After Hours Tattoo Studio & Social Club Barbershop – Investigation Return

After Hours Tattoo Studio – Return

February 18, 2022

Mars, PA



We returned to this location only about two months removed from our first investigation which provided us with plenty of paranormal evidence but led to even more questions in which we hoped to get answered. This time, we recruited the help of Dakota from Bald and Bonkers, who is sensitive, and helped point us in the right direction while on their podcast before our last investigation.

During that first investigation, we recorded paranormal activity throughout the tattoo shop, particularly the Hallway, Front Entry, Parking Lot, and inside the neighboring Social Club Barbershop, in particular the Basement. The majority of this activity seemed to be a combination of intelligent and residual communication, mostly calm/curious presences. However, there was also a darker sensation which almost felt as though it was holding back other spirits from communicating or reaching out to us.

Throughout the night, our meters and other electronic devices were manipulated and the gauges on our readings would spike sporadically. Our cameras were able to catch some oddities via the SLS camera tracking a body in the Entry and the static trail cameras caught some lights moving and even a shadow peeking out of Eryn’s Room looking into the Hallway. Odd sounds, such as footsteps, doorknobs creaking, clicks, and knocks which sounded like rocks or small items were being thrown about, were captured throughout the evening, residual more than likely inside the Tattoo Shop as we spent time outside in the Parking Lot and the Barbershop Basement. As we spent time inside the Social Club Barbershop Basement, we seemed to contact a young girl who even gave us a welcoming, “Hello,” as we entered the area and we attempted conversation until those larger, more dominant figures made their way circling us which in turn sent us on our way. We also managed to record a whistling as if an older man was singing a song to us, and this noise began in the basement until we followed it up outside and finally got lost around the Parking Lot.

All of these anomalies left us more questions than answers, so without a doubt, we planned to return at some point. In January, the activity increased, perhaps due to our attempts at direct communication on the other side. Unfortunately, the owner was stricken with a significant case of COVID and we had to put off this venture. Lucky enough, the owner fully recovered so we were able to return to the tattoo shop once more.

Without being repetitive and circling back to the history of the locations, instead, we have attached a link below for those interested in digging into the past:


Likewise, a full breakdown of our first investigation including evidence review of photographs, videos, and recordings can be recapped here:


Even though the activity has slowed down in these past few weeks, that didn’t stop us from giving it another go here at both locations; the After Hours Tattoo Studio and the Social Club Barbershop. As we began unloading, we got Dakota on a video chat and almost immediately sensed there was some activity back in Eryn’s Room. As we didn’t want to waste any time or miss active paranormal anomalies, we quickly grabbed our equipment: two recorders, two K2 meters, one FLIR thermal image camera, one SLS camera, one IR light, one Ovilus, three light-up balls, four bells, and one pendulum. We avoided the Spirit Box and Phasma Box this time around and attempted to rely more on Dakota and Dan’s sensitivities. We began roughly around 9:15 PM and lasted until things died down (pun intended) around 12:30 AM.

We took the tablet, which Dakota had called in on, into the room on the right of the hall. We set up a stationary trail camera here and did seem to capture some oddities through it during the night. We also gathered some strange whispers and coughing sounds through our recorder while Dakota made out some minor communication. These experiences echoed a similar design throughout both locations. Our SLS camera captured some intriguing figures in a few different spots throughout the tattoo shop and our FLIR thermal camera showed us a strange anomaly in the Basement of the barbershop. Our flash photography also produced some interesting results in that area which coincided with feelings both Dakota and Dan were experiencing then. Our verbal communication didn’t seem to be very strong but Dakota was getting a few additional phrases on his end as well as a name he gathered from the Basement.



The majority of the evidence we captured along with the encounters we experienced during the evening inside both active locations of the tattoo shop and the barbershop. We collected minimal verbal communication through recorders mainly in the form of whispers and through Dakota’s sensitivities, yes/no answers to our questions with the pendulum, photographs showing strange anomalies, video captures through the trail camera, and FLIR thermal images and videos.

With the completion of our second investigation and with a combination of our own experiences, plus the numerous evidence we gathered throughout both the After Hours Tattoo Studio and Social Club Barbershop, we hold the firm belief that this little known location truly holds a combination of both intelligent and residual spirits, as well as possibly acting as a portal for those passing through the other side. As we used our prior knowledge and experiences from our time in both buildings, we can confirm that there is a tall entity that seems to control the communication, given and received from spirits from the Other side as well as tends to lurk in both buildings almost acting as an overseer, protector, or possibly even captor. This tall, intrusive, and curious figure has appeared in both of our investigations here, mainly in the tattoo shop. The timid spirit of a young girl has also been sensed in both locations, she seems to want to speak and communicate but is not being allowed to. This was experienced twice now during both of our investigations, at both locations. This time, we did manage to pick up additional names, thanks in large part to Dakota, with Rachel possibly as the young girl and David but his significance is rather unknown as we captured George during our first investigation and this name did not appear to us this time. The tall figure seems to be darker, possibly with a more evil intention, albeit human in its’ past life whereas the young girl and her friends or family seem to give off more positive energy although they seem frightened of the tall figure and, even though they want to speak, they are not allowed or scared to do so. Plenty of residual energy seems to be leftover in both areas, but more so in the tattoo shop for whatever reason which is unknown to us with footsteps, sounds of small objects being thrown, and even the popping of champagne bottles.



With a thorough review and complete analysis of our evidence recorded through our paranormal investigation of the After Hours Studio and Social Club Barbershop, we collected an intriguing amount of recordings, videos, and photographs that we feel hold significance from our second paranormal investigation. Each piece of evidence captured and the experiences we endured has been shown below whether we attempted to prove or debunk each moment. An explanation of each scenario is also given to give you an idea and understanding of our evening in both locations. We’d be interested to hear your thoughts and opinions as you watch, listen, and read all of our experiences and evidence.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

As we unpacked, not needing much of a walkthrough since this was our second attempt here, we got the sensation that it had definitely been quiet recently and even when we got Dakota on video he agreed with that sentiment. We walked inside of the tattoo shop quickly just to see if anyone felt anything of significance. Dan and Dakota once again seemed to be on the same wavelength and were pulled toward Eryn’s Room to the right down the Hallway so without much delay we started our night there.




  • Nothing of particular significance was captured during this time.



Eryn’s Room – After Hours Tattoo Studio

This room, clad in mirrors and watched over by an old steer skull, has been said to be the main hub for paranormal entities passing through, perhaps coming or going, to the other side or different locations in our realm. Mediums and sensitives believe that there are spirits that linger here inside her room as well as the Hallway just outside of it. During our last experience in this room, we encountered, unknowingly, a shadow peering out of the room and light moving out of the area. An anomaly we witnessed during our first investigation was that of a tall figure lurking in the room, perhaps the mirror closest to the Hallway.



During this investigation Dakota, on the tablet, was set on the tattoo chair inside the room. One of the more intriguing moments occurred when a dark shadow appeared in the corner and after we activated the SLS camera, a tall figure appeared beside Dan. It was then seen moving toward the tablet, peering over the top of it as if curious of what it was and who was coming through the other side. As if genuinely interested by Dakota, the figure was then witnessed sitting or laying behind the tablet only to disappear into it just as Dakota heard an odd electrical oddity. There was an odd coughing sound echoing in the room as if there was an older man present somewhere close by, perhaps in the Entry. As we attempted to communicate with, well anyone, Dakota felt the sensation that the young girl was present and in her past life she was abused, both physically and sexually. He felt that she wanted to speak with us but was afraid to do so due to the tall man. She was able to produce a name for Dakota however; Rachel. Just at this moment, we heard some odd noises including heavy footsteps and strange clicking sounds out in the Entry which drew us out of this room. We did return here later on but did not have any sensations or experiences, as if these entities had moved on since we previously spoke with them.




  • We captured a few moments thanks to the SLS camera of the tall figure next to Dan, moving toward the chair, then finally sitting on it before disappearing.



Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • Dakota helped us communicate here as he heard “Don’t” at 0:05 and “It sees us” at 0:25.
  • Some intriguing whispers could be heard at 0:28 but they could not be clearly defined.
  • We reacted to seeing darkness overtake a corner of the room at 0:43.


Recorder 2 – EVP:



  • There was a noise that sounded like coughing at 0:05.


Recorder 3 – EVP:



  • At 0:04, an odd, deep sound was heard.
  • Dan felt the pins and needles feeling in his back at about 0:20.


Recorder 4 – EVP:



  • There was an odd noise that seemed to echo from the Entry around 0:07.
  • Dakota again helped with communication and felt the name of Rachel at 0:45.
  • At this moment, the SLS camera captured a figure on the chair behind the tablet in which Dakota was cast through.


Recorder 5 – EVP:



  • Another cough sound was captured at 0:07 right after the K2 meter spiked a few times.


Recorder 6 – EVP:



  • Before this, the SLS camera mapped a tall figure moving between Dan and Dakota until it finally sat in the chair and disappeared as if moving into the tablet.
  • At about 0:10, Dakota says something on his end of the video.


Recorder 7 – EVP:



  • There were then some strong footsteps moving around us and down the hallway at 0:03 and 0:10.
  • A tapping sound was then heard at 0:16 followed by the crinkle of Saran Wrap from John’s Room at 0:49.
  • The footsteps returned and almost sounded as if they were pacing back and forth in the Hallway at 1:12, 1:15, and finally 1:20.


Recorder 8 – EVP:



  • Dan and Dakota shared pain in their backs (states away mind you) before this just as Derrick and John moved out into the entry after hearing some odd sounds there.
  • There was a heavy knocking heard at 0:07 followed by what sounded like breathing or wheezing at 0:30.


Recorder 9 – EVP:



  • There was not much heard here but the full recording gave us a moment when John felt a cold spot moving past him around 2:30.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • There was a light anomaly spotted moving in front of Dan at 0:08.



Video 2 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • Inside the mirror, the light shifted to darkness as if a shadow was transitioning to move at 0:07.



Video 3 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • The darkness was once again seen shifting inside the mirror at 0:03.
  • In the upper right corner, a light anomaly was seen moving at 0:06.



Video 4 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • In the lower portion of the middle of the screen, another light was seen moving at 0:06.



Entry – After Hours Tattoo Studio


This location, right inside the main entrance to the shop, has been said to produce heavy footsteps and the occasional moment of shadows moving steadily around the open room. An older gentleman, rumored to have died on the front stoop, has been spotted in this area as well. During our prior investigation, we captured some strange happenings even before we got underway including the spiking of K2 meters and, extremely unfortunately we did not capture on video, the front door creaked open on its own. This was also a specific spot where the tall figure was captured in the SLS camera while intersecting with John and we had performed a successful flashlight session producing yes/no responses. The clear “meow” of a cat, perhaps the rumored Chessie, was also recorded in this entry area. This seemed to be just another spot where numerous spirits converged and the tall figure lurked.

We were drawn to this spot by the creaking of footsteps but do believe that the cough we heard earlier was produced by that older man that has been rumored to wonder about this spot. There was an odd cold spot, first experienced by the front door, but moved around the area that John, Dan, and Derrick all personally experienced. As we attempted to capture some type of activity here, nothing out of the ordinary showed up in the FLIR thermal camera but the SLS camera did show a tall figure as if he moved out from Eryn’s Room into this area. As we mapped the remainder of the room, we also saw a figure sitting on the couch right next to where Dakota was set. As we made mention of this, the K2 meter nearby began to spike. Practically simultaneously, a noise, sounding as if something was thrown or rolled along the floor, occurred behind Dan. After things settled slightly, a quiet whispering was heard followed by a knocking sound. A far-off noise was heard echoing down the Hallway, more than likely coming from John’s Room. These experiences tended to make us feel that this tall figure was simply messing with us to distract us from attempting more communication with the child; and unfortunately, it worked.




  • There didn’t appear to be much out of the ordinary captured in this area.



Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • As we traced some cold spots in the area and mapped a figure seated on the couch via the SLS camera, this figure as well as the cold spot appeared to move around the room as we tried to follow them.
  • The K2 meter spiked at 0:03 after the figure appeared once more on the couch next to it.
  • Something was heard rolling on the floor in front of the door at 0:16; this item was never found.
  • At 0:33, the K2 meter spiked once more as the cold spot appeared nearby.


Recorder 2 – EVP:



  • There were more whispers heard at 0:08 but again not very clear.
  • A knock was then heard clearly at 0:15.


Recorder 3 – EVP:



  • A noise was heard echoing from John’s Room at 0:10 which prompted us to place some of our devices including a Rempod and K2 meter in it.


Recorder 4 – EVP:



  • Another noise could be heard coming from the hallway this time at 0:08.


Recorder 5 – Static EVP:



  • The sound of a rock being tossed occurred at 0:02.


Recorder 6 – Static EVP:



  • A clicking sound, as if a bottle were popping, was captured at 0:03.
  • Something small being tossed around the room was then heard at 0:48 and again at 1:52.
  • Another very similar sound was captured at 2:53, but almost as if it was paper being strewn around the room.


Recorder 7 – Static EVP:



  • That same noise of some type of click or some tiny rock being thrown or kicked occurred at 0:02 and repeated at 0:34.


Recorder 8 – Static EVP:



  • A clicking type sound was heard at 0:03 followed by the sound of a cork being popped at 0:53.


Recorder 9 – Static EVP:



  • That all too familiar sound of a rock being thrown or kicked was heard three times at this point at 0:02, 0:13, and 1:48.


Recorder 10 – Static EVP:



  • Three more instances of this strange clicking sound were recorded at 0:04, 0:07, and 0:55.


Recorder 11 – Static EVP:



  • A slight and quiet sound of a small item being tossed around occurred here at 0:05 and 0:29.


Recorder 12 – Static EVP:



  • Another rock being kicked could be heard at 0:05, just slightly louder.


Recorder 13 – Static EVP:



  • A knocking noise was captured twice here at 0:03 and 1:12.


Recorder 14 – Static EVP:



  • Louder yet, something heavier than a rock being thrown, could be heard twice at 0:05 and 1:02.


Recorder 15 – Static EVP:



  • The odd sound of a cork popping occurred once again at 0:05.


Recorder 16 – Static EVP:



  • Quietly, a rock was again heard being thrown or kicked at 0:06.
  • One of the more intriguing moments occurred when the sound of the doorknob being turned was heard at 1:02 and the door being opened at 1:15.
  • The click returned at 1:29 followed by a set of footsteps at 1:35.
  • A shuffling of feet was then recorded at 2:15.


Recorder 17 – Static EVP:



  • Another clicking sound was heard here at 0:08.


Recorder 18 – Static EVP:



  • The cry of a cat’s meow was captured at 0:05, very similar to that of our first investigation.


Basement – Social Club Barbershop


There is not much known about this location, below the Social Club Barbershop, but we were previously directed toward this concrete and dirt floor, block wall constructed stereotypical Basement by our time spent with Chris and Dakota on the Bald and Bonkers podcast. We made our way over the first investigation, and even before we were set up, we were greeted with a clear and concise, “Hello,” that the three of us heard. We also managed to follow a whistling sound even though we could not accurately trace this, even following it outside. Our FLIR thermal camera managed to pick up cold spots in the form of figures, both short and tall, which helped us realize that this tall figure moved over here as well to watch over the child/children once again. After we picked these anomalies up, we felt that they began to close in on us, practically surrounding us. The trail camera that we set up down here recorded a lot of activity, however, the files were corrupt and unable to be viewed. We returned to attempt to leave a camera once more after the investigation but this time, the camera wouldn’t even activate.

After spending so much time in the tattoo shop with Dakota still on the video call we took a breather but rushed our equipment over to this area in hopes of allowing Dakota some time down here with us. It seemed almost the opposite of our last experience here where it started strong and died down, whereas this time it took a little bit of time for anything to occur. As Dan began to feel pins and needles in his back, a noise was heard coming from the far corner of the area. A cold spot was then captured via the FLIR thermal camera just as the K2 meter spiked. Following this activity, the cold spot moved and changed locations in the Basement. Suddenly, and for nearly three minutes straight, there were heavy footfalls above us, sounding almost as if someone was pacing above us or even looking for something (or someone) in a frenzy. A shuffling sound was then heard dragging from the opposite corner. We attempted to track this noise down but were unable to do so, we made our way into the cavity under the stairs after Dakota felt something near Dan. As Dakota mentioned he spotted movement and eyes here, we snapped a few photographs and, unknown to us at the time, captured what appeared to be a blurry movement passing in front of Dan culminating in a pair of eyes in the darkness, exactly as Dakota had witnessed through the screen. After this moment, we asked if Rachel (we believe the young girl’s name we received previously in the tattoo shop) was with us and heard a slew of whispers followed by silence. As we discussed that we once again, like the last investigation, felt as though there were multiple people around us, the Ovilus produced “Us.” As Dan felt some unseen force brush near his ear, Dakota felt as though there was some energy circling Dan. As this occurred, we used the FLIR thermal camera in this area and found a very strange disturbance in front of Dan’s heat signature as if someone was passing in between us and him. After John heard some more footsteps, we decided to attempt a pendulum communication session which ultimately provided us with yes/no answers explaining that these spirits were in fact with us. This communication also gave us information telling us that they were hiding from multiple people, mainly due to the color of their skin. Following this, Dakota experienced a moment when he felt the young female spirit asking if the man liked touching her. This followed with silence only broken by more footsteps and a very quiet, timid voice explaining that they can’t talk. This was the last communication or activity that we managed to record as the activity seemed to halt to a stop altogether.




  • Attached is a series of three photographs taken one after the other starting with a blurry movement beside Dan, moving in front of him in the second picture, followed by the pair of eyes in the third.



  • Screen capture of the FLIR thermal video shows the disturbance moving in front of Dan.



 Recorder 1 – EVP:



  • A strange noise was recorded at 0:09 as if stemming from the dark corner where Dan was standing.


Recorder 2 – EVP:



  • After we heard footsteps coming from upstairs, there were a few moments of cold spots and dark shadows moving before this recording.
  • Starting at 0:02, footsteps could be heard beginning here stretching for over a minute heard pacing back and forth above us:
  • 0:06
  • 0:39
  • 0:49
  • 1:10


Recorder 3 – EVP:



  • After some silence, these footfalls were heard once more for over another minute or so:
    • 0:03
    • 0:13
    • 0:46
    • 0:57
  • An odd shuffling sound then was heard from the opposite corner at 1:10 and 1:18.


Recorder 4 – EVP:



  • After we asked if Rachel was over with us, we heard more whispers at 0:06.
  • Dakota heard similar whispers and could be heard reacting to this at 1:05.
  • More whispers were heard repeated at 1:35.


Recorder 5 – EVP:



  •  There was more silence but John referenced that he felt there were more people down here with us, and at 0:20, the Ovilus produced the word “Us” as if referring directly to John’s sensation of more people being with us.


Recorder 6 – EVP:



  • There was the sound of someone walking in the back corner at 0:05.


Recorder 7 – EVP:



  • A loud knocking noise was heard at 0:04.


Recorder 8 – EVP:



  • As we were in the middle of a pendulum session, the Ovilus recorded the name “David” at 0:02 after we asked if they could move the pendulum for us.


Recorder 9 – EVP:



  • After a brief pendulum session before this recording which gave us a communication that told us they were hiding from multiple people due to the color of their skin, we captured a quiet phrase of “Does he like touching me?” at 0:03 followed by Dakota receiving that exact phrase at 0:11.


Recorder 10 – EVP:



  • There were very familiar footsteps at 0:04.


Recorder 11 – EVP:



  • There were very quiet voices heard at 0:06 and again at 0:29 which we believe say “Can’t talk.”
  • Dakota then thought he heard this phrase at 0:31.


Video 1 – Stationary:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary captured here.



Video 2 – Stationary:


  • The pendulum swayed side to side at 2:02 followed by a knocking noise at 2:10.
  • At 2:30, the pendulum rotated in the opposite direction.
  • “David” was recorded on the Ovilus at 3:22 after we asked if they could move the pendulum for a yes answer.
  • We then asked them to choose their yes response, and at 3:40, the pendulum moved in left and right, seemingly 8 & 4 motion..
  • The pendulum then moved in a more consistent pattern of 2 & 6 at 4:17 after we asked them to dictate their no answer.
  • After some silence, we asked them if they were hiding from someone, to which we recorded a yes response at 5:50.
  • We followed this up asking if they were hiding from more than one person, and at 6:55, we received another yes response.
  • As we continued on this track, we asked if they were hiding from people trying to harm them due to their skin color to which we received another yes response at 8:00.
  • At about 9:19, something appeared to move out of the corner of the room.
  • The very quiet voice asking “Does he like touching me?” was heard here at 9:43.



Video 3 – Stationary:


  • Dakota could be heard here asking if we heard anyone asking “Does he like touching me?” at 0:01.



Video 4 – Stationary:


  • The K2 meter could be seen activating multiple times here:
    • 1:17 consistently until 1:23
    • 1:35
    • 1:40
    • 1:48



Video 5 – Stationary:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary seen here.



Video 6 – FLIR Thermal:


  • A strange anomaly could be seen here distorting the thermal field in front of Dan who was bent down speaking with Dakota. At the same time, Dakota felt that someone was walking around Dan, interested in both him and the video on the phone.



Upon a thorough review and analysis of the evidence we captured during our paranormal investigation of both the After Hours Tattoo Studio and the Social Club Barbershop, we have been able to decisively surmise that both storefronts, located only one building apart from one another, plays host to an intriguing amount of energy, including both intelligent and residual. With an intriguing combination of evidence from still photographs, thermal images, verbal recordings, and videos, we determine that once again, we managed to capture a significant amount of otherworldly experiences.

Without much written about the tragedies of the past, we can only surmise what occurred here based on passed down stories and shared tales from generation to generation. The entire town of Mars seems to have a veil of mystery and shroud of darkness which no doubt incorporates these two brick-clad buildings situated along the main drag of the small town. Some say this area had some issues with race, major disputes between them which ultimately led to death and despair. 

With the new clientele and businesses that have brought in an eclectic, some may say eccentric, groups of people together, no matter what race, religion, or creed they may have in their personal lives. Between this new energy brought into the area, particularly these two buildings, combined with any old tragedy and negativity, majorly unwritten or recorded, it can be no surprise that this area would pull in leftover energy in the form of intelligent spirits or have residual energies imprinted in the floorboards much like that of a handprint.



It appears as though some of the spirits have an emotional pull to this place due to their tragic passing and they seem to remain in that same fearful state; hiding in corners, peering in and out of doorways, walking around when no one else is around, and even trying to get people’s attention such as throwing rocks and other small items. Some of these spirits seemingly wanted to communicate with us but were being held back either physically or by former fear tactics which carried over with them to the other side. They have provided us with a few names, however, like Rachel and David. In the last investigation, we captured plenty of activity and recorded the additional name of George. It’s possible that after our last investigation that the tall figure got angry with the young and scared spirits and did not allow them to communicate nearly as much this second time around. We did gather a slew of evidence mainly in the form of sounds and whispers through our recorder, visual evidence in the form of FLIR thermal images and videos in the basement, an SLS camera pathing a tall figure throughout the building, and still photographs in the basement.

During our time spent in Eryn’s Room, we captured some very intriguing SLS footage of a figure standing behind Dan, moving toward the tablet as if interested, sitting next to it, then finally disappearing as if entering the tablet, perhaps in hopes of contacting Dakota. This figure was also seen creating a dark shadow in the corner of the room with the naked eye. The name Rachel was also communicated to us through Dakota as if formally introducing the young girl to us.



As we heard footsteps and some odd knocking noises from the Entry, we made our way out here with our devices and Dakota, still connected on the tablet. A few of us felt a cold spot, seemingly moving around the area and we once again utilized the SLS camera to map a tall figure standing near the door and then a secondary figure on the couch. The K2 meter also spiked multiple times as we mapped this second figure. Almost simultaneously, a strange rolling sound was heard near the doorway followed by a pair of whispers and a knocking. This drew us back to Eryn’s Room and John’s Room at the end of the hall but ultimately resulted in no more evidence.

Since we still had Dakota on the video call, we wanted to venture down to the Basement of the Social Club Barbershop to see if he could pick anything up from there, similar to what we captured last time. Even though the activity wasn’t as immediate, we did begin to hear voices and feel cold spots throughout the area. Just as we captured an interesting FLIR thermal video of something cold almost distorting the video and walking past Dan almost at the same moment that Dakota felt a presence nearby him. As things seemed to cool down, Dan sat on the secondary steps, just as Dakota felt another entity nearby. We did not notice it at the time but upon a review, our photographs captured a pair of eyes just after another blur appeared beside and in front of Dan. We attempted some pendulum communication and also captured the name “David” on the Ovilus as we proceeded. Following this, and Dakota signing off for the night, we heard clear footsteps above us as if pacing. 



As we returned to the tattoo shop to begin packing up, we had set a recorder to capture everything as we were in the other building, and to our surprise, it once again recorded footsteps, the doorknob shaking, clicks, and even the sound of a champagne bottle popping. All of this occurred as the shop was locked up and no one else was present in the building.

We can conclude that our first paranormal investigation was not able to be debunked and, that in fact, the spirits who seem to be trapped or intensely drawn here remain and have not moved on, or are unaware that they can. Some of the residual experiences have been similarly experienced during both investigations, just seemingly indifferent and new locations, and different variations. With our conjoined experiences from both investigations, including our guests including Dakota from Bald and Bonkers and, the owner of the shop John, we have full confidence to place the claim that both locations of the After Hours Tattoo Studio and the Social Club Barbershop draw in powerful and intense amounts of energy. During our evening we experienced a combination of intelligence and residual spirits. From reviewing our material and evidence recorded through the evening, we feel comfortable stating that the majority of these spirits seem to be harmless and welcoming, albeit more scared and in hiding throughout both buildings, particularly the tattoo shop, in both the rear rooms and the entry area, and the barbershop, down in the basement. The spirit (or spirits) seems to be attached to the area, perhaps to some type of life-altering (or ending) event that occurred to them here. Their profile and identities are based on both investigations and sensitives and there appear to be multiple spirits hiding in both buildings, curious about anyone and everyone who visits the buildings and wants to reach out. They are unfortunately unable or think that they are not able to or will be punished by someone or something watching over them. They like to peer out and watch from afar in the tattoo shop and even seem more confident here when others are around, and the young girl, we believe is named Rachel, and protective male, we believe is either George or David, likes to speak out and try to get people’s attention. They seem to be able to show themselves in the basement of the barbershop as we’ve seen them via the FLIR thermal image camera. During these more tame communications and timeframes, during both investigations, we believe we encountered the town’s resident feline of Chessie inside the tattoo shop. On the opposite end of the energy spectrum, there is also the negative and dark, perhaps even controlling spiritual element. This energy tends to utilize the mirrors in the tattoo shop to move throughout areas. It also has peered out as if watching over the more timid spirits, controlling whom they speak to and appear to from afar utilizing scare tactics. Perhaps this is the same man that abused and murdered these people during their life in this town and still has a dark control of them to this day. It appears as an extremely tall figure and has shown itself to us through the SLS camera throughout the tattoo shop and in the FLIR thermal camera in the basement as a dark spot that watches from a distance, particularly under the steps. We also managed to capture this in still photographs in a distorted form followed by a pair of eyes staring out from that same corner. We still believe that the fact that the warm-hearted and open-minded owners, employees, and residents of the After Hours Tattoo Studio and Social Club Barbershop have helped allow these benign and mistreated spirits to feel more comfortable to stay in these buildings and interact at their whim while keeping back the dark, negative energy that seemingly wants to overtake them and control them.



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