Greenville Manor – Investigation

Greenville Manor November 12, 2022 Greenville, PA   Investigation In the peaceful yet hard working suburb of Pittsburgh, Greenville, PA is the epitome of a self sustaining and proud community. As a visitor, unaware of this small town, one could imagine that they are stepping back in time as many of the residents rely on […]

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Greenville Manor – History

Greenville Manor 285 Main Street Greenville, PA 16125   About an hour and a half north of Pittsburgh, PA, the small town of Greenville lies hidden in plain sight. The town has always been a blue-collar, hardworking town, driven by a simplistic need to survive and allow their families to thrive. The town has always […]

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Archive of the Afterlife – History

When thinking of the city of Moundsville, WV, the first major location that comes to mind is the West Virginia Penitentiary. However, paranormally speaking, the Archive of the Afterlife may have just as much significance as any other spot in the area. Even though the specific building which houses the second coming of the archive […]

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