Kaufman House – Investigation

Kaufman House July 11, 2019 Zelienople, PA Investigation Beautifully constructed in the heart of downtown Zelienople, stands the three-story Kaufman House. It has survived multiple fires yet still brings a certain life to the town. Many who walk through the small town do not recognize its’ historic value or the stories which have only been […]

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Beaver Creek State Park – Investigation

Beaver Creek State Park June 30, 2019 East Liverpool, OH   Investigation  Seemingly in the middle of nowhere in East Liverpool, Ohio, Beaver Creek State Park emerges beautifully from the heavily wooded, and sometimes single-lane, dirt roads. The state park itself houses many gorgeous features such as pavilions, creek entrances, river swings, picnicking areas, and […]

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Licking County Jail – Investigation

Licking County Jail April 27, 2019 Newark, OH Investigation Situated in the small but beautiful town of Newark, Ohio, the Licking County Jail was originally only meant to house minor criminals and be a holding block for those who were to be held at more well secured state-run penitentiaries. With the poor conditions and plenty […]

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Harmony Inn – Investigation

March 1, 2019 Harmony, PA Investigation The Harmony Inn has changed ownership numerous times and transformed from a residential mansion to an inn to its’ final and current form of a bar/restaurant.  Tragedy ran its’ course while the Harmony Inn was occupied by Austin Pierce and his family in the 1850’s.  Tuberculosis ruined the lives […]

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Lafayette Hotel – Investigation

January 25, 2019 Marietta, OH Investigation The Lafayette Hotel has withstood tragedies and the test of time.  After a fire destroyed the original structure, the Hoag family stepped in to rebuild.  In 1918, the Lafayette Hotel was officially opened and brought in all kinds of clientele. It was so popular that the Hoags decided to […]

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Anchorage Mansion – Investigation Part 2

Investigation We’ll jump right into the video of our investigation night.  To see some of the recordings and photos, click here: https://ironcityparanormal.com/2018/11/10/anchorage-mansion-investigation-part-1/.  If you want to see some of the history of the Anchorage Mansion, click here: https://ironcityparanormal.com/2018/09/24/anchorage-mansion-history/. Our video documented investigation will follow the same course as the recordings and photos throughout the night.  […]

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Anchorage Mansion – Investigation Part 1

Investigation Currently owned and operated by the Marietta Historical Society, the Anchorage Mansion has high hopes of being fully restored to its’ original prestige and greatness of its’ hay day. With the incoming funds from tours and overnight investigations, like ours, the historical society wants to preserve the longstanding mansion as a remembrance of the city’s […]

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