fine, Dan.”
  • Some of the group mentioned that he was freaking out after seeing the apparition, and at 1:20, a sarcastic reply of “Great” was heard.


Recorder 2 – Phasma Box:



  • We were told “I’m behind you” at 0:03 followed by the Rempod being alerted at 0:09, which sat exactly where the voice explained that they were located.
  • After the group asked if they liked Dan, at 0:22, we heard “I think so.” 


Recorder 3 – Phasma Box:



  • After a little silence, we asked if they could speak with us and recorded a response of “Hello” at 0:26.
  • We thanked them for speaking with us, just as the Rempod went off at 1:17.
  • As if they were grateful for us speaking with them, we heard “Thank you” at 1:44.


Recorder 4 – Phasma Box:



  • After the group began to joke around a little, getting anxious about all of the activity, someone mentioned that they hate another. Without thinking about it at first, we told the spirits it wasn’t them we hated, and at 0:15 the Rmepod was alerted as if they understood.
  • We thanked them for lighting it up and at 0:29, we heard “Light.”
  • Karita’s name was then spoken to us at 1:05.


Recorder 5 – EVP with Viva (Transcription):



  • Instead of breaking this section apart too much, we felt as though the entire EVP session, with Viva opening herself up, was significant. We have essentially transcribed this section and did note specific times where Viva was communicating on our behalf.
  • Dan opened up and explained that he’d like to continue speaking with whoever was standing in front of the fireplace, and at 1:17, the Rempod was alerted.
  • After a little silence, Dan was about to speak again and the Rempod went off once more at 3:33.
  • Around 3:55, Viva felt as though that was the spirit of young Margaret and that she’s very tired. However, she did ask if she could validate this and tell us her name.
  • The Rempod went off at 5:50 after Dan asked if that was Margaret’s daughter he saw earlier.
  • Dan apologized if he scared her earlier, and around 6:30, Viva explained that she wasn’t scared of Dan, just curious.
  • After Viva told us that no one ever hears her around 7:15, Dan explained that she can come play with us.
  • We asked if Margaret would like to come talk with us, and at 8:07, the Rempod was alerted. Viva followed that by telling us that Margaret couldn’t talk to us, that it’s too difficult.
  • Around 9:24, Viva felt that both Margarets were in that room, mother and child.
  • At 10:08, Viva went on to explain that Margaret could not find her daughter, Snowdrop, who we know died young from a severe illness and was buried somewhere on the island even though her body was never recovered. The Rempod was alerted at 10:24 after Viva explained this scenario.
  • Dan asked where she looked for her, and Viva felt as though Margaret was searching the entire island for her lost daughter around 10:52.
  • Viva felt strong emotions and overwhelming sadness at about 11:30 and told us, at 11:50, that she’s feeling Margaret’s sadness and desperation since she cannot find Snowdrop.
  • After we asked if they looked up on the hill, the Rempod was alerted at 12:42 as if to tell us yes.
  • At 13:00, we asked if we could help her find Snowdrop, and Viva explained that Margaret told her no.
  • Snowdrop appears to be happy while Margaret is so sad, Viva told us at 13:28.
  • We asked if she could leave the island, and at 14:00, Viva explained that she could not leave the island without her baby.
  • The Rempod was activated at 14:58 after we asked if she was with Harman.
  • Viva explained that Margaret told her that she never forgave Harman for everything he did, this occurred at 15:18, following Viva explaining that Margaret doesn’t want him, just her kids and the island around 15:40.
  • Margaret told Viva that the natives sometimes visit her in the mansion but never stay, right around the 16:42 mark.
  • As Viva once again mentioned the Native Americans, the Rempod was alerted at 17:16.
  • Hearing that, Viva shares with us that Margaret told her that she walks the island and sees those natives around but they don’t care about her at 17:32 and that she walks on her own, not together with them at 18:13.
  • Margaret explained to Viva that there were too many people in the room earlier and that it was just too loud for her, around 19:00.
  • Margaret again expressed to Viva that she didn’t like all the people around, and at 19:32, the Rempod was once again alerted.
  • Viva told Dan that Margaret wanted him to know that she likes him around 20:25 and that she wants him to stay at 21:00.
  • After Dan asked if there is any specific reason that she likes him, and at 21:50, the Rempod shot off.
  • Viva explained that Margaret likes to sit next to him, around 22:00, and that’s who’s setting off the Rempod.
  • As Viva closes herself back off, being completely drained (mentally and physically), the Rempod is alerted one last time at 24:06 as if to wish her well.


Former Blockhouse


Just off the gravel pathway, tucked into the wooded area, an open field with a sign is all that is left of this old Blockhouse. This area has also been said to be a spot of many Native American burials as a plethora of bones have been dug up here during exploratory exercises and, due to the amount of relics found here, actually made the future plans of a shed be revised. This blockhouse was the home of a slave runner, Captain James, and stories tell that he took the Blennerhassetts in when they needed a place to stay.

Shadows and full figures have been said to poke their heads out from behind trees as if these former Native Americans are simply watching over their land; which led to their nickname of the Watchers. On occasion, chanting has been heard echoing through this wooded area as well as strange lights moving amongst the trees. During our original investigation, we actually started the night here. We did capture some footprints via the FLIR thermal imaging camera, and upon snapping a few still pictures, we realized we caught a Watcher peering out from behind a tree. There were also a few moments, through the simple EVP, that we recorded the sounds of heavy breathing just after the horses stopped whinnying from across the street.

By the time we made our way back to this spot, we were pretty well tired and drained of our energy. During our trek from the mansion, we felt as though we were being followed. We heard footsteps in the gravel and even movement in the trees that lined the pathway. We didn’t spend a long period of time here, however, we did capture a few voices taking us “Out” and “Go” which we easily obliged.




  • There was nothing paranormal captured here, however, there was a moment where a few lights flashed across the screen as we were taping. We could not tell what this was, nor debunk or prove what it was.




 Recorder 1 – Spirit Box:



  • After a length of time with no communication, we began to get restless. However, as we began to joke around, at 0:18 we heard “Out.”
  • “Out of here” followed that up at 0:28 then finally “Go” at 1:10.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:



  • Finally, before we packed up, at 0:08, we were told to “Go” so we ultimately packed up and made our way back to the camping area.


After a complete review of the evidence we captured during the night we camped out on Blennerhassett Island for a paranormal investigation, we can conclude that the historic island and mansion holds an incredible amount of energy and a slew of spirits spread out between the mansion and the island. Based upon our evidence gathered intertwined with our personal experiences, we believe we encountered intelligent and residual communication, paired up with some more physical phenomena such as seeing a full body apparition of a young girl, hearing footsteps, and even the feeling of presences moving about around us inside the mansion.

Being that there are so many legends and lore about the deaths and tragedy on the island (even if only a small portion of them are true) it would be no wonder why so many spirits would be left to wander here for eternity. Some of these spirit energies seem to be well-aware of their passing over, or lack thereof, and seem willing to share their names and even interact with guests to the island. Specifically, Margaret and her family seem to be lingering in the Blennerhassett Mansion, only that Margaret refuses to leave the island until she finds her daughter, Snowdrop. Others, like the Native American Watchers, seem to want to watch from afar, simply ensuring their island and eternal home is safe and secure. There are a few that may be playing out their lives or specific actions time and time again, regardless of what’s going on around them. 



Most of the energy throughout the mansion and island felt more positive in nature and most spirits we communicated with seemed willing to speak with us in some fashion, even if just manipulating our devices like flashlights and Rempod. The verbal communication we captured was thanks in large part to the Spirit Box and Phasma Box. We did manage to record a few names like “Margaret” and “Scott” but at other times we were told to “Go” and “Leave.” However, we never felt any darker or malevolent presences around the island.

We feel that there was enough evidence and experiences for us to prove that the Blennerhassett Island hosts multiple spiritual energies throughout the land and the walls of the Blennerhassett Mansion. Our analysis of our evidence goes on to show that there is a combination of both intelligent and residual energies tied to the historic land. These energies vary from remnants of the Blennerhassetts to the Native Americans even to past employees and volunteers to the state park. It’s highly likely that these spirits, while living on the island, held it in the utmost regard and a very important part of their lives, which ultimately is what drew them back here in the afterlife.



This event continues to hold special meaning to us. Any time we are able to spend with Hidden Marietta is worth the trip from Pittsburgh. What makes the event even more exciting is that we get to spread the respect and interest we have for paranormal research with all the people that join us for the event. We are always humbled by the reception we get from people that follow our content online. Getting to meet them face-to-face and getting to meet so many interesting people is why we do what we do. As always, we thank Hidden Marietta for inviting us along on these incredible journeys and can’t wait to do it all again in August for the next overnight camping event on Blennerhassett Island!




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