Don’t Be Scared

Along with my two kids, we moved into our house that was only 20 years old. The house had a finished basement and the kids would play down there. My daughter wanted to have a sleep over with her friend, Allison, but Allison said she saw a little boy in overalls standing in the corner and that she was scared. She said the little boy was like a mist.


I didn’t think to much about it but weird things started to happen. Footsteps on the stairs, a little boy laughing, but the one thing that really scared me occurred in our kitchen. I had a ladder hanging from the ceiling and hung my pots and pans on hooks across the ladder. One night, as we were sleeping, I heard a loud noise. I ran downstairs and in the kitchen were all the pots and pans on the floor. The ladder didn’t fall but each pan was standing upright on the floor. All the hooks that held them were still in place on the ladder. It was my guess that the little boy wanted to play with them.


Later that year we were packing the house to move out and I heard a little boy crying. I knew my son wasn’t home but I thought maybe he came in the house without me knowing it; he was not home. I was alone in the house.

Then the following week my mom and daughter were packing boxes and they heard a loud scream. They ran to see if it was my son. Once again, he was outside playing. He never came inside the house.


When we moved I always wondered about the little boy in overalls. I hope he made friends with the new family as I think all he wanted was to be part of a family.

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