Hillview Manor – Investigation 2022

Hillview Manor


June 10, 2022

New Castle, PA



Our return to the formerly abandoned and neglected farm turned mental institution has been a long time coming. Just north of Pittsburgh, PA in the sleepy town of New Castle lies one of the more well-known local haunted locations of Hillview Manor – thanks in no small part to the ownership and staff formed by a local paranormal team led by Ken. This spot has grown in reputation over the years and, since our last venture three years ago, Hillview Manor has been flooded with not only paranormal investigators but also urban adventurers, curious bystanders, and everyone in between. The location has recently played host to the paranormal show Portals to Hell and will be featured on upcoming projects to help spread the word and continue to build the already strong and growing reputation.

As we’ve been itching to return here for quite some time, a group approached us planning a bachelorette party (thanks to our participation in the Mars Rumble), and we jumped on the opportunity. Paired with our interest in the location, a full circle moment also dawned on us as we first began our journey with a bachelor party of our own. 

The original poor farm was first constructed as the Lawrence County Home for the Aged in 1926 and designed to house only twenty residents. The residents were mainly elderly who began to lose composition and control, in addition to some of those who were mentally ill. Neither of these types of diagnosed patients could be handled appropriately by their families and they had nowhere else to turn. The majority of these residents either did not have families willing to deal with their handicaps or were transferred here from other institutions.



The ultimate goal was to allow these people, lost and stray from their families, a form of comfort and some enjoyment out of their lives. The original design included a largely self-sufficient design with a working farm and garden as well as simple things to give their lives a sense of normalcy such as laundry areas, vocational rooms, lounges, smoking areas, even a golf course, garage, and (fitting for the period) a bomb shelter. In time, a cemetery was naturally added as those original residents began to pass away on the property. During this influx, residents began to be called inmates and their human rights slowly decreased and slipped into oblivion. There was no going back at that point and the inmate count began to spike over the next twenty years maxing out around nearly 160 inmates at its peak. 

By 1944 the original caretakers, the Schneider’s, were no longer capable of upkeeping the building and the continuation of supporting the inmates. At this point, it was discovered that this couple was taking bribes and money from both the property and other institutes as they had agreed to utilize mass graves and burials of unknown patients on the property behind the building. There is now an unknown amount of bodies laid to rest, or unrest, behind the building. From here, the welfare department of the state overtook the quickly crumbling and already overcrowded institute and added on an entire wing and by 1970 the old poor farm was officially transformed into a skilled nursing center. With this, more inmates were brought in leaving the state with no choice but to add on once more. A full three-story addition of the North Wing was created in 1974 which also brought renovations and upgrades to the dining area, kitchen, and even the inmate’s rooms. The finalization in 1977 also led to a name change to its current iteration of Hillview Manor.

The institute operated under this name and with a much better reputation until it finally closed its doors in 2004 due to changing times and standards combined with the building’s failing structure. As time passed and a new ownership group stepped in to save the historic building, stories began to surface of unusual and unnatural origins, even stemming back to when the institution was operational.



Back when the building was fully functional, there were quite a few unusual deaths including both suicides and murders which had not been necessarily covered up, but not publicized. Once these stories surfaced, it led to more speculation that some of the mass or unmarked graves may have been created to cover up more of these deaths which were not recorded. 

While the building was fully functional, staffed, and at its maximum, stories had surfaced about an almost angel of death, where those close to their deaths would see a young boy visit them, and no more than days or even hours later that inmate would pass away. This unique character would go on to be known as Jeffrey, a former inmate who was one of the original residents of the poor house. He practically grew up here and, upon passing away elsewhere, returned to this building. To this day he seems to run down hallways and play with the slew of toys left in his room by guests. He’s also been known to tug on unsuspecting guests’ shirts and pants as if trying to get their attention. 

Another resident who spent the majority of her life in Hillview Manor is Mary Virginia. She has been said to still occupy her room of 105 and, rightfully so, as she was the very last inmate to leave as she was forced out in 2004 when the building closed. She has been rumored to return here and even play with the beads and stuffed animals left on her bed. Right across the hall from her, and sometimes joining her, is Anna who most visitors pass and do not give much attention to during their stays. Reportedly, she had been said to be slightly jealous and even draw people into her room away from Mary Virginia.



The second floor has a few oddities of its own which tend to stick in one place. This is the location of Jeffrey’s Room in 208 but it also appears to be home to a few other particular specters. The first is another inmate named Mary who was housed in room 211 and was said to be blind and have OCD, so much so that she managed to combine these two features to be able to count out her steps to the bathroom so she was able to use the lavatory on her own free will. To this day, Mary is said to pace around her room and walk back and forth from her room to the bathroom and back. As recently reported, she appears to take kindly to dirty jokes. Down the hallway is Angelo’s Hallway and even a bathroom dubbed Angelo’s Room. In this area, a former inmate by the name of Angelo was one of the more unmanageable residents, which is partially why his room was placed right across from a nurse’s station. One fateful night, the nurses rushed into this bathroom after hearing some disturbances only to find Angelo hanging from the bathroom door frame. His death was deemed a suicide, but with no chair to stand on nor no true reason why this is debated in his afterlife. He’s said to pace about the room, knock on walls and doors, and even his shadow has been spotted occasionally. Any time that an investigator is gathering evidence by asking about his suicide, all further responses are cut off including others inside the manor. This has been considered faux pas in this location and just simply a tactic for those who wish to communicate, which is shunned. Down the hallway and around the corner is where the former Schneiders’ apartment was located when the Lawrence County House for the Aged was in existence. The area has since been renovated and redesigned numerous times so much so that it no longer resembles the living quarters it once was. The Schneiders’ have seemed to return nonetheless. They’re still very gruff and demanding, even now in the afterlife, as visitors to this area are told to get out and even pushed on occasion.

Seemingly a commonality throughout the building, up on the third floor in the middle of the wing is another room that is cursed with death and suicide; John’s Room. Another truly open-ended tale is that of John’s fateful window plunge. The story tells of John jumping out of his window to his death. However, opposing stories go on to proclaim that John was actually pushed and the culprit ranges anywhere from his roommate to his nurse. John is a friendly, but territorial spirit who likes to distract visitors out of his room and attempt to scare them out with loud noises and even commands of, “Leave.” Down the hall across from his room, dark doorways have shown heads poking out, looking down the hall at intruders, only to disappear once approached by these curious spectators.

Aside from these documented hauntings is the all too familiar phantom footsteps and knocking sounds throughout the building. To top that, however, are the full-body shadows that appear to stroll down hallways on a residual whim. To reach even further, a dark entity, now only known as the “Creeper,” has been witnessed as thick black darkness which can take any form it pleases but typically is seen in human form. Just not exactly following any type of human science or gravity boundaries. This “Creeper” has been witnessed and even video recorded as crawling on walls and ceilings and never considered to have been human with these aforementioned traits. Rather than a spirit of a former human, this is just considered dark energies which have been formed over time, given power with all of the negative energy which was created and passed along in this location.



As we arrived early to prepare our equipment and ensure everything was good to go for the bachelorette party, there seemed to be a slew of activity occurring in the building as the crew was in preparation for the Physic Fair the following day. That was a good thing for us as the energy inside seemed to be active right from the get-go. We had about 45 minutes to get set and ready for the girls, but following their arrival and a brief tour, we had a little bit of a late start, truly beginning our investigation at about 9:00 PM. Our time here with the bachelorette party lasted much longer than we anticipated, but definitely for the better, as we parted ways at about 1:00 AM. We stayed a little longer, until about 2:30 AM, but did not seem to get nearly as many paranormal phenomena separately as we did previously with the group.

As always, as you read through our perspectives, glance through our photographs, and fixate your ears/eyes on our recordings and videos, we would be extremely appreciative of YOUR thoughts and opinions, as well as stories in your comment below! As always, you have been warned, that some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:

Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

Since we’ve spent ample time here between two investigations and two events, we knew where we wanted to spend some time and where we wanted to set up further stationary cameras. Luckily, we were able to get everything set up and prepared in time for the bachelorette party’s arrival and initial tour, chalked full of more information than we knew previously. During our time setting up equipment and then our group tour, we heard some footsteps shuffling down empty hallways. As we followed these anomalies, the sounds seemed to continue and draw us further from the group. Nothing was ever felt or seen as these noises were perused. Later on, following the tour, a few of us split off from the group to follow a noise and feeling of being watched. We never saw anything, at least not at the time, but the energy felt the same as if it were surrounding us. After some photographic review, a picture of this simply pitch-black room showed a full shadow of someone in a corner, as if watching us. After we paused and stepped outside for a breather, we took a few pictures of the building itself. Upon an inspection of these pictures, there seemed to be a few anomalies showing themselves in the windows!




  • Here, there are multiple images of our venture down the hallway following that odd feeling of being watched. We lost our light, therefore, losing our vision so this was what we had seen. This first is the un-doctored picture, completely black.



  • This second photo was lightened up quite a bit and we were able to distinguish the figure from this.



  • The third picture here is the figure we spotted and circled, so look no further if you do not want the picture spoiled.


  • The following depicts the exterior of the building, at least one wing of it.



  • As we analyzed this, there were a few particular locations we noted where something seemed out of place. This first is the upper right window where it appears as though there is a full body standing in the window, just gazing out.



  • This third picture shows what appears to be a face in the bottom left window, this face though seems to be more distressed.






  • At this moment while venturing down the hall, we carried a recorder with us and heard footsteps at about 0:40, which was very early on. No abnormalities followed.


Video 1 – Mobile Camera:


  • Right around 0:02, footsteps that we were attempting to track down could be heard.



Angelo’s Room / Hallway

This room has a fully open floor plan bathroom clad in tile from ceiling to baseboard, and even has a large separation wall and doorways for privacy. Upon entering the room, in the doorway to your left, lies the door frame where Angelo’s body was found, deceased. Ever since that moment, this room has been said to be a host of footsteps and otherworldly knocks and bangs. On rare occasions, it has been said that Angelo will communicate with those he believes he can trust, or at the very least respect. He has supposedly claimed that he did not kill himself and that someone else was responsible. Recently, if his suicide is mentioned he will refuse further communication and seems to shut down communication with the rest of the floor and even the building.

While we all experienced odd sensations when spending time right outside Angelo’s Room, we wanted to begin here. With a pretty unanimous decision (or rather a full group of unanimous indecisiveness), we headed here to spend some time investigating the spot as well as leaving a stationary trail camera here, facing the very doorway Angelo was said to commit suicide. He did happen to record a slew of footsteps but more intriguing was the sound of what seemed as if it were someone clearing their throat after we asked if there was a reason people called this Angelo’s Room. Aside from this, there were the sounds of footsteps, shuffling of feet, and even a door closing on its own. In our stationary trail camera, there appeared to be a face peering out from behind the camera, just barely creating a reflection in the mirror.




  • This is a screen capture of the video which showed a face in the mirror as if peeking at the camera.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • After asking if there was a reason that they call this Angelo’s Room, we captured what sounded like the deep rasp of someone clearing their throat at about 0:13.


Recording 1.5 – EVP Secondary Recorder:




  • This same throat-clearing sound was heard at 0:15 here.


Recording 2 – EVP:




  • There were footsteps heard walking at 0:03 followed by a clicking sound at 0:05.


Recording 2.5 – EVP:



  • These same noises were again heard at 0:06 and 0:08 in this clip.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • After hearing footsteps and other strange noises out in the hallway, we moved our gear out to this location, while leaving the stationary video camera in place. We did in fact capture more of the sounds of footsteps and shuffling noises, first at 0:07 with the sound of a door closing then more shuffling at 1:07.


Recording 3.5 – EVP:



  • This secondary recording did capture similar noises here at 0:10 and 1:10.


Recording 4 – EVP:



  • As we sat in some further silence, simply listening for those phantom noises to pursue, we heard footsteps at 0:10 then repeated at 0:24. 


Recording 4.5 – EVP:



  • Once more, these footsteps were again captured at 0:08 and 0:22. 


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • At the very end of this clip, around 0:03, a head can be seen peering into the mirror as if poking out from behind the camera.



3rd Floor Nurses Station

Up here in the main intersection which divides out into three hallways, right outside John Robinson’s Room where he supposedly committed suicide, we set our group to look around next. This area seems to be highly charged from all directions for different reasons. John’s denial of suicide and the claims that he was pushed seem to pull the most but there’s also a slew of nurses still making their rounds, and even the sounds of dragging feet and the clicking of walkers have been known to exude from this area. We can’t forget the fun old pair of good friends and former inmates who have stuck around to keep taking pictures and playing cards, Lester and Jimmy. A combination of shadows tends to peer out as if curious while others seem to be protective of their space and even tend to force visitors out and away.

As we followed some of the footsteps and sounds from earlier in the evening, we stopped here to simply take in the sounds and experience the energy which was seemingly amplified in this area. Aside from the feelings of being watched and even spotting shadows down the lonesome corridors, we were provided with some verbal communications thanks mainly to our Spirit Box and our utilization of the ESTES method. We managed to gather some information from the bride about the bachelorette to the names of Rachel and Jimmy. Eventually, as we took some of this gathered information and performed an ESTES method session, we felt as though someone was hiding something and did not want us near them, the hallway, or their room. Even though we uncovered a theory of someone hiding something, seemingly in the form of money, from their family and the nurses, we were never able to come up with a name or room location. Two of us managed to simply feel an energy in the same location but eventually, we were told to leave and get out. However, after the bachelorette party left, we returned to this spot again and reconfirmed a large portion of this information in more communication sessions.




  • We recorded a few moments where the camera appeared to move and where a full hand looks as is if it reaching for the camera.



Recording 1 – Spirit Box:



  • “Bride” was first heard here at 0:10, as if referencing the bachelorette party.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:



  • Some strange music was heard from 0:05 until about 0:15 and did not sound like it came from the Spirit Box, but rather somewhere else.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • Upon introducing ourselves, we recorded the name of, “Jimmy” one of the playful older inmates at 0:25.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • At about 0:10, the name “Rachel” was heard and our only guess here is that it may be the name of one of the nurses still working here in the afterlife.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box:



  • Here the Ovilus began to produce some words beginning at 0:05 with “Son” and “Money” followed by “Filter” at 0:51.
  • “Fear” was then heard through the Spirit Box twice at 1:52 and 1:58.
  • The Ovilus once more produced “Everything” at 2:01.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box:



  • A deep voice commanded us to “Go” twice at 0:03 and 0:13.
  • Hearing this response, we asked if they did not like us being there in their area and at 0:49 we heard “No way.”
  • “Go,” in the same gruff voice was recorded at 0:55.


Recording 7 – Spirit Box:



  • As we had some silence, we captured a voice that said “Dying” at 0:06.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box:



  • After we asked them if there were any children up in this area we heard another name of “Megan” at 0:25.


Recording 9 – ESTES Method:



  • At this point we used our headphones and the ESTES method to attempt some communication. Right as the bachelorette party began to put the headphones on, the Ovilus produced the word “Head” at 0:07.
  • Right around 1:36 we could hear footsteps echoing out from the hallway in front of us.
  • We asked if they were with the children at the end of the hall and heard “Come down” at about 2:00 as if it were an invitation.
  • As we responded to that comment, we asked if they wanted us to come down and we were told to “Be honest” at 1:40.
  • The Ovilus again produced some more words which did not tie into our minds at least. Those being “Edison,” “History,” and “Solid” at 4:15.
  • After a little more silence and the group having a difficult time hearing much more, the word “Basement” was heard at 4:42. It’s possible they wanted us to go down to the basement at that point, but it seems more likely that they were simply attempting to distract us.


Recording 10 – ESTES Method:



  • We then switched with the girls and continued this method. We first asked if they were bothered by the term inmate being used for them and heard “Not me” at 1:20.
  • After we asked if they were housed here we heard “Right now” 2:08 as if they believed they were still living here.
  • We then asked if Rachel was with us and that we heard her name and at 3:22, we recorded “So long.”
  • Thinking that they told us to leave with that last comment, we told them that we weren’t planning on leaving yet. They replied with a confused question of “What?” at 3:32.
  • We then mentioned the footsteps and noises that seemed to stem from the hallway and heard a response of “That’s me” at 4:25.
  • After hearing even more noises, we asked if it was them in the hallway again and heard “Don’t come” at 4:40 as if they are protective of their space.
  • We proceeded to respond asking if there was a reason they didn’t want us down there and heard simply “Mine” at 4:55.
  • After pursuing this, we asked if there is something down that direction that belongs to them that they’re afraid of us taking and captured what sounded like a threat of “Stay away” at 5:16 then “Mine” at 5:37 as if referencing whatever they were protecting.
  • We then asked if they could tell us if there’s something down there and heard a near condescending voice exclaim that they “Just did” at 7:08.
  • After trying another approach, we asked if there was anyone else nearby that could tell us what this person is trying to protect to which we recorded “Don’t tell” at 8:04.
  • The Ovilus then produced “Wound” at 8:27.
  • After some brief silence, we discussed the window in which John may or may not have been shoved out of and heard “Everyone” at 8:51.
  • Following this moment, the word “That” was heard at 9:01 and the Ovilus produced “Those” at about 9:13.
  • We were slightly confused by this conversation so we asked if John was pushed out of the window for taking whatever this item was, and captured “It’s mine” at 9:35.
  • Once more pursuing this option we asked what is theirs and captured a forceful voice proclaiming “Go!” at 10:18
  • We then took a leap of faith and attempted to strike a deal and explained that we’d leave if they told us what they were hiding and to our amazement we heard a clear and definitive answer of “Money” at 10:46.
  • While staying true to our word we followed and explained that we are true to our word and will leave to which we heard a response of “Son” at 10:58 as if continuing the thought of money.
  • Once more we explained that we were honest and we’d move on, we heard what sounded like “Get” in a more southern accent sounding more like “Git” at 11:17. So we followed that command and packed it up and moved along.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • Beginning at about 0:02, it appears as though a pair of hands appeared almost altering the camera.



Video 2 – Mobile Camera:


  • There was some slight movement off in the distance down the hallway throughout this clip.



Jeffrey’s Room

Here, right inside this prototypical inmate sits a pile of toys, most of which light up, or balls; some essentials for a young boy to keep busy. In fact, in this spot, a young boy, Jeffrey, one of the original residents of the poor farm is said to still reside. Jeffrey has both been seen as an omen of death for the former inmates and later as just a playful spirit roaming down the hallway and in most rooms. He’s been known to be playful and even play with some of the toys if the right person comes along. He’s been known to tell some sensitives that he loves baseball and his favorite player is Babe Ruth. Most recently, during a live stream, the crew captured a mist moving in Jeffrey’s Room, seemingly the height of a young boy and even some of his toys moving following this moment.

We knew that the girls of the bachelorette party would want to spend some time here, knowing that a young child may be still playing there. Even though we did spend ample time here, we tried to speak with him and tried to get him to play with us. We had no communication or activity so we decided to move on. Jeffrey must not have been there or just not been in a playful mood at that point.




  • We didn’t seem to have any anomalies as we spent some time here.


Recording 1 – EVP:



  • Much like the still photographs, we did not have much luck here via the recorder either.



On the first floor, down the hallway right off the entry, a large area used to sit empty except for a few chairs set up for events. This area, to give visitors a clearer picture of what the chapel would have more than likely been used for some of the time, now features a full-size casket on the rear of the altar, clad in flowers and artwork. There’s no doubt that some funerals would have occurred here, but most inmates did not have a family or anyone that would pay for a full-sized casket and mourn over them. More often than not, this chapel would have been utilized more for prayer and church services. Aside from the all too familiar sound of footfalls, the scent of candles burning can be experienced in this location as well as some random verbal communication. We can recall very vividly a moment when our names were repeated aloud with no device activated. On a more recent note, the spirits here tend to react positively to songs like ‘Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash and grow more active as if enjoying these types of songs.

During our minimal time spent here, we attempted both simple EVP and Spirit Box communication, neither of which produced too much conversation aside from a cry out of “Help me” and a few greetings of “Hi” and “Hello.”. While we did leave our stationary camera here, it did produce a light anomaly moving throughout but there didn’t seem to be much attached or drawn to the area. However, as we conducted the investigation we later found out that we did not appear on the security camera, not due to any issue or malfunction as the room was seen, even the devices in the room were visible, just not us.




  • Attached is a screen capture of the light anomaly spotted in the video. The first picture is the screen shot mentioned, the second is this same moment circled to help show you what we seen.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • Early on our Ovilus produced “Hell” at 0:04.


Recording 1.5 – EVP Backup Recorder:



  • The Ovilus showed “Hell” at about 0:10.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box:



  • We heard two separate greetings of “Hey” at 0:09 and “Hi” at 0:15, both of which were unprompted.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • An unknown sound was heard at 0:04 here.
  • A plea of “Help me” occurred at 0:06.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • After asking if they could give us a sign that they were with us, we heard “Can you?” at 0:11 as if they were asking for help with communication.
  • “Holy” was then heard, unprompted at 0:12.
  • A response was then heard of “Yes” at 1:02 after we asked if they were an inmate here.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • There were some small light anomalies spotted but more interesting were the footsteps heard throughout the duration here.



Embalming Room

Just up the corridor from the Chapel is a small room, based on the rest of the building’s open areas, but holds perhaps the highest body count on the entire property. Inside here, there is an old-fashioned table utilized exactly for the room’s namesake. There are also some tools strewn about as if there was a recent embalming which had just occurred. The body count itself had more to do with the surrounding county rather than the infirmary as this very room acted as the entire county’s embalming site. Aside from those outside bodies, those who passed away inside the very walls of Hillview Manor also passed through this room after they passed away.

With limited activity in the Chapel, we wanted to pursue other ventures and stopped off in this Embalming Room, stuffing the entire group in here. While we did spend a little time here attempting to use trigger objects like the tools and the embalming table, we had no clear communication or even activity. The Ovilus picked up a few passing words but not once produced anything valuable or usable to proceed with an investigation so we moved on to the next area. We left a secondary recorder just outside the room and let it run for a little over an hour. During this time, we heard footsteps, the sounds of a walker dragging, and a plethora of odd knocks.




  • We did not capture anything out of the ordinary here.


Recording 1 – Spirit Box:



  • Nothing out of the ordinary was heard here but the Ovilus did produce three words unprompted and really without value: “Gas” at 2:42, “Only” at 6:05, and “Idle” at 9:41.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • The sound of what was reminiscent of a walker dragging occurred at 0:07.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • A pair of banging noises could be heard at 0:04 and 0:07.
  • This was followed by a clicking noise at 0:13 and knocking at 0:18.
  • Shuffling noises were then heard at 0:32 and 0:40 as if someone was moving past it rather quickly.


Recording 4 – EVP:



  • More strange and various sounds were then heard in a collection of what could only be explained as phantom clicks, creaks, and knocks beginning at 0:03 and extending to 0:18, 0:25, and finally 0:36.


Recording 5 – EVP:



  • A loud bang was captured at 0:05.
  • An odd clicking noise was heard at 0:28.
  • The 1:00 mark produced the sounds of something dragging quite clearly here.


Recording 6 – EVP:



  • A pair of bangs was recorded at 0:03 and 0:05.
  • The sound as if someone were breathing deeply and heavily was heard at 0:09.


Recording 7 – EVP:



  • More banging sounds were captured here at 0:06 and 0:09 while a duration of knocking could be heard for 11 seconds from 0:33 – 0:46.
  • What could only be described as someone pushing the recorder itself at 0:53.


1 North Hallway 

Staying on the first floor, just on the opposite side of the building, sprawls a long hallway flanked on each side by open doors, and enters some inmates’ final life moments. In this area, stories have been told of Billy Boots and his mischievous pranks. These were said to occur so often that he was moved, early on in his tenure, closer to the nurse’s station right across from it. Billy must have enjoyed his time so much that he returned here post-mortem. He’s been known to cause trouble regularly to unsuspecting visitors with strange tapping and knocking sounds. If Billy returned here, then the nurses to this wing must have felt a sense of responsibility, or maybe it’s just their energy left over here constantly monitoring inmates and guests alike by peering in and out of doorways as well as leaving an echoing trail of phantom footsteps behind here.

During past investigations, we have experienced these footsteps and the appearance of shadows throughout the area. We knew that we wanted to bring the group here and spend some time just listening and attempting to experience some of the massive amounts of energy left over. As we both spent time here as well as left a stationary camera, we managed to record a slew of footsteps, knocks, and even the sound of heavy breathing. However, the experience that outweighed all of these was a moment when the entire group spotted a full-body shadow moving across the end of the hallway. This area was inspected and attempted to be explained but with a heavy metal door on one side and the shadow figure disappearing into this area, there was no chance any person could have made it through here without making a single sound. To top this off even further, many of the witnesses determined that this was a female who paused to look in our direction and then continued on her way. Unfortunately, this was not captured in any camera but this was one hell of a personal experience moment for all who witnessed it.




  • We did not capture anything in our still images, however, we did record a few light anomalies thanks to our stationary camera. We attached the screen captures of these moments here.




Recording 1 – EVP:



  • As we walked by Billy’s Room, we asked if he was here tonight, and at 0:05, we heard a knocking noise.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • There was then a heavy breathing captured, unprompted, at 0:08.


Recording 3 – EVP:



  • A pair of footsteps was recorded at 0:09 and 0:11 just as the group noticed these sounds as well.


Recording 4 – EVP:



  • The sound of a knock could be heard from inside Bill’s Room at 0:09, so naturally we followed the sound only to hear footsteps back out in the hallway at 0:39 after we entered.


Recording 5 – EVP:



  • After we pursued this knock and stepped inside his room, another knock was captured at 0:12.


Recording 6 – EVP:



  • We knocked twice in hopes of Bill repeating this action only to hear one clear knocking sound at 0:25.


Recording 7 – EVP:



  • Finally, right before we saw the full figure down the hallway, we told Bill we’d leave if he could make that knocking sound again. He did so at 0:17, so we begrudgingly left his room.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • There were two strange lights that we could not pinpoint a true culprit to, the first occurred at 0:01 toward the right of the screen which then disappeared only to reappear in the center at 0:06.



Video 2 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • At about the 0:02 mark, another light could be clearly seen moving in a straight line at the top right of the screen.



Video 3 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • A very similar light anomaly was then captured again, this time on the left side at 0:01.



Mary Virginia’s Room 

Staying once again on the first floor, the girls all wanted to visit Mary Virginia. Here in room 105, she is said to still reside and is covered in beads and dolls. Mary was one of the last inmates remaining in the building by 2004 when it closed its doors to housing patients of any type; she lived practically her entire life at Hillview Manor. Mary was a sweet and gentle soul who was kind to all nurses and other inmates alike. With this strong tie to the facility, it can be no shock that she has returned here in some fashion. Mary’s doll and bead collections were bought by visitors but she has been long rumored to find enjoyment in these and playfully push them or pull them. Not far from Mary, right across the hall, is Anna’s Room. Anna has had a difficult time drawing visitors into her room as she seems to be constantly overshadowed by Mary. This jealousy shows on occasion as she will try to draw some guests into her room and away from Mary.

While we spent a little more time here, the first bit of time was spent utilizing our flashlight and Spirit Light. Mary did tend to open up a little bit as we continued with our Phasma Box but before that, we did seem to get drawn into Anna’s Room temporarily. Not long enough, we captured an SLS image of what appeared to be a person crossing their legs on the bed. Our Phasma Box did help us communicate with Mary as she was able to tell us she liked the flashlight and the color of the Spirit Light. Eventually, she even gave us her name and explained that she enjoyed our company before she finally bid us goodbye and goodnight which we obliged in moving on.




  • As we were drawn across the hallway to Anna’s Room, we recorded a few photos of our SLS camera and the appearance of someone sitting in her bed, as if their legs were crossed.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • During this time frame, we captured a lot of flashlight activity, unfortunately not caught on camera, but rather all just called out on recording. Needless to say, these moments will read more as a transcript than a condensed recording of specific evidence.
  • After we asked if Mary could move one of the necklaces hanging from her bed, the flashlight jumped to life at 1:14 and turned off at 1:34 after we asked her to turn it back off.
  • We introduced ourselves, and following this action, the flashlight once again turned on at 2:20 then back off at 2:50.
  • Following this moment we set the ground rules and explained that a yes response was represented to us by turning the flashlight on and a no response was to keep the light off.
  • We asked bluntly if Mary was with us if she could light the flashlight. At 3:18, it did in fact turn on. 
  • After asking if she could turn the light back off so we could ask another question, the flashlight shut off at 3:40.
  • Since we didn’t get a chance before the last action, we asked if she could turn the light on if she understood the responses. At 4:37 the flashlight turned on as if it was a “yes” response, then after we asked if she could turn the light back off, she did so at 4:58.
  • At this point we were drawn into Anna’s Room and began discussing the image on the SLS camera. The flashlight burst on at 5:30 as if trying to get our attention back.
  • Only 15 seconds later, at 5:45, the light turned off after we apologized for ignoring Mary. 
  • We asked if she liked getting visitors to which the flashlight turned on at 6:16 as if saying “yes.”
  • As the light stayed on, we asked if she could turn it back off to which she must have agreed as it shut off at 6:35.
  • We attempted to get some physical activity at this point and asked if Mary had a favorite necklace and if she could move it to show us. Instead, at 7:05, the flashlight turned on as if telling us that she in fact did have a favorite necklace.
  • At this point the light stayed on for an extended period of time so we asked multiple times if she could step back and Asha finally turned the light off at 9:26.
  • With some more silence and lack of interaction we once again began to discuss Anna and the SLS figure not being seen any longer. With some possible jealousy on either woman’s part, the light turned back on at 11:06.
  • Knowing that Mary liked music, we told her that if she could turn the light off that we’d sing her a song. She clearly responded at 12:27 so naturally we began to sing.
  • After some more time passed we discussed if it would be okay to sit down to which the light turned on at 13:35 as if to allow us the break.
  • At this point we started up the Phasma Box in hopes of verbally speaking to her, or rather giving her the ability to speak to us.


Recording 2 – Phasma Box:



  • Unprompted and right off the get-go we heard “Holy” at 0:02.
  • We proceeded by asking if she could get the tool to say her name and to our amazement, at 0:15, we captured her name: “Mary.”
  • After thanking her for speaking, we heard “Great time” at 0:30 as if she was excited and enjoyed having visitors.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:



  • We once again turned our attention toward her necklaces and asked which her favorite one was draped over her bed. At 0:17 we heard what sounded like “All types of pink.” This note did coincide with one of the necklaces which was multiple shades of pink.
  • At this moment, the Spirit Light also jumped and lit up to a different pink hue. We followed and asked if she also liked the pink light to which we heard the phrase “Touching the light” at 0:47.
  • After we got slightly confused we asked if she was talking about the light rather than the necklace, we captured another phase of “Sure thing” at 1:01.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box:



  • Prior to this clip, the flashlight jumped back on. We mentioned that we know she likes playing with the light and heard “I do” at 0:11 as if to confirm this.
  • As the light kept flickering we asked if she liked the light better than speaking and she claimed that “It’s a different way” at 0:27 as if noticing it’s a different way to communicate.
  • We then took a different tact and asked directly if she knew she’s dead and we recorded “Yes, I’m dead” at 1:03.
  • This was followed by a gruff voice telling us to “Leave” at 1:06.
  • We countered that by telling Mary (or Anna) that we enjoyed being here and speaking with her to which we captured “We like it here” and “We’re friends” at 1:11 and 1:14.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box:



  • There was a very odd high frequency noise heard here at 0:09. However, we were unable to determine what this was nor its location.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box:



  • We attempted to contact Anna directly and asked if she could come talk to us to which we heard a response of “Not today” at 0:14.
  • An odd phase of “Offered his hand” was captured at 0:38 as if we captured some type of previous conversation or residual activity.
  • A loud and decisive “Whoa” was recorded and heard by everyone at 0:51.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box:



  • We thought we heard more residual communication at the time, but as our conversation continued our thoughts changed. The initial phase was “I feel pretty” captured at 0:06. This, as a stand alone phase would have made us figure it to be a random residual moment. However, the combination continued.
  • After we explained that we’re waiting for them to move the necklace, we captured “I’m right here” at 0:25 followed by “Chair” at 0:28. Putting all of this together we figured Anna was sitting in a chair alongside Mary.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box:



  • Almost immediately, at 0:01, we heard a plea for “Help.”
  • The word “Audience” occurred at 0:08 as if a reference to the group of us.
  • We explained that we’re going to have to leave and at 0:39 we heard a clear “Bye” followed by another, again gruff voice, stating “Leave.”


Recording 9 – Phasma Box:



  • As we explained that we were going to go downstairs where there’s said to be children we told them our goodbyes to which we captured “Goodbye” at 0:14.
  • That familiar voice telling us to “Leave” was once again recorded at 0:19 followed by a calm, soft voice asking us to “Please go” at 0:58.
  • After wrapping up our conversation we noticed a necklace was moving. As we discussed if it was swinging and explaining that we may have hit it, we heard a voice confirming this at 1:11 with a “He did.”


Video 1 – Mobile Camera:


  • There was nothing out of the ordinary here but the flashlight and Spirit Light we were utilizing was seen here just to give you an idea of their location.



Video 2 – Mobile Camera:


  • The birdcage in Anna’s Room could be seen moving on its own at 0:03.



Eli’s Boiler Room 

The basement area which houses the boiler and other mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components had just recently been unlocked and open to the public. With one of the more tragic deaths which occurred here, there seems to be a boosted amount of energy left over from the incident. One winter night, one of the inmates wandered about the building only to get locked out. This was the beginning of Eli’s horrific death, as the weather plunged outside to below-freezing temperatures, he panicked and tried to find any way that he could find to get back in. He was determined and managed to find his way into the boiler room. Unfortunately, this area was also locked up from the main building and was also not temperature controlled. Being barely better than outside its brick walls, he was stuck. As the night drew on, Eli huddled into the corner of the boiler room, ironically trying to stay warm behind a large, room-size boiler system. Hypothermia kicked in early into the next morning and Eli died where he lay, a cold, dark, slow death. To this day, Eli’s energy seemed to be transferred into this area as he’s known to attempt to scare away men by banging on pipes and knocking on thick wood doors all the while playing frisky and perverted as he’s been known to slap, push, and even pull women’s hair.

As the night drew on for us, this would ultimately end our night here with the bachelorette party but would send just our group to end the night back up on the third floor. During our time here, the most fear we encountered was that of an errant bar soaring overhead. While we did experience and even capture some shuffling footsteps, the minor if not a debunkable obvious activity.




  • There was nothing out of the ordinary visually witnessed here.


Recording 1 – EVP:



  • While attempting some type of communication, we recorded a word of “Knife” on the Ovilus at 0:04.
  • We then noticed some shuffling and walking noises from back behind the boiler at 0:50.
  • Finally, the Ovilus produced “Mad” at 1:32.


Recording 1.5 – EVP Backup Recorder:



  • We recorded a word of “Knife” on the Ovilus at 0:03.
  • We noticed some shuffling and walking noises from the boiler at 0:47.
  • Finally, the Ovilus produced “Mad” at 1:31.


Following a thorough review of the evidence we captured combined with our personal experiences, we feel there is no doubt that the former poor farm of Hillview Manor still hosts inmates and staff alike who have returned to the plane of existence for numerous reasons and left behind significant traces of energy. Amongst some debunking techniques as well as comparing our experiences to evidence and applying that evidence to the stories and previous claims of hauntings throughout the building, we have been able to conclude that the building and property do hold a high amount of both intelligent and residual energies, more than likely tied to the energy these inmates left behind and all around Hillview Manor.



When there are so many stories and rumors shrouding a location, like this one, in particular, it can be difficult to distinguish those to pursue and those to overlook. However, we have had past experiences here and knew which places we WANTED to explore, but also used the judgment and experiences Ken has had inside the building, especially recently. Many of the pre-existing stories have proved helpful to guide us and even fruitful as they explained past experiences and triggered items of communication. This was exemplified perfectly by our time spent in Angelo’s Room and Hallway, Mary Virginia’s Room, and the 3rd Floor Nurses Station. In the area that encapsulates Angelo’s Room and Hallway footsteps and knocks seem to be predominant and his shadow has been recognized. Our experiences here certainly lived up to some of these stories as we recorded and experienced these random (or not so random) footsteps and knocks. While we did not see his shadow, we did capture a raspy, guttural throat clear after we asked the reasoning behind the morbid naming of this area. Mary Virginia has been long rumored to play with her beads and animals, while her neighbor across the hallway Anna, in particular, has been said to be jealous. To our astonishment, we captured what appeared to be Anna balled up on her bed thanks to our SLS camera, while Mary Virginia played with our lights and even called out her favorite beaded necklace. Very similar to these other tales, the 3rd Floor Nurses Station is just outside John’s Room. The paranormal experiences have been said to range from footsteps and shadows peering out of rooms to John being slightly territorial all the while attempting to distract guests with sights and sounds in opposing hallways. And we seemingly experienced exactly that. Whether it was John or another spirit here, we did experience and capture these moments. We dug deeper here and found that someone was protective of something which eventually appeared to be money and that they were hiding it from their son or for their son. The shadows did seem to move about here as well, but nothing was more unnerving than the cold and unsettling feeling that the two of us experienced on two separate occasions, neither was discussed or prompted by one another at the time.

While there were plenty of stories of spirits here, there appears to be certain energy that flows through the entire building. Some of our more intriguing experiences and evidence have come from simply wandering hallways, sitting in different areas that would have at one time been a hotbed of activity, and even attempting to communicate with other, unknown entities throughout; not necessarily the appropriate spirit “assigned” to their particular room. This could be highlighted by the full-body figure spotted and experienced by the majority of the group and, even though we did not capture this moment, this one was a distinct and viable moment that made everyone truly second guess what they were seeing with their natural senses. During one of the moments where we simply wandered the halls, we captured an image of a dark shadow huddled in the corner of the room as if frightened by us and watching from a distance.



Even though we did spend time in some of the more notable areas accounted for by stories and legends, we didn’t seem to encounter Jeffrey, Eli, or Mary (on the first floor). Even though we didn’t necessarily communicate with them, does not mean they are not there, we simply had some bad timing or luck. However, some of the areas where we did capture our most evidence and captivating personal experiences were just random hallways and empty rooms. These types of locations that we’ve both investigated before as well as are home to numerous active energies just go to show that no two investigations are the same nor can you ever expect to see or experience anything. We’re very grateful that the energy was active and alive that evening, not necessarily for our sake but rather for the bachelorette party who experienced numerous personal experiences, stories, and who knows maybe some shared inside jokes to tell at the wedding!

As we pulled together all of our evidence and lined this up against history, recorded stories, and even cross-referenced these with the experiences we each personally and individually encountered we have concluded that this historic building holds a unique union of both intelligent and residual energies. We thoroughly believe that we experienced and captured enough paranormal phenomena to help us conclude, and reconfirm past investigations, that there is an abundance of energy and past inmates who have returned to their former homes within the walls of Hillview Manor.

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