Blennerhassett Island Investigation (October 2021)

Blennerhassett Island

October 16, 2021

Lubuck, WV



This event concludes our fourth visit to the island for historical tours and paranormal investigations and our third opportunity to help Hidden Marietta guide guests on tours and paranormal investigations throughout the weekend. The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was naturally set and featured wonderful natural and manmade features around the island. The exploration of the island includes a multitude of wooded areas where Native Americans hunted, gathered, and even utilized the area for burial grounds as well as more modern features that the new world began to bring in like the Blennerhassett Mansion, Neale House, former Block House, and boat docks. 

There is such a plethora of history, one that changes with increasingly digging the investigators and Hidden Marietta continues to accomplish. Rather than digging into the history in detail in this feature, you can be sure to dig into more of the history at the direct link below:

If you are interested in any of the previous investigations, the reports can be found below:

There are numerous claims and stories of paranormal phenomena all around the island. Our own experiences and evidence have indicated that these are not just stories, rather, these legends and lore prove that there is some significant energy remaining on the island. More importantly, these stories continue to help paint a picture of the history surrounding the island, whether that helps provide names, activities, or confirmation of some stories and local tales.

During our initial paranormal investigation, the majority of evidence was scattered about the island particularly the Blockhouse (we captured a Watcher peeking out from behind a tree), the Nemacolin Field (we recorded some odd and intelligent voices), and the Mansion (we captured a child playing with our Rempod). 



The second investigation proved successful as we were able to make contact once again with the child inside the mansion and her mother both in and outside of the mansion. We even spotted this young girl, Snowdrop (Little Margaret), in her bedroom inside the Mansion. On the gravestones, we had dueling flashlights which both were activated to answer our yes/no questions quite frequently.



Our third investigation of the island was not as thoroughly recorded or captured as we spent most of our time helping the guests and guiding them alongside Hidden Marietta. However, we did capture a flurry of activity back behind the Neale House utilizing flashlights and the Rempod. Here, we realized we were speaking with Mr. George Neale Sr. and his son George Neale Jr.



During our return here for this fourth time, we once again captured plenty of otherworldly activity both behind the Neale House and inside the Mansion. The light and paranormal tool activity continued here in both locations including flashlights, Remopods, K2 meters, and our new Spirit Light. We had differing experiences in both spots, but we do believe we made conclusive contact in both areas, albeit in different fashions.

As we arrived on the island with Hidden Marietta, we greeted the guests numbering over fifty-five total, and introduced ourselves, and explained that we would be available to help explain the equipment and guide them through investigations throughout the evening. Once we had the campsite set up, and helped a few of those guests struggling with theirs, we began to spread out and begin the horse wagon rides and the mansion tours. We set up outside the mansion so once guests completed their historical tours, we would explain the equipment available to them throughout the night. We then set out for our first investigation location; the Neale House. 

Right around 6:00 PM we began the tours and began our trek to the Neale House right around 8:00 PM. After about two hours behind the Neale House, where we received a lot of flashlights, Rempod, and Spirit Box communication, we headed toward the Mansion. We spent some more time here with Hidden Marietta and the guests then moved on to the rest of the island. Overall, our investigations lasted up until about 2:30 AM.



We utilized some of Hidden Marietta’s tools along the way but mainly stuck with whatever we could haul in a backpack. We left off the live streams this time around as well as the Phasma box since its’ attached to our tablet (not the best tool for a hike) and left the bulky SLS camera behind. We did take with us two recorders, one MEL meter, two K2 meters, one SB7 Spirit Box, one Rempod, one FLIR thermal imaging camera, one EMF pump, two IR lights, three flashlights, one Ovilus, one brand new Spirit Light, and two stationary video cameras.

As we started back at the Neale House, we quickly utilized our light-up energy required tools including the flashlights, Rempod, K2 meters, and Spirit Light. As we had hoped, we picked up essentially where we left off left time and the flashlights jumped to life. We captured a few voices and seemingly intelligent communication thanks to the Spirit Box, Dowsing Rods, and Ovilus. The FLIR thermal image camera captured perhaps some of the most intriguing evidence we had seen all night. As our time dwindled here, the Rempod began to lite signifying our time was up.

As we made our way to the Mansion, there was already some significant activity taking place involving a pair of light-up cat balls and K2 meters. Unfortunately, we were not around for those moments, but we did get lucky enough to experience a few experiences ourselves. After setting around more light-up devices, including the Spirit Light which did not activate even once the entire night up until this point, we had moments where all of the lights shone bright, and the sounds buzzed on as if someone had entered the area. We also recorded a new name here as well as an astonishing moment of the chain appearing to be pushed down causing a strange stretching effect of the metal chains across the Walnut Room doorway. Eventually, we were told to get out and move on so we begrudgingly obliged.

After a short break, we moved upstairs into the mansion. We did not record too much activity here, a few phrases thanks to the Spirit Box but an interesting moment occurred right before we packed up where we had something kicked or thrown around the room which sounded like small pebbles. This occurred on two separate occasions followed by phantom footsteps. 



Even though that was the end of our evening, we still had a little more evidence to review. We left a stationary camera in the Kitchen to just record and listen to at a later time. The area is closed off for investigations, but we were lucky enough to at least have a few devices in here. Nothing too far out of the ordinary was noticed here, but there were a few clicking noises, what sounded like a wine or champagne bottle popping, and even a few moments of flickering lights.

Throughout our evening, a heavy portion of the evidence and individual experiences were captured via light-up energy tools such as flashlights, Rempods, K2 meters, and Spirit Lights. However, we did also experience some voices and communication largely thanks to our Spirit Box and simple voice recorders. We experienced quite a bit of physical anomalies thanks to some FLIR thermal photographic evidence by the Neale House, footsteps upstairs in the Mansion, and pebbles being thrown around in that same area.

Thanks to our guides at Hidden Marietta, we have been able to return for the fourth time in attempts to debunk or prove some type of otherworldly activity occurring on the island, and with building evidence from each visit we can confidently conclude that Blennerhassett Island plays host to numerous strong energies in the form of both intelligent and residual spiritual activity throughout the island. The reconstructed mansion, purchased by and constructed for the Blennerhassett family seems to hold quite a bit of intelligent energy as well as the Neale House which the Blennerhassetts’ stayed at during their mansion’s construction and holds a plethora of local legend and lore surrounding the former slave owners and their treatment of those slaves during the Underground Railroad. Surprisingly enough, the upstairs of the Mansion showed signs of intelligent energy, likely wanting us to leave, and the Kitchen produced quite a bit of residual energy creating noises reminiscent of a working Kitchen back when it was in operation.

Upon our full analysis of the footage and recordings we gathered from our paranormal investigation of the Blennerhassett Island which occurred during the Hidden Marietta event we have attached all of the evidence in the form of voice recording clips, raw videos, and photographs (both regular still pictures and FLIR thermal images). Our references throughout this analysis include everything we cognitively heard and saw that we would reference as paranormal as well as our feelings and firsthand experiences that may also contribute to this evidence. After you listen to the clips, watch the videos, and read the evidence, please let us know your thoughts and feelings regarding each and if you had any individual experiences yourselves, you are more than welcome to send them our way and we would be happy to feature you on our shared “Fan Story” page!

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Neale House

Toward the back of the island, down the gravel and dirt paths, lies the ruins of one of the original buildings constructed on the island. George Neale Sr. and Geirge Neale Jr. both lived with their families in this brick structure, and this is the location where the Blennerhassett’s took refuge as their mansion was built from the ground up. Aside from these few facts a few legends and, most likely myths have also been told and spread about the area. These deprecating stories paint the Neale’s in quite a disparaging picture showing the family as a two-faced, homicidal, conniving group of maniacs. As the stories go, during the Underground Railroad, slaves would be put up for a night along their way north but instead of protecting them the Neale’s chained these nearly free people up to the basement walls and brutally tortured them, eventually killing them. These stories claim that the chains are still within sight and have survived weather and time to show off the murderous actions of this family. However, there has never been any proof either written or otherwise documented that these actions ever truly occurred. 

In this area some visitors, ourselves included during our previous investigations, have experienced shadows moving around the trees and their tools being turned on and off as well as batteries and power being drained.  

As we began our night here following the mansion tours and equipment explanation, we picked up where we left off from our August investigation and set out our energy tools with one Rempod, one K2 meter, one Spirit Light, and three flashlights in separate locations: one at the tree, one in the center of the fence, and one at the far side fence post. These lights provided us with a few answers to our questions, but we felt that the majority of the activity was attributed to children more or less playing with our tools. We did receive plenty of greetings and seemingly warm welcomes back here, at least at first. We gathered the name of Walter via the Ovilus and the word Akasha which was a direct reference to one of the Hidden Marietta members’ brand-new tattoos. 

The dowsing rods also came in handy here as they seemed to point to tools before or right after they lit up as well as pointed directly to the house and certain buildings as we asked them. Most intriguing about this location though were a set of thermal images that were captured right behind the tree. As the lights shone, a figure first appeared peeking out. This moment was eventually captured with the FLIR thermal camera. Following some repetition, we traced this movement back behind the tree where we took a few more of these thermal pictures where we spotted a clear handprint on the tree as well as what appears to be a figure moving in front of it.




  • During our initial flashlight session, we spotted an anomaly manifesting behind the tree next to us.



  • As we continued, we captured the moment a flashlight lit up when resting aside a tree.



  • At first, we snapped a FLIR thermal image of what appeared to be someone peering out from behind the tree.



  • We followed this entity as they appeared once more and spotted a handprint, seen in two separate photos and another of what appeared to be a full figure moving behind the tree.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • During this EVP session, we had some flashlight activity and dowsing rod responses that we will note below but there was nothing verbally out of the ordinary otherwise.
  • As we began with a set of dowsing rods, we asked if those who were with us were male if they could make an “X” but if they were female, they could open the dowsing rods. At about 0:32, we noted that the dowsing rods made an “X” signifying a male presence.
  • We then asked if they were a resident in this area and to cross the dowsing rods if the answer was a “Yes” and at 0:48, they crossed.
  • We proceeded with a few more questions utilizing the dowsing rods: 
  • Am I talking to George? > Opened for “No” at 1:20.
  • Did George have a son? > Crossed for “Yes” at 1:37.
  • Did you know other tools will help you speak with us? > Crossed for “Yes” at 1:47.
  • The Ovilus produced “Lust” at 2:28 and “Leather” at 2:58.
  •  After we asked if they could tell us their name, the flashlight near the tree turned on as if saying “Yes” at 4:09 followed by this question and answer being repeated at 4:40.
  • We explained that we were ready to listen when they wanted to speak, and the dowsing rods again crossed for a “Yes” at 5:19.
  • As flashlights began to light, we asked if they could point to where they are right now, and at 5:33, the dowsing rods pointed toward the flashlight leaning up against the corner post.
  • The light next to the tree flashed on at 5:50.
  • As the opposite light jumped to life, the dowsing rods pointed toward it at 6:44.
  • After we asked if they know where the K2 meter is, the dowsing rods were pointed toward it at 6:56.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:



  • The Ovilus produced two strange words of “September” and “Noise” at 0:08.
  • The greeting of “Hello” was heard at 0:18.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • As the lights continued to turn on and off, we asked if it is them who is playing with the lights. At 0:15, the lights once again turned on.
  • We explained that they could speak to us using the Spirit Box and, at 0:51, we heard “Box.”


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • Between recordings, we continued to utilize the dowsing rods and before this recording, we gathered that this was George Neale’s son that we were speaking with and that he was not messing with the lights.
  • At 0:33, we recorded “Beat” then “Good” at 0:46 as if someone were trying to confirm the rumors of torture and death in this house.
  • As we continued, the word “Students” appeared on the Ovilus at 0:50 as we began to reference the field trip that was brought here a week before our arrival.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box:



  • Before this recording, the speaker to the Spirit Box was completely drained of battery. We used an external battery to turn it back on to continue. We asked as we were setting up the new battery if there were noisy students here, and the dowsing rods crossed as if a “Yes” response.
  • As the lights continued to turn on and off, the word “Light” was heard at 0:05 then “Down” at 0:13.
  • An odd phrase of “Take me” was captured at 0:19, unprompted.


Recording 6 – EVP:



  • Before this moment, we had a few more dowsing rod communications:
  • Are you George Neale, Jr.? > Crossed for “Yes.”
  • Do you know of a young boy who lives here? > Crossed for “Yes.”
  • Can I call you George? > Crossed for “Yes.”
  • After this, we decided to take a break from the Spirit Box and attempt to use the dowsing rods, flashlights, and other energy tools to communicate.
  • At 0:45, both flashlights jumped on.
  • After we asked if that’s George playing with the lights, the dowsing rods opened signifying “No” at 1:10.
  • We mentioned that we are probably speaking with the children now and the flashlight nearest the tree turned on at 1:41.
  • Following our question of ‘Can we play a game?’ the dowsing rods crossed for a “Yes” response.
  • After one of the guests with us experienced a random pain in her leg along with a burning sensation, we asked if they had something happen to their leg, both the dowsing rods crossed for a “Yes” as well as the flashlight near the fence jumped on at about 2:40.
  • We continued to ask if they were a child of 8 years old, the dowsing rods crossed as in a “Yes” answer at 3:44.
  • At about 3:45, the Ovilus produced the word Akasha which surprisingly was the new tattoo of one of the Hidden Marietta hosts.
  • As the lights and communication began to quiet down, the guest’s leg stopped hurting and the burning sensation ceased.


Recording 7 – EVP:



  • Right before this recording began, the Ovlilus showed the word, more like sound, of Shh.
  • We continued a simple EVP session before operating the Spirit Box once more. 
  • After we asked if they wanted to play to turn the light on for us, the flashlight on the tree flicked on then back off at 2:15.
  • At about 3:00, Megan mentioned that her legs began to tingle.
  • We attempted to reconfirm that turning the flashlight on meant yes, so we repeated the question and at 3:06, the same flashlight jumped back to life.
  • After asking if they could turn the light off, it got brighter at 3:12 as if to spite us so we repeated the question and it finally turned off at 3:25.
  • As the light flickered off by the tree, the light turned on by the fence at 4:15.
  • After speaking with another group that just arrived, we asked them about moving fast up the trail, and at 5:15, the light by the tree flashed on as if we were speaking with the spirit.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box:



  • Before this recording, we asked if they could turn the light off, and once again it got brighter. At 0:35, as if responding verbally, we heard “Nope.”
  • We continued to probe and prod and, as if we were being too forceful, we heard “Excrete” at 1:38.


Recording 9 – Spirit Box:



  • We asked if they could touch any other lights aside from the flashlights, at 0:20, we captured “No” however at 0:22 the light turned on.


Recording 10 – Spirit Box:



  • A simple greeting of “Hello” was recorded at 0:05 but as we mentioned that some glimpses of music in there we heard “Nope” at 0:11.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box:



  • As one of the guest groups was packing up to move on, we heard “Leave” at 0:22 and “Go” at 0:29.
  • We asked if they were heading toward the Mansion, we heard these commands repeated: “Leave” at 0:35 and “Go” at 0:43.
  • Before they headed out, the guests gave a well-rounded ‘Thank you’ and we captured “Any time” at 1:44.


Recording 12 – Spirit Box:



  • We tried to pick up where we left off during our August investigation and asked both George Neales (Sr and Jr) if they knew the rumors of what was said to occur at this house and at 0:08 we recorded “Awful” as if they were embarrassed by those stories.
  • After we asked if they could confirm or deny these stories’ validity, we heard a vague response of “Yes” at 0:15 and an oddly placed questionable greeting of “Hello?” at 0:21.
  • We repeated the question quite bluntly of ‘Did you torture and mistreat slaves here?’ to which we heard an “Excuse me?” as if offended.


Recording 13 – Spirit Box:



  • As lights continued to turn on and off before this recording, we asked if they would prefer to play with the tools and not talk to us to which we heard a simple question of “What?” at 0:15.
  • Ten seconds later, at 0:25, the flashlight by the tree turned on once more.
  • Following this, the flashlight jumped to an even brighter level at 0:35.


Recording 14 – Spirit Box:



  • We explained that none of the other tools have been activated yet, just at that moment the K2 meter jumped on, followed by the phrase “It’s all better?” at 0:19.
  • Once we attempted to explain to them that we were here before, back in August, we heard “Funny” at 1:14 followed by “Dan” at 1:20 as if referencing Dan from his visit back in August.
  • At 1:22, we heard what sounded like “Maple Shade” as if an indirect reference to the Putnam’s House.


Recording 15 – Spirit Box:



  • Just as we began this recording, we captured an odd and unprompted command of “Tell them” At 0:05.
  • We proceeded to ask if they could turn on some of the other devices to help communicate with us and at 0:19 we recorded “Can’t.”
  • As another group of guests joined us, they began to turn more flashlights on and back off. We mentioned that they decided to perform now that new people have joined us too which we heard “What?” at 1:07.
  • After hearing that response, we repeated our statement and heard the name “Jeff” at 1:14.


Recording 16 – Spirit Box:



  • Karita’s name was heard repeated back to us at 0:05 followed by the phrase “It’s me” at 0:13 as if Karita was supposed to know who was speaking with her.
  • As the lights stayed on and continued to get brighter, we asked if they did not like it dark back there and wanted the lights to stay on to which we heard “Back here” at 1:07.
  • A quiet cry for “Help” was heard at 1:15 after the lights flicked off.


Recording 17 – Spirit Box: 



  • Right before this recording, Karita’s phone seemed to break out of nowhere even though it was resting in her pocket. As she pulled the glass out and explained the situation, a question of “What?” was heard at 0:09.
  • She then explained that she just got the phone, and we recorded a smart-ass response of “So?” at 0:31.


Recording 18 – Spirit Box:



  • We began to set up another dowsing rod session and asked if they would like to speak with us using the rods. If yes, cross the rods, if not open them wide. At 0:18 we heard “No” and once again repeated at 0:26.


Recording 19 – Spirit Box:



  • After the dowsing rods did not seem to produce many responses, we set them down temporarily and heard “Sad” at 0:05.
  • To our surprise, we must have irritated them by stopping with the dowsing rods and we captured “Leave” but not through the Spirit Box, rather than a simple EVP.
  • The Ovilus then produced “Walk” at 0:40 as if telling us to move on.


Recording 20 – Spirit Box:



  • As Derrick volunteered to walk away, as the Ovilus seemed to command, we asked if they wanted him to walk away. At about 0:10, the dowsing rods crossed for “Yes” followed by the actual word of “Walk” being heard at 0:27.


Recording 21 – Spirit Box:



  • The dowsing rods came back into use and to begin we had asked if they could show us which response meant yes and at 0:02 we heard “No” as if someone did not want to use the rods.
  • We then asked if they could center the rods and heard “Sure” at 0:10.
  • After asking if they could point toward the house, both rods motioned toward the Neale House at about 0:50 then we recorded “That way” at 0:51.
  • “Get up” was then captured at 0:59 as if they wanted a spot at the table.


Recording 22 – Spirit Box:



  • The dowsing rods suddenly jumped to the center but began moving again so we asked if they could please stay centered to which “Please” was repeated at 0:03.


Recording 23 – Spirit Box:



  • At 0:05, the number “Five” was heard followed by a light being turned on. The five is still an unknown reference as it did not match up with the people at the table or the count of devices being used.
  • As we discussed the lights turning on, we captured “The light” at 0:12.
  • We then heard some odd phrases and words from the Spirit Box; at 1:00 we heard “Good one” and at 1:14 we captured the word “Rich.”
  • After this, we asked if they could tell us how many people were sitting at the table and we captured “Ten” at 2:16 which matched up with the exact number of people at the table.


Recording 24 – Spirit Box:



  • After some people had moved on, we once again asked how many people were at the table and heard “Seven” at 0:26 which was at that point the correct count.
  • As two more people sat down at this moment we then heard “More” at 0:34 then an exasperated “Oh brother” right after.
  • With the addition of these two more people, we then heard “Nine” at 0:39 which again was the correct number.


Recording 25 – Spirit Box:



  • We explained that we were going to pack up and continue, and at 0:06, we heard a command of “Don’t.”
  • As we began to pack our gear, we heard “Stop it” at 0:13.
  • Taking a momentary pause in our packing, we asked them if they like it when people speak with them. At 0:09 we captured “No.”
  • So, we once again began to pack up. During this time, Karita explained the legend of the Neale family not setting slaves free even though this house and island were stops on the Underground Railroad. At 2:11, we recorded a pained “Help me.”


Recording 26 – Spirit Box:



  • Some of the groups began to move on, and at 0:04, we recorded a saddened “Go.”
  • We mentioned that we were going to take a break and head back to the campsite. At 0:25, as if they planned to come with us, we heard “Let’s go.”
  • More groups left and we captured “Crowd” at 1:14 followed by the Rempod being alerted at 1:20.
  • Using this knowledge that they could activate the Rempod, we asked if they could turn the Rempod on if they wanted us to leave and at 2:10 it was activated. No more than eight seconds later at 2:18, it was turned on as if to tell us again that they wanted us to leave.


Handheld Video 1:


  •  Off-screen we reacted to a flashlight turning on at 1:20.
  • We explained that they could use the dowsing rods when they were ready, and to let us know by crossing the rods. At 1:57, they could be seen crossing.
  • After we asked them to point toward where they are standing, the dowsing rods could be seen pointing toward the flashlight at 2:10.
  • Once more, off-screen, the flashlight near the tree turned on at 3:16 but at 3:20 the dowsing rods can be seen pointing in the direction of the light.
  •  After describing which tool was which, we asked if they remembered which tool the K2 meter was and at 3:32 the dowsing rods can be seen pointing towards the K2 meter.
  • As we booted up the Spirit Box, at 5:32, we heard “Hello.”



Handheld Video 2:


  • At 1:24, both flashlights turned on.
  • We asked if we were speaking with Mr. Neale’s son, and at 2:12, the dowsing rods crossed in a “Yes” response.
  • At 3:00, the word “Students” was provided by the Ovilus.
  • We followed this and asked if there were noisy students on the island and at 3:20 the dowsing rods crossed again signifying “Yes.”
  • The word “Light” was heard on the Spirit Box at 3:43 followed by “Night” at 3:50.
  • We asked if George Neale Jr. was with us, and the dowsing rods crossed for “Yes” at 4:35.



Cell Video 1:


  • The flashlight can be seen turning on and flickering back off at about 0:10.



Cell Video 2:


  • At 0:16, the flashlight can be seen turning on.



Cell Video 3:


  • The flashlight was already on here, as we started the video, and can be seen by the tree.



Cell Video 4:


  • The flashlight by the fence post can be seen already on and at 0:18 the Rempod can be spotted going off after we asked if they could turn it on if they wanted us to leave.



FLIR Video 1:


  • A cold spot could be seen peering out from behind the tree.



FLIR Video 2:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary spotted here.



FLIR Video 3:


  • This was another occasion where nothing was seen paranormal.



FLIR Video 4:


  • After we captured the handprint on the tree, we took a video where the handprint disappeared.



Mansion – Walnut Room

As you enter the Blennerhassett Mansion, directly to the left of the foyer is an elaborate (and costly), nearly original reproduction of the original room from the first construction of the mansion. The Walnut Room is an obvious nickname for this room draped in solid walnut construction, from floor to ceiling. Back in the mansion’s heyday, this room was utilized as a men’s congregation area during lavish parties, but young Margaret was also said to run around and play here when no guests were visiting the family and the island.

In this area, heavy footfalls have been heard and even recorded as if someone was pacing side to side. On other occasions, Margaret’s laughter has been said to echo from this area and her toys (regularly stored and displayed upstairs in the Nursery) have been known to appear here and needed to be returned upstairs by tour guides and docents. During our first investigation of the mansion, we had activity from the K2 meter and Rempod as well as a few warm and welcoming greetings thanks to the Phasma Box but eventually wore out our welcome as we were told to leave on multiple occasions. During our last investigation, our energy tools were highly active giving us yes/no responses.

As we heard there was some activity occurring in the mansion, we made this our next stop. Hoping to cover all of our bases, we set up shop in the foyer area so we could get a clear picture of the Dining Room, the Parlor, and the Walnut Room. Almost immediately, there was a slew of otherworldly exuding from the Walnut Room. Multiple K2 meters were alerted while the Rempod sitting inside the doorway was activated. Even though we had no activity on the Spirit Light earlier in the evening, this light was being activated quite consistently to help answer questions. We also managed to pull a new name thanks to the Ovilus in the form of Grace and had some communication through the Spirit Box mainly telling the males in the area to leave and get out.




  • We did not capture any pictures out of the ordinary, but we do have a screen-capture of one of the moments when the K2 meters, the Rempod, and the Spirit Light shot on.



Recorder 1 – Spirit Box:



  • Before beginning this recording, the flashlights and Spirit Light were both activated, and the name “Pamela” was produced on the Ovilus.
  • At about 0:06, we captured a gruff “Get out.


Recorder 2 – Spirit Box:



  • Brent heard this and mentioned that it was probably about him, and at 0:12, we once again heard “Get out” as if confirming this.
  • The ladies of Hidden Marietta mentioned that the guys will all move if they could turn the flashlight on to tell us, and at 1:04, the flashlight in the doorway shot on.
  • After the light turned on the ladies said they would make the guys move away, and at 1:22, we again heard “Get out.”


Recorder 3 – Spirit Box:



  • As Hidden Marietta explained that it is just the girls now, the Spirit Light jumped on at 0:16.
  • The name “Grace” was shown on the Ovilus at 0:45.
  • We asked if there was a Grace with us, and both the K2 meter and the Rempod jumped to life for nearly ten seconds at 1:05.
  • At 1:59, the phrase “I don’t know” was recorded after we asked if they were a friend followed by the name “Jack” at 2:05.


Recorder 4 – EVP:



  • As the Spirit Box was drained, we left it off and simply conducted a quiet EVP session.
  • There was a plethora of light and energy tool activity here starting with the flashlight turning on at 2:03 after we asked if they were in their fifty’s. Both the Rempod and the K2 meter also jumped on right after.
  • We asked if there was something in the house that drew them in and at 3:30, the flashlight once again turned on as if a yes response.
  • After we turned away and began speaking with some of the guests in the mansion, all three tools (Rempod, K2 meter, flashlight) shot on at 4:20 as if they wanted to regain our attention.
  • This occurred twice more at 6:38 and 8:55 as we turned away.
  • We then asked each other if we should get the Spirit Box to speak with them a little easier now that we know they want to communicate. At 12:32, the Rempod and Spirit Light jumped to life.


Recorder 5 – Spirit Box:



  • As if they were eager and ready to go, we heard a greeting of “Hi” at 0:05.
  • We asked if they could tell us their name and at 0:49, we heard the name “John” but not through the Spirit Box, it sounded as though it were a simple EVP.
  • A call of “Hey!” was recorded at 1:15 followed by a soft and simple greeting of “Hi” at 1:17.


Recorder 6 – Spirit Box:



  • We asked them to tell us their name, and we heard a question of “Name?” at 0:10.
  • Around the 0:25 mark, the Spirit Box power was drained once again.
  • As we tinkered with it and got power back to the Spirit Box, we asked if this was their first time here on the island and captured “No” at 1:24.


Recorder 7 – Spirit Box:



  • We asked if they had a message for their family that we could share, and at 0:16, we recorded “Go.”
  • As we proceeded to ask where they are from, we asked if they were from West Virginia and received no response but then asked if they were from Ohio and the flashlight jumped on around the 0:20 mark.


Recorder 8 – Spirit Box:



  • We asked if they wanted us to help find their family and at 0:17 we heard “Help!”


Recorder 9 – EVP:



  • The Spirit Box was once again drained so we opted to simply use a quiet EVP session the rest of the way outside the Walnut Room.
  • We asked if we could put a camera in the Kitchen just to let it play out and the Rempod went off at 0:25, then as we were about to step out to do just that, the K2 meter shot off at 1:20.
  • After a little silence, we asked if they are done speaking with us and at 2:41 the Rempod lit up followed by some strange words produced on the Ovilus: “Ledge” at 3:47 and “Vowel” at 4:27.
  • We asked if this were someone new, we were speaking with and if they could light up a flashlight, and at 4:57, the flashlight jumped to life.
  • The Ovilus then produced more oddities: “Ida” and “Eggs” back-to-back at 6:54 and “Tone” at 7:08 after we sarcastically talked about eggs.
  • The Rempod jumped on at 7:20 as we apologized for being sarcastic.
  • Once more, the Ovilus gave us a few more words: “Wrench” at 11:31 and “Maximum” at 11:35.
  • We discussed not knowing what either of those meant, and at 11:51, the Rempod was activated.
  • After a lot of silence, we mentioned we would pack up as we thought they were done speaking with us, and at 20:58, the Rempod once again went off as if agreeing with us moving on.


Cell Camera 1:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary captured here.



Cell Camera 2:


  • The K2 meter could be seen going off on multiple occasions: 0:10, 0:17, 0:22, and 0:30.



Cell Camera 3:


  • At 0:18 the chain could be seen being pushed downward.
  • The chain swung side to side at 0:30.
  • At 0:34, the K2 meter went off after we told them they could come out and play.



Cell Camera 4:


  • There was nothing paranormal captured here.



Cell Camera 5:


  • At approximately 0:26, the Spirit Light, the K2 meter, and the Spirit Light all were activated after we asked if there was someone named Grace with us.



Mansion – Margaret Room


On the second floor of the mansion, spanning the front of the mansion, Margaret’s Bedroom has been furnished with furniture dedicated and donated from the original mansion and from the time period. This room was predominantly used by Margaret and her daughter nicknamed Snowdrop. Here, she would read and write, play with her children, and rock her children to sleep. There are still toys strewn about here to give guests a promising idea of how she and her children lived once upon a time.

Common occurrences of phantom footsteps and childish laughter have been reported here in the past, but one of the more intriguing stories involves the mirror next to the bed and a full-body apparition; this one hit home for us as we experienced this personally in one of our previous investigations. Both Margaret and Snowdrop have been spotted here after guests stare into the mirror. As for our experience, aside from hearing the footsteps and voices, we saw a full-figured apparition during our second investigation. This happened unexpectedly and unfortunately, we did not have a camera in this area at the time.

As we began with a Spirit Box, it was about four minutes into the investigation even though it was charged the entire way; simply put, the battery was drained. We then utilized a Sonobox for a brief period of time. This produced the name Putnam multiple times as well as one of the guides’ names: Brent. Our other more physical experiences, however minimal, came in the form of hearing footsteps and hearing a few rocks being thrown in our direction. Our feeling was that Mr. Putnam was in the area but wanted us to leave without giving us too much to go off of evidence-wise.




  • We did not have any photographs or video stills worth mentioning here.


Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • “Justice” was shown to us on the Ovilus at 4:57.


Recorder 2 – SonoBox:



  • The name “Putnam” was heard numerous times here, and rightfully so since it was their house. At :08, 0:10, and again at 0:18.
  • Brent’s name was heard at 0:32 as he was sitting in with us and they did not seem to want to speak to him, or even when he was in the area. 
  • “Putnam” was once again heard, and for the last time, at 0:42.


Recorder 3 – SonoBox:



  • As we discussed who could be here or what they wanted us to do, we heard “Play” at 0:05.


Recorder 4 – EVP:



  • As we gave up on the SonoBox, we just ran through a simple EVP for the remainder of our time here.
  • Everyone in the group reacted to hearing footsteps at about 2:05.
  • With nothing else happening, the group decided to split, half of them going back downstairs. This occurred around 4:30.
  • Remaining with the recorder upstairs, the Ovilus reported the word “Geek” around 4:33.
  • There was another break when nothing occurred, until 8:10 when there was a strange sound of a pebble being dropped or kicked across the room.
  • Footsteps were then heard pacing around the room nearly five times, noted at 9:56, 12:18, 12:48, 13:03, and finally at 18:14.
  • Finally, before wrapping up our time here, a similar pebble was thrown in our direction, nearly landing at our feet around 20:02.




Off to the side of the main mansion, the entry under a canopy, the Kitchen would have been quite a busy location when the island was in full operation. The area would have been full of servants hauling food into the mansion especially during the Blennerhassett’s exquisite parties. There were plenty of pieces of furniture that were important to the Blennerhassett’s but none more so than a large wooden chest. This piece of beautiful woodworking was held in such high regard by Margaret that she even wore its sole key around her neck on a necklace to keep it close to her heart. This chest was saved from the floods and fires and is now housed in this replication of what a working kitchen would have looked like back when it was still being utilized by the staff and servants.

There has not been too much recorded or captured here but lights have been said to shoot around and through the exterior building. Shadows have also been spotted moving from the mansion toward the Kitchen, then disappearing once they reach the entryway.

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to place a video camera and recorder inside the Kitchen. We did not conduct any sessions inside here, but we did capture some strange noises including some that sounded like a wine bottle or champagne cork popping open. Unfortunately, we never saw anything paranormal, but we do feel like there is some possible residual energy here leftover from the time the Kitchen was in full swing.




  • There was nothing paranormal captured here. We did however insert a few screen captures of the area with the IR light on then when it clicked off on its own.



 Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • This recorder was left in a static state as we left it here to record anything and everything it could as we worked our way back inside the mansion.
  • Right away, at about 2:16, there was a clicking noise heard echoing away from the recorder.
  • That click reoccurred a few more times following this moment at 13:35, 17:07, 17:58, and 25:38.
  • Suddenly the sound of what reminded us of a wine or champagne cork being popped was heard at 29:43.
  • At 30:58, another clicking sound was heard.
  • The sound of the IR light clicking was captured at 37:47.
  • A loud bang was heard at 58:09 followed by that familiar clicking sound at 63:27, and then that banging once more at 64:20.
  • That strange sound of the bottle cork popping occurred once more at 68:09 followed (once again) by that clicking noise at 72:40.
  • The IR light sounded as though it clicked at 76:06.
  • Another loud bang was captured at 87:52.
  • A similar sound (from the mansion) of a pebble being kicked or thrown occurred at 89:25 accompanied by that odd click sound.
  • Some noises seemed to be on repeat here as we heard the click at 103:24 followed by the bottle popping at 107:19 and then another click at 107:31.
  • The IR light sounded to be clicked at 114:26 followed by the all too familiar click at 125:59.
  • A shuffling sound was heard at 126:32 as if someone were moving away from the recorder.


The videos did not match up with the recorders. We are unsure if the speakers on the videos were not as strong but there were a few occasions where the videos picked up similar things to the recorder but not nearly to the same extent.


Video 1 – EVP:


  • There was a clicking sound at 17:41, possibly the IR light turning on and off, but the video did not show a change there.
  • A bang was heard at 26:12 and footsteps could be heard at 34:30.



Video 2 – EVP:


  • Not much occurred for the longest time but at 30:24, the sound of a cork popping was heard followed by the IR light flickering at 33:50.
  • The IR light stops flickering but dim at about 34:50 but flickers for a brief period of time at 36:25.
  • Finally, the IR light gets bright then turns off at 37:10.



Video 3 – EVP:


  • The IR light flickers once more right at the start of this video but then shuts off completely.
  • There was another loud clicking heard at 11:16.



Video 4 – EVP:


  • The last oddity was heard at 17:00 with a loud bang.



Once we reviewed all of our evidence and discussed our firsthand experiences from the camping event on Blennerhassett Island, we have concluded that our follow up paranormal investigation was conclusive in proving our previous claims were correct are unable to be debunked as well as finding even further proof that the island and historic mansion hold an interesting collective of energy and paranormal anomalies. We believe that during this particular experience that we discovered and interacted with both intelligent and residual spirits and energies. Combining the photographs, FLIR thermal images, recordings, and videos, we can confidently conclude that we captured a significant amount of paranormal evidence.

With such a rich history linked with the island, most notably the island namesake of the Blennerhassett’s, paired up with the undocumented or limited documentation of the Native Americans there can be no doubt that spirits have been drawn back to this location in the afterlife. Some of these spirits seem willing to communicate, showing their knowledge of their passing and strong energy to share their stories and responses with us. Others, however, do not appear to be aware that they have passed and are more hesitant to speak with us or they are simply confused. There are seemingly a few more spirits trapped or drawn to the island, whether they be former residents who are more likely to be residual energies or natives to the island who may still be watching over and protecting the island.



Outside the Neale House showed a few several types of energies and unique experiences. While we did capture some verbal communication as we addressed George Neale Sr. the majority of the activity seemed to be either children or Native Americans playing with the flashlights then hiding behind trees and peering out to watch and see what happened. These moments were more playful and fun. However, as mentioned above, as we addressed George Neale Sr. and his rumored torture antics, he seemed displeased and quite aggravated. The Mansion, on the other hand, seemed very welcoming and friendly during the entirety of our stay there. We even gathered a new name we have never heard before, Grace. We also managed to get a lot of yes/no questions answered through the flashlights, K2 meters, Rempod, and Spirit Light including that Grace was from Ohio. Even though the mansion was indeed welcoming and warm, we did seem to wear out our welcome at the Walnut Room as the energy tools ceased their activity and the Spirit Box told us to leave. As we moved upstairs, the phantom footsteps coming behind us and eventually the pebbles being kicked or thrown at us were a clear indication that we were no longer welcome in this area, and no one genuinely wanted to communicate.

We believe that there were enough experiences, both by us and the guests, which prove our past and new evidence gathered from the Blennerhassett Island show that numerous energies are drawn to the area and the mansion. Both intelligent and residual energies take form and can be seen all across the island and our analysis shows that this combination is quite active and varies in origin from the Blennerhassett family to the Native Americans, all of whom are strongly tied to Blennerhassett Island. While there are countless explanations and theories as to why some spirits are specifically attached to certain areas, we believe that this island was held in high regard by these returning spirits as well as some of the most important memories and aspects of their earthly lives.


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