Wexford General Store Antiques – Investigation

Wexford General Store Antiques

March 18, 2022

Wexford, PA



Situated about 45 minutes outside of the bustling city of Pittsburgh, PA, the small but thriving town of Wexford combines an old world feel inside a growing economy and ever rising population. With the history of the small town and its ability to reuse old buildings, there seems to be a unique blend of energies between the older, outdated town and the new trends and updates all throughout, Wexford is truly a gem of a town and one of the more interesting destinations in the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

Among the refurbished and historical remnants of the old town lies the original Wexford General Store which is located along one of the older main roads of the town, Church Road. This former main road has since been replaced by a four lane roadway that cuts through the town, practically passing this spot leaving it now a pass through or side road. However, this general store which has been transitioned over time into new uses still draws a crowd of its own to this location after its formation, and current occupation, of the antique shop.



This general store known as the Josh Cole Wexford General Store was first constructed in the 1850’s to capitalize on the expansion of the town, and sold goods and necessities successfully for over 100 years until the Great Depression caught up with it forcing it to close in the early 1960’s. This well known store, doubling as an apartment complex above on the second floor, saw a lifetime of achievements and accomplishments throughout its time in service. It survived major wars and even thrived during these tenuous times, including the Civil War, World War I, and World War II.



Upon closing, this was not the end but more of a transition and second coming of the old building. In 1966, the building was purchased by only its second, and current  owner, in its long standing history. It was altered to act as an antique shop to serve the area and help claim and preserve local history. The Marinos opened up the upstairs apartments and added on the rear addition in order to incorporate more space for the antiques and shop floor. When their renovations were complete, there would be 10,000 square feet inside two buildings for antique displays and another woodshop area outback for work to be completed without disrupting the existing shop and its vendors.

The buildings alone are the only remnants still existing from its contraception, the antiques inside are not from the original era however there are plenty of vendors which supply various items for sale across numerous time periods and many different styles of objects for sale.

Nothing has been specifically linked to any item in the shop to this day that could be construed as paranormal but it is not without reason that there is the possibility some type of antique within the shop could hold some type of otherworldly energy. With the high turnover and selling rate that the majority of the items in the shop see, there is not much time to zone in on any item in particular, however, the building which houses these intriguing and unique pieces could hold its own energy or even pull from some of the items within the store.

Current employees, vendors, and customers have all claimed to experience strange and possibly supernatural activity throughout the main building but predominantly on the second floor. There have been reports of two separate and very unique energies here, namely an older woman and a younger boy. The woman has been seen in a white gown walking up and down the hallway and disappearing around a corner and has been rumored to possibly be tied to the building or the apartments that used to be housed here whereas the boy has been spotted frantically searching the rooms as if looking for a particular item but no identity has even been spoken of nor has any theories emerged of a potential reason why he is still here.



In the stone basement, a medium was drawn to this area for a still unknown purpose. What she experienced did seem to tie the building to its possible link to the Underground Railroad leading up to and during the Civil War. She heard the neighing of a frightened horse as well as a strong energy allowed her draw a conclusion of multiple frightened slaves, their fear growing throughout her duration here, as if they were possibly found by southern sympathizers or even directly by their captors.

The smaller neighbor building, called the Annex, which also houses beautiful antiques, odd lights have been seen moving throughout and shadows have appeared to be lurking in the far corner as if just watching visitors come and go. A definite darker sensation has been recorded here, particularly when no one else is nearby, inside or outside of either buildings.



We were lucky enough to arrive early, around 5:30 PM, with some daylight left and right after they closed up for the night so there was still some activity throughout the day and early evening; in our mind hopefully stirring something up. To top this, there was a full moon which illuminated the sky; we also had high hopes here of the moon supplying some additional energy. Shan and Josh met us as they were still cleaning up and finalizing the shop for closing but we’re excited for our arrival. Cindy from Spirit Talk with Cindy, who we’ve worked with on countless occasions, also met us around this same time as we had reached out to her in hopes of helping us identify specific antiques and items that may hold extraordinary energies.

We had the privilege of walking the building and being given a tour previously, so we had an opportunity to pinpoint certain areas and run some devices. This allowed us to debunk some of these possible activities but also gave us some direction to get started with as we could not debunk others.

After circling the properties via a Facebook Live introduction and briefing, as well as  allowing Cindy to get acclimated to the area (and a dinner break), we began by spanning out our equipment and setting up trail cameras, hotel bells, and some of our motion lights. The open floor plans allowed us to utilize these tools by keeping most within sight lines or at least ear shot. This allowed us to activate and use almost all of our equipment which includes three recorders, two K2 meters, one SB7 Spirit Box, one Phasma Box, one FLIR thermal image camera, three stationary motion activated trail cameras, two stationary handheld video cameras, two detached and mobile IR lights, one SLS camera, one Ovilus, and four hotel bells. The set up started shortly after our arrival around 5:45 and the investigation itself began roughly around 8:30 PM and, with all the experiences we encountered, lasted until about 3:00 AM.

There was an extraordinary amount of evidence but even more personal experiences. After beginning with a live video via Facebook, we had a lot of ground to cover so we jumped right in, working our way up from the Basement to the First Floor to the Second Floor. We did capture some oddities throughout the building including knocks, the sounds of and the act of physical items being thrown around, the most communication we received was from the back corner of the first floor where we definitively captured intelligent responses and clear verbal interactions. The only other area that was as active was the Library where we believe we received communication from a young girl. Other interactions throughout the building were still there and active but just not as instrumental at intelligent conversation or gaining information about them. Some of the remainder of the activity seemed to be residual in nature as the sounds and communication we did receive were not as responsive or cohesive.



Thanks to both the recorded evidence and our shared personal experiences during our evening in the original historic Wexford General Store, has helped us claim that the paranormal activity is indeed experienced here as well as left us with the impression that there are numerous spirits here that have attached themselves to the building itself and are more intelligent energies which can clearly be communicated with at no particular time of day or night. There are, however, other energies that are much more residual as if replaying a certain aspect of their former lives over on repeat. These also seem to be attached to the building, aside from the upstairs hallway, which does seem to be home to residual energies scattered throughout the antiques stored in this spot. We were able to conclude these notions based on personal experiences without any devices, some with the Spirit Box and Phasma Box, and others with visual references including our SLS camera and stationary video cameras which provided us with light anomalies that cannot be explained or debunked.

After a significant amount of time reviewing our evidence and researching the building, both past and present, we have concluded that the Wexford General Store Antiques Shop holds a slew of paranormal energies and spirits. We collected an interesting combination of recordings, photographs, and videos which we confidently believe hold particular evidence to support these claims and show that there is in fact life on the other side of this existence. We have attached nearly every moment from our paranormal investigation inside the property (except for empty screens and limited data which hold no significance whatsoever) but there are moments we left that show our attempts to debunk some of the oddities throughout the night. Along with the visual or verbal evidence, we attempted to explain each moment afterward so you are able to look through the evidence first then clarify what we heard and compare and contrast it yourself. Some moments act as simply transcriptions as no physical evidence existed of that moment, not aside from our experiences and/or word of mouth or discussion of how we felt at a given moment. We are always interested to see what others think of our evidence and like to get outside perspectives so once you read through our data and listen to the evidence yourself, we would be more than happy to interpret our thoughts or hear what YOU think you may hear (or not hear) in each moment.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

We first visited the store to do a preliminary walkthrough and a meet and greet with the owners March 4. Here, we recorded shared stories, pinpointed specific areas we would need to focus on, and get an overall feel for the building. After we arrived for the investigation, we unpacked and spread out in an attempt to get a feel for the different energies throughout, and welcomed Cindy, a medium whom we’ve worked with countless times. We’ve learned, from past experiences, that performing live investigations unfortunately takes away from our focus and leads to misinformation and missing interactions. However, we do enjoy interacting with others who have been to each location and have their own experiences. So we began this investigation with a minor compromise. We began the night running a little over an hour Facebook Live walkthrough of the building and followed Cindy during her first encounter with the second floor which has been said to be one of the more active locations. We were lucky enough to gather some more information from some of the viewers and even were able to dig into some of this information later on in the night. After we noted this information and recorded Cindy’s reactions and otherworldly senses, we did in fact log off for the night and dove into our investigation.




  • During the preliminary walkthrough, we captured what appeared to be a dark figure in the Basement. We were unable to find out if this was an item or if this was someone watching us from a distance.





  • Throughout our two separate Facebook Live videos we captured our reactions and gave everyone a decent walkthrough and tour of the building. Nothing seemingly paranormal or otherworldly seemed to show in either one.




This stereotypical old fashion basement, one that was clearly built in the 1800’s in southwestern Pennsylvania with stone block, thick lumber supports, and simple dirt floors, is only accessed from a lifting door in the floor and barely rises six feet above the floor, making all of us duck when entering the area. This location was original to the building, only spanning from front to back on a portion of the building, where the very first building was erected. Aside from that fact, not much is truly known about this spot and is used mainly for storage to this day. However, as previous mediums had entered the building, they felt strong presences of both horses and slaves. Upon digging into this piece of information, we did research this and the area in general was utilized as a route for the Underground Railroad during the start of the Civil War, however, there is no clear descriptions whether this structure was specifically on this route or if it would have helped house run away slaves. What the medium felt would tie in though to this timeframe and what did occur in the area.

During our pre-investigation walkthrough, we did take a few pictures of the area and noticed what looked like a dark spot and some extremities which appeared to be huddled in a corner, and we could not debunk this by pinpointing a piece of furniture or antique that may have given off this appearance. For our investigation, we decided to start here, as well as set up a stationary camera here for the duration of the night on top of it. Even though we did not capture anything too unusual, and especially no names or open communication, we did receive two knocks after we asked them to let us know if there was anyone with us. There was also a moment where we recorded what sounded like heavy breathing, all of this occurred right after our camera (with a full battery which should last over 8 hours) was completely drained and forced us to get a secondary battery in order to allow it to continue recording. We did experience what felt like an uneasiness or unsettled heaviness to the room but there was not enough evidence or experiences to put much credence to this sensation. Those spirits and energies which tend to reside in this area are there to seemingly hide and stay away from visitors. As they do tend to give off a more anxious type feeling, this would fit in with that archetype of fear and apprehension. The videos which were recorded did not capture anything out of the ordinary aside from a few moments of flickering screens but this can be more attributed to a technical malfunction, and not a paranormal happenstance.




  • During our pre-investigation walkthrough, we did snap a photo of what looked like a dark spot, and during our investigation, we could not find any furniture or anything at all that gave off this appearance.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • After we asked them to make a noise if they were nearby in this area, we heard a pair of knocks separated by 23 seconds. The first occurred at :36 and the second at :59.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • We asked a few questions then sat in silence to attempt to get settled in and hopefully make them more comfortable with us. At about :38, we heard a muffled breathing in the recording as if someone were trying to get our attention without being too open about it.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • As we played back the first session, we listened carefully and it was at this time we began to feel that uneasiness about the room. We began another simple session but unfortunately didn’t capture anything during this timeframe.


Indian Head Room (Back Corner, First Floor)

In the far back left on the entire building on the first floor, is an open vendor area mainly decorated with handcrafted wooden antiques, beautiful paintings, and gorgeous glassware. This was part of the original building’s first expansion and also seems to be a magnet for sensitives. Again, in this location there is not much recorded as far as historical records are concerned, but during our pre-investigation walkthrough, we were drawn here and even experienced a colder, darker sensation. Much like the Basement, this location also drew a former medium here as she felt a specific spiritual attachment to this spot, not necessarily an item.

As we came up from the Basement, this room seemed to draw us in once again. We spread out around the area, setting motion lights up and sprawling K2 meters across the room in hopes of allowing the spirits here to manipulate these tools. We ultimately nicknamed this room the Indian Head Room due to the large bust of a Native American which seemed to loom over all of us. It didn’t take long to get whoever was attracted to this area to communicate with us. Not even a minute into our first EVP session did the Ovilus begin to spout out words and we even heard some intelligent communication simply through the recorder, not even a speaking device, when we first spoke directly to them. They reacted here almost out of surprise with a “Me?!” Following this moment, the K2 meters began to jump and, one of the more captivating moments occurred, one of the motion activated lights jumped on right behind the desk. We could not duplicate this motion as we tried to debunk it.



As we figured that someone wanted to speak, we gave them more of an ability by utilizing the Spirit Box. Again, they seemed a little startled at first that someone was giving them attention and asking them direct questions, and we captured greetings of “Hi” and intelligent responses to questions like “Later” and “Close.” During our time here we did capture the name “Dave” numerous times as if they were opening up and providing us with their name after we paid them so much attention. However, as we started to break up (Derrick to get the SLS camera, Cindy moving back away from the room to try to get more comfortable, and Dan crouching down out of eyesight) this being seemed to try to once more get our attention by throwing something at us. It took a while to find the item but it was eventually found that it was a dime, seemingly manifested from nowhere, tossed behind Cindy. Derrick returned with the SLS camera and captured what appeared to be a figure hunched over with an elbow on the desk right next to Dan. This figure interacted with Dan and even moved from one side of the room to the other, ultimately where they decided to sit with their legs criss-crossed on the desk where we placed the dime.

We were able to deduce that this area was a comfortable area for at least one-two spirits who very much liked the attention we had given them and they continued to produce words that were in reference to a combination to water and death which made us believe that they were either drawn to a painting (there were many which incorporated boats and water) or that they were killed at sea or even had some type of public justice system which we gathered with words like appellate, judge, and trial. It’s truly unknown who and how many spirits were in this area, but the name “Dave” was definitely recorded multiple times and they absolutely showed a willingness and near excitement to speak with us.

As we left the area, we set up a static recorder to capture anything that was still back in this area even when we were not. We captured a lot of creaking footsteps that we could easily debunk as well as voices and whispers that we realized were our voices echoing through the open halls. However, we did figure out that there were some of these odd noises (creaks, clicks, and pops) that were all captured here and not related to us.




  • A few moments of the K2 meters activating were captured here.



  • As we used the SLS camera, we recorded moments where the figure in the room was leaning up against the desk then went over and sat on it.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • The Ovilus was the most active tool at first where we began gathering words including “Revoked” at :09, “Appellate” at :18, “Murder” at :19, and “Race” at :26. These all drew us toward a conclusion of a justice system involvement.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • We began to pry here and repeated the words produced by the Ovilus and asked them if those words had any special meaning to them or if something happened to them. At :27, we heard a question of “Me?” out of thin air.
  • The K2 meter began to jump here, beginning at :39, occurring three more times until finally taking a break, at :48, 1:03, and 1:07.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • As we discussed the Ovilus remaining quiet for a little while, ironically, it jumped to life after Dan pointed at it with his pinkie finger. As if someone either acknowledged this or did not like it, the word “Pinkie” was produced by the Ovilus at :06 followed by “Sentence” at :15, again referencing a judicial system.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • Even though we gave them another method to speak with us, the Ovilus was used again to show the word “Running” at :03.
  • Following Dan shifting on the floor, making the floor creak and desk move just the slightest, the spirit must have been startled when we heard “What the…” at :18.
  • After this momentary surprise, we were greeted with a “Hi” at :24.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box:



  • As we talked about trying a new method of listening in which required the headphones, we captured them almost questioning us at :06 with a “Why?”
  • The Ovilus sprung to life once more with an offering of “Peace” at :25.
  • We reciprocated and mentioned that we offered them a sign of peace in return and heard a commanding “No” at :34.
  • After we discussed that we would start again, the name “Dave” was heard at :39.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box:



  • Following some silence and the K2 meter jumping on, we explained that we’d like to communicate with them using this device (Spirit Box). At :11, we heard a confused question of “Again?” just as the motion light behind the desk jumped on at :23 as if they were irritated and wanted to move away.
  • As Dan moved the table to attempt to debunk the light, we discussed this as a possibility, but could not get it to turn on, then as if helping us out, they responded “That was me” at :29.
  • Straight forward, we asked if they could tell us their name to which we heard a reply of “Dave” at :54 and a question of “What’d you say?” at :58.


Recording 7 – Spirit Box:



  • We continued to test the motion light, and captured an almost annoyed voice claiming that “It’s working” at :10 followed by the name “Dave” again at :15.
  • .The K2 meter spiked at :26 but a voice stating “No me” was heard not taking blame for it at :28.
  • After we asked if we should get the headphones to attempt the Estes method of Spirit Box, we recorded “Later” at :48.
  • So we reiterated this notion and asked if they wanted us to get the headphones later to which we heard a reply of “Headphones” at :56.
  • We thanked them for speaking so clearly and heard the reply of “Sure” at 1:03 just as the K2 meter jumped.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box:



  • Relating back to the possibility of a boat and sea or river, the word “Water” appeared on the Ovilus at :05.
  • We asked if they were female and, at :22, heard “No” followed by the name “Richard” at :24.
  • Following this, the Ovilus produced “Like” at :38 so we asked what they liked, to which the K2 meter spiked at :47 as if they liked playing with our tools.
  • We explained that we’re being respectful, and hoped that they would do the same and captured the question of “Why?” at 1:03.


Recording 9 – Spirit Box:



  • As if they were nearby, we heard “Close” at :05.
  • After we asked what they said, the same word of “Close” was repeated at :13.
  • The K2 meter once again spiked to red at :34 then both K2 meters jumped at 1:02.
  • Since we began yes/no questions as the K2 meters started to activate. We asked if they were connected to the building, it stayed off so we explained that we assumed that they are not connected to the building. At 1:57, the exclamation of “No” was recorded as if a response to this assumption.


Recording 10 – Spirit Box:



  • Prior to this recording, the Ovilus produced two words: “Factory” and “Cycle.”
  • At :05, something could be heard thrown at us and bouncing on the ground.
  • We discussed the noise and asked if it was something thrown and heard “That was me” at :14 and this sentiment was reaffirmed at 1:00 with a “It was me.”
  • After we scrounged the floor, we found a dime and asked if that’s what was thrown and captured “Right” at 1:28 as if confirming this.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box:



  • We discussed the dime, where it could have come from and who it belonged to, we captured “It’s mine” at :06.
  • We placed the dime on the desk, just before the Ovilus showed “Desk” and “Stab” at :38.
  • After we questioned if they were the one who was murdered and stabbed, we received a response of “Yup” at :51.
  • As we moved the dime from the desk to see if there was any attachment, we asked each other if we moved it. The spirit must have thought we were talking to them and they responded “Yup” at 1:10.


Recording 12 – Spirit Box:



  • We once again asked if it was their dime, and heard “Same one” at :10 as if they already answered that question.
  • The Ovilus then provided the words “Waves” and “Casket” at :16.
  • After we discussed what exactly it said, the word “Waves” was repeated to us as if answering for us at :29.


Recording 13 – Spirit Box:



  • Before this recording, the Ovilus gave us the name “Jo” and the word “Plan.”
  • Right off the bat, the K2 meter was jumping then we heard “Me” at :06.
  • We explained that we’d like them to answer some questions and captured a response of  “No” at :24.
  • After we asked them to turn the light on if they were attached to the building, we heard what sounded like a very Pittsburghese response of “Jagoff” at :52.
  • Once more, we discussed what exactly we heard, just as the K2 meter jumped at 1:00.
  • We reiterated that this meant that they are attached to the building and heard a confirmation of “Yes” at 1:11.


Recording 14 – Spirit Box:



  • Not hearing the previous response, we followed up and asked if, instead, they were attached to an item to which we heard “Trouble” at :09.
  • After we asked if they were in some kind of trouble, we heard a shouting “Ah!” at :26 and an answer of “Sort of” at :28.


Recording 15 – Spirit Box:



  • We then activated the SLS camera and spotted a figure leaning against the desk at :05.
  • After some time, Dan (Also seen on the camera standing next to the desk) asked if the figure was still there, to which we heard a reply of “I’m here” at :54.
  • While we tried to debunk the figure we asked if it was mapping the table next to him, and at 1:26, recorded “Nope.”
  • Dan then knelt down, thinking that the figure may have been shorter as if a child, and heard “Stop” repeated twice at 1:39 and 1:45.


Recording 16 – Spirit Box:



  • Once more, the K2 meter jumped quite a bit prior to this recording just as the figure returned in the SLS camera.
  • We explained that if they did not want to speak up or aloud, then tell Cindy and she could hear them to which we heard “Nope” at :05.
  • After we said there may be others who want to speak with us we heard laughter at 1:23.
  • As we explained that we knew someone was with us, we heard another word associated with the justice system of “Attorney” at 2:10.


Recording 17 – Spirit Box:



  • We told them that we were going to be packing up and moving on, and previous to this recording, we felt the brush of a paw or tail pass running out of the room.
  • After we discussed the possibility of this being a pet, the idea of a picture of a dog was brought up only to be turned down with “That was me” at :08.
  • Almost immediately, we then heard the word “Murder” at :12.
  • We expressed our interest in piecing all of the information together just as we heard Dan’s name repeated back to him at 1:13.


Recording 18 – Spirit Box:



  • We closed off this session by thanking whoever was with us and speaking to us but heard a commanding “Go” at :10.


Recording 19 – Static:



  • At :10, there was a strange popping noise heard.


Recording 20 – Static:



  • A knocking was captured here at :12.


Recording 21 – Static:



  • As if something was pushed or knocked over, a thud was recorded at :05.


Recording 22 – Static:



  • Right around :09, a clicking sound as if something was thrown and bounced was heard.
  • At about 1:55, the sound of a door opening and closing was captured.


Recording 23 – Static:



  • Creaking footsteps were recorded here at :05 and :10, not sounding like our own and at a moment when we were all accounted for upstairs.
  • This was repeated at :50 once again we were all accounted for at this time.


Recording 24 – Static:



  • More footsteps, as if someone were pacing back and forth, were captured here starting at :05 and lasting for over a minute. During this time, all of us were upstairs.


Recording 25 – Static:



  • A pair of clicking sounds could be heard at :08 and :14.


Recording 26 – Static:



  • A combination of sounds was recorded in this segment, starting with a pop at :09 leading into creaking footsteps when no one else was nearby at :12, and clicking at 1:20.


Recording 27 – Static:



  • Finally, before we began to break off and collect our gear, we heard a final set of creaking footsteps at :03 and again at :48.


Video 1 – Cell:



  • During our time here, we captured the K2 meter spiking twice; the first at :02 then at :35.



Video 2 – Cell:


  • The K2 meter was seen jumping at :35.



Video 3 – Cell:


  • There were numerous occasions when the K2 meter spiked starting with :01 and :03 then flickering at :05.



Front Left Room

 This is one of the original rooms left intact from the original general store. Aside from being beautifully decorated with antiques and other items for sale, this room seems to draw visitors in for other, supernatural reasons. During our pre-investigation visit we were drawn in here and, even during Cindy’s first visit she also felt a pull into here. As we stream a live video via Facebook, we had numerous viewers comment on this very room. Some have claimed to see shadows and hear whispers in this area. More than likely, this would be due to the age and original usage of this section of the building which is one of the oldest spots which has naturally gained the most usage out of the location throughout its long history.

At this point of the night we asked Shannon and Josh to join us in this area, being that they have their own specific energy and comfort level inside the building and, more than likely, vice versa as the spirits would be most comfortable with the two of them. We hoped that our combination of energy and the stories we’ve been told about this area would come to fruition and we would be able to pick up some type of activity or communication here. Unfortunately, we may have overwhelmed them as Cindy felt a very similar sensation to the Basement of anxiety and repressed fear. We were unable to gather much activity or information here, but being that this area was similar in construction to the Basement and had the same type of energy and feel, it’s very possible that whoever may be attached to these areas wonders the original building hiding in corners and watching on from the darkness.




  • There was nothing to note here.


Recording 1 – EVP:



  • Nothing heard here was of a paranormal nature.


Up Couple Room (Second Floor, Front)

On the second floor of the original building, facing the front street, this elaborate room holds wall to wall gems and definitely claims an old world feel to it. We’ve learned that this room may hold some type of Native American spirit or past energy but during our pre-investigation walkthrough, we felt as though there was an elderly couple, extremely inviting and almost acting as though they were ready and excited to serve guests food. As we entered this area during our live stream, Cindy also felt this presence and went a step further explaining that in fact the older woman was showing us what she enjoyed to do, which was cook, bake, and generally make her visitors welcome and happy. One fact that we learned of this area is that at one point it was designed and constructed as apartments for the families who owned and worked the general store. If the intuitions we received of the older couple are true, this would definitely tie together with the past of this structure.



We continued up here with Josh and Shannon in toe, hoping that they could jostle the energy a little more. At first, we only felt the energy fields here alter and Cindy once again felt the older couple nearby, however, they did not seem to communicate too much and almost felt us out. However, after we spotted some shadows moving in the hallway, the communication seemed to pick up beginning with simple knocks and even something falling that was unaccounted for, then leading into flashlight activity, and finally verbal communication thanks to our Spirit Box and the Estes Method. This led us to a few pieces of information such as the name Cadence, the name of her favorite piece of furniture (Table), then finally someone else entering the room basically forcing their way in and the older couple out all the while forcing us out on our way.




  • There was nothing of specific interest captured here.


Recording 1 – EVP:



  • There was not a lot noteworthy during this time, it felt more of a feeling out process, or chess game. However, at :26, the Ovilus produced the word “Bridge.”
  • At about 2:05, we could be heard reacting to the shifting shadows we spotted out in the hallway.
  • During this timeframe, Cindy noticed someone seemingly speaking a different language (not English) but it could not be determined.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • We simply asked if they could show us that someone was here with us, even if it wasn’t speaking but a simple knock or tap. At :06, a knock could be heard in a response to this request.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • Prior to this recording, the Ovilus produced “Contrition” and “Dives.” With those words, we had asked them if they were Catholic and the flashlight turned on for a yes response.
  • At about :03, a loud banging noise could be heard just as Derrick was standing outside this room. Nothing could be found out of place and no one touched anything, specifically hard enough for it to fall over.
  • Right after this moment, we had asked them if they were attached to the building, and once again, the flashlight turned on for a yes.


Recording 4 – EVP:



  • Right before this capture, we asked them if they were in the military, again turning the flashlight on if the answer is yes. As if a clear response to this, the flashlight turned on.
  • At about :05, the flashlight could be heard getting pushed over and falling to the floor without any human intervention.


Recording 5 – ESTES Method:



  • As we utilized this method of communication via the Spirit Box, one of us (Derrick) would put the headphones on, canceling out outside noise interference and simply saying anything aloud that he heard. As this occurred, the rest of the group would ask questions. The best way to explain this experience and responses is to simply transcribe the interaction between the questions asked by the group and answers Derrick heard and shouted out as he listened in on the Spirit Box.
  • Beginning before this method was used, the flashlight jumped to life at 1:21 and was turned back off at 3:15 after we asked them to turn the light off.
  • After we began the session, we asked if they could give us a name, and at 4:21, Derrick could be heard saying the name “Cadence.”
  • We then asked if they were attached to a specific item and we captured “Table” at 4:54 via the Spirit Box.
  • At that moment, we noticed another shadow moving in the hallway and can be heard reacting to this at about 4:55.
  • As we followed the conversation and asked if they were attached to the table, the flashlight turned on for a yes at 4:40.
  • The response of “Don’t want” was then recorded after we asked if they could turn off the flashlight.
  • We pursued this line of questioning and asked if the table they are attached to is in this room and we heard “Not me” in the headphones at 6:35.
  • After repeating this question, we then heard a confused question of “So what?” at 7:24.
  • Trying to get more information, we asked what the other person’s name was who was not attached to the table. Whether they misunderstood or have the same name, “Dan” was captured at 7:49.
  • We attempted to differentiate and asked if this was their name or they’re just saying one of ours, and at 8:44, “You” was heard through the Spirit Box.
  • After thanking them for this interaction, we heard “Not talking” at 8:55.
  • As if they were done speaking with us, we explained that we’d respectfully leave them if they no longer want to speak with us. At 9:28, the word “Out” was heard as if confirming this notion followed simply by “Go” at 9:40.
  • We asked them if they knew we were not here to disrespect them and we meant no harm, to which we heard “I’m listening” at 10:14.
  • As we thought maybe they were willing to continue speaking with us, we directed the question toward the elderly couple we were speaking to previously and heard “Gone” at 10:31.
  • After explaining that they may be gone and that we do not want to push them, the phrase “Sounds right” was heard as if assuring this at 11:21. 


Library (Second Floor, Sunken Hallway)

Another location that still resides inside the original general store is this area which was transformed into a small Library. The majority of the books sold and stored by the shop can be found here and it does show off an impressive collection of literature and even some antiques which are very fitting to this type of room like old schoolhouse desks and busts of literary figures. Not only does this room house a lifetime of literature but also seems to hold energies from past visitors, perhaps ones who hold this area in a close and deep regard. This area seems to be more warm and welcoming, and perhaps acts as a home for someone who used to live or own the property but on another hand, this area has been known to show a younger spirit walking up and down the hallway. Perhaps this younger spirit is the one who is drawn to this library as they can read and explore places they no longer have the opportunity to experience for themselves. One of the stories which was told to us is one of the warmer and more interesting ghost stories: Before the internet and the option of simply using a search engine, a guest at the shop was searching for a photo of a very rare bird. She was directed toward this area in hopes of finding it. She scrounged this area and the rest of the building. After she reported this failure to the owners, she took one last trip up to this area with the owners. To all of their amazement, a book fell off a shelf, pages flying open, and landing on the floor. On the page that it was opened to was this exact bird she looked for all day.



During our pre-investigation walkthrough, we didn’t experience much aside from that fresh book smell. Even when we ran our live stream, Cindy felt a warm and welcoming sensation but there was nothing excessive that drew us here. However, following our previous session on the second floor (and getting seemingly forced out), we decided to follow the location of the shadow we spotted down the hall and set up some of our equipment around this room. What we experienced here started with some whistling sounds and minor flashlight interaction but led to a loud banging sound echoing from the first nook. Nothing was found that could have made this hollow knocking sound. Unfortunately, this sound was not recorded but it did push us to attempt to communicate via the Spirit Box and ESTES method once more. With this technique, we learned that there was a young, seven year old girl here named Jennifer. She passed away nearby but not inside the house. The reasoning is somewhat disputed as the flashlights turned on in response to her passing away from an illness but on this same note, this child seemed to simply enjoy playing with the flashlights. She did reveal that she helped find the bird in the book and she shied away from questions regarding her family and parents.




  • There was a shorter dark spot seen next to Cindy in the FLIR thermal camera.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • There is a pair of whistles captured here. The first occurred at :04 after we asked them to make a noise if they were with us.
  • This second whistle was recorded at 1:02 after we asked them to repeat that sound.


Recording 2 – ESTES Method:



  • Before we began recording here, a loud noise echoed out of the nook toward the main area. We attempted to track this item down but could not find a culprit.
  • This was another area we attempted the ESTES Method. This time, Dan wore the headphones and canceled the rest of the group out, saying whatever he heard come through the Spirit Box. This is another moment where a transcription is easier to share and talk through rather than recordings of one of our voices.
  • Almost immediately upon us beginning this session, the motion light in that nook where the noise originally came from shot on at :25.
  • We attempted to look for whatever item made that noise, and we were told “You’re stupid” at :44.
  • As the light stayed on, we finally acknowledged it and asked if they could turn it off, to which it did at 1:30.
  • We asked if they could light the flashlight if they were a child, and at 2:05, the light turned on.
  • After we asked if they could turn the light back off, the word “Pretty” was called out at 2:36 as if in reference to the flashlight.
  • We repeated the question and the light turned off at 3:06.
  • The word “God” was called out, unprompted, at 3:44.
  • As we paused and gathered ourselves, we followed up the previous line of questioning by asking how old they were. We gathered the number “Seven” at 4:36.
  • We then asked if they were a boy or girl and instead got the response of “Lady” at 5:14.
  • Following us thanking them for their cooperation, we received another “You’re stupid” at 5:33 followed by the name of “Jennifer” at 5:46.
  • Cindy formally introduced herself and, at 6:00, had her name repeated back to her.
  • Once more, after explaining that we’re appreciative of their response, we got an odd response of “I told you” at 6:10.
  • After some silence, we tried to continue digging and asked if they could tell us the year they were born. As if they were irritated we heard “That’s just great” at 8:04.
  • We then asked if they passed away at the age of seven and received a concise “Yes” at 9:10 followed by the flashlight turning on to agree with the yes at 9:17.
  • As we explained that they should conserve their energy, the flashlight turned off at 9:46.
  • Quite bluntly, we then asked if they died inside the building and gathered an answer of “Not far” at 9:57.
  • This moment is one of the more contested one as both flashlights turned on for yes, but it may have also been a young girl playing with the light. After we asked if they died from a disease, both lights did in fact turn on as if a yes response at 10:10.
  • We once again explained that they should conserve their energy and turn both lights off, to which they did at 10:55.
  • Referring back to the death from an illness, we asked if they were the only one to die from an illness in their family to which we heard “Died” at 11:34.
  • We re-phrased this and asked if they were the only one to die in their family and (as referenced by Dan, in a little girl’s voice) we captured “Just me” at 12:06.
  • A little unclear on this answer, we heard “Let’s go at 12:48 after we asked if they were okay to continue speaking with us. Once more, we re-phrased the question and asked if they were okay to keep talking to us and, at 13:02, we recorded “Sure.”
  • At about 13:20, the flashlight turned back on and then off again at 13:39 after we asked them to turn it off.
  • We commented that we appreciate them speaking with us and heard an odd and out of place phrase of “Back up” at 13:42.
  • As we continued to attempt to find out more answers, we asked if they could tell Dan what year they died. A very sad and somber phrase of “I was innocent” was then shouted out at 14:21.
  • We tried a little different and asked if they could tell us when they were born (a year, month, day, etc.) to which we heard “May” at 15:06.
  • With May established, we then asked what year and captured “Someone else” at 15:29.
  • Again, unsure of what to make of that we attempted to turn this into a game and asked if they were born in the 1800’s and heard “Higher” at 15:50.
  • Proceeding down this path we asked if it was the 1900’s to which we recorded “Even” at 16:03.
  • At 16:32, as we felt like we were getting somewhere and asked if it was in 1920, the word “Bird” was captured just as the flashlight turned on.
  • We discussed if maybe they found the bird in the book and, at 16:57, heard “It’s heavy” as if referencing the book. The flashlight turned on simultaneously.
  • Once more, we asked them to turn the light off, and at 17:18, they complied.
  • Derrick took one of the flashlights away as they were trying to turn our attention from the questions we were asking and heard “That was mean” at 17:30 as if they were playing with the light and we took their toy away.
  • The Ovilus was very quiet up to this point when it oddly produced “Aim” at 17:40.
  • We explained that we’d like them to talk to Dan instead of using the light and heard “Wait” at 17:50 almost like they were trying to compromise with us and get the light back.
  • The word “Chapter” was announced at 18:10 so we asked if they were the one who opened the book. at 18:28, we heard “Dan.”
  • Suddenly, Cindy felt like she was being forced to cough and at 18:33, we were told “I’m serious.”
  • We then asked if they could tell us their mother’s name to which we heard “Not important” at 19:11 again trying to push us away from her family.
  • As we flipped the conversation, we asked about the book and what it was about and we heard “Animals” at 20:00.
  • We reiterated that they should go tell Dan if there was more information they’d like to give us and we captured “Hey Dan” at 20:50.
  • After a little silence, we asked what in particular attracts them to this location. The answer: “Alot” at 21:27.
  • Possibly relating to the apparition who walks around in the flowing white dress, we asked if they were wearing a white dress, and recorded a “Maybe” at 22:06.
  • We asked directly about the Library and if this was their favorite room and heard “I’m back” at 22:27 and a phrase of “It’s his work” at 22:53.
  • As we followed this train of thought, we asked who’s work this place is to which we heard “Dad” at 23:37.
  • After we asked if he owned this building at some point, we recorded a response of “He did” at 23:59.
  • We reiterated this comment stating that their dad owned and worked at this spot at some point, we asked if that was correct and, at 24:33, the phrase “That’s correct” was stated.
  • Attempting to dig deeper, we asked if they could give us their dad’s name and at 25:09 we were told “I did.”
  • At 25:29, out of nowhere we heard “My dog” so we asked if they played with their dog and heard “Yes” at 26:12.
  • We asked what their dog’s name was and were told “Toby” at 27:01.
  • With some pause between questions, we asked if they had a difficult time remembering and oddly heard “Nice” at 27:36, possibly noting us being nice and patient with them.
  • We then asked if they liked to play in the store and captured a phrase of “Almost did” at 27:53 so we then asked what their favorite thing to do in the store was and recorded “Holy spirit” at 29:03.
  • With this response, we then asked if they went to church and simply heard “I’m praying” at 29:29.
  • As we grew tired and drained, we asked them to tell us anything they wanted and were told “I like this” at 30:57.
  • After this claim, we explained that they should not follow us and that they should rest and for them to know that everyone in this building loves and cherishes it like they do. With a simple “Alright” at 31:44, it seemed that they understood.


Video 1 – Trail Camera:


  • Set up in the hallway outside this room, a light was seen moving at :03.



Lasagna Room (Second Floor, Rear of Building)

This location, toward the back of the building down the hallway, holds what seems to be antique tools, some more Native Americanesque decorations, and beautiful glassware. We nicknamed this area the Lasagna Room not for any item but rather the layer upon layer of different energies, most likely a combination of the building and the countless items stored in and sold from this location. During our pre-investigation walkthrough, we had our equipment spiking and showing us that something was out of the ordinary. We wanted to focus more so on items to see what could have been in this area attempting to give us some type of activity. As we walked through during our livestream, we all felt an energy change here and numerous feelings being held here. Even while we ventured around the second floor, we noticed some dark shadows moving here, as if pacing or nervous. This shadow moved across the open window, really drawing our eyes to this a little more predominantly.



As we left the high levels of activity from the Library, we needed a little breather and break before we continued onto the next area. Looking back, that may have been a mistake as this area was almost completely silent during our time in this spot. Here, we welcomed Josh and Shannon to again join us, and actually pushed them to listen in on the headphones. Josh offered his services but unfortunately didn’t hear too much clear communication. It is possible that there was just too much energy stored here and too many voices and energies reaching out at once but we really didn’t have much to go on. However, the name Nathaniel Connor did apparently come through during our ESTES Spirit Box session but there was simply not enough information or activity to continue much here.




  • We did not capture much in this area and during our walkthrough we did experience some activity on our tools so we captured a few FLIR thermal images but nothing was very distinct or clear.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • Not much came across during our time here, the Ovilus did produce the word “Area” at 2:59, but just as with everything else, there was not enough information to help us out.


Recording 2 – ESTES Method:



  • Unlike the two previous locations, not much clear communication came through during the time spent here. Toward the end of our communication, as we began to pack up and move on, we discussed some possibilities such as a name of “Nathaniel Connor”, the word “Scheming,”, and another name which began with an “A.”


Hallway (Second Floor, Main Hallway Outside the Tres Jolie Room)

Down this hall, which spans from the front of the store all the way to the rear, antiques are spread throughout displaying everything from small knick-knacks to large pieces of furniture. As the hallway closes in slightly, in a more reminiscent architecture of a stereotypical hallway, the rooms which are displayed each have their own design and appropriate décor highlighting the beauty of the antique pieces and vintage wardrobes. This area had originally caught our attention as many visitors have laid claim that they have spotted a woman in a white robe walking up and down this area without paying them any attention, This location was once home to the apartments up above the store, so someone who is attached here would probably be more apt to be drawn to the building itself and possibly their former life. Earlier in the night, this is one of the areas where a crashing noise was heard as if something toppled over, yet nothing could be found. There was not much room down this hall for us all to fit in but with its interesting draw, we were determined to spend some time here.



Moving from the slight disappointment from the Lasagna Room, we decided to throw a little bit of everything at this location including a different piece of equipment; the Phasma Box. We had placed some stationary trail cameras here earlier in the night and did capture some odd lights moving down this hall. Unknown at that time, we decided to spread out and utilize some of our motion lights and K2 meters in hopes of allowing them to communicate multiple ways. Josh had also wanted to give the ESTES method another go, so he ran the Spirit Box through the headphones for a period of time here.  We did in fact capture a few spikes in both of the K2 meters and the majority of the communication we heard was seemingly closed off and shy. It’s also possible that we just wore out our time in the building and they wanted us out. We were unable to gather a name here but the spirit we were communicating with seemed to be protective of both the building and the other spirits here. We were told to “Leave,” “Go,” and “No” as we asked them to let us know if they wanted to speak. We were also laughed at as we attempted to gather their identity but received odd cross signals as we were told to “Talk to me” but then immediately told “Don’t like you” and “I don’t feel like it.” So just as we thought we were going to open them up and begin communicating, we stalled with either residual energy or an overly protective intelligent one who wanted us to move along.




  • There were a few moments where our videos captured some lights moving about and we attached the screen captures of those moments here.



  • Most intriguing was the moment when a shadow passed in front of a light, and we attempted to debunk this during our reveal but had to luck trying to figure out a solution to this.



Recording 1 – Phasma Box:



  • After we got settled in and began the recorder, we were almost immediately (and rudely might we add) told to “Leave” at :05 and “Go” at :11.
  • We explained we weren’t there to harm or hurt them and that they could communicate through the new tool and heard a desperate claim of “I’m trying” at :29.
  • At about :56, we heard what sounded like someone counting “One, two, three…”


Recording 2 – Phasma Box:



  • Prior to this recording, the K2 meter jumped so we asked if they would come up to the tool and let us know they want to talk to us. At :02, we recorded “No.”
  • We continued and pressed for a name and heard “Not this time” at :51. However, we again heard another more positive response of “Want to talk a little bit” at 1:03.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:



  • Before this recording, again the K2 meter spiked all the way up to red as if someone were trying to open up to us. We then asked them if they could tell us if they are here because of the building and captured the answer of “Good question” at :04.
  • We continued this and asked if they were instead attached to an item inside the building to which we heard “Not me” at :46 and another odd phrase of “Ten years ago” at 1:07.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box:



  • With us getting tired and stretching and moving around, we heard a plea of “Please sit” at :15 but unable to hear it at the time, we asked them to repeat that. We then recorded “I don’t know” at :32 as if they confused themselves or couldn’t remember.
  • We then began to hear what appeared to be residual activity starting with “More or less” at :36, “Maybe they’ll listen” at :47, and “In dreams” at 1:00.
  • As we began to grow weary and slightly frustrated with a lack of intelligent responses, we explained that this may be their last opportunity to openly communicate for a while and heard, as if okay with this sentiment, “I’m all set” at 1:12.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box:



  • We gathered ourselves and pressed on asking if they could tell us their name and collected a question of “You want my name?” at :04.
  • The K2 meter again spiked at about :20 followed by more residual communication with “The charger” at :38, possibly in reference to a specific antique.
  • After misunderstanding some of these comments, we were told to “Leave” at :50 followed by laughter at :55.
  • At 1:04, we heard “Not yet” as if explaining that we still haven’t left.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box:



  • We began to receive more mixed emotions and phrases starting with a desperate cry of “Talk to me” at :07 then “Don’t like you” at :11.
  • After we attempted to dig in and gather more information and ask for names, or any information, just for them to speak, we heard “I don’t feel like it” at :19.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box:



  • More residual activity and communication began to occur at this time beginning with “Gun” at :03, “Done” at :07, and “Apology” at :09.
  • There was some instrumental sound at :14.
  • We then asked if they lived in the building and heard “Ask anybody” at :45.
  • At :51 we once again heard the instrument playing.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box:



  • As we began to finish up, we mentioned that we wanted help from the spirit world with some natural bodily functions and at :15 we heard an almost sarcastic claim of “You need help.”
  • We then explained that we’re going to wrap up and say goodbye to which we heard a response of “Goodnight” at :57 followed by an annoyed “Go” at 1:12.


Video 1 – Trail Camera:


  • There was a motion of a light seen here at :03.



Video 2 – Trail Camera:


  • Right at the beginning of this clip, the motion light could be seen going off.



Video 3 – Trail Camera:


  • On the right side of the screen, a shadow could be seen passing in front of a lamp at :09.



Video 4 – Trail Camera:


  • Throughout this clip, the tag attached to the antique in front of the camera could be seen moving as if someone were playing with it.



Video 5 – Trail Camera:


  • Once more, throughout this clip, the light itself could be seen physically moving.



Video 6 – Trail Camera:


  • At about :03, the motion light turned on and the nearby light could be seen moving again.



Video 7 – Trail Camera:


  • A light anomaly could be spotted at :06.



Video 8 – Trail Camera:


  • This light returned here and could be seen moving at :03.



Video 9 – Trail Camera:


  • Another light was seen fleeting across the screen at :01.



Video 10 – Trail Camera:


  • Another motion was spotted moving here at :01.



Annex (Across Parking Lot)

Across the gravel driveway, where even more antiques are stored (and visitors are even serenaded by soothing music as they walk in), seems to hold an energy of its own. This area was not original to the general store or even original property, but still has been utilized as a beautiful space to display and showcase some unique antique pieces. As we walked through here originally, we felt a welcoming energy and sensation but also almost a dark shadowy feeling in the back room near the restroom. There haven’t been many paranormal interactions specific to this location but some people who spent time in here have felt as though they were being watched.



Unfortunately, we ran out of time during our investigation with all of the other activity and communication to spend much time in this area. Luckily, we did set up our stationary camera in front of their security cameras and were able to review them after the fact. Being so close to the road did make this slightly difficult and some lights moving throughout were absolutely attributed to passing cars but we did capture a few oddities both inside and outside the building. It’s unknown what this could be attributed to but we were not inside here to stir up dust or cause any disturbances aside from the minimal time we took breaks to use the bathroom.




  • We attached a few screen captures from the videos so we could help point out a few moments we spotted light anomalies moving around the pictures.



Video 1 – Stationary Camera at Security Cameras:


  • At 16:10, there was a light seen moving in front of the exterior door, this was not due to a car or exterior light as we could compare and contrast this to other moments.
  • Once again, this light can be spotted inside the door at 29:44.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera at Security Cameras:


  • Atop the table, in the room we felt a shadow previously, a light could be seen streaking at :23 followed by a light seen illuminating the outside of the screens at 14:30.
  • More lights were seen moving at the doorway at 15:51.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera at Security Cameras:


  • In the bottom left screen, a light was spotted twice; once at 14:21 and again at 22:52.



With a keen eye and ear, we have completed our analysis of our evidence and experiences gathered during our paranormal investigation of the Wexford General Store Antiques Shop. We have come to the conclusion based on our findings that this building, a portion of it original, acts as a unique shelter for a combination of both beautiful antiques and artwork as well as supernatural energies all throughout. These energies have come across as both intelligent and residual energies. The unique and difficult aspect of this location and analyzing the energies was attempting to differentiate the intelligent energy from the residual energy and, on an interesting level, separating both of those between the building attachment to item attachment. We do feel as though our evidence and experiences (captured through a combination of photographs, recordings, and videos) helped us separate these energies and allowed us to communicate with each of them on a different level and even gather useful and invaluable information.

There is a decent amount of information and documentation about the building itself from an owner and architectural aspect, but what is not written are the more personal lives of those living and working there including the generations of Coles who owned this general store, the bar and apartment across the street, and numerous plots of land surrounding this particular property. However, with a lack of documentation on a personal and practical level, we can only put pieces together and attempt to cross reference factual data in order to validate our evidence and information. By doing this, and gathering additional information after the fact, we have definitely been able to confirm some of the pieces to the puzzle which we were able to pull.



With the combination of unique and personalized items that have been pulled into the antique shop for generations, combined with this being both a living quarter and personal family business venture, there can be no doubt that the property, building, and items themselves have left an imprint on the property and possibly even the surrounding area. There seems to be an almost electric pull or aura to specific areas throughout the building. These pulls varied from known tragedies such as sudden and youthful death to an unknown force that seems to be causing mischief and misleading us even to more shy, scared energies hiding and lurking in corners of the building. A few spirits were open and willing to speak with us, even though they seemed to be apprehensive and holding some particular information back, while others just hid from us, truly afraid to step out and even be acknowledged aside from a few noises here and there. We were given a few precise names that we are able to verify including Jennifer and David. The name Jennifer was solely heard inside the Library whereas David was captured all throughout the building. Our evidence also included an abundance of sounds like whistling, bangs and clicks as though items were thrown in our direction, and creaking of footsteps. These were all captured via our handheld recorders but we also gathered more visual evidence thanks in large part to our SLS camera, stationary night vision video cameras, and FLIR thermal imaging camera. The SLS camera produced a stick figure throughout what we referred to as the Indian Head Room, the video cameras caught light anomalies in both the hallway and the Annex, and the thermal imaging captures were only shown in the Library.

As we began in the Basement, our mindset was to stir things up and allow the spirits to get acclimated to us as we worked our way upstairs where more of the activity seemed to occur. Since we weren’t planning on spending a ton of time in the Basement, we opted to simply start there then set up our stationary camera. The only true oddities which occurred here included the fully charged camera battery dying, a few strange knocking noises, and what sounded like a heavy breathing. While here, we did get the sense that whoever was downstairs was either extremely guarded or scared. We sensed them hiding in the dark corners and only came out every once in a while to test out our equipment which seemed to intrigue them. But this seeming anxiety was also picked up in other areas of the building, so it seemed as though they may not be confined to this area but maybe more so just in the original locations of the building.

We continued upstairs to the first floor where we felt that electric pull toward the back of the building, what we nicknamed the Indian Head Room. This area began slowly, once again that feeling of anxiety was immediately felt here, but opened up after utilizing the Ovilus and K2 meter, jumping toward full blown motion in the motion light. The conversation absolutely felt intelligent as we received responses to questions and comments on actions. As if in an attempt to get our attention, something was thrown in our direction (later found out to be a dime) and then showed up as a full body via the SLS camera. The name David was given here on numerous occasions and there were a plethora of communication regrading the judicial system, murder, and water. These puzzle pieces are still to be solved and it’s highly likely that this spirit may be drawn to this area due to an item or two such as the desk, tables, or artwork on display in this location.



After a brief break, we pulled in our hosts, Shannon and Josh, in an effort to utilize their comfortability with the building and the spirits’ possible comfort level with them in return. Unfortunately, at least at first, this was a failed experiment and the same frightened energy was felt in the notorious Front Left Room. The only reason we consider it notorious is thanks to our Facebook Live stream and all of the stories and feelings we gathered from guests. Unfortunately, this area was not fruitful for us.

From here, we headed upstairs toward the room right above which we nicknamed the Up Couple’s Room which was a play on the feeling we had regarding an older couple who were very warm and welcoming and, not to overstate the obvious but, combined with it being upstairs. With all the time we spent here, including during our live Facebook walkthrough, we felt an overwhelming sense of warmth and an accommodating feeling; that kind you get from walking into your grandparents house when you’re greeted with sandwiches and desserts. This was another area where it took some time to get things moving but after some knocking and flashlight activity, we began a Spirit Box session via the ESTES method where one of us wore noise canceling headphones and stated aloud anything they heard. In this area, we captured words referring to antiques and possible family heirlooms such as “Table” and sensations of some type of decorations placed on top of it. As we continued this method and spent more time here, we eventually saw shadows moving down the hallway and even had the odd impression that the elderly couple was being pushed aside and another spirit was forcing its’ way in, possibly the overseeing protective one as we captured word and phrases like “Not me,” “Go,” and “Gone.” These communications along with the emotions we felt about them moving on forced us down the hall to continue our investigation elsewhere.

The Library, where one of our favorite simple yet effective ghost stories was told from, was one of the most eventful and informative sessions we’ve had thanks to the Spirit Box. We did begin here with a simple quiet EVP session and after we asked them to make noises, we recorded two separate occasions of whistling. There was also something thrown in the adjacent nook of the room which was, unfortunately, not captured on any device. We also captured a dark figure in the FLIR thermal camera which appeared to be a shorter figure standing next to our group. We proceeded to again attempt the ESTES method via the Spirit Box and so many answers seemed to fall in place and help answer questions and fill in blanks. What we recorded ultimately became very sad and touched the two of us deeply (since we both have a young daughter). We recorded that there was a young girl, seven years old, who was killed nearby but not in the building and was named Jennifer. However, she was drawn to this location due to many different aspects but seemingly her love of books and the families who own the building. She seemingly liked to play with our flashlights so it was difficult to say if she died from an illness or was just playing with it. We were given some seven year old sass by being called stupid multiple times and told very matter-of-factly that she was a lady. She also told us that she’d the one who found the bird in the book from our aforementioned story but was quite elusive on her parents names, the day she died, or her birthday. We were given the month of May for her birthday but that was about the extent of it. We actually had to break off our communication so we could continue off with our investigation elsewhere but she did tell us she liked this and agreed to not follow us but instead rest.



Our next stop, albeit after a break, was to the rear of the building down the hallway past the slew of antique tools hanging on the wall. Here, Josh took the initiative to use the headphones and attempt the Spirit Box communication but to limited success. Our thought here is that there are numerous spirits attached to a plethora of items, as well as the building itself, so it was extremely difficult for any one of them to communicate with us at all. During our time here, we did have a few words come through which were the name of Nathaniel Connor, the word scheming, and another word which began with the letter ‘A.’ However, none of this was very conclusive and not much more interactions occurred here.

Our last stop on our investigation was the Hallway which has been said to host a woman in white wandering the halls, lost or searching for something. We did not encounter this apparition, however, our stationary cameras did pick up a few fleeting moments of light anomalies streaking down the area. As we spent some time here, we utilized our Phasma Box and seemed to capture a combination of both intelligent and residual energies. The residual seems to stem more from the items than the building and included sounds of an instrument and the sense of us listening into a distant conversation. On the flip side, the intelligent energy told us to “Leave” and “Go” as well as laughed at us after it commanded us to leave a second time. Finally, we were told that they didn’t like us and exclaimed that we needed help before telling us to “Go” once more. As we wrapped up, we said goodnight to which we heard a fairly decent and calm response of “Goodnight.”



Even though this was the end of our investigation and night, we had set up a stationary camera watching the security system from the building next door. Even though we didn’t spend any time here, these cameras did seem to capture paranormal activity in this location as lights were seen streaking across the rooms when not a soul was in the building.

All of this information, evidence, and experiences, led us to the conclusion that there are numerous spirits who have yet to move on, others that call this antique store home, and even more that remain attached with an imprint to items of the past. After our review, digging into more information and cross referencing those items, we have no doubt and can claim with full confidence that the Wexford General Store Antique Shop draws in a large amount of energy which is full of a very mixed amount of intelligent and residual residual energies throughout, combined with the building and antiques inside, there lies a cobweb full of energies that just seem to be intertwined waiting to be recognized and brought to visitors and owners attention. We sincerely hold the belief that the open-minded and big hearts of the owners and families who passed the antique store down from generations plays a significant role in giving these lost spirits an eternal home which is warm, welcoming, and loving.


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