Strange Happenings East of Pittsburgh

So my husband and I purchased property and had our house built. There was nothing there before aside from an old shed on an adjacent property that we later purchased to expand our lot. Anyway, after living there for nearly 60 years there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happening; until about a year or so ago.



The first anomaly was a strange key that appeared in our bedroom but we have no idea what it is or what it locks/unlocks. From there, in the middle of the night our lights would turn on. We would think that the other had gone downstairs and turned them on so we thought nothing of it at the time. However, come the next morning we found out neither of us were downstairs. This has happened on multiple occasions. We also have heard the creaking of footsteps either upstairs or downstairs and, much like the light scenario, we thought the other was walking around but they were not.



One of the more recent occurrences is there appearing of an odd sewing thimble in our bedroom. I haven’t used a thimble in decades, nor did this look familiar in any way. Just the other night, the front porch light came on sometime in the middle of the night, and this is not motion activated, it must be turned on and off from inside the house.


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