The Archive of the Afterlife – Investigation

Archive of the Afterlife

July 16, 2022

Cameron, WV



Situated alongside a residential area, this simple two-story house is situated to look like a quaint and comfortable space. However, inside this seemingly mundane house is anything (and everything) but any semblance of the word ‘normal.’ This museum was originally situated in the neighboring town of Moundsville in a former elementary school. Even though that had its own eerie vibe, this new house has been so thought-provokingly decorated and well organized and cared for by its owner, Steve Hummel. It seems that the building has an energy of its own and keeps its inhabitants at bay either using that energy or despite it.

Steve has managed to keep the mystique of the relics alive and well all through the house, even with the ability to separate some of the different tales and energies associated with each section. The typical items that are associated with the museum such as the mortician table and caskets have their own separate areas located on the first floor as well as a different annex of the older war antiques saved and stored behind glass cases.



The tales surrounding this house stem mainly from the artifacts but the reports of footsteps and whispers as the cause of this activity may harken back to the house as well. Some of the more notable pieces of this awe-inspiring collection have actually been safely secured away outside the museum like the executioner cap from the infamous Old Sparky and the John Dillinger Bible, but the majority of the pieces are still on display and even within close proximity to guests. The more predominant artifacts on display include some of those that truly cannot be missed or passed by without at least a glance such as the old original embalming table from New Martinsville Funeral Home and the hand pump that operated with the table when it was in operation. Other larger items are hard to miss, large display caskets including one from an adult and one (sadly used) of a child which was actually used in a funeral.

Some of the smaller but more intriguing pieces throughout the building include simple photography to an interesting doll collection. The photos are capped off by the one nicknamed “Annie.” She seems to draw in the gaze of the crowd regularly and fits in the museum perfectly as if she was always meant to end up here. The count of dolls is quite astonishing, and more unbelievably, Steve had no idea how many he actually accumulated over time until he made his move to the new location. This combination varies from Victorian porcelain to modern-day ventriloquist dolls even to body parts like that of the head and shoulders of one that actually have been said to cause nausea and physical pains in guests.



Other items are quite predominantly featured and unique only to this museum such as Dr. Suess’s “The Foot Book,” a children’s book which actually has a blood stain on it and has been attached to paranormal experiences. The Sod Collection has been featured across the country and holds sod from the land of John Wayne Gacy to the area of the Canonical Five murders commuted by none other than Jack the Ripper.

One of the more incredible and simply unnerving collections featured in the museum is the fast-growing Haunted Relic Room where pieces reside from past exorcisms and other religious rituals. Aside from a few fascinating stories and claims of their otherworldly attachments, none of these items particularly strikes a nerve like the Hope Doll has with quite literally every guest who enters the museum. This doll has been surrounded by a mystique and an eerie dark presence ever since its arrival. On a normal basis, as some claims have been reported that there may in fact be an evil entity or deity associated with and encapsulated inside the doll, Steve gets the doll blessed numerous times a year and even lays out extra precautions in the form of crucifixes and prayers which are also blessed.



To come full circle and referring to the two-story house itself, there have been reports of some strange histories and claims of tragedy. Two elderly individuals were said to pass away in the very building as well as one non-fatal stabbing combined with a woman who used to live in the former duplex who passed away (not in the building itself) from a fatal automobile accident while residing there. To top this off, the B&O Railroad used to run out front of the house bringing in the potential of a long list of stories and legends in its own right.

The majority of the paranormal tales surrounding this particular spot are mostly the cliché attributes of a haunting such as phantom footsteps, knocks, and whispers. However, as of more recently, Rempod activity, light anomalies, and even clear EVPs have been captured during investigations and Steve’s personal experiences. The Hope Doll has even very recently been pulled out of her case for an episode of Paranormal Quest and, while they were at it, had her blessed and returned to the case.



Unfortunately, our arrival was delayed due to storms and pitch black dark roadways complete with 90-degree turns and sporadic deer (not to mention some unforgettable barbecue from Pig and Fire – House of Barbecue). Our walk-through was slightly rushed, although there’s truly no way to rush us through a good story – or a ton of stories! On the other hand, we have been to the previous location and were already accustomed to and acquainted with many of the old relics but definitely wanted to dig in a little more into the Doll Room, based on some odd energies (more on that later), and the jaw-dropping red-hued room of the Haunted Items Room.

We are always grateful and humbled by your thoughts and opinions, and are always happy to get additional eyes and ears on all of the experiences called out here. After you read through some of the stories, listen through some of the recordings, and watch the videos, please email us or comment with your own thoughts which we would be happy to include in our analysis!

As always, you have been warned, that some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

We arrived about a half hour after our intended arrival and were still welcomed openly and greeted warmly, knowing Steve treats everyone this way but, as if we were family rather than just a random group. After we unloaded our equipment and set up some of our cameras, we took a pause for a tour and a deeper dive into some of the newer artifacts brought in during their transition to the new home. The walk-through, storytelling, and interesting pieces aside were quite uneventful – that is aside from the Doll Room.

As we stood in the hallway, back to the room itself, Dan felt a strong tug at him as if trying to get his attention. His gaze deepened as he attempted to feel out the energies in this room at the top of the stairwell. Aside from this occurrence, we managed to gather our information and jump right in – starting with the Doll Room nonetheless.




  • There was nothing apparent or out of the ordinary captured here.


Doll Room

Our first stop was ominous, putting it lightly, a room at the top of the stairwell. Even before you step inside the room you can feel the seemingly countless eyes staring into you; through you. These dolls have been gifted to Steve over time, only a few hold a more interesting and known backstory. More interesting, as these dolls were used all throughout the former museum so there was never thought to be enough to actually fill a room, let alone be the room’s namesake. As fate would have it, during the move as the boxes piled up, more and more dolls were unloaded ultimately filling this very room almost as an accident but perhaps it’s where they truly belong. Strewn throughout this eclectic collection are a few dolls that stand out more so in energy and supernatural sense rather than their physical appearance, but don’t get us wrong there is definitely a handful that stands out due to their physical – appearance – let’s say or lack thereof. One of these particular cases is that of Izzy, a doll that is clothed in red, white, and blue and has an oddly distinct pair of white eyes. Visitors have claimed to feel uneasy and disturbed when coming too close to her. Lydia is one of those whose physical appearance matches the odd energies exuding from her as she is actually pieces of a former doll where her head and shoulders are all that remain situated inside a glass case. She originally resides in an antique shop but was eventually brought to Steve as she was said to make shoppers sick and even force them to leave on occasion. Naturally, this was a much better location to house her but ultimately her energy also carried over as some guests have in fact complained about a nauseous, and overall sickly feeling overwhelming them when they are in her close proximity.



Following our walkthrough, we felt a physical tug drawing us into this area so we knew right off the bat we wanted to spend ample time here. Beginning early on and spanning throughout our time here, the Ovilus was featured quite prominently as well as the flashlight which was also extremely productive toward the end of this period. The sensation of being touched occurred here once more as Dan’s calf was touched as he felt a cold motion brushing across his leg here. During a few periods here, we noticed a dark spot moving in the hallway just outside the threshold of the door. As we spent more time here, a picture of a young girl, clad in a blue dress with blonde ponytails, appeared almost as if in a flash in our minds. After a review of everything, we realized that there was a little more activity than we originally thought communication-wise in the form of pleas of “Help” and knocking noises combined with heavy breathing, as if swirling and moving around us. As we wrapped up, our flashlights and Ovilus came into a very specific and helpful version of communication as those we were speaking with seemed to be fearful of both being left alone as well as the darkness. Naturally, we attempted to help and left the room light on for them before we left.




  • We included a screen capture of a video where we believe we recorded some type of oddity which appeared to be a pair of eyes very close to floor level. The one on the left was un-editted while the photo on the right is lightened for easier viewing.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • During one of our first interactions here, we explained that we came from Pittsburgh to see and speak with whomever may be in this room. As if astonished, we recorded “For me?” from the Ovilus at 0:26.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • We noted that it sounded like a dog barking outside to which we heard the word “Aggression” at 0:07, again through the Ovilus.
  • As we attempted some kind of intelligent response we pleaded with them to do something to let us know that they’re with us. Not long after, at 0:55, the Ovilus produced “To.” We’re unclear if they were asking for direction or intended to call out that there were two of us.
  • Right around 1:15, Dan felt a hand brush across his leg, similar to the sensation he felt earlier in the night in the same room.
  • Following this moment, we recorded what appeared to be eyes looking out toward us in confusion, but the more confusing part of this is that the eyes appeared at the floor level!


Recording 3 – Spirit Box:



  • After we got settled, we paused to begin our attempt at a Spirit Box session but our attention was pulled toward the hallway as we heard creaking footsteps at 0:05.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box:



  • Prior to this clip, Dan received what appeared to be a mental image of a young girl with blonde ponytails in a blue dress. She was seemingly roaming between the back room and this main area.
  • We asked directly if there was a young girl in this area and at 0:13, the Ovilus produced an odd pair of words “Drop” and “Roadway” back to back. We’re unsure if these are related to this young girl or not. 


Recording 5 – Spirit Box:



  • Some oddly quiet calls for “Help” or a simple greeting of “Hey” could be heard at 0:04. It’s difficult to decipher which word exactly.
  • Following this moment, there were three moments of a tapping noise: 0:22, 0:26. and 0:29.
  • These ominous, seemingly attention seeking sounds were followed by what sounded like a swirling heavy breath as we almost felt this cold chill circling us at 1:42.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box:



  • Not long into this recording, Dan could be heard commenting on seeing that same young girl in a flash of light as the one flashlight turned on in preparation of a flashlight session.
  • At about 0:43, the first flashlight could be seen turning on after we mentioned that we know that they like to play with some of our devices and so we asked if they’d like to play with the lights.
  • Following this, the second flashlight flickered on the back off at 0:51.
  • The Ovilus produced the word “Arrive” at 1:12 just as the second flashlight jumped to life at 1:18.
  • We asked if they could turn the light back off and they were so inclined at 1:41.
  • After we mentioned that it’s okay if they do not want to speak with us, the Ovilus produced the word “Mad” at 2:43. As we mentioned this, and asked if they were in fact mad, the flashlight turned on at 2:48.
  • That same light stayed lit so we asked if they could turn the light back off for us. They seemed to oblige as the light shut off at 3:35.
  • We assumed they understood our line of communication here so we reiterated just to make and explained that we’d like to ask a question and if the answer is yes, then they should turn the light on. It in fact quickly jumped to life as if agreeing to these terms at 3:50.
  • The light once again stayed on so we directly asked if they could turn the light off in order to proceed and answer more questions; it shut off but then jumped back on along with the second light leaving both turned on at 4:38.
  • We once again asked if they could shut both lights off so we could ask more questions and at 5:04 the first light shut off followed by the second light shutting off at 5:25.
  • Once the lights were off we then asked if we made them mad and, luckily for us, the lights did not turn on as if leading us to a no answer.
  • We then asked if someone else was mad that we were here and the first flashlight turned on at 6:37.
  • Following this, we spotted a dark shadow moving across the open doorway down the hallway right around 7:21.


Recording 7 – EVP 2:



  • After we took a pause from the Spirit Box, we simply wanted to end our communication here and leave on a good note. During this first attempt to do so, we captured a heavy breathing that seemed to circle us at 0:06.
  • The Ovilus then produced the word “Students” at 0:16 then after we asked if there were students here the Ovilus gave us the word “Terms” at 0:26.


Recording 8 – EVP 2:



  • We again attempted to close off our session here and thanked them for speaking with us and, at 0:17, the flashlight turned on then blinked out.
  • This occurred again at 0:31 after we exclaimed that we were excited that they enjoyed the flashlights.


Recording 9 – EVP 2:



  • As we explained that they are in good hands here in the Museum, the word “Alone” was shown on the Ovilus at 0:12 followed by “Black” at 0:13.
  • We both felt guilty and told them we’d leave a light on for them and at 0:30 the flashlight turned on as if asking for this to happen.


Recording 10 – EVP 2:



  • After explaining that we appreciate everything and that we’d be happy to leave the light on but asked them to stay here as much as we honestly and thoroughly enjoyed our time together, the flashlight again jumped to life at 0:13.


Recording 11 – DSL EVP:



  • We left a recorder running during our time elsewhere and early on, at about 0:08, we captured what sounded like footsteps. However, without having any of our footsteps recorded during this time, we could not even attempt to prove or debunk what this could have been and whether it may have been the sound of our footsteps or something otherworldly.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • Toward the right side of the screen, near the doll, a blur was seen at about 0:06.



Video 2 – Stationary Trail Camera:


  • There was a light spotted near the doll toward the right side at about 0:02.



Video 3 – Cell Phone:


  • At 0:11, the flashlight across the room on the right could be seen turning on then back off.
  • The light again flickered on at about 0:16 and started on until around 0:46.
  • Almost immediately, as if they did not want the light to go out, the flashlight jumped back on around 0:48 to stay on until 1:03.
  • The opposite side of the room right in front of the side room, the flashlight turned on at 1:19 and stayed on for another period of time like the others, turning off at 1:40.
  • At 2:00, that same flashlight on the opposite side of the room jumped to life. 
  • The first flashlight turned on then at 2:08.
  • They both remained on until they simultaneously shut off at 2:53.



Video 4 – Cell Phone:


  • A strange red light was first spotted here at 0:07.
  • Unsure of what this was, we kept the camera rolling on it and, at 0:13, the red lights flashed back on and appeared after some review and debate that it was a pair of eyes extremely close to floor level.
  • This light flashed on again at 0:27 and 0:30 until it finally ceased activity for the evening.



Video 5 – Cell Phone Discussion / Debunking:


  • As we attempted to recreate the circumstances and lights, we walked through this process and area with Steve.



Video 6 – Stationary Trail Camera Hallway:


  • Moving toward the camera on the right side of the screen, a light anomaly was spotted at 0:07, matching up with the timeframe of the shadow passing by the doorway.



Video 7 – Stationary Trail Camera Hallway:


  • Off the left side of the screen, at about 0:07, a light could be seen moving across the hall.



Video 8 – Stationary Trail Camera Hallway:


  • At about 0:03, another light could be spotted moving out of the Personal Items Room and down the hallway.



Hope Room (Haunted Items Room)

All the way down the hall, labeled with an ominous and foreboding caution sign of “WARNING – Contains Haunted Items.” Upon entering the room, just to add to the ambiance, a single light ignites the room in a deep hue of red, reminiscent of color right out of Hell itself. Surrounding the room resting on bookshelves, a seemingly random array of items not in the least bit associated with one another is displayed. However, upon reading more into each of the individual items it is apparent that they each have something in common; something much more sinister than could be imagined – each has been involved in a documented exorcism. These items each have been said to hold their own energy, whether it’s active or passive is all that has yet to be determined, but highlighted in the center of the room along the far side is the Hope Doll which is sealed up inside a blessed box surrounded by other blessed items like crucifixes. She has been said to hold some type of dark entity or even possessed by a demon! She is still currently blessed often. Sounds and other oddities have been said to occur here, some visitors have even claimed being touched and chased out with an overwhelming sense of darker energy.



Our walk-through and tour built onto these other tales specifically pointing us toward the mirror in the closet which some have said acts as a portal or entry to the other side. The artifacts here entirely live up to their reputation and our (sometimes high) expectations and were met sevenfold. To start with a shocker, our SLS camera picked what appeared to be something crawling up the wall. As we continued to film this, we noticed it actually stemmed from the aforementioned mirror inside the closet. To add to this oddity, and actually a preface to this moment, the Hope Doll would not be mapped by the SLS camera and this was not the first occurrence Steve had heard of. Footsteps and knocking noises were captured during our time here and again was no surprise to Steve. Thanks to our Phasma Box, we captured some words and names of “Francis” and “Charlie” while hearing what seemed like confirmation of this with a phrase of “That’s his name” and “Absolutely.” Two moments of note include one in particular where we seemingly moved too close to the closet (or possibly the mirror) and this seemed to trigger quick responses spanning from “Excuse me?” to an apparent threat of “Absolution” even to a plea of “Please don’t” all the while sending chills down our spines. The second particular experience occurred as we were taking pictures of each individual totem until finally came close to the Hope Doll. We received apparent permission to take a picture but were bombarded with a sense of hatred with phrases of mockery and commands explicitly telling us not to take photos.




  • We included a moment where we recorded a figure appearing then again disappearing in the SLS camera, and this peculiar location was actually situated just inside the closet where the mirror, said to act as a portal, is located.



Recording 1 – EVP:



  • In this first clip, we could be heard discussing the Hope Doll not being mapped via the SLS camera right at the beginning.
  • We then mapped something that appeared to be crawling out of the mirror inside the closet through the SLS camera at 0:05.
  • Our commentating could be heard discussing this figure until we finally moved closer to it and shockingly made it disappear at 1:15.


Recording 2 – EVP:



  • As we paused and just listened, there was a loud thud sound that we could not place at 0:08. We attempted to compare this to other sounds like footsteps and knocks but it could not be determined what this was or where it stemmed from.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box:



  • A few words began to come through here as we continued to push for some type of verbal communication.
  • The first was “Eventually” heard at 0:02 followed by “Accident” at 0:12.
  • We clearly and simply asked if they could come speak with us and heard “Maybe” at 0:18.
  • An odd phrase of “Like it used to” was heard at 0:27.
  • After we asked what we saw in the mirror, a phrase almost confirming their presence was captured at 0:48 with “That was me” then a reaffirming word of “Absolutely” at 0:51.
  • Another confusing captured question of “What?” was then recorded at 0:55.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box:



  • Instead of talking about the subject, we directly asked if that mirror acts like a passageway and heard a confusing response of “Piling up” at 0:05.
  • Following this trail we asked if there were a lot of spirits trying to get through the mirror to which we heard a knocking from that very closet at 0:30 then the phrase “Pretty sure there is” at 0:37 as if confirming this query.
  • As we began to discuss what exactly we heard, there was more knocking captured at 0:40 and 0:44.
  • The name “Francis” was heard at 1:07 followed by the phrase, as if again confirming this, of “That’s his name” at 1:18.
  • Another name, more significant to the museum of “Charlie” was heard repeated at 1:23 and 1:29.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box:



  • After some silence, we asked the Hope Doll directly if this stuff (IE religious and blessed items) was bothering her. Instead of a response that we were expecting we actually recorded “Loving it” at 0:13 as if simply craving the attention she’s been receiving.
  • As we stepped closer, toward the closet, we heard “Excuse me” at 0:25 as if we were getting too close.
  • We mentioned to one another that they didn’t like us doing that and getting that close and heard “Absolution” at 0:28.
  • At 0:33, we could both be heard discussing a shared moment of getting a sharp chill.
  • We once again stepped close to the closet and heard another plea to stop with “Please don’t” or “Please go” at 0:37. The second word is still unclear but the point was the same.
  • This cry was again heard at 0:39 with a “Please don’t.”
  • After this second warning, we backed off but then heard an ominous phrase of “She died” at 0:43.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box:



  • We asked her if we could take a picture and we recorded a concise “Yes” at 0:06.
  • Following this moment, the K2 meter, placed near the Hope Doll, spiked at 0:09.
  • After discussing with one another that we didn’t like the sound of the hissing noise, we heard an almost mocking phrase of “Cry baby” at 0:33.
  • Following this, an almost confident sounding exclamation of “We’re expecting you” was heard at 0:36.
  • There was an odd phrase of “Reach back to me” that was heard following this at 0:40.
  • Only about 16 seconds later we then recorded the phrase “Controlled her” at 0:56


Recording 7 – Phasma Box:



  • An odd and almost similarly mocking sound to earlier in the night, we captured an exclamation of “Don’t this suck!?” at 0:01.
  • We were then greeted with a soft welcoming of “Gentlemen…” at 0:12.
  • Immediately following this, recorded the phrase “Can’t believe it” at 0:13.
  • We explained that we’ll take a few pictures and heard a gruff “Don’t” at 1:00.
  • As we discussed what was happening we recorded another mimicry and almost condescending phrase of “Grow up” at 1:09.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box:



  • Spoken with an emphasis and almost exclamatory, the word “Investigation” was heard at 0:04 as if recognizing our intentions.
  • As we acknowledged this, and asked one another if they did in fact say the word  investigation and we recorded “Yes” at 0:12.
  • We asked quite bluntly if they were the ones who were seen in the doorway to which we recorded “It’s a gateway” at 1:03 as if to say the mirror is a gateway or portal.
  • Once more mocking us and our question after we asked why they were afraid to ship themselves and if they were afraid of someone seeing them, at 1:24, we heard “That’s original.”


Recording 9 – Phasma Box:



  • We saw another dark shadow in the closet and discussed this, asking if we each saw that and, as if they overheard us, we heard “Over in the corner” at 0:14.
  • As we explained that we know that there’s someone in here with us, we explained that we’d like to know who or what they are, we heard another mocking type phrase of “They were slow” at 0:39 as if referring to us discussing their form.


Recording 10 – Phasma Box:



  • There was an odd term early on here at :03 as we attempted to close out and move on.
  • At 0:05, we heard a straight up question of “Are you still with me?”
  • We answered this by telling them we’re still with them and heard a deep laugh at 0:09.


Recording 11 – DSL EVP:



  • We left a recorder documenting the area as we stepped away to investigate other areas but there was nothing captured out of the ordinary here.


Video 1 – Cell:


  • All throughout the duration of this clip, a figure could be seen moving up the closet and disappearing at about 0:44 in our SLS Camera. Unfortunately we missed the beginning of this moment where it appeared to start low, at the mirror level and almost crawl through it and up the wall.



Video 2 – Cell:


  • This video was made solely for the purpose of debunking the figure crawling up the closet. This was taken in nearly the exact same position but nothing was captured on the SLS Camera that could match or even be similar to this.



Personal Items Room

Right next door to the Hope Doll Room sits a peaceful and well-cared-for room. Every artifact from this room holds a more personal feel from the nurse’s garments to the original bed frame even to the original wooden wheelchairs. Some medical tools line the glass cases even including a lobotomy pick, if used there could be no doubt that traces of energy would be left over from ending so many people’s lives, at least from a mental perspective. Claims and reports from this room are typically only the sense of being watched or footsteps creaking when no one is inside.



As our time was running short and we simply recorded an EVP while still preparing for our ESTES session, laughter echoed from the hallway just as Dan began to feel an intense headache which lasted the duration of our stay in this room only to return to a sense of normalcy as we left the area. Following this moment, we attempted an ESTES method where one of us utilized the Spirit Box and a set of noise-canceling headphones and spoke verbally about anything they heard while the other would ask the questions. There were a few intriguing moments where we heard a deeper male voice and where there sounded like there was some slight laughter but aside from these moments, we felt as though the energy had shifted and even avoided us in this area.




  • There was nothing to note from our photographs here.


Recording 1 – EVP:



  • At about 0:08, we captured laughter just outside the room as if from the hallway but this was the only moment we captured out of the ordinary as the ESTES Method did not produce much communication.


As we’ve spent a decent amount of time reviewing our captured evidence and documenting our personal experiences (some of which were not thoroughly recorded) we also spent a fair amount of time directly with Steve hearing other groups’ claims as well as his very own. This allowed us a very good opportunity here to compare and contrast our own experiences with theirs. This all culminated with our ability to claim that the Archive of the Afterlife Paranormal Museum in Cameron, WV has enough unique energies and an ever-evolving energy field itself which would allow this location to be considered a paranormal conduit and a host to multiple supernatural entities, many of which stem directly from the artifacts housed here while some others are more directly associated with the property itself.

While the house is a relatively new development in the entirety of the museum’s life, there is not a lot of research or recorded documentation of any types of regular or consistent otherworldly activity or any causes to them. However, the artifacts themselves do have both documented tales as well as their verbal and passed-along stories. We were able to utilize both types of information during our investigation but we were also able to enter many of these locations with a blank slate and an open mind. With some of the given information, we were able to compare our experiences, and even helped us evaluate some of our analyses.

The majority of our paranormal interactions were mainly personal experiences and the feeling of energy changes, not to mention being touched not just once but twice! The physical touches occurred in the Doll Room with brushes on the back of our legs while the severe energy changes were clearly felt, deep down, in the Hope Room as we felt numerous changes in the atmosphere during our time here. This culminated in a few separate moments, one of which was partially captured whereas the other was not at all and is solely chalked up to a personal experience. The former occurred in the Hope Room when we spotted a figure moving up and out of the mirror as if utilizing it as a portal via the SLS camera. This was only partially recorded but at least we experienced the entire ordeal. Two specific experiences were not captured with our technology but were definitely awe-inspiring and incredible in their own right. The first occurred in the Doll Room when a vision was seen of a young girl in a blue dress and blonde pigtails, she reappeared moments later with the glimmer of a flashlight. Later in the night, as we began cleaning up, we went to retrieve the stationary trail camera from the Hope Room but stopped in our tracks as the Rempod shot to life. It was placed right next to the Hope Doll and had not gone off at any other point of the night. This meant that something with a high enough energy field moved close enough to set the device off, it’s just unfortunate that the camera was angled slightly too high to have picked this activation up. However, at least we were able to experience this, knowing that there was absolutely something in that energy field.



Other major paranormal activities included verbal altercations, all of which were captured on recordings. Most of these occurrences were in the form of footsteps or knocks but two events made us begin to think there was a definite intelligence to these experiences. In the Hope Room, we moved closer to the closet and seemingly provoked whoever was nearby with a loud thud. As this occurred, all other noises quieted. The next took place in the Doll Room where numerous knocking sounds occurred from different locations around the room followed by heavy breathing twirling and swirling around us.

Aside from a few light anomalies from our trail cameras, we did capture a few oddities throughout different forms of video. On our handheld cameras we recorded, in the Doll Room, a flashlight session where the lights actually seemed to answer yes/no questions with the light itself as a form of communication. Another one of these videos showed what appeared to be a pair of eyes on the floor of the Doll Room.

The house itself seemed to exude an actual sort of peacefulness or at least a sense of comfort. However, this did not come without some types of unexplained anomalies. As we explored other parts of the building, the 2nd Floor Hallway continued to draw us back, but not by any ordinary circumstance. There was a black shadow that caught our attention moving across the open door followed by more footsteps breaking out in the hall. The house itself seemed to supply the energy required to produce the vision of the young girl.



Based on a combination of captured evidence and personal experiences, we have deemed that there is an intriguing amount of energy all throughout the house incorporating both the building’s history (albeit minimally known) as well as the documented and established artifacts decorating every available room of the house. Our evidence was mainly phantom noises like knocks, footsteps, and thus leading us to believe that there is a strong amount of residual energy left over here, more than likely due to the house’s history which will hopefully be revealed sooner rather than later with the extensive research Steve is doing on the property. Our verbal communication, which was captured mainly through Phasma Box and Spirit Box, led us to open our minds a little more to the potential of intelligent communication linked more directly to the items secured in the house’s walls. In the Hope Room, we believe we encountered some type of supernatural experience we were not intended to witness in what seemed like an entity appearing from the closet directly from the mirror, crawling up the wall, and disappearing toward the ceiling.

We are hopeful that our evidence and experiences can help direct other investigations and Steve himself to continue to add to the history and uncover more truths in this incredible location. We know Steve will continue to foster and care for each and every artifact here and keep them safe for public viewing and for their own benefit. We’re extremely grateful for someone like Steve who has the know-how, wherewithal, and drives to keep this museum in operation and open for everyone to enjoy and experience for themselves! We know that we’ll be back for another round of investigations soon!

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