Harmony Inn – Investigation

March 1, 2019 Harmony, PA Investigation The Harmony Inn has changed ownership numerous times and transformed from a residential mansion to an inn to its’ final and current form of a bar/restaurant.  Tragedy ran its’ course while the Harmony Inn was occupied by Austin Pierce and his family in the 1850’s.  Tuberculosis ruined the lives […]

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Ohio State Reformatory – History

Appearing as if an old medieval castle was dropped in Mansfield, Ohio; the Ohio State Reformatory is still a pinnacle landmark of architectural wonder and triumph in the town. Thought of as economical and socially helpful, the reformatory was meant to give troubled youth skills and tools to re-enter society to work in certain trades and […]

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Harmony Inn – History

The origin of the small town of Harmony, PA was based mainly on a Lutheran Separatist movement in late 1804. They began small settlements like Harmony all across southwestern Pennsylvania. Their communities lasted until 1814 when the Harmonists prepared to move to the state of Indiana and sold their land for cheap to the Mennonites in the […]

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Lafayette Hotel – Investigation

January 25, 2019 Marietta, OH Investigation The Lafayette Hotel has withstood tragedies and the test of time.  After a fire destroyed the original structure, the Hoag family stepped in to rebuild.  In 1918, the Lafayette Hotel was officially opened and brought in all kinds of clientele. It was so popular that the Hoags decided to […]

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People’s Bank Theatre – History

Marietta, Ohio has quite a history of being ahead of the curve in the area. There are numerous buildings that utilized technology, like boiler heat and a primitive air conditioning system before these household necessities even had a name. The one technological advancement that most do not think about is in the entertainment industry.  Marietta had its’ fill […]

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Lafayette Hotel – History

Currently in operation, the Lafayette Hotel will transport guests back in time. The hotel has been renovated beautifully to incorporate the old Victorian era time period throughout its’ walls. The building houses old relics and artifacts from the time period which had been discovered from the area surrounding the small town of Marietta, Ohio. These artifacts aren’t the […]

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