About Us

We are Derrick Smith and Daniel Metelsky, co-founders of Iron City Paranormal Investigators.  This blog will be dedicated to our travels and exploration of some haunted places around the country.  Our team is based out of the Iron City, Pittsburgh, PA but will travel all over to investigate any haunted location.

Our journey to the other side began officially in 2017, but our interest in the paranormal extends back to our childhood. As adults, we have focused ourselves towards providing evidence of life after death. Our intentions are pure. We DO NOT provoke spirits or attempt to communicate through the Occult. It is our mission to become the voice for those who have lost their ability to speak for themselves.

We record video, photographs, and voice recordings of all of our adventures.  We plan to share as much as possible, but beware, some content may not be for the faint of heart, or easily offended. 

We have guests on the occasion and we can’t all make every excursion, but the two of us are the main exploration group.

We will be documenting our findings, lack-thereof, and maybe even some short stories along the way.  If you have any questions or additional proof or interesting stories to share yourself, please feel free to comment or email us directly!

Happy hunting for hauntings!

P.S. consider yourselves warned.