Greenville Manor – Investigation

Greenville Manor

November 12, 2022

Greenville, PA



In the peaceful yet hard working suburb of Pittsburgh, Greenville, PA is the epitome of a self sustaining and proud community. As a visitor, unaware of this small town, one could imagine that they are stepping back in time as many of the residents rely on their own fuel, heating, and electricity. Regardless of their lifestyle, it has seemingly withstood the test of time just like the town itself. Living up to this reputation, the large and beautiful mansion of Greenville Manor resides along one of the main roads of the small town as if the owners were on the same social level as their neighbors regardless of financial standing.

The ornate, Victorian mansion was first built for the Gibson family in 1881. Thomas Gibson, the patriarch of the family, built his reputation and his business from the ground up. He began as a simple cloth cutter until he finally created his own clothing business which allowed him and his family a luxurious lifestyle. However, remembering his roots and grassroots, he wanted to be as close to the heart of town mixed within the various wealth levels and status. With their love for not only their house but their town, they continued to update the mansion over time and kept the home in the family as he passed it down to his two sons: Frank and Howard.

Following a successful tour of duty in World War 1, the brother duo returned to their childhood home. Unfortunately, as Howard Gibson was cleaning his pistol, it was said to accidentally discharge, firing a fatal round and ultimately killing him. Following Howard’s demise, John McMillen, a family friend, was hired as undertaker of this well attended funeral. With as close as John was with the Gibson family, he was told of their intention to sell the home and their surprising plan to move away from their beloved Greenville. John McMillen struck a deal with the Gibson family to sell him and his business the mansion and, knowing the McMillan family would keep up the property and care for it, they accepted. McMillen, a Scottish immigrant and carpenter turned undertaker was able to find stability for his thriving business and growing family here and was previously known as a coffin maker by the entire town during the high death tolls of World War 1. His reputation arose based on his work ethic, caring attitude for the families, and ability to construct a coffin overnight in order for quick burials the following day.

With the purchase of the mansion and opening of McMillen and Son Funeral Home, John was able to continue expanding his business and growing his reputation. To help cement his local fame, John continued the single day turn around on funerals and was even able to embalm bodies in the basement.

Following four generations of McMillens and a successful business, the mansion was eventually purchased and moved along to multiple families. The last owner who had actually lived inside the home, Mr. Schwartz’s was actually the true savior of the property and its said that he not only put in hard work to save the building but also an unprecedented amount of love caring into it. He sold it to Marcus Haug and Katie McKenney in 2021 who continued the restoration efforts and even furnished the mansion based on old documentation and photos. The majority of the old furniture was purchased from the neighboring property and fit to the era in an effort to preserve this historical value as if a snapshot from the past. Mr. Schwartz still returns on the occasion from his Florida home just to show his love and support of his former home.

As the new owners began renovations as soon as they opened the doors to Greenville Manor, they too began to experience some of those odd phenomena that have been reported in the past. Whistling and sounds of shuffling footsteps were first noted here by the duo on the first floor, this activity eventually grew into visible shadows and loud, echoing knocking as if someone were knocking on the distinct sound of metal, the cast’s main material. More recent reports claim that the funeral parlor has led people to some very personal and unexpected communication with their own family and loved ones.

The footsteps eventually drew them upstairs during those renovations with audibly creaky stairs paired with the motion sensor lights jumping to life, their light beams piercing the dark veil covering the staircase. Stories have led to the belief that this energy may be strongly linked to a young girl.

The second floor is typically where John McMillen spent his evenings he wasn’t preparing the dead. This was his suite, toward the rear of the building, and in his late age this area also became his final resting quarters. In the afterlife, John is still said to be strongly tied to this suite as he has been spotted wandering about as if still living here. Just down the hallway here is the location John Howard was accidentally shot and killed. Since then, a silhouette of Howard himself has been spotted, peering out the window longingly. He’s been said to be quite talkative on occasion. Along with these incidents, psychics have visited at different times with no knowledge of one another and felt that a strong séance occurred on this floor and they both believed, after their visits, that this may have opened up some type of portal or entry to another realm.

Rising a full three stories above, this third floor is open to a large living space and attached to a smaller parlor. More stories have spread here regarding a dark and possible harmful energy. There tend to be a few spirits who this energy is tied to. The first is the sense of an older woman as if she was the head of the household during her time here. Voices and cold spots have been said to be experienced here directly linked to this woman. Almost everyone who spends time here claims a darkness that does not like men. He’s said to appear around 1 AM and make himself and his intentions known by physically interacting with these unsuspecting intruders. This entity’s identity is still unknown but this activity has been linked to numerous, but still none ever truly determined, individuals’ identities.

We were given permission to arrive much earlier than expected so we took this opportunity to set up some of our stationary cameras so we could evaluate the building for some time without anyone else inside of the mansion. During this time, there were only two of us inside the humongous mansion but we both had a few odd and quite frightening sensations such as the heavy atmosphere as soon as we ascended the staircase and reached the second floor combined with a feeling of being watched closely from a distance on the third floor. As we were heading back from the upper floors, we heard a loud bang only to find out one of our cases had banged shut on its own.

Right after and for a little breather before the investigation, we naturally headed to a barbeque restaurant nearby because, you know what they say: “We’ve never brought home a demon after we ate barbeque.” And by that, we mean that we say that, and only on occasion. Anyway, we spent some well deserved time enjoying their fantastic array of meats on their sampler platter and were even shown how they cook their brisket. As we returned to pull these initial cards for review we also took this opportunity to welcome our guests and truly begin to unpack.

With the mansion being so big plus the combination of having so many additional hands, we opted to pack up the majority of our equipment and haul it up to the third to begin. As we trekked upstairs, the air had definitely changed since we first set up our cameras. Our backpack was filled to the brim, not to mention our hands and pockets, with two voice recorders, one handheld camera, one GoPro chest camera, one Spirit Box, one Phasma Box, one FLIR thermal imaging device, one ParaLight, two K2 meters, one Rempod, one EMF Pump, one laser grid, three LED flashlights, one EVP locator device, one Ovilus, and (drum roll) one revamped and rewired SLS camera.

Thanks to a complete analysis of all of our evidence and comparing our personal experiences, the most paranormally intriguing locations throughout the mansion mainly span the top to floors starting with the Bride’s Room and the hallway on the second floor stretching up to the third floor inside the Open Room into the rear Blue Room.

It’s always very interesting to us when we are able to get unbiased eyes and ears on our gathered evidence and read through our shared experiences. Please let us know your feedback as we always appreciate additional perspectives.

As always, you have been warned that some of this is not for the faint of heart and can be slightly explicit:


Pre Investigation / Set Up

We were lucky enough to be allowed in early by Marcus and Katie so we arrived early to set up our stationary trail cameras throughout the mansion. Even though we attempted to enter through what we thought was the front door, we eventually found our way in the entry nearest the parking lot. As we ventured up into the second floor, we immediately felt a thinness to the air, practically suffocating. With this sensation, we wanted to focus on the second floor so we set up quite a few cameras around here including the near infamous Bride’s Room, the Living Room, and Howard’s Room in the rear of the house where we also felt a chill when entering. From here, we ventured upstairs to the third floor where we left yet another camera to run in the large open space. As we descended the staircase, we heard a loud bang and after some exploring we realized this echoed from our equipment room where one of our cases that we clearly left open had slammed shut.

Following our much needed barbecue break, we walked our group around and prepared our bag to begin our long night ahead. Right before we started, we did open the basement trap door, even though the area was closed, to leave a single bell on the staircase just in case there was anyone who wanted to get our attention down here.



  • There was nothing recorded or captured out of the ordinary here.



  • There was nothing recorded or captured out of the ordinary here.



Open Room – 3rd Floor

This area, there is said to be a more malevolent entity here who does not like men. In fact, there is such severe hatred that this energy has been said to build up and actually physically interact and sometimes harm male guests. This spirit has been linked to a woman, possibly a former matriarch of the house as well as an unnamed and unknown male. It’s rumored by many visitors that the most active time of night for this unknown force  is 1 AM.

In our first location for the evening, we ventured all the way upstairs and then returned for the long awaited 1 AM time frame. With our first investigation session starting off with flashlight activity, we eventually opened up our communication lines with the Spirit Box. During this time, we managed to gather that we were speaking to multiple spirits here including an older woman and a young boy, and they seemingly just wanted attention and possibly fed off of our energy. We recorded many welcoming phrases and some that just were attention grabbers such as “Hey” and “Hi” followed by more specifics like “Boy” and “Ball” as if a reference to the ball lighting up earlier on. However, we seemed to wear out our welcome when we began to hear “I’m leaving”  and “Go away” and without gaining much ground on information on who is in this area and why.

We moved on to explore the rest of the building but did return at 1 AM in hopes of experiencing those stories and claims of a less welcoming entity here. However, perhaps we made too much of this and expected someone or something major to happen here and didn’t experience much otherworldly, especially early on in this time frame. After nearly 20 minutes of silence, our flashlights began going off sporadically and with no rhyme or reason. This led to us utilizing the Spirit Box once again but this tool did not exactly produce many answers and we felt as though we were simply being led astray and even toyed with as we recorded contradicting responses and even attempted to get us to move on from this room. 




  • We have attached an image of the flashlight turning on through our stationary camera.


Recording 1 – EVP 1:


  • There wasn’t too much captured here, however, we could be heard reacting to the K2 meter lighting up at 3:35 after we explained that we meant no disrespect and then Candace feeling as though there was something pulling her toward the Back Blue Room at about 4:50.


Recording 2 – Spirit Box 1:


  • Just before this recording, the cat ball in the hallway lit up as if someone had pushed it even though no one was nearby. 

  • We felt as though we were speaking with children here due to our devices lighting up as if someone were playing with them. We asked if they were a boy or girl and we heard a quiet and almost timid voice say “Boy” at :11.

  • As if referring back to the ball which lit up, the word “Ball” was then heard at :28.


Recording 3 – Spirit Box 2:

  • We were seemingly welcomed with a “Hi” at :06 following this was the Ovilus producing “Crops” and “Band” at :25.

  • A gentle plea of “Help me” was then captured at :53, unprompted.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box 3:


  • Another greeting of “Hey” was heard at :04 followed by the flashlight turning on at :40.

  • We then asked if they could turn the light back off and heard a simple question of “Who are you?” at :50.

  • As the light began to dim, we asked if they could step all the way back and let it turn off. Understandably so, we captured “How?” at 1:08..


Recording 5 – Spirit Box 4:


  • After some silence and lack of communication, we heard a disgruntled “I’m leaving” at :08 and at :44, the flashlight shut off as if confirming this spirit’s departure.

  • We thanked them for turning the light off and tried to get them engaged once again, and recorded a response of “Yep” at :45.

  • As we reiterated the rules and how responses worked, we told them that if they turned the light off at this point, it means yes. At :55, as if they were excited, proving that this may have actually been a different spirit stepping in, we captured “Yay!” at :55.

  • Our question asking them if they were under 15 years old, if they could turn the light on was seemingly answered at 1:14 with “I’ll try.”


Recording 6 – Spirit Box 5:


  • After we received a few hits on the Ovilus pushing us toward believing that there were more than one entity with us, we blatantly asked if they could turn the flashlight on if there was more than one person with us. At :10, the light jumped on followed by a verbal count of “Three” at :15.

  • Once more trying to garner our attention, we heard an exasperated “Hey” at :25..


Recording 7 – Spirit Box 6:

  • With the flashlight becoming more predominant and possibly easier for them to communicate, we once more asked if they could turn the light on if they could confirm that there was more than one person there to which we received a reply as the light turned on at :35.

  • The Ovilus produced the word “Dug” at :40 so we were unsure where to go with it that. However, we surmised that possibly their name was Doug and that was the only way to tell us. So, naturally, we asked if their name was Doug to which we captured “Not me” at 1:25.


Recording 8 – Spirit Box 7:


  • At the start of this clip, the flashlight began to violently flicker on and off from about :05-:10 followed by “Thirty” through the Spirit Box at :08.

  • Some garbled words seemed to be produced but this was unintelligible even though it sounded like they were getting rather upset or irritated. We explained that we did not mean to make them mad but heard an angry voice state “Go away” at :55.

  • We did follow this up asking if they could confirm this by turning the light off, and it did turn out at 1:40.


Recording 9 – Spirit Box 8:


  • This moment began with a familiar command of “Go away” at :05.

  • At about :20 the flashlight turned on after we asked them once again if they do not like to be called Doug, and if so, to turn the flashlight on followed by a verbal “No” at :23.


Recording 10 – EVP 1 AM 1:


  • During our first moments here at 1 AM, even before getting situated, the entry door slammed close on its own so we expected to get a lot of experiences or at least feel an energy change. Unfortunately, we had over 14 minutes of silence. The very first odd moment occurred when both of the flashlights jumped on at the same time, recorded here at :11.

  • With the lights remaining on, we challenged them to turn the light off if they’re with us. At 3:39, one single flashlight shut off, leaving one still bright.

  • We asked if they could shut the second light off but at 3:52, the Ovilus showed the words ‘Stop’ and ‘Trying.’ Clearly they weren’t happy with our intrusion.

  • With more silence but the one flashlight remaining on, it finally shut off unprompted at 5:45 only to turn right back on.

  • Oddly enough the Laser Grid, which was fully charged and contains a long lasting battery, died at 6:50.

  • Finally, at 9:52, the second flashlight turned off for good.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box 1 AM 1:


  • We began by attempting to use the flashlights once more and simply asked if there was anyone with us if they could turn the flashlights off. At :11, we made out a verbal “No.”

  • A question of “Me?” was then captured at :18 as if they were unsure if we were speaking to them.


Recording 12 – Spirit Box 1 AM 2:


  • We tried to reach out to Mrs. Gibson and see if she was with us but heard a “No” at :11.

  • However, at :28, we received a welcomed “Hi.”

  • As we had an odd sensation of someone being in that back room, we mentioned aloud that we should spend some time there and heard a confirmation of “Yeah” at :58.

Video 1 – Handheld Camera 1:


  • This video, shot during our 1 AM investigation, and right off the bat in this video, a simple question of “Me?” was heard.

  • At about 1:30, the Ovilus showed the word ‘Lasting.’

  • We asked Mrs. Gibson if she was with us and we recorded “No” at 2:37 but a warm welcome of “Hi” at 2:54.

  • As we mentioned we should spend more time in the back room, we heard “Yeah” at 3:24.



Living Room – 2nd Floor

Down the staircase and directly to the right, situated across from the Bride’s Room, this wood-clad open space was beautifully decorated with era-appropriate furniture and limestone fireplace surround. Without much of a specific history surrounding this location, visitors can practically feel the raw emotion and energies left over from the happiness and fulfilled lives that were cherished here. Shadows lurk here and phantom voices have been traced to this spot. It’s said that the spirits of a comfortable and at-home Mrs. Gibson and even the lost and confused spirit of Howard.

At this point, we were seemingly pulled in different directions throughout the house. Our first stop was this room where these shadows have loomed and supposedly have been photographed by other investigative teams. We wanted to test for the shadows so we used our laser grid in an attempt to see any movement. There was nothing captured as far as communication goes, and our Ovilus is the only tool that produced any semblance of paranormal activity. However, outside in the hallway there was a loud thud (possibly a door opening or closing?) but as we inspected this further, there was nothing found out of place.




  • There was nothing notable here.


Recording 1 – EVP 1:


  • There was not much to report during this first investigation but the Ovilus produced “Tired” and “Certain” at :18 then “Nine” at :57..


Recording 2 – EVP 2:


  • At this moment, after some further silence, a loud bang was recorded at :11. This seemed to come from out in the hallway.


Recording 3 – Pendulum EVP 1:


  • It took a few minutes for anyone to be comfortable speaking with us here, but once we took out a pendulum it seemed like the communication lines opened up. However, without much verbal communication, this excerpt will read more as a transcript telling when the pendulum moved and how we interpreted these responses.

  • We asked if anyone was with us if they could move the pendulum. At approximately 3:37 the pendulum moved for the first time, side to side, as if in a response.

  • After asking if they could make it move again, the Ovilus spoke at 4:02: “Develop.”

  • The pendulum moved forward and backward at 4:58 as if following up here.

  • “Yank” was shown on the Ovilus after we explained that they could use our energy.

  • Finally, without much more communication here, the Ovilus produced “Blaze” at 7:34.


John’s Bedroom – 2nd Floor


In the rear of the mansion, almost hidden out of sight, Howard’s very plain yet comfortable room has been transitioned into a makeshift sleeping room for guests to get a little shut eye following a long night’s stay. There are couches, chairs, and tables strewn about almost haphazardly to give off a very welcoming and homey setting. This was the area that John McMillen lived out the last of his days with his sister by his side, tending to him and helping feed him until the end. It can be to no one’s surprise that John is said to still roam around his former quarters. He has been said to wander aimlessly here as if pacing back and forth creating the unseen footsteps. On other occasions, John is simply seen overlooking his old building and a phantom whistle has been heard which is what John was said to do as he worked hard day and night to help others, allowing them to mourn rather than work and worry.

Following our time in the Living Room, we began to follow that banging sound back down this hallway, eventually setting ourselves up in this spot. We seemed to get unclear answers when we asked direct questions, however, we did seem to receive intelligent conversation with whoever was holed up back here. We eventually got a little too aggressive moving too close to them and heard a command of “Sit down” and an almost panicking phrase of “Wait” all leading up to the storied whistling that we recorded and even heard as we were in the midst of our investigation.




  • Nothing was seen out of the ordinary here.


Recording 1 – Phasma Box 1:



  • As if telling a secret, we were almost immediately told to “Come close” at :08.

  • We asked if there was something they’d like to tell us, anything really, and heard “There’s a problem” at :50.

  • After asking what their problem was, we explained that we just wanted to tell their stories to which we captured a phrase of “Residents of the mansion” at 1:10 as if someone wanted us to tell their stories.


Recording 2 – Phasma Box 2:



  • While we attempted to understand their situation, ideally John McMillen’s where his sister would serve him food from the adjoining kitchen, we heard “My mother” at :12 which was slightly confusing as it was not his mother who helped him.

  • Furthering our conversation, we asked if they died in the house and were told to “Look” at 1:00..


Recording 3 – Phasma Box 3:



  • We brought up Howard’s death and it appeared as though we upset them as we heard strange and seemingly threatening phrases back to back starting with “Crack me open” at :07 and “How dare you” at :13.

  • “Accompany” was then captured at :28 and it was unclear whether this spirit was accompanied by someone else or if they wanted to accompany us to a different area; perhaps the room where Howard was killed since we kept asking those questions.


Recording 4 – Phasma Box 4:



  • Once another group of investigators headed our direction, we made mention that we’re about to get some company. At :06, we clearly heard a question of “Who is it?” as if they were curious.

  • As those investigators finally entered, we heard another question of “Who is she?” at :16 as if in relation to one of the female investigators entering the area.

  • Once they got settled, without us actually answering any of these questions, we captured a friendly greeting of “Hey guys” at :32.

  • Our group discussed if they made any types of contact and heard an exclamation of “It’s you” at :36, even though we’re not entirely sure who they were referring to here.

  • Finally, the command of “Sit down” was recorded at :45 as the group stood around and grew a little loud.


Recording 5 – Phasma Box 5:



  • After we settled in with a larger group, we explained that there were now more and new people here to speak with them. This addition brought out another greeting of “Hello” at :05.

  • An odd noise that sounded like spitting was captured at :36.

  • We responded to this odd noise as not helpful and heard an almost mimicking voice which said “That’s appealing” at :40..


Recording 6 – Phasma Box 6:



  • Some of the group grew restless until we were told to “Wait”: at :02 then a confused question of “Who’s doing this?” at :07 as if referring to the Phasma Box giving them the ability to speak to us.

  • With a little more garbled speech, we mentioned that we may want to start fresh after more people joined and we heard a very confusing question that seemingly came from nowhere at :22: “Who’s Mike?”.

  • There was a little more background noise and suddenly an almost confronting and controlling voice boomed with a “Who’s talking?” at :28.


Recording 7 – Phasma Box 7:



  • We directly asked Mr. McMillen if this was his room and heard “Guest” at :19 followed by “Green room” at :30 and “I think” at :35. This combination made us think that this was simply a guest room which was converted into his bedroom as he grew sicker and needed more direct attention.


Recording 8 – Phasma Box 8:



  • After attempting to direct them toward our motion activated tools, we explained that there were some lights on the floor to which we heard an almost pushy voice state “On with it” at :02.

  • We then asked if they could move close to the lights, but instead of doing so, we simply heard a reply of “Yes” at :10.

  • Almost a condescending phrase of “That was stupid” occurred at :14 after we addressed Mr. McMillen and asked if he was back here with us.

  • This practically pushed him to force us out with a “Go” at :22.


Recording 9 – Phasma Box 9:



  • An odd whistle was both recorded, at :05, and heard in person.

  • As we discussed hearing noise, we heard both a question as well as confirmation of this sound with a verbal “What whistle?” at :11.

  • We continued to discuss the whistle until we captured someone owning up to it with a “I did it” at :28.

  • Put all of these things together and we felt we experienced the infamous phantom whistle but also a possible poltergeist attempting to draw us away and cause mischief.


Recording 10 – Phasma Box 10:



  • Finally, after having enough questions and us disrupting them, we heard “That’s enough” at :03 followed by “Of people” at :09. Once more, if we put these together, they seemed to be done with us.


Recording 11 – EVP 1:



  • The ghost box produced “Evening” at :08 as we returned here for yet another attempt at communication, this time with fewer people.


Recording 12 – EVP 2:



  • Jim’s name could be heard here at :06.


Funeral Parlor – 1st Floor


Being the true reason this mansion was preserved and utilized so long, and quite possibly the most recognizable room in the building, this former Parlor Room is currently furnished and designed to appear as though a McMillen undertaken funerary viewing had just occurred. The casket, which is portrayed as the centerpiece here, was used formerly for displaying the recently deceased and only brought in to give visitors a true sense of the room’s purpose under McMillen’s ownership. Chairs are spread out to showcase a pre-funeral ceremony which surround the ornate, beautiful fireplace and mantle. This is another spot that John McMillen is said to linger, simply watching over his former home and business. Here, tales of shadows peaking around dark corners and footsteps pacing have been heard on a near regular basis. On a similar note, a quiet sob of a woman is said to be heard here as if a mother is weeping over her deceased child. Recently, there have been claims of poltergeist activity occurring in this location, mainly in and around the casket where metallic knocks have been heard as well as a heavy and constant shaking of the entire funeral object.

Here, we were lucky enough to have one of our guests open herself up to some communication via a pendulum to help gain yes/no answers to simple questions. This ultimately allowed us to connect some dots and realize that we were speaking with Howard Gibson in this room and found out that there were multiple children still wondering about this place, but beyond that information, that there may be other tricksters at work in this open area as well. To top this communication, a loud and echoing banging noise was heard here by multiple people and felt as if this was a distraction.




  • No paranormal activity was captured through still photographs.


Recording 1 – Pendulum EVP 1:



  • Once more, we experienced quite a bit of silence so we attempted to calm things down but still communicate with a pendulum and yes/no questions. This too will read as a transcript notating when the pendulum moved and what that exactly meant.

  • After some silence, we opened a new session asking if Howard was with us to which we received a yes response through the pendulum at :31.

  • We attempted to re-confirm this and asked if Howard was in this room. At :57, the pendulum again moved in a yes motion.

  • After asking if they minded our presence, the pendulum moved into a yes response at 1:15.

  • Following this moment, we asked if Howard was the only one here to which the pendulum helped gain an answer of no at about 1:30.

  • We attempted to get them to move on from the pendulum and asked if they would be willing to communicate in a different way but at 2:01 the pendulum ironically showed no.

  • With an odd sensation just feeling unwanted, we asked if they did not want us to be here. At about 2:22, a yes was given via the pendulum.

  • Proposing a question no investigator likes to ask, we asked if they wanted us to leave and at 2:40, the pendulum showed a yes motion.

  • After more than a minute of silence and us contemplating whether we should leave as we were asked, we asked if they could show us that they’re here. At 3:43, the pendulum gave us a no response.

  • With further silence and minimal useful information gathered, we asked if they were blocking clothes from speaking with us to which we saw another no response at 4:16.

  • Feeling some tension, we tried to alleviate it and joked if they were tired of people coming into their home, and at 4:27, the pendulum gave us a clear yes.

  • We then tried to pinpoint their location and simply asked if they resided on the first floor. The pendulum helped give us a yes answer at 5:04.

  • After this, we asked if they were able to wander about the entire house as well, and at 5:23, we were again given a yes.

  • Being a little distracted by the impending 1 AM time frame, we asked if they were the one who was known for tormenting men at that time on the third floor and we received a no response via the pendulum at 5:37.

  • Staying on the subject, we asked if it was dangerous to go upstairs at 1 AM and we got another no response at 6:01.

  • Once again with no response and silence, we asked them if Jim was okay on his own up in the Bride’s Room. The pendulum helped provide us with a no at 7:08.

  • We then asked if he was physically okay and received another no response at 7:27.

  • As Derrick ventured upstairs, we asked if Jim was better off with him up there and saw a predominant and forceful yes at 9:47.

  • While trying to get this investigation back on track, we asked if they were comfortable using our equipment to help talk to us, and at 11:54, the pendulum produced a yes.


Recording 2 – Pendulum EVP 2:



  • This clip was mainly to pinpoint a banging noise, again coming from a different room as if attempting to distract us or get us to move on. This occurred at :05..


Recording 3 – Pendulum EVP 3:



  • After settling back in following our attempt to trace this sound, we asked if (thinking children were playing pranks on us) there were children down here with us. At :08, the pendulum again helped give us yes.

  • As we felt that we also experienced children upstairs messing with our tools, we asked if these were those same children. The pendulum produced a yes at :22.

  • Once again, silence fell here as we attempted to get them to light up a flashlight or K2 meter and asked directly if they could go close to one of these items to which the pendulum produced yes at 3:30 but no light was alerted.

  • We re-asked this question and the pendulum began spinning as if unsure or unable to answer. This was seen at about 3:42.


Bride’s Room – 2nd Floor

In this room, a life sized mannequin and fully furnished bedroom presides to this day. This includes a time period bed set with a canopy top, a lounge chair, and an end table with period appropriate light fixture. Through an entryway, Howard’s bedroom is attached on the far side right next to the fireplace. This mannequin has been dressed as a bride dressed to the nines in her white flowing dress, thus the room’s namesake. Aside from this room being said to be Mrs. Gibson’s private room, there are paranormal stories which claim she may still be here with soft sobbing and gentle footfalls echoing out from this room. In more recent times, a full silhouette of this woman has been spotted near the mannequin itself and others have claimed to have felt a strong tie or draw to this room.

At this point of our evening, our group had split up heading toward the Living Room on the second floor then heading downstairs into the Parlor on the first floor. During our time here, multiple investigators felt that ominous pull to this room, unknown as to why. While some of the investigators spent ample time here, numerous types of communications attempts were offered including simple EVP’s, Spirit Box, ESTES Method, pendulum, and Phasma Box. The most information we gathered was that there first were children here, almost just playing with some of the tools and completely draining some batteries and cameras. Eventually, we opened up communication via the pendulum that told us this was a female adult who had been here for quite some time. Most of our experiences here pointed us in the direction of this being a former nurse to the family and that she has remained here to help take care of other lost souls, even though she is not happy herself. This spirit seems to only want to speak to a select view of us and only using certain tools. We found this out mainly due to the ESTES Method and pendulum where this presence would welcome certain guests with a simple “Hello” or pleas of “Talk to me” while others would be told to “Go” and exclamations of “Not you.” In addition, the pendulum would seemingly be controlled by an unseen force at times leading us to yes/no answers to some questions. We captured the same banging sound that was heard from the Living Room also stemming from out in the hallway. 



One of the stranger phenomena linked to this room was a vivid dream that Jim had over a year ago. In this dream, he saw this woman in particular inside this very room. This all occurred long before we met up with him and before he even knew this mansion existed. To continue this seeming impossibility, he was in fact one of those drawn to this room, speaking to this woman, and even as we were packing up to leave, he needed to return again with an imminent urge to stay with this woman.




  • There were a few stills captured here through the stationary cameras. First, this bright white light was seen popping up inside the wooden box and disappeared toward the mannequin.



  • This second still was also a screen capture of a video capturing a different light moving toward the bride’s dress then up the train.



  • Attached below are visual representations of Jim’s dreams about a sigil he noticed as well as the woman in white who came to him in his dream.



Recording 1 – EVP 1:



  • We received a plethora of pendulum communication and activity here, so once again, the evidence captured was mainly personal experiences which led to a simple transcription of the actions and pendulum activity which occurred.

  • Our first question was trying to find out if they were alone to which the pendulum helped produce a no response at :12.

  • To confirm this, we re-phrased this asking if there was more than one person here and the pendulum gave us a yes at :23.

  • After a little time passed, we asked if there was anyone new in this room and the pendulum moved for a yes at 1:14.

  • We then questioned if they were an adult and the pendulum did not sway, so we asked instead if they were a child to which the pendulum moved in a yes rotation at 1:29.

  • As we attempted to continue this conversation, we asked if they had been here for a long time to which the pendulum moved saying yes at 2:02.

  • Since they seemingly didn’t want to speak to us and only really touched the pendulum, we asked if they didn’t like people being here and the pendulum moved saying yes at 2:32.

  • With that, we asked if they would be mad if we stayed here but at 2:59, the pendulum moved in a no motion.

  • We tried to pinpoint their mood and emotional state and asked them to say yes for sadness and no for happiness. At 4:15, the pendulum reads yes as if they are sad.

  • Seeing this, we asked if we could help them at all in not being sad. The pendulum showed no at 4:40.

  • We should have known the answer to this question with the past two responses, but we asked if they liked staying in this mansion and the pendulum showed no at 5:10.

  • With this, we asked if they could move on from this area or not and at 5:19 we surprisingly received an answer of yes.

  • We began to feel as though this energy had changed from children to…someone else. Once we asked if they helped take care of people here, the pendulum swung as a yes at 5:53.

  • Mentioning Jim’s dream, we asked if this person is the one who came to Jim in his dream and the pendulum again showed a yes at 6:01.

  • Digging deeper into this, we asked if this supposed woman had dark hair to which we received another yes via the pendulum at 7:32.

  • Once more, we asked them about helping people in the mansion and if they took care of people and the pendulum once more gave us a yes response at 7:40.

  • We then asked a multi choice type question. We asked them to give us a yes response if they could move around the house but a no response if they are confined to this floor. At 8:10, we gathered a no response as if they were stuck only on this floor.

  • Jumping back into their caring of people, we asked if they were between 20-30 when they were taking care of people here and the [pendulum swung yes at 8:40.

  • Lastly in this clip, footsteps could be heard echoing from the hallway just outside at 8:56.


Recording 2 – EVP 2:



  • The same banging noise which was heard when we were in the Living Room could be heard here at :03.


Recording 3 – EVP 3:



  • We reset ourselves here and explained that we saw their beauty and wanted to make sure they understood that and at :10, the pendulum showed yes as if they understood.

  • After we asked if there was something they’d like to tell Jim the pendulum marked a yes movement at :25.

  • As we explained the situation regarding the dream, we asked if they understood that Jim was moved by her vision and they gave us a yes on the pendulum at :43.

  • The other investigator, Candace, felt an energy next to her so obviously we had to ask if that was them next to her. At :59, the pendulum showed us a yes answer.

  • At about the 1:39 mark, we noticed a figure being mapped next to Candace. Unfortunately there was never a picture or video captured of this moment.

  • Upon seeing that figure, once more, we asked if she was showing herself in Jim’s dream. The pendulum moved in a yes fashion at 2:12.

  • As the pendulum was being prepared to move to another investigator, it was seen swaying heavily at 3:00.

  • Because of that sporadic moment, we asked if it was okay to switch users. At 3:22, the pendulum began moving in a yes motion.

  • Just before they switched, the pendulum swung violently at 3:30. 


Recording 4 – EVP 4:



  • After the pair swapped the pendulum, there was a stretch of silence which was broken with us questioning if there was anyone still with us. At :22, the pendulum moved in a yes motion.

  • The question posed was one which was previously asked: ‘Can you confirm that you were the one that came to me in my dream?’ At :48, the pendulum noted yes.

  • We then asked if there was something they wanted to convey to us through the dream and once again the pendulum showed yes at 1:17.

  • Very odd, and seen by both investigators here, a smoke surrounded Jim and lasted for 8 seconds from 1:43-1:51. This was unfortunately not captured visually.

  • Referring to this smoke, we asked if that was them showing themselves and the pendulum showed a clear yes response at 2:17.

  • As the energy shifted, it felt like we were getting close in on and we asked if there was someone else in the room as well and, at 3:40, a yes response was seen on the pendulum.

  • We then asked if they could show themselves again and they said yes on the pendulum at 4:10.

  • As we awaited them to show themselves with no luck, we asked if they’re scared for us to see them. At 4:38, a yes was spotted on the pendulum.

  • We asked if there was a specific reason they came to us in the dream and they said yes through the pendulum at 5:37.

  • At 6:24, the pendulum gave us a yes after we asked if there was a direct connection.

  • Pursuing this, we asked if they and Jim knew one another before. Oddly enough, the pendulum did show a yes motion at 6:45.


Recording 5 – Jim ESTES 1:



  • During this first attempt at using the ESTES Method, Jim had the headphones on and listened in while Candace asked the questions. The Spirit Box and the room were both recorded here.

  • At :06, we heard a greeting of “Hello” and a question of “Who are you?” at :17.

  • We seemed to be unwanted at this point as we heard “Out” at :21 followed by “Leave” repeated at :34 and :54.

  • As if they were trying to once more get our attention and commanded us to leave, we captured “Guys” at 1:08 and a direct “Leave” at 1:58.


Recording 6 – Jim ESTES 2:



  • Jim’s name was heard at :05 as if this spirit only wanted to speak with him.


Recording 7 – Jim ESTES 3:



  • We asked if they were still here and willing to speak with us and recorded “Stop” at :12.

  • After asking for their name, we heard a simple question of “My name?” at :29.

  • A name of “Bill” was then recorded as if answering this question at :34 followed immediately at :38 with a possible last name of “Gibson.”

  • With a pause and silence, it sounded as though they asked “Did you understand?” at :50 as if referring to hearing their name.


Recording 8 – Jim ESTES 4:



  • As we asked the question that if there was anything anyone wanted to tell us, we essentially opened the room for anyone to respond. We did hear an odd phrase of “This is not the place” at :08 and “At home” at :36.


Recording 9 – Jim ESTES 5:



  • Once more, we were told to “Stop it” at :04.

  • The name “Bill” was once again heard, this time repeated at :37 and :39.


Recording 10 – Jim ESTES 6:



  • Some odd and unprompted words were recorded in this clip beginning with a question of “Who?” at :06 followed by “Alert” at :41 and finally “Far away” at :54.


Recording 11 – Jim ESTES 7:



  • We recorded “People” at :06 if they knew more investigators were nearby, followed by the number “Two” at :11 and once again “People” at :16.


Recording 12 – EVP 5:



  • During this next attempt at a simple EVP (and previous to this clip), there was a slew of interference until we caught a whispered “Shh” at :06.


Recording 13 – EVP 6:



  • We ended up going back to the pendulum here and began asking if the woman that we were previously speaking with was still with us. The pendulum produced yes at :12.

  • After we noticed this, we asked if they’re still willing to speak with us. At :34, we received a yes response.

  • As the pendulum activity died down, the Ovilus then produced “Form” and “Month” at 2:15.

  • Once again, we asked if this woman was the one who came to Jim in his dream to which the pendulum showed a motion of yes at 4:18.


Recording 14 – EVP 7:



  • Right around the :03 mark, as we were preparing to take a pause, we captured the sound of a heavy breath into the recorder.


Recording 15 – Derrick ESTES 1:



  • At this point, we wanted to return to the ESTES Method and had Derrick listen while Jim asked the questions.

  • We started by asking if this was the woman we were speaking with earlier and at :20 we heard “Talk to me” as if this woman was in fact still here and willing to speak.


Recording 16 – Derrick ESTES 2:



  • As Dan entered the room, we recorded a few phrases and words that told us they did not want Dan in the room starting with “Not you” at :05 then “Just go” repeated at :07 and :15.

  • Dan went to leave then we heard “Don’t go” at :27 and “Don’t leave” at :32 as if there were dueling energies in here one of which wanted Dan the other that did not.

  • After we asked if they wanted Dan to leave, the answer of “Yes” was captured at :39.


Recording 17 – Derrick ESTES 3:



  • Right away, at about :11, we were told to “Leave.”

  • Even though in the moment Derrick heard “Don’t” at :14, after we cleaned up the Spirit Box a little we heard what sounded more like “I can’t” almost as if multiple spirits were speaking with one another.

  • Finally, we heard “Here” at :17 as if putting together a full, albeit drawn out and out of order, phrase of ‘I can’t leave here.’


Recording 18 – Derrick ESTES 4:



  • Early here, at :05, we heard a question, we’re unsure if it was directed at us, of “Did you hear that?”

  • “He said” was then recorded at :08 and “Yes” followed at :12. Oddly enough, in the moment Derrick had heard ‘No.’

  • That same question of “Did you hear that?” was repeated at :52.

  • We’re unsure of how these tie together, however, relating directly to the Bride’s Room we may have been picking up some further type of spirit to spirit communication astounded as if a man proposed to a woman in hopes of her becoming his bride.


Recording 19 – Derrick ESTES 5:



  • Once again, Derrick heard something different in the moment of ‘No’ but once the Spirit Box was cleaned up, we captured “People” at :08 as Dan and Candace stood outside the room.

  • This was followed by “No” at :20 then a request of “I want Dan” at :24.


Recording 20 – Derrick ESTES 6:



  • We asked where this energy was and we heard “Over there” at :05 as if a direct response followed by “Outside” at :11.


Recording 21 – Derrick ESTES 7:



  • An odd knocking sound was captured at :03 then we asked once more where they are and heard “Here” at :23.

  • Following this up and trying to get our attention drawing us in we recorded “This way” at :27.


Video 1 – Stationary Camera 1:


  • There was a strange light seen in the middle of the screen at :06.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera 2:


  • On the left side of the screen and in the middle, at :08, there were two separate lights spotted.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera 3:


  • A light right at the bride’s dress was noticed right away at :01.



Video 4 – Handheld Camera 1:


  • Throughout this video, we attempted the ESTES Method with Derrick listening and Jim asking questions.

  • We asked if this was the woman we were speaking with and at :27 we heard “Talk to me” as if this woman was willing to speak.

  • Dan entered the room as we captured some phrases and words that told us they did not want him in the room with “Not you” at :51 and “Just go” repeated at :58 and 1:05.

  • Dan tried to leave and we heard “Don’t go” at 1:13 and “Don’t leave” at 1:19 as if there were multiple energies here with one who wanted Dan the other that did not.

  • We asked if they wanted Dan to leave, the answer “Yes” was heard at 1:26.

  • At about 2:12, we were told to “Leave.”

  • Derrick heard “Don’t” at 2:14, even though after we cleaned up the Spirit Box we heard what sounded more like “I can’t” as if multiple spirits were talking to each other. We heard “Here” at 2:19 as if putting together a full, albeit drawn out and out of order, phrase of ‘I can’t leave here.’

  • At 3:32, we heard a question of “Did you hear that?”

  • Derrick heard something different in the moment of ‘No’ but once the Spirit Box was cleaned up, we captured “People” at 4:26 as Dan and Candace stood outside the room.

  • This was followed by a request of “I want Dan” at 4:34.

  • We asked where this energy was and we heard “Over there” at 5:24 as if a direct response followed by “Outside” at 5:26.

  • An odd knocking sound was captured at 6:17 then we asked once more where they are and heard “Here” at 6:39.

  • Straying slightly from the recordings we captured, after we asked which room they’re in, Derrick heard “Study” at 6:50.

  • When asked how many spirits were with us, at 7:42 we heard “Holy shit.”

  • An odd phrase, possibly a question even, was captured at 7:47 with “It was her table?”

  • As Derrick drew to a close here, his cheeks could be seen visibly flush as he felt a pounding headache and his arm went numb. All this could be seen at 8:11.



Video 5 – Handheld Camera 2:


  • Not much was experienced here, but around :17 Dan heard an almost hilarious phrase welcoming him in a near song-fashion of “Ittttt’s Daaaaaaaan.”



Back Blue Room – 3rd Floor

Back up to the third floor, back beyond the large Open Room and down the short hallway opens up into an octagonal designed room with a closet, possibly an old bedroom but more likely some type of study. Situated in the angled area is a sole chair surrounded by windows. There is not much known about this location and very similar stories persist here with sounds of whistling and footsteps. More often than not there doesn’t seem to be much intelligent conversation and this tends to fall more into the jurisdiction of the more negative energy that seems to rule the domain here.



After a slight break and breather following the Bride’s Room and Funeral Parlor, where our group split, a small group of three of us entered this area in hopes of capturing any type of phenomena that we could; with the help of our flashlights, these anomalies began almost immediately. With this, we were able to dictate that this was the spirit of a man and, after finding out that he died in this house, we were able to pinpoint this to Howard Gibson. Every time we asked if he accidentally killed himself, our devices began to go haywire with no specific reason. Eventually, perhaps we pushed a little too hard on some of these questions, we heard a predominant whistling followed by a bang from the hallway. Upon inspection here, there was some odd type of construction debris and finishing trim laid out in the middle of the floor with no one else in that area. However, as we continued, we asked if we could utilize a different tool so we could actually hear them and we began with our Spirit Box. At this point, two others had joined us and it was truly surprising that we didn’t capture much of a conversation here. While we did hear a name such as “Bill” we ultimately resorted back to our flashlights which they were previously comfortable communicating through, and luckily enough since it appeared as though the spirit we were speaking with had moved on and Mrs. Gibson was actually present with us from that point on. She did help calm our nerves about the 1 AM timeframe and explained that this entity, still unknown, was a man and he would not harm us. We even asked if she would stay up here with us when we returned, and it’s very possible that nothing occurred because Mrs. Gibson was still there with us, keeping an eye on us.




  • These moments were recorded on handheld cell phones and are stills of videos. This first showed the flashlight turning on while sitting on the window sill.



  • This other shows the K2 meter lighting up as we continued to ask yes/no questions.



Recording 1 – Flashlight EVP 1:



  • Without really knowing who or what we would encounter in this area, we stuck with flashlights, at least to start it off. This first clip, everything which occurred was visual and we could be heard describing the moments and asking the questions in this clip.

  • At :13, the flashlight abruptly turned on.

  • With this quick, and unprompted device activation, we had no good starting point so we asked if we could start over and, if so, if they could turn that light off. At :26, it shut off.

  • As we developed a baseline and explained the rules as to answering our questions with the flashlights, we began to ask them to turn it on if they understood and at :47, it lit.

  • We continued laying the foundation here and simply asked them to turn it back off, to which it did at :53.

  • We re-explained that if they step close to the light, it will turn on and mean yes to us; at 1:51 it did just that. 

  • We then asked if they understood and wanted to begin answering yes/no questions if they could step away from the light and turn it off. But as we were right in the middle of explaining this, the light shut off at 2:07 as if someone was nervous or excited.

  • We explained that, after some of the unprompted responses, we were going to start over just as the flashlight jumped on again at 3:40, again showing their excitement.

  • At 3:58, the K2 meter sitting on the chair began to flicker on and off quickly.

  • As the light was left on, we asked them to shut it off so we could begin asking questions. At 4:09 it turned off.

  • We started with a wide ranged question, but with all the excitement and playing with the tools a well deserved one: ‘Are you an adult?’  At that, the flashlight jumped on at 5:22.

  • We wanted to confirm this so asked the same question but this time to turn the light off for a yes response. At 5:46, the light shut off.

  • After asking if they died in this house, if they could turn the flashlight on for a yes, the K2 meter spiked and flickered once more at 6:05 followed by the flashlight jumping to life at 6:54.

  • To reset, we asked if they could turn the light back off for us, which they apparently could do as it shut out at 7:26.

  • Gathering this last piece of information, we asked directly if this was Howard and at 7:54 both the K2 meter spiked as well as the flashlight turned on then back off. At 8:15, this combination repeated.

  • With the light turning back off, we were able to repeat this question, asking if this was in fact Howard. The light once again jumped on at 8:27.

  • To continue, we asked Howard to shut the light off and at 8:45 it did shut off.

  • We mentioned Howard shooting himself to which the K2 meter spiked and flickered sporadically at 9:27 and the flashlight followed suit going on and off at 9:35


Recording 2 – Flashlight EVP 2:



  • Immediately here, at only :04, we heard a distinct sound of whistling.

  • We discussed this and asked one another if we heard a whistle. As if Howard was responding here, the flashlight jumped on at :15.

  • After we asked if they could turn the light back off to continue asking questions, the flashlight turned off at :52 followed by the K2 meter activating and flickering at 1:00.

  • This K2 meter activity occurred again at 1:08.

  • As we asked if Howard shot himself, the K2 meter flickered again and a bang sound was heard at 1:31.


Recording 3 – Flashlight EVP 3:



  • As we searched for this phantom noise. the flashlight began to jump on and back off.

  • Once we settled back in the room, we began openly discussing the possibility of something being thrown. The flashlight jumped on at :10 while we did not give Howard our undivided attention; this did seem to be an attention grab.

  • At :30, the K2 meter again jumped so we asked if they could turn the light off so we could ask more questions. At :42, the light did turn off.

  • With the odd but consistent flashlight communication, we asked if Howard would be willing to speak with us verbally. At 1:49, the light gently and weakly turned on but not long after, at 1:56, the flashlight jumped on bright and strong.

  • As the light began to dim, we asked if Howard could turn it all the way off, and at 2:34.

  • We once again went back to the 1 AM entity and asked if it was Howard who was in this area at that time and doesn’t like people. At 2:52, the flashlight turned on as if this was a yes response.

  • While the light remained on for about 30 seconds, we asked if they could turn the light off so we could ask another question. At 3:22, the light did shut off.

  • Changing the course of the conversation, we asked Howard if he was at peace here, and at 3:30, the light jumped on then quickly back off, signifying yes.

  • As we attempted to open the conversation up and asked if they knew who Jim was talking to in the Bride’s Room and the light jumped on at 3:48.

  • The light began to dim and we asked if they could shut it all the way off and it did so at 4:10.

  • We then asked if Howard was happy here and the light turned on for yes at 4:20 and grew even brighter at 4:33.

  • The light began to dim so once more we asked if they could shut it all the way off and once more it did so at 4:49.

  • Drawing the conversation back to the Bride’s Room we asked if Jim and Candace were safe and the light shone at 5:06 for a yes.

  • The light then shut off around 5:15 but then we suddenly heard a shaking sound coming from the closet at 5:18.

  • Finally, before we brought in the Spirit Box, we asked if they enjoyed having people come to visit to which the light turned on at 5:28.


Recording 4 – Spirit Box 1:



  • During our first attempt at communication via the Spirit Box, we explained that this tool could help them speak. Almost immediately, at :20, “Run” was recorded.

  • We weren’t so keen on this unsuspecting communication and as we discussed this, the word ‘Occasion’ was seen on the Ovilus at :33 just as the K2 meter jumped.

  • After we asked if that was their chair, the Ovilus showed ‘Luck’ and ‘Was’ at :56.

  • The K2 meter jumped once more while sitting on that very chair at 1:05.

  • As the flashlight flickered in the background, we asked if we should turn that light off so we only have one focal point and we heard a questionable “I don’t know” at 1:18 followed by a concise “No” at 1:28.

  • We then explained that we’re going to turn the light off just as it lit one more time at 1:39.


Recording 5 – Spirit Box 2:



  • Just before this clip, the K2 meter began to jump and continued to do so until the Ovilus produced the name ‘Bill’ at :05 then ‘Us’ at :13.

  • The name “Bill” was then audibly heard at :21.

  • Once more, we pushed for the question which seemed to make Howard mad previously, asking if he shot himself, and a “No” was heard at 1:12.


Recording 6 – Spirit Box 3:



  • Before this recording, we noticed a cat ball light up so we wanted to see if they could move it and light it once more, but unfortunately, at :12, they told us “No.”

  • With the much less intelligent seeming communication here, we wanted to make sure we were still speaking with Howard to which we received a near sarcastic comment of “Right” at :57 followed by a “No” at 1:01.


Recording 7 – Spirit Box 4:



  • We sat back, waiting for responses even though we weren’t getting much, so we once again asked if they could give us a sign they were with us and at about :04, we heard an annoyed “Quit it.”

  • With more silence, Dan suddenly felt as though he was touched with a pins and needles type sensation at :30.

  • We explained that we respect them and heard an almost mimicking question of “Respect?”


Recording 8 – Spirit Box 5:



  • Just as we made mention of the K2 meter and it went silent, it jumped back to life at :04 followed by a voice saying “Hey” at :09 as if coinciding with the K2 meter and trying to once more get our attention.

  • Another unprompted greeting of “Hi” was recorded here at :24.


Recording 9 – Spirit Box 6:



  • We asked Howard directly what he’s still doing here, to which we captured “Live” at :07.

  • After we asked if this location was his favorite place in the mansion, we heard a confirmation of “It is” at :22 followed by completing his thought at :24 with “It’s mine.”


Recording 10 – Spirit Box 7:



  • As we continued to ask questions with no responses, we seemed to have worn out our welcome. At :06 we heard “Leave” followed by Dan’s name repeated back to us at :12 and finally a stern command of “Go” at :18.


Recording 11 – Spirit Box 8:



  • While exploring this room a bit, we noticed part of the carpet was torn up and noted to one another not to step there. In turn, we asked if Howard tore the carpet there but an unexpected response of “It was her” was heard at :12.

  • Right around the :30 mark, one of the investigators got a cold chill brush over her. She explained this notion as if something went up her back and, even though she simply was describing this to the group, we captured “Me” at :51 as if someone were taking responsibility for this.


Recording 12 – Spirit Box 9:



  • After we explained that Howard told the group that he was the man responsible for the 1 AM hauntings, we heard “Didn’t say that” at :12 as if denying this claim.

  • Once again, with a denial, we captured “Not me” at :26.

  • However, as if someone else were here, or simply messing with us, we heard “It was me” at :29.


Recording 13 – Flashlight EVP 4:



  • As we realized this spirit was more openly communicating through the flashlights, we opted to get back to that and shut the Spirit Box off. With the yes and no answers not being audible, we felt it best to simply put those moments into words throughout the duration of this clip.

  • As Derrick once again set the flashlight up, the Ovilus gave the word ‘Stand’ at :42 followed by ‘Race’ at :44.

  • With the flashlight in place, the group asked if this spirit wanted Derrick to stand. The flashlight turned on at 1:29 as if it was a yes response.

  • After Derrick obliged and stood, we mentioned that they could turn the light off now and at 1:50 it did just that.

  • Another minute of silence passed with no activity as we addressed Howard, but then we asked if they could turn the light on if they are someone else other than Howard. At 2:57, the light turned on followed by it shutting off at 3:59 after we asked them to do so.

  • We proceeded down this path and backed up with our questioning so we asked simply to turn the light on if they are a woman. At 5:07 the light jumped to life. After we asked if they could turn the light off, it did just that at 5:43.

  • After following this, we asked if this was the same woman from downstairs, at 5:50 the Ovilus showed ‘Age’ and ‘Wife.’

  • On a whim, we asked if we were speaking with Mrs. Gibson and the flashlight turned on at 6:23 and stayed on.

  • The K2 meter spiked at 7:03 with the light still on until the flashlight finally died out at 7:24 once we asked directly if Mrs. Gibson could turn the light out.

  • With absolutely nothing to base the question on, we asked if she killed Howard. The group followed up and said we knew that was not true. At about 7:37, the light flickered on and off as if anxiously agreeing.

  • As we continued to try to identify this woman, we discussed the possibility of this being the woman from the Bride’s Room and went on to discuss her being someone who worked for the Gibsons. The light turned on at 8:40 as if agreeing with that idea as if helping us identify that other woman.

  • The Ovilus then produced ‘Chart’ and ‘Panel’ at 8:48 after this brief conversation and possibly ties into this woman acting as a nurse for the Gibsons.

  • As the light remained on, we gently asked them to shut it off and at 9:27 not only did the light shut out but the K2 meter spiked. It jumped once more at 9:56.

  • We proceeded to ask about the 1 AM entity so we asked if it was someone else up here at that time frame and not this spirit. At 10:14, the flashlight jumped on then back off.

  • As we ceased our questions here, the Ovilus produced the wod ‘Us’ at 11:36.

  • With that, we asked more questions regarding that man who is seen at 1 AM. We simply asked if they could help us find out who this was and the light went on at 11:52.

  • The Ovilus showed the word ‘Sub’ at 12:30 following the light turn off at 12:54.

  • Once again, we took a step back in order to try to get further information and at 13:36, the light turned on after we asked if it was in fact a man up here at 1 AM.

  • At 14:04, the light then shut off just as the Ovilus showed the word ‘Faster’ as if we weren’t asking questions fast enough. It followed that up with ‘Moss’ at 14:14.

  • After we asked if we’d be safe when we returned at 1 AM, the flashlight turned on at 14:35 for a yes reply.

  • With the light remaining on, the Ovilus produced three words: ‘Gale’ at 14:45, ‘Tub’ at 14:52, and ‘Nor’ at 15:06.

  • We finally asked them to turn the light off and they did so at 15:55.

  • While they seemed anxious, we asked if this was  male spirit and the light jumped on and bright at 16:50 essentially cutting us off.

  • The Ovilus then produced ‘Children’ at 17:19.

  • Once more, we directly spoke to Mrs. Gibson, asking if she were here if she could turn the light out. At 17:56, the light shut off.

  • At 18:10, the K2 meter jumped after we asked if the man who’s known to be active at 1 AM only comes out at 1 AM or if he is always in the mansion.

  • The Ovilus then gave us a few unnerving words:

    • ‘Holy’ at 18:15

    • ‘Text’ at 18:21

    • ‘Evil’ at 18:27

    • ‘Bright’ at 18:42

  • We mentioned to one another that we should be bringing lights up here at 1 AM and the light jumped on as if excited at 18:51.

  • As it remained on, we asked them to turn it back off, and it did so at 19:59.

  • Proceeding with questions regarding the 1 AM entity, we asked if they were a bad person and the light turned on signaling yes at 20:39 then off again at 22:02 after we asked them to shut it off so we could ask more questions.

  • After we asked if this person was a violent person, the light answered yes at 22:48.

  • At 23:29, they turned the light off after we asked them to do so.

  • We got up the nerve to ask if Mrs. Gibson would stay with us and protect us when we returned at 1 AM and the flashlight jumped to life at 23:44 then right back off.

  • As we began to wrap up, we did begin to think there may be some kind of trickster here so naturally we asked them if that was the case. At 24:44, the light turned on.


Video 1 – Cell Phone Camera 1:


  • After we had asked them to turn the flashlight off, at :21, the light did turn off.



Video 2 – Cell Phone Camera 2:


  • The K2 meter jumped sporadically throughout this clip then the flashlight shot on at :22 after we asked if this was difficult to do.



Video 3 – Cell Phone Camera 3:


  • Once more, the K2 meter jumped on its own unprompted throughout this clip.

  • At :24 the light again turned on then back off at :34. 

  • This flashlight activity occurred once more here turning on at 1:02 and off at 1:41.



Video 4 – Cell Phone Camera 4:


  • Again throughout the clip the K2 meter jumped on and off while sitting on the chair.

  • We asked that ominous question if Howard truly killed himself and, at :42, the flashlight lit for yes.

  • A loud sound was then heard echoing from the hallway at :52 followed by the light shutting off at 1:06.

  • At 1:45, the light jumped to life then got even brighter at about 2:04 until it finally shut off at 2:21.

  • One last time in this clip, the light turned on at 2:51 then back off at 2:28.



Video 5 – Cell Phone Camera 5:


  • We asked here if they were a woman, and the response was a yes via the flashlight as it flashed on at 1:01 then back off at1:35.



Video 6 – Cell Phone Camera 6:


  • Here, the light jumped on and flickered constantly and lasted through the majority of the clip.



Hallway – 2nd Floor


This hallway stretching from the front of the mansion near the Bride’s Room and Living Room to the rear near John McMillen’s final living quarters has long been rumored to house shadow figures and phantom footsteps here. Even early on, we could tell this was a very strange and ominous area of the house.


We had set up a stationary camera in this location to view the entirety of the area and heard footsteps around here as we were conducting investigations upstairs on the third floor. This would ultimately lead to our last time spent here, however, some of our most intriguing visual evidence was captured here as some time of figure was seen at the end of the hallway as if poking its head or possibly their hand out to spy on us. Motion lights could also be seen turning on and off as if some unseen force were walking up or down the steps. Audibly, we also captured some further banging noises and even heavy breathing near the stationary camera.




  • The stationary cameras provided us even more moments of unusual activity and this image was a screen capture of one of those moments. Here, we noticed the motion light turning on as if someone were descending the stairs.



  • The next video frozen in time is that of what appears to be a white light moving down the hallway towards the camera and even shows a dark shadow beneath it.



  • This final screenshot of a video shows what looks to be a head or hand peering out into the hallway toward the camera.



Recording 1 – EVP 1:



  • Seemingly echoing from John McMillen’s Bedroom, we heard a banging sound at “05.


Recording 2 – EVP 2:



  • During this clip, we could be head referencing motion activated tools turning on but heard nothing out of the ordinary.

  • To start, a motion activated light on the stairs turned on at :05.

  • At 2:55, we could be heard noting that a flashlight turned on in the Bride’s Room.

  • In the Living Room, there was a short figure spotted through the SLS camera right around 3:50.

  • The light in the Bride’s Room finally turned off at 4:10 then back on at 6:02.


Recording 3 – EVP 3:



  • A very similar bang was captured here at :04.


Recording 4 – EVP 4:



  • We utilized our flashlights once throughout this recording time frame.

  • .After asking if there was someone in the Bride’s Room with the two investigators who were set up in there, and at :10, the flashlight turned on.

  • As we asked them to turn the light back off, it did so at :57.

  • We asked if they could go tell Dan hi. At that point, he was in the Living Room and at 1:23 the light next to him turned on.

  • Following our request for them to go back to the Bride’s Room, the flashlight turned off in the Living Room at 1:53 then on in the Bride’s Room as if moving from one spot to the next.

  • Finally, we asked if they could turn the light off and they obliged at 2:10.



Video 1 – Stationary Camera 1:


  • Moving from left to right, a light anomaly could be seen starting at :05 and lasting until the end of the clip.



Video 2 – Stationary Camera 2:


  • A motion-sensored light on the staircase was seen activating then a light was spotted in the center of the screen at the base of the stairs at :02.



Video 3 – Stationary Camera 3:


  • Light was spotted toward the right side of the screen as an odd sound occurred simultaneously at :08.



Video 4 – Stationary Camera 4:


  • Toward the right of the screen, another light was noted at :04.



Video 5 – Stationary Camera 5:


  • The same spot, on the right side, as the previous video produced another light anomaly at :06.



Video 6 – Stationary Camera 6:


  • On the right side, an odd large spot was seen moving at :03 along with a heavy and phantom breath.



Video 7 – Stationary Camera 7:


  • Another spot toward the right of the video screen was seemingly captured at :03.



Video 8 – Stationary Camera 8:


  • From the start of this clip, there was a light seen on the staircase but on the right side another light was spotted at :04 and :07.

  • Toward the center of the screen, another bright light was captured at :09.



Video 9 – Stationary Camera 9:


  • A motion light was seen activating on the staircase right at the start of this video.



Video 10 – Stationary Camera 10:


  • Toward the right side, a light was again spotted here at :02.



Video 11 – Stationary Camera 11:


  • In the center of the screen, toward the back of the hall, a very strange and unexplainable darkness was spotted right away at at :01.



Following a late afternoon and long night at the Greenville Mansion, we accumulated hours upon hours of recordings, videos, and photographs that we reviewed, and some that we had to alter and clean up in order to make out voices, we have come to a joint conclusion that we experienced a slew of paranormal activity some of which can be attributed to stories of the past, written and documented in history, others simply brewing more questions than answers. We have been able to place some traction to the unexplainable tales of sounds such as footsteps, banging, and whistling as we seemed to experience and capture a little bit of each of these anomalies. Even though we did not experience that negativity from the third floor, we certainly seemed to touch on a few different energies which remain in this mansion. Aside from these experiences, we do believe we captured quite a few of these instances on recording, both audible and visual.

Even though our investigation technically started with a literal ‘bang’ as we were setting up and our case slammed shut, it slowed up a little bit as the energy and atmosphere completely changed from that point. During that time, the second floor felt a certain level of heaviness to the air and the third floor felt as though we were being watched the entire time we were first exploring. However, the first floor’s atmosphere both began and ended feeling warm and welcoming.

Once we began our more formal investigation, we captured numerous oddities on the third floor. In the large Open Room, we recorded a slew of communication starting with our light up tools like flashlights and K2 meters, but after some time, we eventually received some verbal communication both through soft EVP’s and our Spirit Box. The feeling here changed throughout the evening but with this communication, we were led to believe we were mainly speaking with children and an older woman mixed into the conversation on occasion. We never made much headway with their identities though and they seemed to just feed off of our attention. This atmosphere changed once again as we ultimately led to someone’s irritation as we felt the urge to close out and move on from this spot. We were practically obligated to return at 1 AM just to see what would happen and if the air would change yet again. This did in fact take quite some time and occurred nowhere near 1 AM but the air eventually changed and our equipment eventually seemed to brighten and dull on a whim. Our thoughts on these events were a combination:

> First – We believe Mrs. Gibson helped watch over us during this time,

> Second – We believe that this seemingly negative energy was much more of a poltergeist type entity rather than any malevolent or angry spirit.


Around the corner in the Back Blue Room, as we’ve come to consider it, we managed to speak with a combination of Howard Gibson and Mrs. Gibson. While the majority of the conversation with Howard occurred at first through flashlights then minimally through the Phasma Box, our discussion with Mrs. Gibson was ultimately the opposite with speech through the Phasma Box first then much more active through flashlights afterward. Howard seemed to get irritated each time we asked about his accidental death to the point where we were unable to get an answer one way or another. Mrs. Gibson seemed to be more protective and welcoming, she even agreed to stay with us in the Open Room for the 1 AM investigation. Aside from the intelligent communication here, we believe there was even further proof of poltergeist activity from a cat ball rolling and lighting up to something being thrown in our direction even to a pen cap seemingly being pulled off of a pen and thrown nearly two feet away from it. More audible whistling occurred here as if John McMillen were also watching over this property from afar.



Both the Living Room on the second floor and the Parlor on the first floor were relatively quiet and not entirely active. John McMillen’s Room on the second floor also seemed inactive at least as far as anyone attached to the room is concerned. There was a banging noise from the second floor hallway as we were in the Living Room which ultimately drew our attention from there. The Parlor did manage to produce some yes/no communication even leading us to believe Howard was also down in this area, showing that he has a full reign of the mansion, but this was seemingly more linked to the investigator rather than the room itself. In John’s Room we seemed to capture verbal communication, even intelligent, but we were unable to gather any useful information and once we moved closer to their direction we seemed to aggravate them to the point of being commanded to leave the area. However, this once again did not seem to be attached to a room or area even, but rather some type of wandering spirit.

All throughout the night, multiple investigators felt that ominous pull to the Bride’s Room, and throughout multiple times in the time spanning over a few different investigation sessions, we captured communications via EVP’s, Spirit Box, ESTES Method, pendulum, and Phasma Box. There seemed to be playful children here at first turning power on and off and draining batteries but we seemed to open communication through the pendulum which led us to believe that there was a female adult who had been here since the Gibson family lived here. She appeared to come across as a former nurse or caretaker of sorts and we gathered through our communication that she has remained here to take care of those lost souls who couldn’t or refused to leave.

One of our last locations and really a Hail Mary, the second floor hallway did not provide too much evidence during our investigation sessions; no communication at least. However, our review led us to an entirely different result. Our stationary camera which was set up here almost the entire time of our stay. With those 10 second video clips, we noted a very strange but very captivating image of a figure of some type looking around the corner or perhaps reaching out into the hall. On this closer end of the camera, the motion lights could be seen lighting and turning off on their own, as if someone were ascending or descending the stairs, activating these as they went. Our investigations did surprisingly result in recorded footsteps and a heavy wheezing.

All in all, our experiences yielded much more positivity even though communication tended to be either sporadic or directly linked to one investigator. In some of the locations, the communication did in fact tend to come off as intelligent communication paired with physical interactions but this was not throughout the mansion and seemed to change identities at certain times. The only negativity felt here occurred when we asked about Howard’s accidental death, and this occurred only in the Back Blue Room on the third floor and only when we seemed to be talked to Howard, or at least that’s what they wanted us to think.

Overall, our experiences were positive and we do believe that we experienced a few particular energies here. Based on all of our evidence and personal experiences, our firm belief is that we reached out and communicated with Mrs. Gibson upstairs in the third floor who also possibly shielded us from the more dark spirit in that area. We found out that she was protective of the house and watching over it similarly to John McMillen. What we experienced of  John is that he seemed to be sort of lurking in the background all throughout the mansion as if just watching to ensure everyone who entered respected his home but he seemed to take most occupancy in his room in the back of the second floor. We even opened up with Howard, mainly on the third floor, but unfortunately when we asked more touchy subjects and questions he seemed to get angry and simply left us. Ironically, one of the more open and willing to speak to us was ultimately unnamed. Inside the Brides Room we appeared to make contact with a little more watchful and caring spirit. After communication, we recorded enough information to believe she was a nurse who took care of the families who lived here and still apparently does so in the afterlife. More so, the overarching and possibly most active energy experienced in Greenville Manor was actually what came across as a poltergeist. This conclusion was made after the random array of sounds and phantom noises were captured throughout the night. There were also a slew of physical interactions with our motion and energy tools catching a changing of energy fields, our equipment physically closing on its own, something being thrown near us, and even a pen cap pulled and moved from its location. These interactions occurred all throughout the mansion from the first floor up to the third floor. Shadows and dark figures were also seen moving sporadically and making an appearance mainly on the second floor.

We were very lucky to gain access to the beautiful mansion early; much earlier than originally planned. The owners, Marcus and Katie were gracious enough to give us their trust and faith to uphold the respect for this historic mansion. We hope we lived up to these standards, helped give some justification to these past stories, open up new possibilities to the true reasoning behind some of these haunting, and above all help keep the history and beauty of the Greenville Manor alive and thriving.

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