Old Alms House Cemetery – Investigation

Gettysburg Battlefield – Old Alms House Cemetery

April 1, 2022

Gettysburg, PA



On the northern tip of the national battlefield, this cemetery was constructed just before the Civil War. This was the main resting plot for those who were deceased at the Old Almshouse Poor Farm. This old poor farm was utilized as both a minor asylum as well as a location for those who were simply unwanted by their families. The deaths that were recorded here date from the Civil War Era up until the mid-1900s. Those who passed away during the time of the Battle of Gettysburg were buried quite unceremoniously and, most of the time, in unmarked graves. This was not due to inhumane treatments or poor service. Some employees left their jobs due to these practices, but rather the lack of workers, income, loss of businesses, and even the inability to import gravestones and markers. During these early times, patients who perished in those old walls were carried across the open farming field, and dumped into pits or just piled up temporarily. These practices altered and conformed over the years until the poor farm was demolished and those left living there were transported out of the area into more modernized living facilities. The few headstones that remain are in a very similar design and stature as those in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Unlike those buried in the national plot, those buried here have seemingly long been forgotten and even pushed to the side and in the corner of the national park where it has become a more “Off the beaten path” destination rather than the main point of interest.

Some have claimed that there are whispers and cries of pain that have echoed out of this ground, even in the open field just beyond the cemetery plot. Voices and shadows have also been reported here as if pulling unsuspecting visitors toward a grave or even unmarked location in hopes of getting their story told or simply their name recorded.

As we began in this location rather than Sachs Bridge (hoping to give the party-going Gettysburg locals time to wear themselves out to no avail) we started at roughly 7:00 PM. We spread out and placed our light-up devices around the plot of land in hopes of gaining some type of energy before just picking a random spot and hoping for the best. Our “fishing” tactics seemed to pay off as we were drawn to the grave of, “Kate” by the K2 meter spiking on numerous occasions. The majority of communication in this area was more of an energy proximity type utilizing our light-up and motion-activated tools such as the K2 meter and Rempod. The majority of this communication revealed that her name was Kate and that her husband was located somewhere on this land. Aside from these moments, there were a few verbal communications that clearly stated that they were “Trapped,” felt a “Heavy” feeling, and that there were “So many” people in this area. The overall feeling was that Kate was lonely but happy that someone came to speak with her. This investigation lasted nearly an hour until we all grew much too cold with the combination of heavy winds and brisk air.

As always, you have been warned, some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

We scoured the property and attempted to get a feel for the different energies in different locations before we were drawn to a few different spots. We captured a few pictures, in night vision, of the K2 meter being alerted and drawing us here.



  • There is a black and white night vision photo of the K2 meter going off.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • Before this recording, the K2 meter jumped sporadically as we were alerted and drawn to this area. For almost the first three minutes the spikes were countless.
  • As we asked them to step back from the device so we could attempt to communicate, the K2 meter turned off at 2:22.
  • The Ovilus produced “Aggression” and “Up” at 4:32 and 4:40 after we asked if they were here with us. The K2 then jumped on at 4:42 as if answering ‘Yes.’
  • After the K2 meter turned off, we then asked if they previously lived nearby but around 5:05 we could be heard notating that it stayed off as if it had a ‘No’ response.
  • The Ovilus produced “Aggression,” and “Up” at 4:32 and 4:40 after we asked if they were here with us. The K2 then jumped on at 4:42 as if answering, ‘Yes.’
  • After the K2 meter turned off, we then asked if they previously lived nearby but around 5:05 we could be heard notating that it stayed off as if it had a, ‘No,’ response.
  • The Ovilus then produced the words, “Scared,” and “Foul” at 5:45.
  • Again, as if a ‘No’ response, the K2 meter stayed off after we asked if she had a child with her and we can be heard stating this at about 7:40.
  • Staying on the family ideal, we asked if she had a husband with her to which the K2 meter turned on at 7:48 for, ‘Yes.’
  • After it shut off, we could ask another question to which we asked if her husband was next to her and, at 7:57, the K2 meter seemingly answered, ‘Yes.’
  • As it was left on for some time, we asked if they could step back and turn the light off, and at 8:30 the K2 meter shut off.
  • We asked for confirmation that her name was Kate and were given a ‘Yes’ answer via the K2 meter at 9:32.
  • After the meter turned off, we then once again asked if her husband was next to her but this time the K2 meter stayed off as we marked this at 10:08.
  • The K2 meter jumped to life quickly then off just as fast at 10:18 after we asked if she knew where her husband was located.
  • As if confused, we tried to get more definitive answers after we asked if her husband was somewhere on this land, to which the K2 meter gave us a ‘Yes’ at 10:25.
  • It shut off once again so we followed up asking if she spent time with her husband and at 10:42 the K2 meter spiked up to red.
  • With this sudden burst of energy, we asked if she could step away and at 10:53 the K2 meter turned off.
  • Once again staying with the family dynamic, we asked if she had children but the K2 meter stayed off around 11:13 followed by us opening up the question to just if her other family members were with her but the meter stayed off around 12:20.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • Some odd words were then verbally heard here after we had asked Mary about her husband once again. At 0:02, “Trapped,” was captured followed by, “Heavy,” at 0:06 as if referring to the energy change we just felt.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • We had mentioned that we felt there were almost too many people in this area to pinpoint just one or two, and we heard in confirmation “So many” at 0:32.


Recording 4 – EVP:



  • The verbal communication ceased and so did the physical location communication until we gave the spirits a different method to attempt to utilize to answer questions.
  • We placed the Rempod down and explained how it could be used, and almost right away, at 0:20, the Rempod went off.
  • After we exclaimed that she was touching the light, it jumped on again at 0:29.
  • In the background, and to our amazement, we discussed that it hadn’t gone off in a while (as in a few investigations) and it burst on for some time from 0:40 until 0:56.
  • At 0:57, after we asked them to step away and turn the Rempod off, the Rempod did indeed shut off.
  • We once again attempted to debunk this or try to confirm their presence by asking them to step close once again. The Rempod once again turned and stayed on from 1:05 until 1:17.
  • The Rempod shut off at 1:18 after we asked them to step away again.
  • At 1:41, the Rempod began gathering heavy activity until we finally asked them to step back at 2:21 to which they obliged.
  • We circled back to her husband and asked if he was here, to which the Rempod was alerted at 2:27 and stayed on until 2:56.
  • After asking if she lived nearby, the Rempod was again alerted at 4:31.
  • It was once again turned on at 4:55 after we asked if she died in an accident.
  • We attempted to reconfirm this and asked once more if she died by accident, and if so, if they could touch the light again. At 5:20, the Rempod turned on.
  • As we pushed further, we asked if she died in a farming accident and the Rempod jumped on and quickly off at 5:30.
  • Being that this was such a quick light we wanted to be sure it wasn’t a fluke and asked again if she died by accident in a farming incident, and the Rempod again went off at 6:26.
  • We changed our mindset and asked if her parents are here as well, and the Rempod turned on at 7:00.
  • After this, we asked about her age and if she was an adult when she passed away, and at 7:20 the Rempod jumped to life.
  • As we felt that we might have had another energy or spirit with us, we asked if we were speaking with someone other than Kate and the Rempod turned on at 8:20 just as the temperature dropped once again and the wind began blowing even harder.


Recording 5 – EVP:



  • We also explored a few other locations starting with the solitary monument situated off on its own with the name ‘Joseph’ etched into it.
  • Unfortunately, there was no activity in this spot.


Recording 6 – EVP:



  • We then moved toward an open area where there may have been an unmarked grave or mass site. We didn’t receive such communication, but we can be heard commenting on the oddity occurring. The K2 meters would not activate at all on the ground, but once we picked them up to about hip level, they turned on and spiked. This stopped when once again placed on the ground. To ensure that we were not manipulating them, we set them on the fence and they still were alerted at about that same height. This odd occurrence was unknown and mysterious and will seemingly remain unexplained for now.


After combining and comparing our recorded evidence and experiences of the Old Almshouse Cemetery, we have decided to claim that this land was utilized as a cemetery, dumping ground for the dead, and minor skirmishes during the Battle of Gettysburg. This ground holds a combination of energies and spirits throughout the property. The vast amount of interactions we had here seemed to be more of an intellectual level as they were able to interact with our devices and answer yes or no questions as well as produce verbal communication, albeit minimal.

There are only a small amount of written records and stored documentation of this land which also encapsulates the cemetery. With the majority of this area dedicated to death, paired with the fear, and small battles that occurred on this very land, there has seemingly been a rather interesting combination of energies and atmosphere here. Even though we don’t believe or feel that every cemetery has paranormal activity, we do believe that the multiple usages and tragic events that occurred here have significantly added to that supernatural energy that was left behind by the brutal past.



During our time spent here in all open areas, with and without headstones, we do believe that we came in contact with Kate who is also with her husband but does not have children or other family members with her. She does come off as lonely since her husband is not always with her, but she was also very happy and excited to speak with us. 

As we spent more time in the area, the energy felt like it changed. We lost Kate and picked up someone else who was just playful and simply liked to play with lights. This also brought a colder and more intimidating presence. This all added up to the thought that we encountered a young child who liked to play with their toys and the child’s parent or guardian who watched out for them and provided protection.

With all of our personal experiences and recorded evidence, we have been able to be confident in our conclusion that there is a slew of energies that seem to come and go on their whim and will. Between the verbal and physical combination, there is no doubt in our minds that we contacted Kate as well as some other spirits who were watching from afar and a select few who would come up to interact and play with our tools. This area of the Old Almshouse Cemetery also overlaps the Gettysburg National Battlefield combines the tragic past of the Civil War and the sad history of the poor farm which once stood nearby and loomed over the entire land casting a shadow that can be experienced today.



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