Carnegie Library of Homestead – Investigation

Carnegie Library of Homestead

October 29, 2022

Munhall, PA



Hidden in plain sight, the gorgeous Carnegie Library sits atop a hill overlooking not just the town but the entirety of the outskirts of Pittsburgh, PA. The library, which sits on the historic ground itself, has built up a reputation and historic value all on its own. The land saw its share of bloodshed by being former Native American hunting grounds and leading up to the deaths from the Union strikes in 1892. This building was gifted to the public by Andrew Carnegie following his return to action as a supposed apology to the workers who were affected by this brutal event. This gift was not only its namesake but rather a full community center complete with a gymnasium, music hall, and swimming pool. It has been in use for the community since its original opening in 1898 and had seemed to not only create but also added to the energy shrouding the area where the Carnegie Library of Homestead stands today.



Before written records, this land was once covered with tall, looming trees and thick underbrush. This area was mainly utilized by the natives for hunting small game and as an overnight camping location. As the Englishman moved in, the city of Pittsburgh was created just over the hillside. This location was partially used by the militia created by the union workers following the infamous Union Strikes. In an attempt to break the strike, 12 civilians were killed and 25 were injured following the hiring and invading of the Pinkertons. This structure was an informal but honest apology from Andrew Carnegie in 1898, eventually becoming the heart of the small town of Homestead and then Munhall.

The community center brought together everyone from the town with an intricately designed music hall and an athletic center featuring a full gymnasium, a pool, and (obviously) a library. The building was constantly utilized from its sold-out feature shows (with 1,022 seats) to its involved seminars to their sports leagues.



With the age of the building, renovations and alterations were necessary, and was part of the reason we came back here in this capacity. When we were asked by the Oakmont Paranormal Society to help run investigations at a public event that would see the full money raised donated toward the library, hosted by, and occurring inside the historic landmark, we were ecstatic. Half the reason we love exploring some old buildings is for their historic value. What better way to help preserve history than help donate toward their overall goal of saving the historic library. Following this event, we found out the overall total raised this year was over $4,000.00. We were thrilled to have that money help restore and add to the pure grandeur of this library!

This was our second evening in this building, and some of our prior experiences helped give credence. There are tales of the supernatural, which have been rumored and passed along ever since its inception. 

Aside from the cliché footsteps and shadows that were attributed mainly to the random residual miners and workers throughout the building, Andrew Carnegie himself has supposedly been spotted and even interacted with inside these walls (but particularly the Library). This includes moments where books have been thrown off shelves and moved to different locations around the building. Previously, we captured a full-body shadow in the rear of the Stacks area in the Library.

Where we began our investigation, the Pool has been noted to reply to cries of “Help,” and phantom handprints have been spotted here. This could be the spirit of Robert Peebles, who was found dead in a pool of black-sludgy water. His body was stuck for over 8 hours as the cops tried and failed to locate his practically invisible body. No one was ever charged with his murder, but there were rumors of him and a co-worker getting into a verbal altercation which may have resulted in his untimely demise. Luckily we witnessed, in our prior investigation, the water-like handprint and even photographed it. While we heard some audible interactions, these were mainly associated with some unknown former member who tends to roam around the locker room.



The Mechanical Room, which has changed significantly since our last visit, is located down a hallway and sloped ramp, lower than the Pool level. Here, there is a male entity who we were told is named Frank, and he used to own this land back in the 1700s. He has a bad tendency to alter people’s mindsets and even comes across verbally ensuring people realize that he has a vendetta against trespassers – he sees every person as a trespasser on his land. A younger woman named Alice had been spotted in a white dress in the sloped hallway leading to the room as she stands in a singular location appearing and disappearing on a whim. Even another child-like figure has been heard here and spotted running around as if playing. He has been said to be the grandchild of a former volunteer. This child can even be attributed to playing with the elevator in this location. There may be one more spirit dwelling here, and his name is Mike. Mike is said to be a teenage boy who likes to pursue his hormonal state and touch and make the rare pass at women who visit his area.

Inside the Music Hall, it seems that spirits still come to enjoy a good show. Phantom laughter, clapping, and even a low murmur have been heard and even captured on recorders echoing out of the beautifully designed and handcrafted auditorium. A shadow figure has been photographed here as if lurking around in the rear of the Auditorium, both in the floor seats, along with the balcony, and inside the control room. It’s said that if you leave a seat down after you leave, it will be lifted back to its prone position by a phantom usher – or perhaps Andrew Carnegie, watching diligently over his gift to the people.

As we were the first to arrive, hours before our hosts (let alone the public), we set up in a private back room. Thanks, in large part to Emily of the Carnegie Library of Homestead, for joining in with Jon from Behind the Fiends podcast. We had a blast exchanging stories and answering questions submitted to us through our website. This all led to a sparked conversation as well as a perfect segway into our guest for the evening, and hopefully more future investigations, Jim (Jack). Following our time on the podcast, we met up with Drake and Oakmont Paranormal North as they set up the space to greet the public and gave a tour of the most recent hotspots around the building. The walk-through itself was slightly eventful as numerous members of different paranormal teams had the very same odd sensations all throughout the building, but most notably in the Mechanical Room and Music Room. 



Since we planned on being on the move quite a bit and wanting to stay out of other groups and the public way, we packed light and mobile. Even though we left out most of our trail cameras, we took two with us to keep our tools nearby. Unfortunately, our SLS camera has taken one too many bumps and is awaiting repairs. However, we still managed to pack up the majority of our equipment, including: two recorders, two video cameras, two stationary trail cameras, our FLIR thermal imaging tool, one Rempod, one ParaLight, our new and intense Laser Grid, LED flashlights, an EMF pump, our Spirit Box, one Phasma Box, and our new EVP locator which was our first time testing it out. Post review and analysis, our most intriguing evidence and experiences occurred in the Pool / Locker Room, the Mechanical Room, and even the Music Room, thanks in no small part to Jim’s performance of some perfectly timed captivating musical numbers.

We are always very gracious when we hear your opinions and thoughts on our experiences and evidence. Another pair of eyes on both our videos and pictures are also another great help! After you can read through the tales, listen to the recordings, and watch the videos, please send us your thoughts which we would happily include in our analysis!

As always, you have been warned that some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Walkthrough

As we arrived early, we had the majority of our gear unpacked and with us as we jumped on Behind the Fiends with Jon. As the Oakmont Paranormal Society, with plenty of food in hand, we began to make our rounds meeting some of their members and other active investigation teams. Everyone was so welcoming and inviting, and we were lucky enough to introduce ourselves to nearly everyone volunteering their time for such a great cause!

With our combined history, the paranormal tour began at the top of the side staircase. This led us all throughout the building, even some of which the public was not privy to. During these initial walk-throughs, we (as well as other investigators) felt some odd sensations in the Pool Area where we got chills. Similar happenings occurred in the Mechanical Room, where the hairs on our arms and the backs of our necks stood up. Aside from that, there were no odd occurrences, and we headed back to the break room where we packed up and prepared for the night.



  •  There was nothing apparent or out of the ordinary captured here.


Pool & Locker Room

Our first area to evaluate and open up some of our investigations was this lower level in the Pool Area. It’s said that Robert Peebles remains here after his truly unidentified and unprosecuted murderer. His death was ultimately deemed accidental, leaving a huge gap in his incomplete story. Some claim to see shadows, hear footsteps, and even hear the name ‘Robert’ being called out to them. In our past investigation, this is the same location where we captured a handprint. This print mimicked someone climbing up the ladder out of the pool.



During our time here, starting early on in our walk, where multiple investigators felt odd sensations, we captured quite a few paranormal experiences. This included both residual voices and intelligent communication. Names of Adam, David, Dan (from FeCP?), and even the renowned Robert himself. Eventually, we even had gotten to a point where we felt we contacted someone else when we heard “Not Robert” and instead gathered the name “Mary Beth.” There were courtesies and pleasantries exchanged, and back in the Locker Room of the Pool Dan was even asked for and, when we took too long to get him, we heard pleas of “Get him” and “Dan” repeated. This culminated in a video of an odd light and was captured on the far side of the Pool. Where the light appeared, grew brighter, and then slowly fizzled to a stop in the video. All this occurred while the light itself gave off no reflection in the water swaying below.




  • We included a screen capture of the trail camera video where we captured some unknown light appearing in the center of the wall just above the pool.



Recording 1 – EVP 1:



  • During our first attempt at conversation here, we did not capture anything out of the ordinary.


Recording 2 – Phasma Box 1:



  • Early on we caught an EVP and recorded a whisper of, “Who…are you?” at 0:06.
  • We attempted to address Robert directly and explained that he could light our tools up if he got close to them and we heard, as if a direct response to this request, “Nope,” at 0:18.


Recording 3 – Phasma Box 2:



  • As if finally questioning the light and its purpose, we recorded a full question of, “What is this?” at 0:21.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box 3:



  • Early on  Dan felt a tingle run up his spine which is typically a sign that someone from another realm is nearby. This was prior to this clip.
  • The phrase, “Leave here,” was heard at 0:19 through the Phasma Box, but then a command of, “Leave,” was captured at 0:32 which was not utilizing the Phasma Box.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box 4:



  • We began to try to pinpoint where the drowning tragedy occurred and, to our surprise, we recorded, “Upstairs,” at 0:09. This was not deemed as an answer to our question, but added to the previous communication as if someone did not want us down there.
  • After explaining that we knew that something bad happened down here, we recorded an almost sarcastic reply of, “Fantastic,” at 0:31 followed by a mocking plea of, “Tell us,” at 0:49.
  • At 0:54, we received a greeting of, “Hello,” followed by, “Jim,” at 0:58 as if completing a full thought and response to Jim attempting to speak to them.


Recording 6 – Phasma Box 5:



  • As our communication to who we thought was Robert dwindled, we asked an open question if anyone else wanted to speak with us and if that someone else could tell us their name. At 0:12, we heard a clear and concise, “Not Robert,” as if finally telling us we were trying to contact an incorrect spirit.
  • Off to the side, Dan stepped close to the pool and in trying to warn him, we captured, “Dan, step back,” at 0:28. This seemed to temporarily distract this entity or even draw out a different one.
  • Following this moment, we heard, “Not sure,” at 1:21 as if responding to our previous question if they could tell us their name. The name, “Mary Beth,” was then captured just seconds later at 1:23.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box 6:



  • While a group of visitors had just entered the area, we asked if they mind people spending time in here to which we recorded a question of, “Here?” at 0:08 as if they were confused as to where they were.
  • We geared back to attempting to contact Robert as the group who entered was just told the story of this supposed accident. We asked if he knew he was going to die after falling into the black water. At 0:39, we were told, “Yup,” as if answering that question.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box 7:



  • Sensing that we were once again speaking with Robert, we asked him directly to come speak with us. We were apparently wrong as we heard, “It’s not,” at 0:10.
  • As we discussed this phrase, we then heard, as if confirmation, “I did it,” at 0:15.
  • After putting all of this together, we then once again asked what their name was and heard, “Loud crowd,” at 0:44 as if referring to the group of onlookers in the pool area.
  • Thinking back to some of the names we heard earlier in the evening, we asked if their name was Mary Beth to which we recorded, “Mary Beth,” at 1:10.
  • As if we were overhearing someone else speaking from the other side to another on that same plane of existence, we first heard, “Did he say me?” at 1:22 followed by an answer of, “Yes,” at 1:23.


Recording 9 – Phasma Box 8:



  • Trying to hear this name once more for confirmation, we explained that they did tell us their name earlier and we asked if they could repeat it. At 0:17, we recorded the name, “Beth,” once again.


Recording 10 – Phasma Box 9:



  • We then overheard what sounded like a fearful tone as we captured, “He came for me,” at 0:05 followed by, “Can’t face him,” at 0:08.
  • As we transitioned from the Phasma Box into the Spirit Box, we captured the word, “Box,” repeated twice at 0:36 and 0:51.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box 1:



  • We began by asking for them to pinpoint their exact location to which we heard, “Here,” at 0:08 followed by, “Right in front,” at 0:11.
  • After that, we simply heard silence until the name, “Beth,” was mentioned again at 0:57.


Recording 12 – Spirit Box 2:



  • With no response from a, ‘Beth,’ we resorted back to the tried and rumored spirit here asking once more if we were speaking with Robert. Instead, we captured a female voice exclaiming, “Me,” at 0:14.
  • “Supposed to be me,” at 0:19 as if the tales down from the pool area were not intended to be of Robert but rather a Beth or Mary Beth.
  • At the time, we could not hear this clearly so we discussed that it sounded like a phrase came through to which we heard a confused question of, “What?” at 0:24 as if they were thrown off by this discussion.


Recording 13 – Spirit Box 3:



  • Prior to this clip, Jim felt a cold and wet sensation on his hand. So, in turn, he asked if that was Mary who made his hand wet. At 0:18, we heard a claim of, “Wasn’t me.”
  • We then asked what was the last thing they remembered, we heard an answer of “Fell in,” at 1:04. As if continuing this phrase, the word, “To,” was captured at 1:12 and, “water,” at 1:13. This completed the phrase of ‘Fell into water.’


Recording 14 – Spirit Box 4:



  • After getting confused by how many different entities were with us, we asked point blank how many spirits were with us in the pool. The number, “Three,” was recorded at 0:10 as if it was a direct answer.
  • After we explained that we were not trying to disturb them and simply had the intent of speaking with them, we heard a gracious, “Thank you,” at 0:56.


Recording 15 – Spirit Box 5:



  • The name, “Robert,” was heard here three times: 0:02, 0:49, and finally at 1:00.


Recording 16 – ESTES Method 1:



  • As we attempted communication via the ESTES Method. This is where one investigator uses noise-canceling headphones while listening through a Spirit Box, all the while announcing what he hears to the room. Another investigator will then ask questions, anticipating feedback from the initial investigator, who is listening to the headphones. Unfortunately, something must not have been plugged in correctly, so we only picked up the room recording and not what was heard through the Spirit Box itself. We did receive communication here, but this will read more as a transcript, as there was nothing to hear through the Spirit Box.
  • Jim was the individual listening in and Derrick and Dan swapped out asking questions.
  • We began asking if anyone was nearby and Jim heard, “Here,” at 1:18.
  • “Hold me,” was then heard at 1:46 after we asked them what’s keeping them here.
  • A female voice was heard saying, “Don’t,” at 2:02 after we continued asking questions.
  • “Run,” was heard by Jim at 3:15 followed by what sounded like a loud scream at 4:06.
  • Jim then heard a combination of voices starting with a male at 4:32 stating, “Amazing,” as we seemingly communicated followed by an agreeing female saying, “Yeah,” at 5:05.
  • “Help,” was heard and relayed by Jim twice at 7:14 and 7:54.
  • At about 8:04, Jim heard what sounded like a young girl’s desperate voice but this was undecipherable and unfortunately we do not have the ability to analyze this.
  • A male then seemingly approached Jim and exclaimed that he’s, “Here,” at 8:20 then repeatedly told him to, “Look,” twice at 8:43 and 8:45 then the word, “Light,” at 8:49.
  • After about a minute of silence, another female voice came to Jim at 9:54 and stated very calmly, “Again.”
  • As we attempted to contact that female voice, we asked where they were only to get a response of “Heaven” at 10:36.
  • Hearing this, we asked if they thought this place was Heaven and if they enjoyed being here to which we heard a response of, “Good” at 10:21.
  • Just as we were preparing to move to a different area, Jim felt as though someone had moved very close to him, almost in his face, right around 10:40.


Recording 17 – Locker Room Area Spirit Box 1:



  • As another group moved to the pool area, we felt a pull toward the back locker room and had an urge to spend a little time back there. Dan and Jim stayed in the pool while Derrick ventured back to the darkened hallway.
  • At first, there was not much activity but suddenly, the Spirit Box began to produce some odd names, “Adam,” at 0:01, “David,” at 0:12, and finally, “Dan,” at 0:22.


Recording 18 – Locker Room Spirit Box 2:



  • Attempting to connect the only clues we had, we asked if they knew one of the investigators names is Dan to which we heard, “Get him,” at 0:02 followed by his name, “Dan,” at 0:06.
  • As we listened to this, we asked them for confirmation and if they wanted us to go get Dan. At 0:11, we heard, “Yes,” then another confirmation of, “Get Dan,” at 0:36.
  • As we took our time to gather our thoughts, we heard two separate moments where we heard the word, “Please,” at 0:40 and 0:42.
  • The phrase, “Don’t know,” was heard split up into two different captures. The first of, “Don’t,” at 0:56, the second of, “Know,” at 0:58.
  • Dan’s formal name was then captured at 1:22 with, “Daniel.”
  • For one final confirmation, we asked if they could repeat his name to which we heard an almost aggravated, “I did,” at 1:39.


Recording 19 – Locker Room Spirit Box 3:



  • With one last attempt, as Derrick packed up in preparation to move on, he explained that he would go and get Dan if they would say his name. Rather than his name, we heard a plea of, “Get him to stay here,” at 0:17.
  • However, as if growing impatient, Dan’s name was finally repeated not just once but twice at 0:25 and again at 0:29 followed by a command of, “Get him now,” at 0:56.


Recording 20 – Locker Room Spirit Box 4:



  • After a personnel change, Dan entered the room to a pair of greetings. The first was a simple, “Hello,” at 0:07.
  • Dan then introduced himself telling them that it’s nice to see them and heard a response of, “Hello,” at 0:09.


Recording 21 – Locker Room Spirit Box 5:



  • A strange yelling noise was first heard here at 0:04 then a question of, “Okay?” at 0:10.
  • As if referencing this attempted communication, we captured a question of, “You called me?” at 0:12.
  • We then asked them what brought them to the library, now that we had their attention. At this point, we received two contradicting answers of, “Everything,” at 0:43 and, “Nothing” at 0:46.
  • Since this really didn’t help us get many more answers, we then asked if they could tell us their name to which we heard a response of an open-ended, “Yes,” at 1:06 but with no straight answer of an actual name.


Recording 22 – Locker Room Spirit Box 6:



  • As our time in this area drew to a close, Derrick approached Dan (only slightly scaring him) to tell Dan that it was time to move on. Just as he entered the room, we heard, “Hi,” at 0:37 as if welcoming him back.
  • Before we closed off, we asked a few more last second questions starting with trying to find out what drew them back here. At 0:39, we recorded an answer of, “Killed.”
  • Another random response of, “Flame,” was then heard as a follow up at 0:47.
  • Not captured through the Spirit Box, just another plain EVP in the form of a whisper, we captured, “Hey,” at 0:50 just before we closed off to move on.


Video 1 – Stationary Trail Camera 1:


  • In this odd phenomena, there was a light which appeared across the pool, brightened, moved very slightly in one direction as if being pulled, then slowly began to die out. This was unexplainable and we have attached two separate videos of the same location we used to attempt to debunk and compare this odd anomaly.



Video 2 – Stationary Trail Camera Comparison 1:


  • This was the first video we used to compare the light in the first video. It was not seen at any point.



Video 3 – Stationary Trail Camera Comparison 2:


  • This was the second video we used to compare and contrast to see if this light originated from any specific source. Once again, we didn’t see any explanation.



Mechanical Room

Down the hall from the Pool, around a corner, and down a deceivingly steep slope, the Mechanical Room opens up into a stereotypical high ceiling, raw, pipe-laden, industrial working area. This area has been under constant workings of construction and re-design and is the location that makes the entire building functional and inhabitable. The ambiance itself is a driving force to a creep factor but low and behold, there does seem to be someone or something else entirely that truly holds energy in its own right. This man had been said to be named Frank, and he is very protective of his land. This is possibly a real claim, but the paranormal aspect tells that Frank still believes this is his land, which he farmed during his lifetime in the 1700s. He is said to lash out at visitors as he despises guests and people in his area and has the uncanny ability to alter people’s states of being. During our initial investigation, we believed we captured a handprint on some of the equipment, but we managed to debunk this. The only other oddity we experienced here during our first investigation was an odd emotional feeling as though we were not wanted here.



As we moved onto this location, we set up shop right where Frank was said to be located. After lugging all of our gear, including a trail camera set on a tripod, we decided to try something much more simple than any type of verbal communication. We began with a simple flashlight session where we loosened the top of an LED flashlight and gathered enough information and responses that we pieced some of our questions and answers together to gain a better picture of this entity. He was much more open and willing to communicate with us when we spoke to him using the full name of Franklin, and understandably so, as we weren’t exactly on a short-term basis with him enough to call him Frank. Franklin explained that he did own property here, way before the library and felt as though rude people encroach on him and his space. Even though past stories have told us so, he did not own a barn, but it was used as farmland. We learned that he didn’t mind people being around as long as they were respectful and treated him as if he were there. As time went on, we received plenty more communication than we ever dreamed, and groups of guests came and went. One moment that was etched in our brains was of a pin being pulled from one of the guests’ purses. As we attempted communication with her there, and her mother’s name was heard repeated back to her, she felt a tug on her purse. Her group moved on, but she and her mother returned. They had shown us that the pin was missing and some of the material was torn. It was as if someone had ripped the pin off the purse unceremoniously. We tracked the pin down to the Music Room above us. The voice, communication, and energy here seemed to have been altered. We were left with even more questions than answers: Particularly: who were we talking to after Franklin had left?




  • Here, we managed to take a screen capture of a few videos where we recorded the flashlight lighting up and turning off, which occurred on multiple occasions.



  • In this screen capture, the ParaLight lit just as the K2 meter flashed to life. This also occurred on numerous occasions.



Recording 1 – Spirit Box 1:



  • After we struggled with much communication here, we seemed to get his attention by referring to this entity everyone has called Frank as a more formal form of Franklin. We mentioned that Frank may be too formal and asked if Franklin was with us instead. Quite quickly, we heard a response of, “Yes” at 0:19.
  • We were then greeted with, “Hi,” at 1:07 just as we heard some footsteps shuffling behind us.
  • As we made mention of those footsteps shuffling, we heard a full phrase of, “It was me,” at 1:14.
  • The Ovilus produced two words, “Window,” and, “Monument,” at 1:50 and 2:35.
  • We discussed these words to ourselves and if we were hearing it correctly and heard, “It was,” at 2:40 as if answering us.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box 2:



  • As another group entered, we began to hear some odd words and phrases starting with “Pleasure,” at 0:08 and, “There’s people,” at 0:12. Both of these made us think that Franklin actually enjoyed people and their company.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box 3:



  • We asked if Franklin was still around if he could give us a greeting or say hi and we actually heard, “Hi,” at 0:17.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box 4:



  • We were enthusiastic and excited about some of this possible communication but everything fell silent for quite some time. Eventually, we asked if they wanted us to get out of here. At 0:17, we heard, “I do.” We did not hear this live at the time otherwise we would have obliged and left. However, because we couldn’t make this out, we continued on, asking more questions.
  • Almost immediately, we asked if the girl named Alice was nearby and we heard, “Child,” at 0:21 followed by, “No,” at 0:38. This tells us someone acknowledged our question then even responded to it.
  • After hearing this quite clearly, we turned our attention back to Franklin, whom we asked if he’s still with us and possibly just annoyed. A smart-ass type answer of, “Maybe,” was recorded at 1:07.
  • At this, we asked directly if there were simply too many people down here with us to which we captured a very calm and drawn out, “Help me,” at 1:57 – 1:58.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box 5:



  • Early on here, one of the guests felt a strong tug at her purse as she attempted to step up and speak to this disembodied voice. This occurred right around 0:03.
  • We asked them if they tugged at her purse and heard a quite concise and almost proud, “Yup,” at 0:14.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box 6:



  • As the group disbursed and began to move onto their next location, we openly asked if there was anything they’d like to say to us or the group and we heard, “No,” at 0:05.
  • Finally, for this group at least, we asked if they wanted these people to stay or go and recorded, “Go,” at 0:48.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box and Flashlight Session 1:



  • This, much like the prior ESTES Method, will read as a transcript. There is minimal evidence to provide verbally and the majority of this was all visual with the flashlights turning on and off. We have documented the questions and the responses via the flashlights turning on and off to give us yes or no answers.
  • Before we began, someone got anxious and turned the flashlight on prior to this recording. So we asked them to turn the flashlight back off if they don’t mind us calling Frank. At 0:11, the flashlight shut off.
  • Trying to either debunk this early on and ensure the light wasn’t random, we asked if we could keep asking questions and the light flickered on and back off at 0:56.
  • One of the few verbal responses we received here was thanks to the Phasma Box after we asked, once again, if we could continue speaking with them. At 1:23, we captured, “I don’t care,” followed by, “That’s alright,” followed by the light jumping on at 1:25.
  • We thanked them and heard, again through the Phasma Box, a possible name of, “Colin,” at 1:37.
  • As we attempted to put some pieces together, we re-confirmed that he had a farm on the property and to turn the flashlight off if the answer was yes. It shut off at 2:21.
  • We followed this and asked if he could flash the light for every child he had during his life. At about 3:00, the flashlight turned on then off.
  • A raspy, guttural voice saying, “It’s Frank,” could be heard at 3:03.
  • The second flashlight jumped on, unprompted, at 3:50.
  • We then asked if this was all very tiring to them and to turn the flashlight off if the answer was yes, and at 4:26, the light turned off.
  • With that answer, we asked if Franklin would like us to give him a minute. The Phasma Box helped produce, “That’s okay,” at 4:27.
  • Knowing we were still speaking with Franklin, we asked if he minded people being nearby and the company. If so, turn the flashlight on. It blinked on then off at 4:35.
  • We then discussed that possibly Franklin was getting a bad reputation and that he’s not truly a bad person to which the flashlight jumped on at 5:05 as if agreeing with that.
  • After some silence and the light staying lit, we asked if he could turn the light off if he wanted to continue to speak with us. First, at 5:45, we heard a verbal, “No,” followed by “Too hard,” at 5:52 before the flashlight finally shut off at 5:55.
  • We moved more towards the back electrical room where some claim is a hot spot and asked if this location is where he hides when there are too many people, if so to turn the light on and at 6:30, the flashlight lit.
  • After this apparent confirmation combined with some silence, we asked if he could turn the light back off so we could continue speaking to which we captured the word, “Investigation,” at 8:27 then the light shut off at 8:45.
  • We began to discuss more personal preferences like what he liked to drink and brought up gin and moonshine. Odd words were then heard starting at 8:55 with, “Round two,” and, “Watch it,” at 9:00.
  • As we mentioned to ourselves that we thought he liked gin, we recorded, “I like gin,” at 9:10 confirming our suspicions.
  • After this, we told Franklin that we liked him and the flashlight turned on as if in reciprocation at 9:25 and it stayed on for a period of time.
  • With this, we tried to re-confirm some things we learned starting with his name being Franklin and that he used to live on this land in the 1700’s, and if that’s all correct, if he could turn the light off; it would shut off at 10:18.
  • As another group was present, we explained that them being here helped save the building and if he could reconsider hating visitors and the flashlight turned on for yes at 10:46.
  • An odd phrase of, “Don’t be sad,” was then recorded at 11:00.
  • We asked if there were any other questions for this group and heard an end note of, “That’ll be fine,” at 11:20.
  • As we thanked Franklin for his time, we mentioned that he’s the man and, as if in gratitude, the flashlight jumped to life at 12:08.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box 7:



  • Before we began this recording and this Spirit Box session, the young lady who had her purse tugged on returned here explaining that the pin which was attached to it had disappeared and all that remained was a metal wire which previously held it on. The thought here was that the tug she felt earlier in the evening was in fact the pin being loosened.
  • Even though we couldn’t get the question out asking if Franklin took the pin, the flashlight turned on, cutting us off at about 0:06.
  • We explained that we had another question to ask and if they could turn the flashlight back off to which (we thought this was Franklin at the time) he obliged at 0:37.
  • After this, we asked once more if he took this girl’s pin to which the flashlight flickered at about 0:55.


Recording 9 – Spirit Box 8:



  • As we discussed the button missing and where it could have gone (not to mention looking under, above, and everywhere for it) we heard the word, “Button” repeated twice at 0:02 and 0:22.
  • We explained that if he took the button he could turn the light on to confirm and at 0:44, the light turned on then back off at 1:13 after we asked him to do so.


Recording 10 – Spirit Box 9:



  • Some random and unprompted phrases and words were heard starting with, “In between,” at 0:10 and, “Together,” at 0:15. Even though we didn’t realize it at the time, these could tie into the theory that Franklin and Frank are actually two separate entities here.
  • We then told Franklin not to do this to us, I.E. shut down communication, and heard, “Not Frank,” at 0:30.
  • After hearing that communication, we asked for confirmation and if this was not Franklin to which we captured, “It’s not,” at 0:46.
  • As we attempted to communicate with whoever this was, we asked who this was to which we heard, “It’s Frank,” at 0:52.
  • We attempted to transition back to the flashlight communication here to try to get further answers and started by asking if this is Frank and if he could turn the light on for yes. The flashlight jumped on immediately at 1:10.
  • After we asked if he wanted to keep the pin from the girl’s purse, we recorded a correction of, “It’s a button,” at 1:35 and, “Not a pin,” at 1:37.
  • We then asked if he left the button somewhere in the basement, and if so, if he could turn the light off to which the light shut off at 1:44.
  • With some slight silence, we began to feel as though this entity was playing games with us, and asked them point blank if that was the case to which the light burst on as if a yes answer at 2:10 followed by some slightly menacing sounding laughter at 2:12.
  • As the girl whose purse was damaged asked if they wanted them to leave, and to turn the light off if they did, the flashlight shut off at 3:02 confirming this.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box 10:



  • The name, “Jen,” was captured here at 0:06. We didn’t realize it at the time, but the girl’s mother’s name was disturbingly Jennifer.


Recording 12 – ESTES Method 1:



  • This method did not produce any communication but rather our tools continued to be alerted during this time beginning with the K2 meter at 0:10 after we asked if there were too many people down here with us.
  • At this point, another group had entered the area, ironically enough with the timing of the previous questioning, and they moved closer to our tools. The K2 meter began to spike just then at 0:44.
  • More people piled in and the ParaLight was alerted at about 0:52.
  • With no communication, we ceased the ESTES Method as both the K2 meter and the ParaLight lit simultaneously at 2:40.
  • This ParaLight jumped once more, unprompted but perhaps growing anxious or angry with all the people around at 3:20 followed by the flashlight jumping on at 4:43.


Recording 13 – EVP and Flashlights 1:



  • We reverted back to our tools once more, particularly the flashlights, as they yielded some spectacular answers prior to this, but as we asked if they didn’t like us sitting here, a voice quietly announced that there were, “Lots of people,” at 0:07.


Recording 14 – EVP and Flashlights 2:



  • As we got a little confused with some of these responses, we asked if they don’t like these people, the flashlight jumped to life at 0:20 followed directly by the Rempod being alerted at 0:24 then even the ParaLight turning on at 0:34.
  • We felt this entity sitting next to us (Jim in particular) and asked if they could turn the light off if this was in fact them, and at 0:54 it turned off.


Recording 15 – EVP and Flashlights 3:



  • Trying to pinpoint who we were speaking with, we asked if they could turn the light back on if it’s Franklin and heard an almost condescending comment of, “We’ll see,” at 0:14.


Recording 16 – EVP and Flashlights 4:



  • Right before we began this clip, we found the missing button up above us in the Music Room. We later found out that this was the next location the girl moved to, so it’s possible that the button had fallen off after she sat down in her seat in the auditorium area. We also took our conversations in a different direction and stopped acknowledging Franklin for a time and the flashlight turned on. This too occurred prior to our recording.
  • We directly asked Franklin if we liked speaking with us and, if so, to turn the light back off. At 0:23 the flashlight dimmed and turned off but flickers right back on at 0:25.
  • Once more acknowledging Franklin and not Frank, we asked if he wanted to stay in this area, and to turn the light out if the answer was yes. The flashlight turned off at 0:52.
  • We proceeded to ask if he wanted everyone to stay with him and speak more to which the light jumped on, as if he was excited, at 1:23.


Recording 17 – EVP and Flashlights 5:



  • In our last ditch effort here before we moved onto our next location, we attempted to identify how many spirits were with us, but at the same time, and most likely confusing them, we also asked if he doesn’t like people like the stories claim. At 1:45, the flashlight turned on.
  • Knowing full well we didn’t help the cause, we tried to reset our conversation so we asked if they could turn the light off to which it did shut off at 2:28.
  • The Ovilus then produced the words, “People,” “Famous,” and “Run,” altogether at 3:20.
  • Some of the guests were feeling like there was a trickster in our midst and changed gears asking if this was perhaps James, the young boy who is said to wander this area. At 4:28, the light flicked on then back off.
  • Our final question before we were shuffled along produced a more or less depressing answer. We asked if they were lonely in this area all by themselves most of the time, and the flashlight jumped to life at 5:39.


Video 1 – Cell Phone Video 1:


  • This video shows what we previously heard and documented starting with our ParaLight jumping and the K2 meter spiking at :10 after we asked if they took the girl’s pin off of her purse.
  • As we stared and reacted to this moment, this sentiment was reiterated by the ParaLight jumping three more times at :12, :14, and :16.
  • We asked if they took the pin and if they could give it back. At :57, the flashlight again jumped to life.
  • While we attempted to continue this conversation, we asked if they could turn the flashlight off in order to do so and at 1:30 it shut off.



Music Room

Situated right above us from the Mechanical Room, the visually stunning and acoustically appealing Grand Music Room was the main feature of the structure and drew massive crowds to their shows. Aside from this, the 1,022-seat auditorium also pulled in musical talent in the form of Big Bands back in their heyday, but the most notable is that of Butler County’s own musical prodigies of Poison. It was clearly designed to be appealing to the guests visually and audibly during the shows. Over time, there have been claims of unnatural shadows peering in the rear of the auditorium, as if someone is still watching on from the afterlife. A clear picture was captured of a shadow man standing tall and onward at the group, which was situated on the stage looking out at the time. Other oddities here that have been reported on a near regular basis are those of low murmurs as if an unseen crowd is either growing impatient or can’t help discuss an ongoing but rarely seen show. One spirit, in particular, is said to return to help put seats back into their unoccupied position pointed upward toward the ceiling when unsuspecting guests sit in these seats and walk away from them in a still-seated position. This entity is truly unknown, but many stories claim that this is an usher still doing his duty past his expiration, while others believe that Andrew Carnegie himself is still watching over his auditorium.



As our time dwindled into the night, this location would act as our last investigation point. We continued to gather flashlight communication here, and even though we didn’t gain any verbal communication, we did receive yes/no answers when utilizing the flashlights. We managed to piece these communications together as they helped guide us to the point that we believed we were speaking with a male who had three children and enjoyed spending time in this hall. The communication seemed to open up and persuaded Jim to pursue his gut instinct to sing in this beautifully constructed area set up perfectly for this very reason. During his first “performance,” we noticed dark shadows appearing in our laser grid throughout the seating area and then activating the flashlights as if applauding him. This culminated in Jim offering his energy and these entities taking him up on that as he could feel his energy being drained just at that moment. Just before we finished here, we pried a little into the organ and its platform where there has been said to be a spirit who likes to play the organ and even light up motion-activated devices. Even though this didn’t occur to us, Jim’s presence alone seemed to help bring them out with greetings of “Hello,” and “Sit.” Eventually, after gaining the name of “Anna,” possibly the last name of, “Cargin(?),” we were told to, “Wait,” and, “Go,” followed by the apparently aggravated tone of being called an, “Asshole,” and, “Bitch.” This led us to feel as though our time this evening had come to a close and forced us to close our session and investigation.




  • There was nothing to note from our photographs here, however, we did attach a screen capture of two moments when our flashlights, set up on opposite sides of the stage, lit up with no one around.



  • We took a series of pictures focused on the upper booth when we noticed a mist appearing on the left hand side of the auditorium moving across toward the right. The original picture of just the booth is on the far left, the mist appearing in the center photo, finally the mist moving across the seating area in the picture on the right.



Recording 1 – EVP and Flashlights 1:



  • This was more a flashlight communication session and no verbal communication transpired. However, plenty of flashlight activity and yes/no answers were recorded in this location over numerous communication attempts. 
  • Even before we managed to start our recorders, the flashlight nearest Jim lit and stayed on. After a few attempts at speaking with them, we finally asked them if they could turn it off if they did not want to speak with us. At 0:20, it shut off.
  • After some silence, we asked if they felt overcrowded, if there were too many people nearby, and if they felt this way we asked them to light the flashlight. To our amazement, the flashlight then on the opposite side of the stage lit up at 1:17.
  • The original flashlight turned on then at 1:30. At this point, we will refer to this original flashlight next to Jim as flashlight 1 and the second one, on the opposite side of the stage, as flashlight 2.
  • With little to no activity over the course of the next minute, Jim offered his energy to them and explained that they could pull his energy to use. At about 2:22, Jim could be heard noting that he felt a sudden energy drain.
  • Flashlight 1 then shut off at 3:34 as we stopped giving them attention.
  • Having a sensation of personal understanding of this individual, Jim asked how many kids they had during their life and asked them to blink the flashlight on and off for each child. Flashlight 1, right next to Jim, lit on and off three separate times; at 3:53, 3:58, and 4:01 (and stayed on and even brightened) as if to reference they had three children.
  • Suddenly, at 4:34, Dan felt the tingle run up his spine and neck as if someone were nearby.
  • We discussed our findings here just as the flashlight 1 shut off at 4:43 after we mentioned between ourselves if that was actually incorrect.
  • As we tried to dig a little further into their identity, we asked if they could blink a flashlight once if they’re a male and twice if they’re a female. At 6:01, flashlight 2 lit up.
  • Flashlight 1 then lit up as if to signify this answer was definitive at 6:10.
  • Just as we thanked them for joining us and speaking up, at 6:19, flashlight 2 shut off then back on and even brighter at 6:26 as if to simply get our attention.
  • Flashlight 2 stayed lit and bright for a minute and a half until it finally shut off at 8:04 after some significant silence.
  • We then attempted to confirm the sex of this entity and asked them to shut the light on if they’re a female but leave it off if they’re a male. It seemingly stayed off around 8:18.
  • As we followed this up stating that if they are in fact a male, could they please light the flashlight to re-confirm. At 8:22, flashlight 1 turned on.
  • We put this all together and stated that they are a male with three children, and if this was correct, we asked them to turn the flashlight back off. They turned it off at 8:48.
  • Stories have been told about the organ next to the stage playing randomly and even sending out bursts of energy, enough to manipulate devices so we asked that if this male is the one who plays the organ on occasion if they could light the flashlight but it stayed off for the duration throughout the 9:30 timestamp as if a no response.
  • As more stories have been told about the chairs moving on their own, we asked if this spirit could locate their chair in the audience but instead, the flashlight 2 jumped on at 10:57.
  • We followed this and asked if they were a musician to which the flashlight turned off in a yes response at 11:34.
  • Attempting to utilize the space for its intended purpose of music, we asked if they wanted us to sing. Luckily enough for both you and us (Dan and Derrick) in the moment, Jim was convinced to sing to these unseen forces as the closest flashlight, flashlight 1 was lit at 12:31 in a resounding yes response.


Recording 2 – EVP Singing 1:



  • All throughout this recording of Jim’s rendition of Sweeney Todd, the flashlights on both sides were flickering on and off as if applauding him for his efforts.
  • This encouraged him so much to sing once again.


Recording 3 – EVP Singing 2:



  • We asked if they enjoyed this music, and if so if they could turn the lights on. At 4:22 flashlight 1 jumped on.
  • As we joked about him being able to do more and dig deeper, flashlight 2 turned on at 4:35 as if pushing him to sing even more.


Recording 4 – EVP Singing 3:



  • Before this clip, the flashlight turned on as another group came through and sat below in the seats..
  • Right away, at 0:04, the flashlights both turned off and back on.
  • We explained to the group that the lights were turning on and off as Jim previously sang. The group asked him to sing again but he ultimately left it up to the spirits who he performed to earlier. He explained that if they want him to sing again to turn the lights off. At 2:25, the lights shut off.
  • The group discussed what he should sing, and once again, we turned to the spirits and asked if he should sing the Phantom of the Opera. Almost immediately at 3:18, the flashlight turned on. As if he was trying to get out of it, he once again asked them if they truly wanted him to sing and if so to turn the flashlight off; at 3:28, it did just that.
  • Jim then polled the group to see if anyone would oblige him by doing the second half of the duet – luckily we had a brave volunteer.
  • Mid-performance, the Ovilus produced, “Reservation,” at 6:18.
  • Once more, the flashlights flickered on and off during the song, and once they finished, the lights turned on bright at 6:54 as if giving their approval.
  • As a low murmur in the crowd discussed this, the Ovilus produced, “Strength,” and, “Wings,” at 8:00.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box 1:



  • As we first started using this tool to help us hear directly, we heard a greeting of, “Hello,” at 0:06.
  • After we returned this pleasantry with a hi there, we heard a welcoming voice saying, “Sit,” at 0:11.
  • We then tried to figure out how many spirits were in the room with us to which we captured the phrase, “Couple,” at 0:48..
  • As we tried to pursue this and asked for a name, we heard what sounded like a full name starting with, “Anna,” at 0:56 then possibly a last name of, “Cargin,” at 0:57.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box 2:



  • Once more, we tried to bring the organ into play and asked if we could sit at the organ seat. As we made our way up to it without waiting for an answer, we captured a command of, “Wait,” at 0:13.
  • As we sat at the organ seat without permission, we heard, “Asshole,” at 1:08 then another annoyed sounding voice telling us to, “Go,” at 1:59.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box 1:



  • Our time was coming to a close at this point but we tried one last final attempt to communicate utilizing the Phasma Box. Unfortunately, there was no clear verbal communication but the Ovilus did produce some forms of communication.
  • At first, at 0:27, the Ovilus produced, “Around,” and, “Prop,” as if referencing the multiple spirits being around and the props on the stage.
  • “Details,” was then shown to us via the Ovilus at 0:38.
  • The final group of the night began to file out to their last location and the Ovilus gave us “No,” and, “Wait,” at 1:59 as if they enjoyed the company.


Video 1 – Cell Phone Video 1:


  • Both lights could be seen flashing on here.



Video 2 – Cell Phone Video 2:


  • We noticed a figure in the back of the room here, looking on as if ensuring the audience a good show.
  • At :15, the flashlight on the right of the stage turned on then back off at :23.
  • This same light lit at :40, flashing until :44.
  • The opposite flashlight, nearest Jim on the left, turned on at :48.
  • The flashlight to the right turned on at :53.
  • On the left side, that flashlight then shut off at 1:08 then back on at 1:12.
  • The flashlight on the right finally turned off at 1:40 followed by the flashlight on the left joining suit at 1:49.



Video 3 – Cell Phone Video 3:


  • This was a quick clip, also showing the flashlights turning on right away.



Video 4 – Cell Phone Video 4:


  • Before this video was captured, the lights were already turned on.
  • At about :10, the flashlight nearest Jim on the left turned off.
  • This left flashlight again flickered at :40 then stayed on while the flashlight to the right shut off.
  • At 1:33, this right flashlight jumped on and the flashlight on the left shut off.



After time reviewing and cleaning up our recordings, video, and photographs, we have concluded that the stories and rumors of hauntings that have been said to occur throughout the Carnegie Library of Homestead have been mainly accurate. We can back up the majority of these tales with both our personal experiences here and the evidence we captured. We were able to place credence in the tales of lurking shadows throughout the building along with some residual haunts in the Music Hall. To our amazement, we were able to help alter Franklin’s story of him being a nasty older man who despised people but rather just a very proud man who simply asks for respect. The Pool seems to hold more spirits than just Robert. Even though we didn’t encounter Robert, we captured his name repeatedly not once, not twice, but three times back to back to back. We’ve also heard numerous other names that may apply to this location or, more intriguing, possibly the person who pushed Robert and still feels guilty to this day.

During our time investigating, including those passing through the public, we accomplished and recorded quite a few moments of paranormal activity. Beginning with what we thought was minimal to no activity in the Pool, we attempted numerous devices and techniques. Nothing in this area wanted to use our light-up visual tools, so we attempted simple EVPs, our Phasma Box, and our Spirit Box. Eventually, following our review, we realized that we captured some voices as if greeting us along with warnings of, “Get back,” and, “Leave.” As our time wore on here, we didn’t think we received much communication while amid the sessions here. Ultimately we captured what appeared to be Robert’s name repeated, followed by a phrase of, “Not Robert,” then the name, “Beth,” captured in numerous rhetoric. Other names were recorded but did not have much significance as, “Adam,” and, “David,” until we recorded, “Dan,” back in the locker room. We took this as them requesting Dan to speak with them, so he attempted some communication back where we left our camera. Even though we set up numerous stationary trail cameras, there was only one true clip that raised our eyebrows and curiosity. A light was slowly lit across the pool area only to disappear as if dying out. There was no reflection or known cause of this incident.



The Mechanical Room led us to even more intelligent responses, where we used our flashlights to help guide us with yes/no questions and some verbal responses through EVP, Spirit Box, and Phasma Box. This communication ultimately led us to believe that Frank prefers to be known as Franklin and doesn’t actually mind people but rather just asks for respect. We managed to detect another more negative energy that may shield itself behind or pose as Frank to scare unwanted visitors off and even physically touch and mentally alter people’s states of being. This was no more evident than the pin missing on the purse and the sudden change of atmosphere as we directly asked who broke the purse and stole the pin.

Within the elaborately designed Music Room, tales of shadows and residual paranormal activity have been passed out and even identified in past investigations. With our experiences, we were able to add to this with intelligent responses and direct activity responses as Jim sang to an unseen crowd and had a conversation with a still unidentified male who still lingers here. Shadows were in fact seen appearing and disappearing during and in between Jim’s songbird moments.



Overall, our interactions were positive in nature, and communication was interactive and open. There were a few occasions where we felt negative energy, only minimally featured in the Mechanical Room, but this energy seemed to be able to manipulate certain surroundings, such as the girl’s purse and the entire atmosphere at times which leads us to believe that this uncertain entity may be the one responsible for giving Franklin such a bad name. Luckily, our positive interactions and communications helped lead us to some answers (and even more questions!) like the true intentions of Franklin, the male with three kids in the Music Hall, and even that there is another entity lasting in the Pool.

We were fortunate enough to take part in our second investigation here, this time as a volunteer group. We were extremely humbled when we were told that the event brought in over $4,000 of all proceeds attributed to the renovations and upkeep of the historic Carnegie Library of Homestead. It is our hope that some of these experiences and evidence can help other investigators lead to even more answers (probably more questions as well but hey, that’s all part of digging for the truth!) and more than anything help those spirits who are drawn to the community center a chance to share their stories and truly allow guests, employees, and volunteers alike to get to know these spirits who still reside here in the afterlife.


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