Antietam Blackout

I’ve visited Antietam numerous times in the past. I’ve never had any paranormal experiences, at least not the first few times.

There has always been a seemingly heaviness to the battlefield but this one particular occasion, while camping with some friends, we took the battlefield tour. Our group made their way toward Bloody Lane, walking down the dirt path with the overlook in mind. We were all unusually quiet during the walk and at one point I just stopped to take in what would have been some soldiers last site of that sprawling field and sloped wall.


That moment seemed, to me at least, like it was just that: a moment. However, when I glanced back towards my friends they were making their way DOWN the tower in a near panic. It was a brutally hot day so I casually and slowly made my way toward them, as confused as I might have been. When I finally got to them, they explained that I stopped in the path and practically froze, just staring off toward the field. They thought it was a joke at first, then they thought I had some kind of hidden fear of heights. But as they yelled down to me, I apparently didn’t move. At about that moment, a loud barrage of re-enacted gunfire sounded, snapping me out of that odd trance and forcing the group down from the tower.


To this day, that moment felt like just seconds, to me at least.


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