Curiosities in Evans City

My boyfriend and I currently live in an upstairs apartment in Evans City. The building’s first floor houses a quilt shop, nail salon, and bakery. With some of the strange occurrences in the apartment, I’ve done a little research about the building and it appears as though it used to be a heavy trafficked railroad hub with miners and oil workers coming and going constantly. There’s no stories of death or tragedy in particular associated with the building but it’s highly possible something occurred here in the past.


At the moment, there is definitely a strange energy in the apartment. I have been genuinely scared at some moments, and I don’t scare easily. The sense we get is that it’s an aggressive man who just seems to watch from a distance but could also just snap at any moment. There are moments as I’m watching TV that, in my peripheral vision, I’ve noticed a full body apparition. Every time I turn towards it, it disappears but as I turn back toward the TV it seems as though something moves quickly in the darkness, again out of my peripheral vision.


In time it appears that this entity has figured out how to play with technology. One evening as I was on the phone with my dad, my boyfriends laptop suddenly began playing a video out of nowhere. The laptop was locked with a blacked out screen and I had to physically unlock the computer to shut the video off.

After I contacted my sister in law about these events, it seems like the energy has changed and lightened up a little. Her and I used to live together in an apartment in Cranberry Township and it was also haunted with someone from her family tree. My fear is that this person actually attached itself to me and followed me when we left.


Even though the energy has changed, it still feels that this man is watching me from a distance and knows that I can tell that he’s there.


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